This is a game thread. Tim Adleman vs. Bud Norris. Do you need more of a preview than that?

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42 Responses

  1. Grand Salami

    I probably do but the Reds lineup didn’t. Tough luck double play gets Norris of the hook with 3 runs.

    Votto’s a beast. Schebler continues to look lost with anything offspeed.

    Renda shows why all utility men aren’t created equal. He had a bit of trouble early on …

  2. VaRedsFan

    Brilliant HBP by Adelman to set up the inning ending DP

  3. Darrin

    Winker hit a dinger tonight, hopefully that continues.

    • citizen54

      Peraza also hit a home run and there was a Dilson Herrera sighting.

  4. Eric

    Hey guys! First time commenter to this site. 2 quick questions that are on my mind.
    1. I have heard rumors that Votto has been teaching BHam is this true? If so then why doesn’t he work with some of the other youngsters? Also makes me wonder if Votto as a second career lined up already and if there is anyway he could be a batting coach and player at the same time. Sounds plausible anyways.
    2. The Reds have a lot of talented young arms. But in all that talent doesn’t seem like there is a true ace. But does that matter? What would be more valuable, having a defined ace or having 5 pitchers that are of the quality of a typical #2 or #3 starter? Seems like if all of our pitchers were a typical #2 or #3 pitcher that we would win more games at least during the regular season and then have a super deep bullpen for the offseason.

    Just a couple of thoughts and keep up the good work here at Redlegnation!

    • Gaffer

      1. Yes, Votto has been amazing with BHam. Not sure why it took 3 years.

      2. Rather have an ace but maybe one of them turns into one, you never know.

    • VaRedsFan

      Truth to Votto working with BHam. He may work with others, but behind closed doors.
      #2’s and #3’s are great for regular season, but a shutdown ace (cy young award type) is needed for post season.

    • Indy RedMan

      That ace thing is a tough question! KC didn’t have an “ace” starting pitcher since Cueto was mediocre with them and they still won the WS. Other teams like SF or Florida (Josh Beckett) or LA (Hershiser) back in the day won in big part to one great/hot starter. To me its sort of like a QB in the NFL. You need atleast 4 good starters to reach the playoffs but you might need an elite one to win it all!

      • Da Bear

        Cueto performed like the ace that he is during the playoffs for the Royals. He sealed the first series with nearly 8 perfect innings (Moose’s poor throw led to an ‘infield hit’ with two outs, followed by the lone hit JC gave up a home run), and in the World Series he pitched the first complete game for an AL team since Jack Morris? Another one or two hitter? he threw a clunker against Toronto when he allowed the umpire who squeezed him to affect his performance, but without Cueto not sure the Royals make it to the final series let alone win it.

        You don’t need an ace to win three series in a row but would rather have one than not. The Cubs do not have an ace. Arrieta was an ace until the all star break, since then he has been mediocre. They have five very good starters. Money here says SF with JC and MadBum prevail over the Cubbies and their stellar clutch hitting.


    Adelman RBI 2! We finally have a pitcher who can hit!!!

  6. Gaffer

    Marty: Votto will not be able to drive in a run

    Thom: yeah he will probably walk

    Marty: yep, he can’t hit in the clutch

  7. VaRedsFan

    Long inning on the bases for Adelman. Price should have a short leash this inning

  8. VaRedsFan

    ODorf in…only a 6 run lead. What could go wrong?

    • VaRedsFan

      1-2-3. The stars are aligned folks!!

  9. yorktownred

    Fantastic play by DeJesus!

    1-2-3 with Ohlendorf? Must be our night.

  10. james garrett

    YES in only 8 pitches.Let him throw another inning.

  11. VaRedsFan

    walk and a hit, Price is letting this last too long.

    • VaRedsFan

      Aaaaannnndddd another hit. Waiting for the 3 run homer I guess

  12. james garrett

    Now another hit and a run.Guess another inning wasn’t such good idea.

  13. hof13

    If Ohlendorf only gives up 1 run in an outing, I call that a win.

    • msanmoore

      A very sad (if not scary) +5 for that HOF

  14. VaRedsFan

    2 hit nights for Votto, BP, and Suarez

  15. DHud

    Why didnt we take a look at him as an OF again??

    • VaRedsFan

      Come to the Reds, where we make Starters closers, closers into starters, and hitters into pitchers.

  16. msanmoore

    I think we should let him pitch the 8th and maybe finish … anybody else up for that action?

  17. james garrett

    When you pitchers knock in 5 runs its kind of a real good thing.

  18. renbutler

    Did anybody see on the Lorenzen HR how the two guys in the stands got tangled up? One fell face first down the steps, and the other went over a row of seats.

    If you still have it on your DVR, check it out. You can see it better on the replay a few pitches later.

    Looked painful!

  19. VaRedsFan

    2 walks and a hit for Billy tonight.

  20. Indy RedMan

    Can the Reds go on a 30-3 streak and get back in the playoff race? They can do nothing wrong it seems! Adleman must’ve had 5 balls hit with our outfielders back touching the wall and still wasn’t scored on!

    Let Lorenzen pinch-hit too when he can’t pitch!! He’s the real deal!!

  21. james garrett

    I am trying to not get ahead of myself because I think we can be really good in 2018 but next year the stars could align just right.Probably not but we can dream.

  22. Grand Salami

    Anyone who didn’t watch the video of Lorenzen’s HR plz take 30 seconds and enjoys. It’s powerful and moving. The young man is a credit to the scouting department. They found a ball player and good man through and through and spent the pick regardless of how he ‘fit’.

    Between tonight and his workout vid he’s a top three red for me atm.