The Giancarlo Stanton-less Marlins (61-56) roll into Cincinnati today, looking to gain ground on the Cardinals in the Wild Card race. The Reds (48-68), meanwhile, are just hoping that Brandon Finnegan can put together a few more quality starts before he hits his innings limit.

Weather Forecast

Not good. Not good at all.

Starting Pitchers

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.36.42 PM.png

Brandon Finnegan put together a non-objectionable start his last time out, going 6.0 innings and only allowing three runs despite six walks. The start was the baseball equivalent of the word “meh,” an upside down smiley face, and cooking stir fry because it’s the only non-microwaveable food you know how to make all rolled up into one. Finnegan is also quickly coming up on his innings cap–presumed to be around 150–which would matter if the Reds weren’t 20 games under .500.

For the Marlins, David Phelps is making his third start of the season after spending the majority of his time in the pen. Phelps’ first two starts went well enough (he only allowed one run between the two of them), but he has yet to extend his arm past 5.0 innings. The Marlins will probably try to get him through 6.0 innings today before shutting him down.

Starting Lineups

Marlins Reds
1. Dee Gordon (2B)
2. Martin Prado (3B)
3. Christian Yelich (LF)
4. Marcell Ozuna (CF)
5. J.T. Realmuto (C)
6. Ichiro Suzuki (RF)
7. Chris Johnson (1B)
8. Adeiny Hechavarria (SS)
9. David Phelps (P)
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Ivan De Jesus (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Tony Renda (2B)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Brandon Finnegan (P)

Roster News

AHA! Cody Reed has been sent down after single-handedly making this Reds team one of the worst in the league. That bum couldn’t even get out of the first inning. Finally, the front office took notice and put him back where he belongs: Not in the Majors! But wait…Waldrop isn’t a pitcher. Who’s going to replace him?

Oh…so you’re saying this season doesn’t matter right? And that Reed kid already roasted AAA hitting? We can take a mulligan on this one right? Just don’t bring back Simon. Please, please don’t bring back Simon.

Eh. At least the Olympics are on.

Olympic Nonsense
Usian Bolt won his third straight gold in the 100 meters yesterday, which is great and all especially since he came from behind to do it but that was not at all the best Olympic moment yesterday.

That honor belongs to the pair of Brazilian gymnasts who took silver and bronze in the floor exercise competition against all odds. Both men were overcome by the emotion of winning a medal in front of their home country. Small reminder that the Olympics aren’t always about medal counts and sustained greatness, but the years of hard work and effort so many of these athletes have put in to be here.

Concluding Thoughts
Joey Votto is the best, but he’s on the opposing fantasy team for me this week, so you know, don’t try to be the hero or anything Joey. Also, go away rain, we don’t need you right now.

Go Reds!

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Wesley - or Wes, whichever really - first fell in love with the Reds because of Ken Griffey Jr.'s smooth swing and shining smile. Ever since that first infatuation, it has been tortured fandom broken up by a blown 2-0 lead to the Giants and a Roy Halladay no-hitter - but that's neither here nor there. The only things Wes loves as much as the Reds are pancakes, flannels, and Vanderbilt baseball. You can find more of his writing at or his carefully curated retweets @_wesjenks.

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45 Responses

  1. james garrett

    Looks like we have a new DP combo tonight which would be super if it were those two guys down on the farm.I sure hope they get an opportunity next month.I sure hope they have a plan to get Reed back on track but wait they had a plan up here that he either didn’t follow or it was the wrong plan.Of course it could be the hitters are just better up here then in the minors.By now you can see I was not in favor of sending him down because you can’t learn to get the big boys out by pitching to little boys.Of course the other side is that he earned his promotion and he earned his demotion in a big way.Guess I am arguing with myself so I will go away now.

    • dan

      One of those guys down of the farm that we just traded for is injured and has only played 1 game for us. Looks like he has made a career of having a bum shoulder that doesn’t require surgery. Just remember everyone wanted BP to have less playing time so now you get to see the replacements.

  2. Indy RedMan

    What’s their fascination with Waldrop? I guess it doesn’t really matter but Selsky is a better hitter and Curtis is much better at obp if they’re just trying to get a guy on to start a rally!

    • Vicferrari

      Aren’t they both still on the DL? Don’t you read your weekly minors obsession recaps?

  3. VaRedsFan

    Phelps is on pace to strikeout 27 batters!

  4. VaRedsFan

    Reds are taking every 1st pitch. Each of them has been right down the middle. Observe what’s happening and jump on them.

    • VaRedsFan

      No sooner than I say it, SS parks one on the 1st pitch!!! THANK YOU!

  5. Indy RedMan

    Schebler has some serious bat speed which = power! It also = free air conditioning when you whiff all the time!

    Lets see if Billy’s catch makes the difference….that’s 1 run saved and prob 2! I doubt if there is anyone else that runs that ball down like he did! Mookie in Boston maybe or 1-2 other guys at most!

  6. VaRedsFan

    Even Billy couldn’t get that laser shot. Where the heck was Duval? Spectating.

  7. VaRedsFan

    Billy rubbing his shoulder…that’s not good.

  8. VaRedsFan

    Finnegan serves up a 6-4-3 to get out of the jam

    • preacherj

      Yeah. He also served up something else that doesnt smell quite as tasty. Marlins lead.

  9. DHud

    Long story short, after a very long and frustrating evening I finally get home and sit down and turn the game on to see…

    Votto not hustling out of the box and not standing on 2B on a ball that got by the OF…

    • DHud

      Should be runner on 3B with 2 out instead inning ending double play

  10. Jeremy Conley

    Finnegan has definitely shown that he can throw the innings to be a starter, but his control really is pretty bad. It hurts him with walks, but also with putting guys away.

    I’ve seen several ABs tonight where if he hit his spot he probably strikes the guy out / gets the guy out, but he misses over the plate and gives up a foul ball or hit. His delivery doesn’t look that complex, so I’m not sure what the issue is. Over-throwing?

  11. Old-school

    The Reds traded Jay Bruce…a Reds hall of Famer…for a player that was changed at the deadline….because of injury concerns for another player….yet hasn’t played for the Reds for 2 weeks because of injury….Where are the Reds beat writers on this…..Reds fnas want to know why Dilson Herrera hasn’t played for the Reds since we traded an All time great for him.

    • Chuck Schick

      Whats even more amazing is that Herrera has only been modestly less productive than Jay Bruce the last 2 weeks.

      Frank Robinson and Joe Morgan were all time greats. Jay Bruce was a slightly better than average player.

      • Old-school

        Jay Bruce is 7th all time in home runs for the Reds despite being traded before age 30. Are you denying Jay Bruce is not a Reds Hall of Famer? Are you denying Jay Bruce is not one of the best Reds of the last decade? Are you denying his All Star appearances? Are u denying he is the only Reds outfielder to win a Silver Slugger award since Eric Davis in 1989? Are u denying he and Frank Robinson are the only two Reds with 20 home runs in their first 5 seasons?

      • Vicferrari

        I was going to argue but they do let a lot of average players in there. Surprised Paul Oneil is not in there if they let Ron Oester and Sabo in. Bruce gets in but it is not that great of an honor but it is frustrating seeing prospects like Renda and Wadrop up when there are others

      • Chuck Schick

        The Reds recently inducted a former manager who was wagering on games and is banned from the sport. Also, Ron Oester is a Reds Hall of Famer….. so at this point anyone could be enshrined.

        Yes, Bruce has been one of the best Reds since 2008. I cannot deny his All Star appearances. To be fair, Adam Duvall made the All Star team this year and reasonable people can debate whether he will be a consistent MLB starter.

        He is a Silver Slugger winner….so are Dusty Baker and Bobby Bonilla

        He…like Frank Robinson….did hit 20 HR in each of his first 5 years.

        He’s also put up -.9, .1 and .1 WAR over the past 3 years…..which is what the French would call “bad”.

        He’s also only 30….with a decent contract over the next 1.25 years….by all accounts a good guy…..and there was virtually zero market for him.

    • Dan

      He is injured with a chronic shoulder problem that has affected him for years

      • Vicferrari

        So what was the issue with Nimmo? or the other guys in the Blue Jays trade, I thought Herrera was ML ready, very dumb if your scouting report is accurate

      • Patrick Jeter

        No issue with Nimmo. Reds valued Herrera higher, I believe. I wanted Nimmo.

      • Vicferrari

        Thought they agreed on Nimmo but then backtracked because of injury report or were the initial rumors just that?

  12. VaRedsFan

    HR #26 allowed by Finnegan….tops (or bottoms) in the NL

  13. preacherj

    We will take them however we can. At least showing patience. I think we went whole seasons without taking 3 walks in 1 inning.

  14. Patrick Jeter

    So, after watching 3 of the last 4 batters get on base via walk, Tony Renda swings at junk in the dirt. Sounds about right.

    • Vicferrari

      just what I posted judging from Game day, the 2nd pitch looked borderline

    • msanmoore

      The strike zones just keep getting worse … almost no consistency. Bring on the robot zone. If for no other reason than to lower my BP.

  15. Vicferrari

    Did McGowan even throw a strike to Renda? Might not have been a bad move to hit Cozart there, is he just got an off day or is he hurt too?

  16. Old-school

    Let me get this straight….The Reds trade Todd Frazier and Jay Bruce a year and half ahead of when they lose player control…… for players who are hurt or on their AAA rosters……so that Tony Renda and Ivan Dejesus start???? Why not bring back Jack Hannahan and Cesar Izturis? How bout Wilson Valdez or Skip? The Reds undid 2 months of progress with this lineup.

  17. Indy RedMan

    The Marlins are sort of gifting the Reds into the game but we’ve given atleast 6-7 games away this year so maybe we’ll end up on the right side for a change! Waldrop sucks! Just let Lorenzen hit or Selsky. I haven’t looked but I’m thinking Selsky had more hits in a week then Waldrop in a month or more.

    • VaRedsFan

      6 or 7? You are being generous. Maybe you were just talking about April

  18. VaRedsFan

    Awful feed by Votto…cost 2 runs

  19. Indy RedMan

    That’s Reds baseball in a nutshell…..we can give games away but we can’t take advantage of when they make mistakes. Price should’ve seen that coming w/Wood!!! Its not Wood hasn’t had control problems before! Actually Lorenzen has just been skating thru innings with a K and 2 groundballs so why not bat him and let him pitch the 8th. Game over and we lose a winnable game…as usual

  20. preacherj

    ” now Ross Ohlendorf on to clean up the damage.”

    I cant quit laughing.

  21. preacherj

    For a guy who is leading the league for relievers with strikeouts, he is throwing it all over the place. Might be a good night to get him

  22. Indy RedMan

    2 on and nobody out and Schebler swings at ball 4 that’s so far inside that it almost hit him. Their top 8th they had 2 outs & nobody on and get 2 runs. This never seems to change with the Reds

    • RedAlert

      …And it won’t Indy as long as Price remains the skipper. I understand players have to execute, but Price is horrid with rigid bullpen roles. He is more times than not a day late and a dollar short” regarding strategic moves in a game. How much more of this needs to be seen to reenforce the fact that he is simply a below average manager. I don’t care about he talent level – tired of hearing that as an excuse and as a crutch for Price. Yes , Red’s are lacking talent. However, he stinks as a manager.