Second game of trois against the Brewers. You get “three” in French because I remember a disturbing amount of what I learned of it in high school, which is not much, but exactly enough to be annoying (“Ou est la bibliotheque?”) So enjoy.



I am infinitely less upset about the Zika virus than I am about these shoes. They look like what happens to my pee when I go to hot yoga five days in a row and forget to drink enough water. There is a reason why Western Civilization did not carry the fashion choices of Vanilla Ice forward into the new millennium, and I demand an immediate IOC investigation.

Then again, this is the same nation that sent an entire delegation of Zach Morrises to Rio, so I don’t know what I was expecting.



1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Brandon Phillips (2B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Dan Straily (P)
 1. Jonathan Villar (3B)
2. Orlando Arcia (SS)
3. Ryan Braun (LF)
4. Scooter Gennett (2B)
5. Chris Carter (1B)
6. Hernan Perez (RF)
7. Keon Broxton (CF)
8. Martin Maldonado (C)
9. Zach Davies (P)


Zach Davies 3.58 118.0 92 1.19 He was born the same year “Saved By the Bell” premiered, so depending on how awesome his parents were– maybe
Dan Straily 3.76 134.0 105 1.11 He better




 I’m writing this from Lunken Airport for Cincinnati Museum Center’s 1940’s Day with the Queen City Victory Dames, being highly historically accurate.

File Aug 13, 3 23 18 PM

In honor of the 1940 World Series Champion Reds, let’s have a look at ’em:

-They finished twelve games ahead of the second place team, the Brooklyn Dodgers.

-One of the pitchers was named “Elmer Riddle.”

-Historical perspective: This was the Reds’ first national championship after the Black Sox scandal. Most of the players were children at the time of the 1919 Series.

-I want everyone out there to start sprinkling National HOF member Ernie Lombardi into daily conversation. Ernie Lombardi was Johnny Bench before there was a Johnny Bench. Snappy dresser, too.

-Five members of this team were placed in the Reds Hall of Fame as its inaugural class in 1958.

-Pitcher Paul Derringer was practically a hometown Red:  He was born in Springfield, KY, and started in the first night baseball game at Crosley Field in 1935.

-They were super-pumped about their accomplishment:



Just in case you haven’t seen it:


It’s gonna be a long, cold, angry offseason.



57 Responses

  1. Indy Redman

    Nice “Saved by the Bell” reference! Actually Zach Davies kind of reminds me of Screech. The SBTB Screech and not the Americas Most Wanted version:)

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      By SBTB New Class, Screech was unrecognizable. Frankly I expected much more realistic character development from a Saturday morning teen sitcom.

  2. I-71_Exile

    I’m sure those shoes actually carry the Zika virus. Either that or their sickly, radioactive glow mutates Zika into its next form–the Cardinals Fan.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Just– why? Why the yellow?

      • I-71_Exile

        Yellow is the color of happiness. And also bile.

      • Gaffer

        NO mention of the sweater shirts? At least you have to look down to see the shoes, but the collarless wool knit tee shirts are unavoidable!

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Zack Attack reference, FIRST!!!!!!!

  3. seat101

    When I worked at WL WT TV I did the updates directly after the end of “Saved By The Bell”. Among a very small subset of WL WT’s viewers I was as well-known as Jerry Springer.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      You’re like the most famous person I know. If I knew you.

  4. TR

    Ernie Lombardi was probably the most popular player of the Reds winning teams of the late 1930’s and 1940 in the same way Tony Perez was the most popular thirty years later. Lombardi, or The Snoze as he was called, had an incredibly strong wrist and could flip the ball to any base from the crouch. He was also slow and hit many a single off the walls of Crosley Field unless the opposing outfielder stumbled dealing with the terrace.

    • vegastypo

      I remember being told that he was so slow, he would get thrown out at first on balls hit to the outfield.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      He was astonishingly good, and it’s sad that few fans even know his name now.

  5. preacherj

    Dropping one in LF is a great way to defeat the shift.

    • VaRedsFan

      BP’s relays throws have always been strong and accurate.

  6. ohiojimw

    Robert Stephenson with another perfunctory performance tonight at AAA. 6IP, 9H,0BB, 2R (both earned), 5K, 0HR; 95P/62S.

    Foe the record, the game was 3-2 to the Bats favor thru 6. They put up another 3 in the 7th and lead 6-2 with Gwinnett batting in the bottom of the inning

  7. gusnwally

    Madame Cleavage is not at the game tonight. guess I will watch the Olympics.

  8. seat101

    Does anyone else besides me think it’s weird that these two guys are not talking to each other? And not talking much at all to us?

    • I-71_Exile

      Maybe they are playing the quiet game?

  9. preacherj

    Suarez with a DEEP home run!!!!!!

    • preacherj

      …..but what about the bunt????

  10. preacherj

    Wow, this is ugly. Its like our bullpen took over.

  11. msanmoore

    So I’m thinking 2 or 3 more runs and this game is bullpen proof … no?

    • Carl Sayre

      I am beginning to wonder if Marty has decided he was gonna try the Harry Carey approach to call ball games. Baseball commentary brought to you and fueled by many adult beverages!!

  12. james garrett

    I was thinking the same thing PREACHERJ.Great minds think a like or so the saying goes.

  13. preacherj

    What was the point in throwing over to third? Tucker wasnt 5 feet off the bag.

  14. VaRedsFan

    Votto…2 hits in the inning…8-0.
    Almost enough to let OhNolendorf pitch

  15. preacherj

    That was a shot by Joey to get his avg over .300, but what was that ole’ garbage by the right fielder? That was terrible.

  16. gusnwally

    That was very Leon Wagner like, or perhaps Alex Johnson.!!!

  17. preacherj

    Right out the front door. There goes the shut out. It also takes it out of Ohlendorf range.

  18. james garrett

    I remember Alex Johnson and yeah he was an accident waiting to happen but he could hit.

    • ohiojimw

      Except, as a Phillie he made the catch which started the triple play that in all likelihood cost the Reds the 1964 NL pennant.

  19. preacherj

    Battle of the bullpens. Let the hilarity commence…..

  20. VaRedsFan

    This Broxton kid holds the bat like Eric Davis did.

  21. preacherj

    Jumbo served up a ground ball to SS.

    • preacherj

      Flores chased ball 4, but we will take it.

  22. james garrett

    Wood gets through the 7th without much excitement.

  23. james garrett

    Got to go now and I hope we can hold on to a 7 run lead with 3 outs to go.Just kidding.Good game tonight all the way around.Straily was good enough and the offense was great.

  24. preacherj

    Good job by Brandon and nice stretch by Joey. Just missed the DP.

  25. preacherj

    Goodnight all. Have to be on road early.