Reds           11   16   0
Brewers     5    14   2

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Can I just… forgive me… I have to say something:


Okay, okay, I’m good now.

Wait, no… Gosh, I’m really sorry…


Okay, really done now.

Baseball is fun sometimes fun. Let’s talk about good things (forgive me for missing some details, the Reds decided to drop their 8-run inning when I was putting the kids to bed).

Joey Votto is perfect and is now batting .301 (!!!)/.428/.504 for the season. He has somehow gotten his numbers to Normal Votto levels. Because he is perfect.

Dan Straily did pretty okay.

Hamilton and Phillips and Cozart and Suarez and Duvall and Barnhart all had good nights. It was a party.

Yeah, yeah, bullpen, blah, blah, blah. Listen, when you’re up nine, that’s when you’re supposed to pitch those guys.

If the Reds started a season 16-10 and if 7 of those 10 losses were by one run and if they had out scored there opponents 132-100, you’d be feeling pretty good right? Well guess what, that’s how they’ve started the second half.

This simply is not the same team that was on the field for the first few months. As in it literally is extremely different. It is a very enjoyable team to watch right now. And watch I shall. Go Reds.


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  1. RedsFanForLife

    Reds looking good with a healthy pitching staff. Quite promising if we can be healthy to begin 2017. Starting my Price must not be resigned and sign Mike Sarbaugh(current 3B coach of the Indians) for manager in 2017 and beyond! Sarbaugh has a great track record as a manager and will not replace Francona anytime soon. FO, let’s go get this proven winner for our transition to being contenders again!

    • Dan

      I am so hoping that they extend Price to a 3 or 4 year contract. The best Reds manager since Piniella!

      • Kal

        Though come to think of it, that’s really not saying too much so. . .

  2. cfd3000

    Traveling, so all I got from this game was the box score but what a great box score. Thank you Dan Straily for being the best Red no one had ever heard of before this year this year. And thank you Joey Votto for being Joey Votto. Awesome! Go Reds!

  3. Detroitredleg

    Are you one of the woo! crowd? That can be obnoxious for those of us stuck listening on the radio.

  4. RedAlert

    Time to move Senzel along to another level . Tonight’s line = 3/5 (3 doubles) / 2 RBI / batting .324 ; know it’s at the end of the year , but get the young man somewhere else. He has worn out pitching at this current level in A ball.

    • ohiojimw

      Get him to A+ where he can help with a playoff push or maybe on to AA where he would be assured of playoff action since the BlueWahoos won the first half divisional title.

      • RedAlert

        Agree for sure – has nothing left to prove at current level

      • Hotto4Votto

        I’d like to see he Senzel and Okey move up to Daytona to help with their playoff push. It would be nice to have 3 teams in the playoffs (Billings and Pensacola clinched 1st half). Daytona doesn’t have anyone really to play 3rd, they been playing Ty Washington there, he’s a more natural 2B. They’re C situation has been pretty dreadful from an offensive perspective as well. Those two would really give that line up some pop.

        They could roll out Okey C, LaValley 1B, Long 2B, Trahan SS, Senzel 3B, Gumbs LF, Reynoso CF, Aquino RF and still have Duran, Medina, Washington to DH.

  5. redsfan06

    Poor Scott Schebler was the only starter not to get a hit tonight. Was out with the wife and caught part of the game on the radio here in Brewer country. When Schebler made an out, the announcer said he had been struggling on the road trip – going 0-23. Sure am rooting for him to pull out of it.

    • ohiojimw

      If memory serves correctly, Schebler struggled at AAA when he first went down; and that eventually turned out OK.

    • Michael E

      He sure looks like a long-term AAAA player to me. Then again, Nelson Cruz was stuck as an AAAA player for a couple of seasons, tearing up AAA, looking like Mighty Casey (the bad version) with the Rangers.

      Schebler will probably become a solid MLB power hitter, but might not happen till he is 30 years old.

  6. Dan

    Schebler will be fine. The fans have no patience though to wait for a player to develop.

      • Redsfan48

        He’s just trying to do too much right now, probably at least partially because he knows he’s replacing Bruce. I think he’s trying too hard to be the next Jay Bruce instead of just playing his own game. Also, he probably knows that Winker is close to the Majors and if he doesn’t perform well, he will likely be benched for Winker at some point.

      • Michael E

        Bruce is doing the same thing apparently. Back to his old swooning self. Probably hit .190 the rest of the year and Mets fans will be bewildered (even moreso than when the trade was made).

    • Michael E

      Certainly a small sample size or two is to be taken with a grain of salt. That said, some guys simply can’t get over the hump mentally. I wonder if it will take him a few more seasons to get the fear of failure at MLB level out of his head?

  7. Dan

    2017 we shold see Winker Hamilton and Schebler out there what a site that will be.

      • Michael E

        I won’t pencil Schebler in till he actually hits at the MLB level. For now, he is unproven, while Duvall is proven (even if limited a bit in the AVG dept).

  8. Shchi Cossack

    Some observations from the Old Cossack…

    You are spot on Jason…”when you’re up nine, that’s when you’re supposed to pitch those guys.” If Price is not going to pitch Smith and Sampson regularly, then when he does bring them into a game and they lay an egg, the blame is on Price, not the pitcher.

    With Suarez at the plate, no outs and runners on 1B & 3B, Price called for a sac bunt which Suarez promptly bunted foul. Two pitches later, Suarez launched a smash over the LF wall and the route was on. Price has no business making decisions as a manager.

    Votto is a month shy of his 33rd birthday and is putting up a .932 OPS. Votto is the one of the rare players capable of avoiding, or more appropriately managing, his age regression as a professional athlete. Tonight his line drives to RF and LF made both outfielders look foolish as they played both of those drives into doubles and his single up the middle almost crippled the pitcher.

    It’s still too early to make any sort of definitive statement, but Duvall is starting to look pretty good hitting behind Votto.

    I hope the Reds stick with Schebler despite his struggles. They have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by playing out the hand until the end of the season.

    Votto went 4-5 w/ 2-2B tonight. Nick Senzel went 3-5 w/ 3-2B tonight. The Reds lineup by the all star break next season could become dangerous even without Mesoraco. My gosh, imagine what the lineup could look like with a 2014 version of Mesoraco.

    Tyler Stephenson looks like he’s starting to crank up his offense. He has a long way to go before anyone starts getting excited about his status as a prospect, but the potential is there just waiting to be tapped.

    • dan

      I still think Votto has 2 or 3 more solid years in him unless he goes the route of steroids. Even then his preexisting knee injuries are bound to catch up with an older body. I will never forget watching Andre Dawson in his final season. I don’t think he had anything left in either knee. Still I hope Votto can make it to a world series with the “rebuilds”, though I am not very optimistic of seeing another Reds world series in my lifetime. Just making the playoffs isn’t good enough for this Reds fan.

    • ohiojimw

      My concern with Votto is that he looks 40ish running the bases.

      He had that situation Friday where he apparently forgot there were 2 outs and didn’t score from 2nd on a bloop hit because he was waiting to see if it would be caught.

      Tonight (Saturday) he didn’t get from 1st to 3rd on Duvall’s single which was nearly to the LF warning tack before it was cut off and was never in danger of being caught. Then on the next batter, he was nearly thrown out at home (coming from 2nd) on a ball medium deep to right that again was never in danger of being caught on the fly.

      Talk about clogging the bases. With the athletic and relatively young guys that are going to be following him in the batting order, he will be a serial clogger.

    • ohiojimw

      Marty and Jim Keltch were theorizing tonight that it is quite probable that Schebler only has to the end of August to “get going” because of Winker’s likely September call up which they seemed to think would be made even more likely if Schebler is still foundering at that time.
      Winker has to go onto the 40 roster before the Rule V draft this offseason anyway; so, it does make sense that they would go on and bring him up for a first taste of MLB since one way or another he would figure to be up NLT mid season 2017.

      • dan

        A good problem for the Reds to have. As things stand it looks like we are going to lose quite a few players in the rule 5 draft. Just to many to protect.

      • Hotto4Votto

        At this point, I think the Reds could justify holding off on calling up Winker until mid-May next year. They’d get an extra year of control and likely avoid Super Two. If they call him up in September it starts his clock, and if the Reds want another year of control it would push his 2017 call up until mid-late June. Assuming Peraza is called back up, they’re likely already looking at a Super Two for him, maybe Herrera as well if he is ever healthy enough to play.

        Since the Reds likely won’t compete next year, and they have other guys to evaluate I’d rather see them use this time to do that. When Yorman is healthy they will need/want to get him ABs along with Schebler and Duvall. They should call up Waldrop and Selsky and try to get them ABs as well to see if their presence on the 40-man is justified, or if they can be removed to protect one of several guys that will need to be added this offseason.

        While it would be nice for Winker, evaluation should take priority, and the Reds have more than enough guys to evaluate for what will likely be a very important offseason.

    • msanmoore

      That was a suicide attempt, not a sac bunt. Phillips had pretty near crossed the plate when he made contact.

      • VaRedsFan

        Yes, this is true. Not positive, but I believe it was only 1 attempt at bunting too

      • msanmoore

        Yep – one-time only on that one.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I agree, they don’t need to give up on Schebler. But when Yorman returns, he needs to get a good amount of games in the OF as well. He’s got the arm for RF, and I’m looking forward to what he can do when given playing time once healthy. But Schebler has nothing to prove at AAA, so he should be given time while the team won’t be good to prove if he belongs or is a AAAA guy.

      In the same way, I’d suggest a lot of patience with Tyler Stephenson. Catchers develop slower offensively than most other prospects and he’s only 19 and already in A ball. He’s shown enough with the bat in small samples that I’m fine with his progress, especially when he’s been dealing with a wrist injury off and on all season.

      Senzel, Winker, and Votto are going to look real nice in our line up together.

      • Michael E

        Ugh, I was over Yorman 3 years ago. I haven’t seen him do anything remotely skillful or impressive. Maybe I missed those few moments though.

  9. dan

    I simply don’t understand why Price and some of the new players get roasted by the fans when we win. When we lose a game though I typically disagree at least I understand.
    Jason Linden tweeted that the Reds are on a 100 win pace since the all star break. If Price was part of the problem prior to the allstar break then certainly he must also be given as part of the credit for this resurgence.
    In the very least he is keeping the regulars focused to go out there and play hard every day. Sure we have the luxury of criticizing his every move and from out couches we can always do better. With that said I would bet Vegas money that there isn’t a single fan of the Reds that could do a better job either at managing or GMing this team.

    • VaRedsFan

      Because Price has been inserting Ross O. into 1 run games all year

    • Patrick Jeter

      Not a single fan could do better as GM? That’s pretty naive considering there is a pool of millions to choose from, many with advanced business and/or math-type degrees and a deep understanding of baseball.

      Actually agree with your main point… if you are going to roast Price for losing, you need to give him credit for winning.

      With that said, you can roast him for his tactical decisions and lineup without giving him credit for winning, which is the path I tend to take.

    • Michael E

      I get tired of hearing how fans couldn’t be a manager and they’re managing at the MLB level because they’re good (or some adjective).

      Look, some of the worst managers are over-managers. They’ll take “Managing Baseball for Dummies” and mis-read it. One hitter, one pitcher, take out pitcher, bring in next pitcher and use 3 or 4 in one inning and other stupid stuff.

      I guarantee a bigger number of fans than you could possibly imagine would be VERY successful managers. Unfortunately, you have to “pay your dues” to get the minor league gigs and then eventually major league gigs (or you had to play MLB baseball).

      I am not a mechanic, but I can fix most things on a car. I am not an appliance repairman, but I can fix most appliance failures.

      I can easily manage a baseball team. The few things I lack, such as knowing some drills to improve digging a short-hop or improving jumps for stealing bases, or whatever, would be take care of during my interviews of potential assistant coaching candidates.

      I have no doubt I could put together a lineup, a rotation. I could be smart enough to stick with a starter if he is rolling along (pitch count be darned). I could manage (mostly) the various personalities in the locker room. I could let men be men, have a little fun from time to time, but put the hammer down when the lack of seriousness gets to be chronic.

      The easiest part of managing is the on field moves…it’s not rocket science. I am sure I’d make a move I’d regret from time to time, comes with that job, but not so often as to be maligned by the fans.

      Price isn’t terrible, but he isn’t good either. The team he was given was fairly sub-standard, due to either youth, injuries or complete lack of skill (see the bullpen and rotation after injuries).

      • lwblogger2

        The hardest part of being a manager is earning the respect of the players. It’s pretty easy at lower levels but I imagine if I went into an MLB clubhouse as the manager, my baseball credentials may not be enough to warrant me as bonafide. That would be the biggest challenge for a fan managing a professional team, especially an MLB fan, is a lack of experience being around the game at a professional level.

      • Patrick Jeter

        “The easiest part of managing is the on field moves…it’s not rocket science.”

        I agree with this…and that’s why terrible lineups and terrible decisions (like sac bunting in the 1st inning) make me angry.

  10. hallaudermilsmithsteen

    I saw Doug say the same thing and I tend to agree with him most times. I do not agree with Doug on the point about nobody here GM’ing this team better. Countless examples of handcuffing Price and overall appearance of amateur hour. Jocketty may make a good advisor at best but I am not sold on that, Williams may be ok eventually but franchise does not get nor deserve benefit of the doubt on that gene pool hire. My 10 cents.

    • dan

      So, if the Reds won 100 games you would still want Price fired?

      • RedAlert

        They ain’t been close to winning squat during his tenure !

      • Chuck Schick

        They wouldn’t have been close to winning squat with anyone as manager. Do you believe that certain managers are like magical unicorns and they can win with poor talent?

      • RedAlert

        I believe there are unicorns that can manage a baseball game ( ragardless of talent level ) better than Bryan Price . Does that answer your question Chuck ?

      • Michael E

        I would if we had the talent to win 115 games.

      • Michael E

        It’s all relative. If we lose 100, but have the all-time worst team and should have lost 120, then I can give the manager some serious credit, even after a 100 loss season.

        As for this season, we are exactly where we should be given lack of talent, early injuries, mediocre and inconsistent hitting and pitching, etc. Price appears to have done a decent job (or average or mediocre…all near equal depending on the volume of liquid in your glass).

  11. Redgoggles

    If Price was a boxer, he would have been fighting with both hands tied behind his back in the first half. Now, he is holding his own with just one hand tied behind his back. His blowup last year aside, I think he’s handled the cards he’s been dealt as well as can be expected. And as a manager, that is what he should be held accountable for.

    • Michael E

      Agreed and I just noted the same thing on another reply. That said, Price doesn’t really move the needle either. One thing I can’t see is how he interacts with players in practice, locker room or when they chat in his office, etc. If he is doing well there, then that’s a plus, but we simply don’t know.

  12. StillRed

    I have mentioned this before, that a manager’s real job, besides the day-to-day tactical decisions that probably are a wash by the end of the year (notwithstanding putting Olendorf in a pressure situation), is keeping a team motivated and giving their best. If the Reds should turn the corner in the second half, I’d give Price a second look. A big part of that decision should be the players’ respect.

    • Michael E

      A fair point. And no matter what one thinks of any employee of any business, there is ALWAYS the chance of getting worse, much worse, replacement. Then again, you might get the best that’s ever held that position too… with risk comes reward, failure and everything in between.

  13. Carl Sayre

    IMO a competent manager is probably the difference in about 10 games a year with a talented ball team. That is a hard argument to prove but equally hard to disprove because if a team loses or wins a close one or a last at bat we have no way of knowing the outcome with a different move. We as fans who understand the game or at least think we do are going to second guess managers and GM’s. I know that the last 3 seasons I have had a chronic headache and my doctor has decided it is from shaking my head every time Price pulls a bonehead move. The prove or disprove thing was shown in last nights game. Had Suarez got the squeeze down to score BP I would have been fine with it because a single run at that time would have been big. He doesn’t execute and ends up hitting the blast. There are a number of people after seeing the outcome can’t believe Price was playing for one more run IMO he called that one right but those are few and far between!!!!!!!!!!!!!