2016 Reds / Game Thread

Reds vs Brewers– August 12, 2016

First game of three against the Brewers, who promote a problematic anti-woman culture by staging races between giant sausages in their own stadium.

Also Jay Bruce is currently 6 for 35 since being banished to raise his infant child in the horrors of New York City. This is what happens when you leave Ohio.


Hint:  It is not managing to lose 5-4 when they entered the bottom of the ninth winning 4-0.

But you’re close.



1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Brandon Phillips (2B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Homer Bailey (P)
 1. Jonathan Villar (3B)
2. Orlando Arcia (SS)
3. Ryan Braun (LF)
4. Scooter Gennett (2B)
5. Chris Carter (1B)
6. Hernan Perez (RF)
7. Kirk Nieuwenhuis (CF)
8. Martin Maldonado (C)
9. Jimmy Nelson (P)


Jimmy Nelson 4.02 132.0 101 1.48 Yes
Homer Bailey 7.27 8.2 10 1.85 No, but still unfortunate


I started to link the stats for Jimmy Nelson and had to look up which team he’s on, approximately 45 seconds after typing the fact that the Reds are playing the Brewers.  How are YOU?


Actually don’t because I’ll cry and my husband will hit you. But Redleg Nation is teaming with Red Reporter for a meetup at GABP on Saturday, September 3. For real, Josh The Pilot will be there because it’s a bobblehead night, so I’m automatically assuming people will try to follow me to the ladies room in a vain attempt to score a  Mr. Redlegs giveaway from 2014.



Tomorrow at Lunken Airport for Cincinnati Museum Center’s 1940’s Day. This time you’ll have to tell it to my high heels, plus my husband won’t be there, so I like your chances of getting away with it. I’m running a table for my troops/veterans support group, Queen City Victory Dames. Super cool event! Airplanes included!

The Reds won a World Series in 1940, as we all know, so check out the footage of how the fans are dressed for the ball park in this clip. No yoga pants. Not one airbrushed tank top. Boys, I want to see you there with a non-baseball related hat to celebrate. Fedoras appreciated.


No matter how this game goes, take comfort in the fact that at least you do not have to jump from a great height into this pool.

People laughed when Cincinnati tried to make an Olympic bid, but I guarantee you we wouldn’t have presented the world a flatulent pool.


I do not think the Anderson Ferry has updated its Happy Passenger Wearing Life Vest photo as of late. 2016-07-31 16.49.52


71 thoughts on “Reds vs Brewers– August 12, 2016

  1. From the Fangraphs article you linked:

    They don’t seem to add up so cleanly, but if you look at the full-season statistics, Reds pitchers have combined for -2.1 WAR. Unsurprisingly, that’s the lowest mark in baseball — the Angels are second-worst, at +3.0.

  2. Holy cow….with 2 outs Votto went back to 2nd on the line drive base hit up the middle by Phillips. costing the Reds a run

  3. Nelson reminds me of Carlos Marmol: all the stuff in the world, but no one, including him, knows where its going. Take some pitches, boys.

  4. Votto bats 3rd and nobody is on base and the score is 0-0 so how many outs did he think there was? Also Suarez takes 3 strikes right.down.the.middle??? I don’t get it? Total brain cramps or something? Unacceptable!!

  5. I was thinking the same thing.If Nelson ever throws strikes consistently he will a dominate pitcher

  6. I think this Villar kid will be a good one.Just has a 10 pitch at bat to lead off the bottom of the first inning

    • Yeah. Homer did well that inning, but the Negative Nancy in me didnt like the fact he threw 20 pitches. Villar did his job.

  7. Hamilton on third with Nelson on the mound is a scary thing for Counsell

  8. Yeah pitches seen in an at bat is one of my many pet peeves,I can’ relate to what a big league ball player has to do to hit a baseball so its easy for me to be critical of the free swingers on this team.

  9. Good at bats by Billy and Zack.Didn’t result in a run but up up up goes Nelson’s pitch count.

    • It’s pretty easy against Nelson. His out of the zone pitches aren’t even close.

      • she is at every Brewers game Darrin. And always dressed the same way. Keeps score and roots her team on. brewers games are my favorite.

  10. A lot of doubters on here with Duvall but I don’t see any other Reds that can just take a short little swing and hit the ball about 50 feet over the fence in the alley!! Pure power!!

  11. It’s been a while for Duval. Only his 4th since the break. 2 came in the same game

  12. BP took the smart risk that time and it paid off! Good job by Suarez to keep his hands inside the ball and get the rbi! I believe in Suarez although I’d like to try to hide his glove at 2b long term

    • If you go to 3-4 Olympics in a row then aren’t you a professional? Phelps might be winning golds when he’s 42! I say a max of 2 Olympics and you’re done!

      • Everybody is professional. The Olympics should be about the best….not a bunch of minor leaguers

  13. Nice grab by Billy. You have to keep reminding yourself that these aren’t routine plays to the average guy. He just makes them look that way

  14. I would pinch=hit for Homer here! He looked a little gassed after the 5th and its hot…91 pitches already

  15. This ump has been awful, against both sides. Clearly outside to Billy

    • Great slider tonite and he always seems to throw a little harder after the first few innings! He looked good::))

  16. The time to actually use Ross Ohlendorf and Price uses Lorenzen what an idiot

  17. we are winnng 7 to 0 and Price is getting ripped. Lovely. Only in Cincinnati.

    • When the team loses it isn’t Prices fault, but when they win it is because of him?

      • This team wins and loses based upon the players available on the 25 man roster. Though Price does have some input to roster construction it is not his responsibility to ensure that the pieces he is given to use are major league talents.

    • THOM! Is actually making sense about bullpen usage. Maybe I should go get some sleep……

    • We may never know. from the stands or my nice comfy bed it looks bizarre. But there could be a thousand reasons that we are not privy to as to why Lorenzen was used in this situation. Maybe they know he won’t be available tomorrow due to some non sports/ personal matter? Maybe they were wanting to see how he performed against a specific type of hitter? Maybe it had to do with the time of day. It could be literally anything I don’t think we need to criticize the things that we are not fully aware of, especially in a lost season when we are trying to develop and see what we got.

  18. The “big Oh” should make the “Good” list tonight: made it to the second batter before giving up a dinger.

  19. Wow. Maybe Price is correct for making illogical decisions regarding this bullpen because it defies all logic.

  20. I usually don’t comment in public about umpires but in this case I will make an exception. Counsell was ejected and the Reds broadcasters were speculating there was some grief from the dugout the top of the inning about called strikes. Nelson could not have hit the front of my house 3 pitches out of 7 but he was getting 3 inches in off to LH and 4 inches low on all batters and 3 inches up on most batters. I am not saying Bailey was squeezed but his balls were a lot closer than Nelsons strikes. I only commented on this because I couldn’t figure out what Counsell was complaining about! I understand it is the Brewers but Baily pitched tonight, I didn’t think he was as sharp as the results but he was throwing hard around the edges and was changing speeds and moving the ball around to give me hope he will earn his contract. I was glad to see Duvall have a big night because I think he is the 3rd outfielder, not the 4th as has been speculated here in the nation. I am unsure for how long but at least to start the 17 season!

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