You may have read this already, but I thought I’d post it here too. I wrote about Scott Schebler for Cincinnati Magazine yesterday; it’s an exploration of who he is and what his ceiling might be for the ol’ Redlegs:

In the wake of last week’s Jay Bruce trade, the Reds recalled Scott Schebler from Triple-A Louisville. In his first start since his return to the big club, Schebler went 3-5 and absolutely destroyed a baseball for a walk-off home run to beat the Cardinals. The next night, Schebler—playing in Bruce’s old right field stomping grounds—leaped high above the fence to rob a home run. In his third game, he collected a double and a couple of runs scored.

Hey, that was a fun time, wasn’t it? For those of us still in shock about the Bruce trade, it permitted an opportunity to dream a little bit. After all, Schebler had been killing the ball in Louisville after the Reds sent him down in early May. He was the International League’s Player of the Month in July, and had posted a Triple-A batting line of .311/.370/.564 with 13 home runs, 18 doubles, and 8 triples in 75 games. He came to the big leagues and immediately made an impact.

Forget Jay Bruce!

Well, maybe not.

So go give it a read and let me know what you think. Honestly, I was a little surprised by the conclusion that I ended up drawing (re: Schebler vs. Adam Duvall). I’m starting to think Schebler has a chance to be a real contributor for the next few years, even if just as a nice bat off the bench. Or maybe more.

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  1. sezwhom

    I think Schebler stars in a new movie called “Trouble With The High Fastball”!

  2. Gaffer

    Look at this terrible piece on

    Do people not get the difference between correlation and causation. What it sounds like is an indictment of Duvall on taking walks instead of the reality of pitchers adjusting to Duvall. We all knew he would not maintain his production (it was highly improbable) so the reason he has fallen off probably has nothing to do with “the choice” to take walks.

  3. ArtWayne

    A high fastball is what he hit into the night in his first night back but like Joe Morgan said you can go 4 for 4 but the next night you have to prove yourself again. That is why baseball is the king of sports.

  4. WVRedlegs

    He runs like Mays, but hits like…crap.

    • Michael E

      LOL, I gotta watch that movie again. The sequels were, well, typical of most sequels…crappy, but that movie was memorably good.

  5. Darrin

    I think he can be a decent everyday player given some time…..but what do I know, I thought Brandon Larson just needed a couple more at bats.

    • Michael E

      Larson and Mottola, the dream team.

  6. DenL42

    I just wish he’d keep his mouthguard in his mouth. That’s nasty.

    • TR

      Agreed. It reminds me of the old guys spitting tobacco juice.

  7. Indy RedMan

    Winker 3-3 (all singles) tonite with a walk and now over .300! I’d call him up and bat him 2nd behind Billy. They could drop Zack down to 6th or something. Schebler is a bench player but could be dangerous if spotted up versus the right pitcher. He seems to have a loop in his swing and may never hit the really hard throwers. Oh isn’t a hard thrower as closers go.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Since retruning from his DL rehab assignment, Winker is slashing .337/.412/.416 and for August Winker is slashing a mere .421/.500/.500! The kid can rake. With 2017 looking like a rebuild/reload continuation, I would probably prefer to see Winker held out until he is past the super 2 status in 2017 before his promotion to the show. It’s really a shame that teams are forced top play such games with service time considerations, but without a soft cap with teeth or a hard cap, that’s the only way small and mid market teams can compete effectively.

      DeShields had Winker hitting in the #5 hole again last night but that’s understandable. After all, you have to get 32-year-old, career minor league non-prospects and marginal or sub-marginal prospects plenty of AB’s.

      Senzel was 1-4 w/ 1-2B last night for the Dragons and Okey was 1-3 w/ 1-2B & 1-BB.

      • Patrick Jeter

        After seeing him hit 7th a few times, I guess I could live with 5th… still gross negligence.

      • Shchi Cossack

        The only reason Winker is not hitting 7th is everyone that DeShields slotted ahead of him is now on the DL. Beyond negligence, that’s just gross.

      • lwblogger2

        He probably should bat in the 2-hole in that lineup, or perhaps 3rd… My concern at the moment is that he isn’t showing any power. I mean zero.

      • big5ed

        I fully understand the Super-2 Avoidance Strategy, and the Extra Year of Control Strategy, but I think it is overblown. The EYOC Strategy was used by the Cubs with Kris Bryant, but he was one of the very top prospects in baseball, if not #1. Winker is much lower down the list, albeit an excellent prospect. Looking six years ahead made more sense on Bryant than it does with Winker.

        To me, they need to find out now, rather than May or June next year, what they really have in Winker. They can worry about 2023 down the road. For example, if they like him, they can do what they did with Bruce and Cueto, which is to extend him in about Year 3 for all his arbitration years and maybe even a year or two more. If he turns out to be mediocre, then they aren’t going to worry about when he is eligible for free agency or what he gets in arbitration.

  8. dan

    I think he is playing injured. I also think he has a higher ceiling than Duvall but he needs time to figure it out all as well as getting healthy.

    • lwblogger2

      From that HBP? It’s possible. That’s when he started hitting for crap again.

  9. Dan

    Here is my novel idea. Put both Duval and Cozart out there on waivers. See if we get a bite. A few teams of recent note have sustained injuries to their outfield players. If we get a solid offer we take it.

      • Michael E

        Why not? They get claimed, you pull them back OR find out if claiming team is willing to make a good deal. The only real downside is hurting a players feelings.

  10. james garrett

    For the first time in a long time we should have competition for playing time the rest of this year and all of next year.Schebler is part of that group along with a bunch of other outfielders and infielders.The front office just needs to audition these players and see what they have got.The process will sort out the players who are part of the future.The pitching staff has gone through this process because of injuries and now the position players need to go through it by design.As I have said several times I am not concerned about the pitching because it is talented and deep.No problem at all to find 5 starters and 7 bullpen guys that can make this team relevant again by 2018.The issue is we must get better offensively and quick.Players with higher OBP must be developed or traded for unless we want to play a bunch of 3-2 games and this should be the top priority.Foremost we must find out what our present players can do then and the only way is to let them play.Perfect examples are Duval and Suarez.Let Schebler play.

  11. StillRed

    Interesting article on the Reds webpage today about Duvall and hitting coach Long. Synopsis…Long changing Duvall’s stance to discern the pitches better. result, more walks, fewer fly balls and lower slugging and lower average (.217). No mention of strike outs.Also, could be the pitchers adjusting too. While I’d question Duvalls ability to have sustained his first half numbers, I’m a little worried about messying him up!. I’d be curious as to your thoughts.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Any time a player makes a major adjustment, especially during the season, the initial results will not be pretty. The goal is long term positive results and that requires patience and commitment to the process. Of course sometimes the adjustments don’t work, but that doesn’t mean the effort was misplaced. Duvall was not going to succeed at the major league level unless he made a change in his approach at the plate. Even with the poor early returns from trying to make the necessary changes during the season, I’m still hopeful that Duvall can find success at the major league level as a line drive hitter with better discpline at the plate. We’ll see. The coming off season will be as important for Duvall as the prior off season. The 2017 season will be a make of break opportunity.

  12. big5ed

    I think Schebler is pressing, much like he did early in the year, and kind of like Cody Reed has been doing. Schebler needs to take a few deep breaths, relax, and play the same game here that got him here. I don’t think the physical “speed of the game” bothers him, but the mental speed still does.

    He is pretty bad in right field so far. He makes Jay Bruce look like Clemente.

    • IndyRedMan

      I don’t know? He pulled back a sure HR and threw a guy out at 2nd in his first series and he hasn’t been back long! He’s obv much much faster then Jay so has much more range!