The Reds (46-66) won last night, Raisel Iglesias saved the game, and Brandon Finnegan pitched 6.0 innings of four-run ball. Also, our team has the chance to take a series from the Cardinals (59-54) in St. Louis. Remember back when that was dang near impossible? It’s the little things in a rebuild.

Starting Pitchers

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 2.26.15 PM.png

Anthony DeSclafani has had a very strong, injury-shortened 2016, making nine quality starts in just 11 appearances. While the superficial numbers likely aren’t sustainable for the long haul, a 3.65 FIP on a .303 BABIP (i.e. not luck inflated) is nothing to scoff at. There is a claim to be made for small sample size, but let’s all just take a moment and believe that good things are possible, shall we?

Jaime Garcia has had a solid, mid-rotation worthy campaign with the Cardinals this year, pitching better than his superficial numbers but worse than his 2015 ones. He’s also coming off a scoreless 8.0 inning, 11 strikeout outing against the Braves, which doesn’t mean as much considering it’s the Braves, but the same could be said about the Reds, so I’ll let the numbers stand. His outing against the Marlins before that was miserable.

Starting Lineups

Reds Cardinals
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Tony Renda (2B)
7. Tyler Holt (RF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Anthony DeSclafani (P)
1. Matt Carpenter (3B)
2. Kolten Wong (2B)
3. Brandon Moss (RF)
4. Matt Holliday (LF)
5. Matt Adams (1B)
6. Yadier Molina (C)
7. Jeremy Hazelbaker (CF)
8. Greg Garcia (SS)
9. Jaime Garcia (P)

More Raisel News!
Seems like after notching his first save last night, Raisel Iglesias is following the well-trod path before him and has said he wants to be a closer. Red Reporter has the full breakdown of what the Reds’ best reliever’s new wishes could mean, but I was holding out hope that the shoulder would be strong enough for him to start again. Alas, you can’t always get what you want.

Stuff to Read While You Wait
A bit of shameless self-promotion: I wrote today on who you can expect to see on the next great Reds’ team, and you know, it’s not all that promising. Matt Wilkes took on the Reds home run problem and why people are asking if Bronson Arroyo suddenly body-switched with the entire rotation. (I highly doubt anyone has phrased the question in that manner, but the sentiment applies.) And T.J. Friedl has captivated the entire sporting world by simply existing in a professional context. The game’s two hours away; that’s plenty of time to read it all.

Olympic Nonsense
Michael Phelps won another couple of medals last night and Katie Ledecky added to her stash, but the real story is the US Women’s Gymnastic team. Not only did the team take gold, but they also utterly demolished second place Russia. Put it this way: Russia was two times closer to eighth place Brazil than the gold-medal US team.

If we’re talking about greatness, look no further than the Final Five.

Concluding Thoughts
The Olympic Men’s Basketball team plays Australia at 5 CST today. Just putting that out there in case anyone didn’t get to see enough of Matthew Delladova and Draymond Green go at each other back in June. Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving will be reprising their roles as well. And just like last time, don’t count on seeing much of Harrison Barnes.

Go Reds!

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Wesley - or Wes, whichever really - first fell in love with the Reds because of Ken Griffey Jr.'s smooth swing and shining smile. Ever since that first infatuation, it has been tortured fandom broken up by a blown 2-0 lead to the Giants and a Roy Halladay no-hitter - but that's neither here nor there. The only things Wes loves as much as the Reds are pancakes, flannels, and Vanderbilt baseball. You can find more of his writing at or his carefully curated retweets @_wesjenks.

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17 Responses

  1. redbonebuck

    I think we win another series tonight. I also think if we started the season with this team right now were in the hunt for a wildcard…

    • Jack

      We still had the same bullpen in the beginning. No matter who the starting 8 were the bullpen choked it.

    • Scott E. Disney

      The bullpen in the first few months definitely cost the Reds numerous wins – it would be interesting to see what this team would have done with this exact team starting off the year (Maybe w/o Reed or any other young guy that had not passed a service time benchmark yet).

  2. Jack

    This is totally freaking hilarious. When Peraza was up Price wouldn’t play him and sit Phillips for 1 game. Even when he was hurt. Now Renda gets the nod? Nothing against the kid but something smells funny unless Phillips has a broken back.

  3. DHud

    They’ve been talking a lot the past couple nights about Votto working one on one with Billy in the batting cage.

    My question: WHY did it take 3 years to get to this!?

  4. Gaffer

    Schebler out for injury? Sounds more like an excuse, he has been terrible.

    • dan

      yeah right off players with less than even 2 months experience that makes sense.

  5. Indy RedMan

    Cozart swings at a terrible 2-0 pitch then makes an out on a 3-1 pitch. Should’ve been a walk and 2 on for Joey but hacking away took care of that!

    • preacherj

      He is looking a little better now.

    • Old-school

      He’s allowed an off night.Its not about 2016..It’s about getting Nick Senzel 2.0 in 2017.

  6. Indy RedMan

    This one is pretty much over. Disco is off his game and its the Reds JV team relievers tonite so even if they score 2-3 and catch up then its no good! I hate it because Price has had ready made excuses ever since he’s been the manager so they’ll probably bring him back next year even though he’s not very good! The guy has literally been handicapped from day 1 though!

    • Chuck Schick

      You’re all over the place.

      He’s been handicapped since day 1, but he’s not very good? How do we really know? Who would possibly have won with what he’s had the past 3 years?

  7. preacherj

    Great play by Renda. Outstanding.

  8. james garrett

    Just tuned in and I see the offense didn’t show up or maybe Garcia is just that good.No he isn’t that good.

  9. preacherj

    NOW the Cards start playing defense.