The Cincinnati Reds (45-66), a collective team of grown men, led the St. Louis Cardinals (59-53) for eight and two thirds innings last night. Tony Cingrani and Ross Ohlendorf, two individuals that while being part of the collective cannot speak for them at the moment, lost a ballgame to the St. Louis Cardinals in just a third of an inning. It was Ohlendorf’s birthday; he can cry if he wants to.

Starting Pitchers

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.02.26 PM.png

Brandon Finnegan and Mike Leake tee off again after Finnegan took the matchup last week in St. Louis. The 6.0 inning, no run start was the second consecutive of the kind for Finnegan and saw him cutting back on the walks that marred his previous start against the Padres. Even though Finnegan will likely finish the season in the rotation, he’s on a short leash due to an increasing innings count in an abandoned season. Finnegan is also on my fantasy team, and I have a critical matchup this week, so the stakes have never been higher for the young lefty.

Mike Leake on the other hand already got paid and plays for the black magic connoisseur Cardinals, so it’s likely he never feels pressure any more. Leake has had probably the best season of his career based on peripheral numbers, but a BABIP that has rocketed up 50 points has been his counting numbers’ downfall. He’s also given up a few more home runs than in the past. That probably contributes as well.

Starting Lineups

Reds Cardinals
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Brandon Phillips (2B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Brandon Finnegan (P)
1. Matt Carpenter (2B)
2. Stephen Piscotty (RF)
3. Matt Holliday (LF)
4. Brandon Moss (1B)
5. Yadier Molina (C)
6. Jhonny Peralta (SS)
7. Jedd Gyorko (3B)
8. Tommy Pham (CF)
9. Mike Leake (P)

Iggy on the Move…

…unlikely, but Red Reporter had a nice write-up on why if there were a Red to move, Raisel Iglesias is probably the prime candidate. Go check out the full piece here and get the added bonus of a not-so-flattering comparison between Clayton Kershaw and Tony Cingrani.

Olympic Nonsense

Michael Phelps raced in a semi-final last night against the man who beat him by 0.05 seconds in his best event–the 200m butterfly–four years ago. Phelps beat Le Clos but that wasn’t the story. The story was Phelps mean mugging for the camera before the race while Le Clos shadowboxed in front of him.

Long story short: The Olympics are filled with nonsense, and Michael Phelps is a terrifying when angered human being.

Concluding Thoughts

Let’s all forget last night’s D’ohlendorf moment and focus on Brandon Finnegan’s young career today. After all, my fantasy team depends on it.

Go Reds!

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  1. LE Clos was trying to intimidate Phelps. Hard,to do that to a guy who has 19 medals little man. Go try that somewhere else son .

    • On topic for Olympics — it will be very interesting what they do in 2020 when baseball is back in the Olympics — do they do the same thing that NHL does for the Winter Olympics??? Because right now – if they have the professionals play – there wouldn’t be any games going on now…

  2. What does everybody think about Tebow wanting to play in MLB? Should Reds be interested or is just another situation like Jordan?

    • Jordan. Doesn’t matter how good of an athlete you are, there are years and years of muscle memory-type things and mechanical training that goes into being a good ball player. Just look at Joey… not the world’s greatest athlete, yet one of the world’s greatest hitters.

      • Some low level, independent league team will sign him in order to sell group tickets to church groups and SEC football fans. He’ll hit .103 and his disciples will be upset that he’s not playing for the Yankees.

    • I don’t know why athletes can’t just give it up. The guy hasn’t played since high school. I haven’t played since high school. I’m coming out next week. I should have a better chance.

      • I don’t think he has any shot of making it, but with that said Tebow on an athletic level is a freak and I think he has 100 times better chance than you lol

  3. Anyone know what was up with the Ukranian mens gymnastics team tanking today? Never heard an explanation.

  4. Clutch Duvall!

  5. BP hits into his 12th DP of the season.

  6. Not a great throw by Votto, but heads up throw on the DP

  7. And Finnegan shuts the door with a nice off speed pitch to Holiday

  8. Finnegan has done a solid job as an essemtially rookie starter…he’s been as good or better than leake…who is making tens of millions more…he’s in the neighborhood of cueto and bailey in their formative years. While ld love him in the bullpen….every good team needs a lefty and while Garret may be the top lefty….2 solid ones would be outstanding…I’m officially open to Finnegan starting on one the next good reds team…the guy has some moxie and doesn’t seem to fear competition.

    • Oh yeah….and reed would make 3…. this is an open competition.

      • The caveat being a “good” Reds team in the future. Leake was the worst starter on the last good Reds team (was activated and only started in 2012 after Cueto injury.) so, the Finnegan we have seen is not good enough. I hope he gets better but probably he would help more by making way for a better starter (looks like a shoo in for pen though). Reed, ehhhhhh.

  9. At least Suarez put it in his pocket that time. Baby steps.

  10. He is learning to pitch at the big league level and I hope he can do just like Disco has done in year two.Also I like the way we manufactured that third run without a hit just now.Solid play by Schelber,Suarez and Tucker.

  11. Finnegan with a solid job of getting out of that jam.

  12. Ties up after 5 innings so I guess it becomes a bull pen game now.

  13. Ok. Why do you have a pinch hitter in the on deck circle UNTIL the 8 hole hitter gets on base and then bring the pitcher back out to hit? Im confused.

  14. Finnegan with his 6th walk. Fortunate to only have given up 3 runs.

  15. Nice stroke by Holt.

  16. Thats a Hamilrun. So worried about Billy he misplayed it, and a heads up Holt with some wheels of his own gives us back the lead

  17. Cards outfield just sucks.

  18. We need at the VERY least five more runs here in the top of the ninth. Just saying.

  19. What is Price thinking…Why not put in Ohlendorf to wrap this thing up and get the Win Tonight?

  20. Did our long term closer just get his first save?

  21. That is my joke for today….to put Ohlendorf in. Seriously, If I was BC, WJ, and DW. I would sit Price down and tell him, his decisions to get or his help in decisions to get Marquis and Gregg last year did not work at all….why would Ohlendorf be any different?? STOP acquiring these washed up pitchers that Hurt the Team, case in point, last night! Reds could have won 2 games now on the Cardinals, last night and tonight. Winning Series has been really impossible to do against the Cardinals, and it would have been a great confidence booster to have done that…especially on the Road!

  22. I don’t know a lick of Spannish, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to that post game interview with Iglesias. Just brimming with excitement and confidence. Even beamed a big “thank you” in perfect English.

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