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The Cincinnati Reds (44-65) had their streak of six consecutive series wins snapped with a 5-3 loss last night. Today at 1:35, the Reds will try to avoid being swept by the Pittsburgh Pirates (55-53) at PNC Park.

Starting Pitchers


Dan Straily’s surprisingly solid 2016 campaign has continued. In his last four starts, he has a 1.69 ERA with 21 strikeouts and just 6 walks in 26.2 IP. He has thrown six consecutive quality starts.

Gerrit Cole has been very good for the Pirates when he has stayed on the field. The problem for the Pirates is that he has battled injuries all season. His last three starts have been very good, as he has a 1.35 ERA with 17 K and 3 BB (one of those starts was a complete game, three-hit shutout against the Mariners). Cole has however struggled in his career against the Reds. He is 0-5 with a 5.30 ERA and 1.61 WHIP in 7 career starts against the Reds.

Starting Lineups

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The Reds had a nice little streak going, but those pesky Pirates have put a stop to that. The Reds should try to avoid being swept today. That is never good. Go Reds!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. Dilson Herrera was taken out of the Bats game in the 7th inning Thursday after he struck out and hasn’t played since. Any injury updates?

  2. Tough matchup for Strailey, hope fully he can get the Reds off the snide. I think this is their first losing streak since the break. As others have pointed out, Pirates have gotten some lucky breaks this series for a lot of their runs, including getting to face Ohlendorf in the 9th Friday.

  3. Billy creates a run. Walk, 2 SB’s and advances home when the 3rd baseman threw to first on the groundout.

  4. BP remains on fir with the rbi single. Close at home when Votto didn’t slide.

  5. Schebler Struggling Schebler

  6. Seriously Votto?

  7. The collective internet sigh can be heard whenever BP plays good. Is there a player on any other team that the locals despise even when he performs well? Probably why I keep cheering for the guy to keep on going. BP for 10 more years yeah baby!

    • I root for all Reds that are playing weather they are are a part of the future or not. I’m not going to bash BP because the manager decides to play him over the younger guys of the future. To me, that’s on the management.

      I also think that BP gets a bad rap when his production dips because of injuries. (Baseball related, not old man related at that). When healthy, he is still a productive player. Other players (Bruce) got a 2 year pass when he didn’t produce after missing 15-20 games a couple of years ago.

      Again, I think it’s on management for playing BP everyday when he is not 100%. Don’t hate the player for going out there everyday and giving it his all, even if he’s injured.

    • The audience on websites, such as this one, do not represent the vast majority of the Reds fans base. They are just a small segment. Most still like BP. Personally I would rather see Peraza in his spot.

    • Brandon Phillips is the second greatest Reds second basemen of all time. For a sustained period of time, he was outstanding- the best defensive 2b of this generation and on offense could do everything. He is a Reds Hall of Famer.

      However, he is 35. He is no longer that player who could beat you with his legs/glove/arm or bat. Yes, he still makes good contact and hits for a good average. Not $14 million worth though and not enough to meaningfully create wins for this team or next years team.

      Many Reds fans are moving forward and want to usher in the next good Reds era…. ASAP. We are tired of losing and watching bad baseball and bad bullpens and bad players. Rebuilding takes time, yes, but watching young players develop can be fun and ameliorate the pangs of not participating in the post-season. The Reds didn’t win much in 2007/8 but I sure enjoyed watching Brandon Phillips develop into the player he WAS. I want to see Dilson Herrera play and develop. He is ready, just like Joey Votto was ready to displace Scott Hatteberg nearly a decade ago.

      Really bad teams in small markets with finite resources cant afford to be paying out huge sums of money to players who aren’t part of the future plan. The Yankees are moving forward without Arod and Mark Texiera and soon…. Brian McCann. They are aggressively planning and maneuvering for their next series of world championship starting in 2018 with younger players and creating a blueprint to sign Bryce Harper and Manny Machado and company in 2018. Out with old….in with the new.

      If you want to blame the Reds FO for paying BP for his past performance….. after he produced it, there is truth in that. But, BP wont allow the Reds to move on. The reason he won’t is because no team in baseball wants him, at his salary as an everyday player. So, he is refusing to be traded and obstructing an entire franchise from moving forward. If he were on the Yankees or Cubs…he would be on the bench. Smart teams don’t pay players for past performance, unless their future performance can be sustained. The Reds aren’t so smart.

      • Could BP not have went to the Nationals this season and make the same amount of money? Maybe I do not understand the situation but didn’t a “team in baseball wants him, at his salary as an everyday player.”
        I thought he obstructed the trade because he wanted more money to go?

        • I thought it had to do with the fact he wanted a longer contract with Washington if he got picked up by Washington and they were not willing to give a longer contract…

        • BP would be a fine addition to a playoff team, as a seasoned veteran and role player. However, he would not be any everyday player. Add the Nationals to the list of good teams who would bench BP. Daniel Murphy may be the MVP of the league for Washington and was signed as their second baseman. He is playing first base now so the Nationals superstar phenom Trae Turner can play 2b and leadoff and make the Nationals a better team as they head into their playoff run. That’s what good teams do. BP knew Trae Turner was an elite prospect and knew he’d be benched when the kid was ready. Only with the Reds, can he still start and maintain his clubhouse status and the manager and front office sign off on it.

    • Don’t know what you are referring to, Dan. But BP is raking and that’s good to see.

      • BP doesn’t pitch anyway, swapping him out will fix nothing. Reds signed him for long term and he has done them well over his years, if he doesn’t want to leave, let him play. He’s got some roots in town, I think that’s why he didn’t split without getting some extra walking money.

        Nats probably won by not doing that trade as Murphy has kinda carried their club considering Harper and others have been off at the plate this season.

        It kind of seems to me you would want to save another season of these infielders for when the pitching on the farm matures. I think Peraza is going to end replacing Cozart anyway.

  8. I feel like we kind of gave the first two games away by not hitting.Lets get 6 or 7 runs today and get a W.

  9. Through 3 innings, Billy is 1-1 with a double, walk, 3 SBs, and 2 runs scored

    I get the analytics. I get the numbers. But I’m in that “Billy choir” from last night’s recap, and I’m going to keep singing

  10. Another catch for the highlight reel for BHam!!

  11. Very nice Straily….9 up, 9 down

  12. Schebler is struggling mightily this series…5 K’s so far.

  13. 12 in a row for Straily. 41 pitches in 4 innings.

  14. Now Cole has set down 9 in a row…need to bust that up next inning.

  15. Perfecto, No Hitter, and shutout gone as Joyce knocked it out of the stadium

  16. One of my co-workers is a huge Cubs fan and he was talking about the great season Hendrick (or Hendricks?) is having and I said he throws below the hitting speed and mentioned Straily. The Reds broadcast just brought up that graphic. He’s fun to watch…mixing and matching with hitters. Lamb too when he’s actually on point! Billy is awesome! If they just left him in the 9 hole…like I keep saying then nobody would complain!

  17. RBI and hit #2 for BP. Cashed it in with Duval’s delay steal of 2nd.

  18. Our corner outfielders are really struggling. But great base running by Duvall there.

  19. I’d like to see this guy get a complete game but I doubt he makes it. Maybe they pull him after 6 or 7.

  20. This is beginning to feel a lot like one of those late inning bullpen letdown games…

    • I feel confident unless Price does something foolish and brings in Olendorf, buT i think you try get Strailey for one more inning at less than 90 pitches

  21. So with Strailey due up what are the odds no PH as Iglesias is available to pitch the 7th and 8th in his normal role

  22. Should be an Iggy game right?

  23. Renda!!! for an insurance run. And no waiting two days to find out it was a hit !!!!

  24. Good piece of hitting by Renda for the rbi. Good baserunning by Suarez preceded it.

  25. A little hit and run action by Billy…shooting it through the vacated hole at short.

  26. Whoa, Partch? … And speaking of that, did somebody sign Ondrusek recently?

  27. Pirate announcers are questioning why Cozart would swing at first pitch with Hamilton on 1st. Welcome to our hell Bob Walk.

  28. Pile on, fellas, pile on !!!

  29. If they don’t give Cozart a hit, that is one thing, but no RBI? Screwy, to me.

  30. Votto 0-0 3 walks and a sac fly!!

  31. Duval is on top of everything lately

  32. Nice to see some other team have bullpen issues.

  33. You people wanted Iglesias. Now you got him. What’s the problem?

    B. Price and Reds FO

  34. Maybe 7 runs wasn’t enough. sigh.

  35. just noticed that is listing pitches to the tenth of a mile per hour. we need that?

  36. Good game thus far. Lots of little ball. Brutal series for Duvall and Schebler. I’m a bit nervous for Iggy right now, as he can’t find the plate.

  37. sheesh, what a reversal of fortunes on two pitches

  38. Iggy wiggled of the bases loaded no out jam with only 1 run allowed.

  39. OMG, listening to Brantley, I thought Harrison had tied it with a grand slam.

  40. And… a leadoff walk. Here we go again.

  41. What a play at short by Zach. Amazing.

  42. Iggy/Lorenzen took 58 pitches to get through 2 innings.Dan Straily continues to show how throwing strikes will always get it done regardless of stuff.

  43. It’s not a good thing to empty the bullpen of decent relievers just before a Cody Reed start. If the Reds should happen to have a lead or keep it close tomorrow, i doubt these guys will available.

  44. That’s a crappy way to have Cozart’s hitting streak stopped. Why did Hamilton stop?

  45. Nice challenge Mr. Price.

  46. Mercer picked off…3 feet off the bag

  47. Put the brooms back in the closet!!!

  48. How often do pitchers face 3 batters give up a 1B and BB and pitch a fill inning?

  49. We tried to give it to them in the last 3 innings but they didn’t want it.Bizarre innings for sure with strange stuff happening.Kind of like that all 3 games.I could be wrong but it appears the Bucs just don’t have enough to get it done this year

  50. Our 3 relievers were all on the bit and and overthrowing somewhat. But they made some nice pitches against some decent hitters along the way. Throwing 97 mph at the knees on the inside corner is a good pitch.

  51. I think that Cole also probably has some kind of psychological issue about pitching to the reds by now…

  52. I agree with you on the Buccos as George “Great” Grande would say. They just don’t seem to have that mojo this year. Not sure why Jaso is at first. You’d think they could do better.

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Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.


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