The trade deadline has come and gone.  The Reds dealt Jay Bruce to the New York Mets for 2B Dilson Herrera and LH SP Max Wotell.  Jay Bruce will be sorely missed in the Red’s lineup.  The Reds recalled  OF Scott Schebler (.311/.370/.564/.934 at AAA), who was just named the International League Player of the Month for July, to take Bruce’s spot in the OF.  2B/LF Tony Renda (.326/.369/.467/.836 at AA, and .280/.344/.366/.710 at AAA) was called to replace Jose Peraza who was sent back to AAA to get regular at bats.  Now let’s see what is happening down on the farm.

AAA Louisville Bats

The Bats have a 55-57 record and are in 3rd place in the International League West.

The International League hitters are averaging .253/.319/.378/.697.

OF Jesse Winker (.289/.377/.366/.744) still awaits his turn to get a chance with the Reds.  It would be nice to see Winker go on another tear with the Bats and demonstrate his power stroke again.  3B Jermaine Curtis (.291/.404/.435/.839) and OF Steve Selsky (.277/.359/.456/.815) have both been placed on the DL.  OF Beau Amaral (.246/.318/.370/.688 at AA) was promoted to the Bats.  2B Dilson Herrera (.276/.327/.462/.790 at AAA) joins the Bats after being obtained in the Bruce trade.  Note his AAA numbers are from the PCL where the league average is .270/.337/.417/.755.  SS Jose Peraza (.274/.318/.354/.672 at AAA) rejoins the team from the Reds to get some regular playing time and hopefully can raise his numbers up to the IL league average mark.

The International League average ERA is 3.59.

SP Amir Garrett (3.31 ERA) is beginning to show some control issues at AAA with 17 BB in 35.1 IP.  SP Robert Stephenson (4.10 ERA) now has 59 BB in 109.2 IP.  SP Tim Adleman (3.16 ERA) has rejoined the team after being removed from the Reds DL.  SP John Lamb (5.22 ERA) has not yet stepped up his game at AAA since being sent back down.  RP Kevin Shackelford (0.50 ERA) has pitched very well in 18 IP since joining the Bats.  LH RP Wandy Peralta (2.36 ERA) continues to pitch well at AAA.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The Blue Wahoos have a 60-49 record and are in 1st place in the Southern League South.  The Blue Wahoos are the First Half South Division Champions.

The Southern League hitters are averaging .252/.325/.369/.694.

C Chad Wallach (.252/.400/.431/.831) has been on a hot streak.  OF Phil Ervin (.230/.342/.390/.732) just can’t seem to get on another roll at Pensacola.  SS Zach Vincej (.288/.339/.406/.745) has been on a real hot streak.  2B Ronald Bueno (.245/.337/.384/.721 at A+) was promoted to the Blue Wahoos.  2B Alex Blandino (.213/.308/.333/.642) and 3B Eric Jagielo (.212/.302/.332/.634) have both raised their numbers a bit recently and their numbers are eerily similar.

The Southern League average ERA is 3.73.

SP Rookie Davis (2.72 ERA), SP Jackson Stephens (3.27 ERA), Tyler Mahle (3.45) and SP Sal Romano (3.86 ERA) are heading up the Blue Wahoos rotation.  SP Nick Travieso (4.16 ERA) is still on the DL.  Barrett Astin (2.43 ERA) has pitched well in 70.1 IP over 30 G with 7 GS.  RP Alejandro Chacin (1.94 ERA) has 20 S.  RH RP Abel De Los Santos (0.00) is unscored on over 8.1 IP since joining the club.

High A Daytona Tortugas

The Tortugas have a 59-47 record and are in 3rd place in the Florida State League North.

The Florida State League hitters are averaging .250/.321/.356/.677.

RF Aristides Aquino (.290/.342/.527/.869) is putting up a tremendous season in the FSL.  OF Angelo Gumbs (.303/.346/.474/.821) has been on a tear lately to really up his numbers again.  OF/1B Brian O’Grady (.240/.377/.411/.788) is putting together a nice season at A+ and is one of my sleeper good OBP guys not many seem to know about.  1B Gavin LaValley (.264/.329/.455/.784) continues to hit well also.  OF Juan Duran (1.583 OPS) and OF Reydel Medina (1.261 OPS) are both off to hot starts in small samples since joining  Daytona recently.  2B Shed Long (.263/.318/.421/.739) is also off to a good start in his first 22 PA at Daytona.

The Florida State League average ERA is 3.57.

SP Tejay Antone (3.53 ERA) has been pitching well lately.  SP Keury Mella (3.85 ERA) has been struggling of late.  LH SP Seth Varner (4.19 ERA) has struggled since his rough short stint in AAA.  LH RP Ismael Guillon (2.58 ERA) has pitched very well in 73.1 IP over 25 G with 10 GS.  RP Jimmy Herget (1.54 ERA) is the closer and has 19 S.  RP Ariel Hernandez (2.21 ERA) is still pitching well.  SP Jose Lopez (3.97 ERA at A) was promoted to the Tortugas.

Low A Dayton Dragons

The Dragons have a 33-76 record and are in 8th place in the Midwest League Eastern.

The Midwest League hitters are averaging .250/.319/.356/.675.

3B Nick Senzel (.323/.451/.542/.992) is tearing up low A in 124 PA.  C Chris Okey (.237/.333/.526/.860) is hitting very well for Dayton as well.  OF Daniel Sweet (.318/.423/.364/.787) is hitting well since his promotion from Billings last week.  1B James Vasquez (.230/.312/.389/.701) has begun hitting the ball well again lately.

The Midwest League average ERA is 3.58.

SP Austin Orewiler (3.80 ERA) has struggled a bit lately.  SP Antonio Santillan had a rough first start with the Dragons as he went just 3.1 IP and allowed 4 H and 5 BB with just 2 SO.  RP Ryan Hendrix (0.77 ERA) is off to a great start in his first 11.2 IP.  RP Jesus Reyes (2.11 ERA) has pitched very well in 55.1 IP over 23 G with 3 GS.  RP Sarkis Ohanian (2.42 ERA) now has 10 S.  RP Lucas Benenati (2.45 ERA) is off to a great start since his promotion from Billings.

Rookie Billings Mustangs

The Mustangs have a 25-16 record and are in 1st place in the Pioneer League North.  The Mustangs are the First Half North Division Champions.

The Pioneer League hitters are averaging .290/.358/.437/.795.

OF Jose Siri (.354/.375/.577/.952) and SS Hector Vargas (.356/.363/.534/.897) were both named to the Pioneer League All Star Team.  OF Taylor Trammell (.288/.355/.352/.707) is holding his own despite the lack of power so far.

The Pioneer League average ERA is 5.15.

SP Andrew Jordan (2.86 ERA) and recently promoted SP Antonio Santillan (3.92 ERA at Billings) were both named to the Pioneer League All Star Team.  SP Ian Kahaloa (2.38 ERA) and SP Scott Moss (2.53 ERA) are pitching great thus far at Billings.  RP Joel Kehnel (2.16 ERA), RP Zac Correll (2.53 ERA), and RP Patrick Riehl (2.66 ERA) are some of the main guys in the bullpen.

Rookie AZL Reds

The Reds have a 14-19 record and are in 3rd place in the AZL Central.

The AZL hitters are averaging .258/.332/.369/.701.

C Derik Capitillo (.361/.395/.472/.867) is off to a great start in just 38 PA.  OF Michael Beltre (.287/.363/.446/.808) continues to hit very well.  2B Emmanuel Cruz (.260/.372/.411/.783) is hitting well thus far.  OF Daniel Jimenez (.311/.364/.361/.724) is hitting well also.

The AZL average ERA is 4.17.

SP Wennington Romero (1.59 ERA), SP Matt Blandino (2.84 ERA), and SP Tyler Mondile (3.60 ERA) lead the rotation.  RP Adolfi Telleria (0.00 ERA), RP Carlos Machorro (0.68 ERA), and Darren Shred (0.79 ERA) are heading up the bullpen.


12 Responses

  1. Shchi Cossack

    Catchers Wallach (AA) & Okey (A) are showing good plate discipline and power (.179 ISO for Wallach & .289 ISO for Okey) in limited playing time. The Reds may need a catching option at the major league level to help bridge the gap for a starting catcher at the major league level in a couple years and these 2 catching prospects provide some hope in that regard.

    Senzel has been everything as advertised since the draft. He got a quick promotion from Billings to Dayton. Does he get a crack at Daytona pitching this season? That’s where the rubber will begin meeting the road (or the sand in this case) for demonstrating how advanced his plate approach really is. The 6 errors in limited playing time at Dayton are something to watch but not yet a concern.

  2. Shchi Cossack

    Aristides Aquino looks more and more like a serious prospect. The injury last season created a lost year at Dayton, but he has made a solid progression at Daytona this season, especially for such a pitcher friendly league. His SO% is <20% and has gotten even better as the season has progressed. His BB% is a little low, but just a little and as long as he manages the SO%, his power plays. His ISO of .237 is not just HR power. I'm really looking forward to seeing this 22-year-old playing at Pensacola next season.

  3. WVRedlegs

    Nice work as usual.
    Senzel and Sweet should get a promotion to Daytona to see what they can do at that level. Only 4 weeks left there. Dayton isn’t playing for anything. Daytona is only 4 games out of 1st place.
    You know, it might be time to put Stephenson in as closer at AAA until their season ends, then call him up to Cincinnati in September and give him a shot at closing with Cingrani. Move Iglesias back to the Reds rotation for September, then have a 4 week audition for Stephenson, Cingrani, Lorenzen and Finnegan as the back end of the bullpen.

  4. wizeman

    No way Iglesias going back to rotation. Not happening.
    Two things. Great work on article but Lamb seems to be finding his rhythm at Louisville. Zero earned runs in last two starts with a WHIP of 1.04 covering last three. Going to have to disagree on that one.
    Know that some of the stats I always followed along with terminology are discarded these days but being advanced chronologically let me say this. Stephenson has 6 what would be quantified as quality starts in his last 7. Erratic and is walking two many guys but a large portion of those over last seven starts came in 2 of them. Got hammered two starts ago but those were sandwiched by two excellent outings.
    Let Reed go catch his breath and get him up here.

    • WVRedlegs

      Is there much difference in Iglesias going 4-6 innings in two outings every 6 days and Iglesias going 5-6 innings in one outing every 5 days during the month of September?
      Iglesias threw 95.1 innings last year, and is at 52.0 this year. Plenty in the tank as you say. If he isn’t having any problems with his shoulder, move him to the rotation. That is the key. Strengthening his shoulder is important, but so is not letting him to get it hurt again. Five starts in September, and hopefully 5 starts from Garrett in September could go along way to settling 2 of the 2017 rotation spots along with Bailey and DeSclafani.
      Finnegan and Lamb are destined for the bullpen, or trade. I am liking a bullpen of Cingrani, Stephenson, Lorenzen, Finnegan, Lamb, Straily and JSmith for 2017. Bye-bye Blake. Bye-bye Jumbo. And By-bye Ohlendorf.
      And a rotation of Bailey, DeSclafani, Iglesias, Reed, and Garrett.

      • wizeman

        Those are valid points about Iglesias. I think there is a distinct possibility he is not wired to be a starter. My feeling is let him remain in his current role and if your long term wish is as a starter… then strengthen him over the winter and in the spring.
        Garrett is another case. I know he is the flavor of the month but I think Stephenson is ready and is a starter long term. Think both have to be on the 40 man but m,y feeling is that it is time to give Stephenson a shot at replicating the success at the big league level that he had earlier this season.

    • Tom Diesman

      Yeah, I think you are correct on Lamb. I think I saw his last outing, only 4 IP with 4H and 2 BB and his highly inflated AAA ERA and spaced over that his 3 horrendous rehab starts in April were baked into that. Good catch.

  5. wizeman

    Stephenson is at 121 innings and threw 134 last year. Probably has 40 left in the tank.
    Lamb threw 140 last year… at 100 this year. Plenty in the tank.
    Reed threw 145 last year. At 104. Plenty left.
    Finnegan threw 105 last year. Think he is at 117. Pushing envelope.

  6. lwblogger2

    Tough breaks for Curtis and Selsky. Any word as to how serious the injuries are?

  7. Big56dog

    How many of the position players are above average by defensive major league standards. Basically ML ready but bat holding them bat.
    Curious as someone like Hernan Iribarren as he had pretty good OBP through minor league career. Did not get much chance in majors. He seems to play inf and OF positions; realize he has no power.
    Saw he pitched 2/3 innings last night and has made 4 scoreless appearances. Instead of carrying 13 pitchers (especially with like 4 off days since the ASB and Cozart out) you might want someone like him over a AA developing prospect like Renda or a pitcher that rarely gets in

  8. WVRedlegs

    Reds finally announce the signing of Nevada player TJ Friedl. Record signing for a non-drafted free agent. Awesome signing, glad it is official now. Hope he gets some good playing time before the minors seasons end, probably at Billings. They will be in their league’s playoffs, so that might get him in a few extra games.