Are the Reds and the Cardinals still in the same division? This is only the 3rd series between these two clubs this season. Unfortunately, the Cardinals have won two out of three in each of the previous series and outscored the Reds 47-32. On the plus side, the Reds have scored over five runs per game against the Cardinals, and the Reds pitching has been much better since these teams last played two months ago.

The 2nd place Cardinals are 56-49 and find themselves eight games behind the Cubs. They are also 0.5 games behind Miami, with whom they just split a four-game series, for the 2nd wild card spot. In their only July 31 deadline move, the Cardinals added lefty specialist (and briefly former Red) Zach Duke in exchange for minor league outfielder Charlie Tilson.

But all is not quiet on the Cardinals transaction front. Shortstop Aledmys Diaz was diagnosed with a fracture in his hand yesterday, and will be sent to the 15 day DL. The Cardinals are activating Johnny Peralta from the DL to take Diaz’s place. Outfielder Brandon Moss (.256/.344/.566) has been on the DL and will be activated before today’s game also. Matt Carpenter (.298/.420/.568) has been on the DL, as well, and is expected to return to games this weekend.

If the Cardinals have a lead late in the game, you will see a new closer on the mound for the Redbirds. 34 year old rookie Seung Hwan Oh has taken over 9th inning duties for the injured Trevor Rosenthal. Oh was signed this past offseason after years of success in the Japanese and Korean leagues. In 53.1 major league innings, Oh has a 1.69 ERA, a 0.84 WHIP, and struck out 33% of batters faced.


Adam Wainwright 4.16 3.28 0.6 5.8% 18.8%
Dan Straily 3.84 4.54 1.1 10.0% 19.4%
Adam Wainwright versus the Cincinnati Reds during the second inning (6/9/16) at GABP. (David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports)

Adam Wainwright versus the Cincinnati Reds during the second inning (6/9/16) at GABP. (David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports)

Adam Wainwright had a string of four consecutive quality starts snapped last week in a game against the New York Mets. July was his best month by far, making five starts with a 1.77 ERA, 33 hits, 6 walks, 31 strikeouts, and just one homerun allowed over 35.2 innings. Wainwright lowered his ERA almost a full run during the month of July, and the Cardinals won all five games that he started.

In his two starts against Cincinnati this season, Wainwright has allowed nine runs over 11.2 innings. Of the Reds current roster, Brandon Phillips has given Wainwright the most problems over his career. Phillips is 18-for-59 (.305/.349/.407) versus Wainwright.

Dan Straily walks off field in 8th inning against San Francisco. (Photo: Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports)

Dan Straily walks off field in 8th inning against San Francisco. (Photo: Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports)

Dan Straily wasn’t traded yesterday. Of course, we have no idea what his market value is at this point. He doesn’t have a very long history of consistent success getting major league batters out, and he hasn’t had experience as the 9th inning closer. Visible arguments for not trading Straily include that he isn’t arbitration eligible until 2018 and is under team control through 2021. I would guess that if there was any interest in Straily from other clubs, that the offers aren’t as good as what the Reds could get for Straily in the offseason.

I’m happy to see Straily’s comeback story continue in Cincinnati. Straily enters play today on a string of five consecutive quality starts. Notably, in his last three games, he’s allowed just 3 runs, 11 hits, 5 walks while striking out 17 over 20.2 innings.

I’m a big fan of Jay Bruce and very sad to see him leave. The Cincinnati Enquirer’s C. Trent Rosecrans wrote a great post-trade story showing that Bruce feels the same way. Bruce will be wearing Joey Votto’s #19 in New York.

“I’ve talked to some of the guys on the team. That’s going to be the biggest thing, leaving those guys. That’s my family,” Bruce said. “I’ll keep in touch, but obviously not coming into the clubhouse every single day and have those guys to lean on, personally, professionally, is something that I’m going to miss a lot. I’m sure they’re going to be some great guys over here with the Mets, but it’s nothing like your first love, you know?”

Prior to today’s game, the Reds optioned Jose Peraza to AAA Louisville. To replace Peraza and Jay Bruce on the roster, the Reds called up AAA outfielder Scott Schebler and utility player Tony Renda. Schebler had been killing the ball in AAA and was named the International League player of the month for July with a .359/.436/.689 slash line.

Renda was acquired in the offseason in the Aroldis Chapman trade and has seen time at AA and AAA this season while playing second base, third base and left field. He is hitting .315/.363/.443 across both minor league levels.


1. Stephen Piscotty (CF)
2. Brandon Moss (RF)
3. Matt Holliday (LF)
4. Matt Adams (1B)
5. Jhonny Peralta (SS)
6. Yadier Molina (C)
7. Jedd Gyorko (3B)
8. Kolten Wong (2B)
9. Adam Wainwright (P)
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (RF)
5. Brandon Phillips (2B)
6. Scott Schebler (LF)
7. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Dan Straily (P)

The Reds and the Cardinals will get to know each other very well over the next two months, as they will play 13 games over four series, which accounts for 22% of the Reds remaining games. The Reds have a chance to play spoiler to the Cardinals 2016 wild card chances, and the Reds will try to spoil with a much improved pitching staff relative to what the Cardinals saw earlier this season.


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  1. WVRedlegs

    Game is not on FSO tonight, but on Fox Sports 1.

  2. IndyRedMan

    A lot of talk about Jay Bruce’s struggling def metrics but you can’t tell me this Cardinals D tonite isn’t worse! When did Piscotty go to CF? Holliday looked like a guy at a company softball game when he was chasing those 9 doubles the Reds hit in St. Louis. I can run faster than that and I have many years on Matt!

  3. Steve Mancuso

    All those in favor of spoiling the Cardinals chances at making the postseason signify by saying “aye.”


    I’m fired up and headed to the game.

  4. wizeman

    or as a famous or infamous politician said the other night… ai-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi

  5. Patrick Jeter

    I’m glad to see Schebler getting another look.

    His main issue during his first stint with the Reds was contact on pitches in the zone. He was running a sub-70% contact rate, overall, which only guys like Chris Davis, Kris Bryant, and Khris Davis (zing!!) can maintain and still be successful. Those were 2015 numbers, of course, as Kris Bryant has upped his contact, cut his Ks, and is an MVP candidate now.

    If Schebler can make more contact, his elite batted-ball authority could make him an interesting player.

    • Darrin

      Im schebler speculating, I recently purchased an eight card rainbow lot of 2015 Bowman chromes…..tho my Brandon Dixon speculation didn’t go so well.

  6. Chuck Schick

    Someday, the Cardinals will be bad and searing pain that rises from my soul will disappear.

    Every time they play the Cubs at Wrigley, the Redline is overwhelmed with people escaping their melon stands in the Ozarks. I keep waiting for one of those cheap, polyester Tommie Herr jerseys to burst into flames so I can justifiably deliver punch after punch to kill the flames and extinguish the burning hatred in my heart.

    From Maya Angelou’s Last Poem

  7. Scotly50

    Aye. but no Peraza ?????

    They bring back Schebler to keep Peraza on the bench. Geez.

    • Greg Dafler

      Peraza was optioned to AAA before the game. And he won’t play in Louisville today either….because they had an afternoon game.

    • DHud

      Must have mentioned the “optioned to Louisville” bit

    • Scotlykins

      Didn’t know they optioned Peraza.

  8. DHud

    Glad to see Schebler back up. Hopefully he gets a regular dose of ABs this time and doesn’t lose his swing on the bench

    Also excited for Renda to be up. May never be more than a utility player, and certainly fits that bill at least for now, but I got to see him in Pensacola before he left and he was mashing

    • Chuck Schick

      There might be a bunch of stupid reasons…or perhaps they want to wait a bit and let some of the emotion dissipate and not have him deal with “replacing Jay Bruce”. You always want to be the guy that replaces the guy that replaced the guy.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Reds probably think he’s not ready because he has 2 HR. Forget the better than everyone except Votto OBP he’d likely put up.

    • magi210

      Bruce flies out to left in his first Met AB.

  9. Eric The Red

    I think the MLB scheduler has done a terrible job this year, at least through a Reds lens. 22% of our remaining games against 1 ballclub? (And playing the Cubs again and again at the start of the year.) 3 three-city 10 game road trips in a row? Three off days coming right out of the All Star game? I know it’s hard, but a little balance would be nice.

    • thecoastman

      How funny… I was just looking at that and thought WTF is up with the scheduling this year. Guess it’s not just me.

  10. dan

    ok I give props to Billy on that walk that was one definitely earned by the batter

    • redbonebuck

      Agreed, nice at bat from Billy there.

  11. magi210

    Clearly Votto will be terrible without Bruce backing him up. Reds up 1 -0.

    • hoosierdad

      I missed it. Why was Cozart scratched?

  12. RedsFanForLife

    Cozart scratched today. Mental break?

    • magi210

      Cozart has a bruised hand/thumb(?) from taking grounders in batting practive.

  13. Mack Ashley Potter (@redlegsfanatic1)

    As we watch early on in tonight’s titanic struggle, a couple thoughts on the people running our beloved Cincinnati Reds.
    I’m all about giving Schebler another look right now, especially after trading Bruce and Schebler has been killing it in Louisville. But why do you option Peraza? It makes no sense to be giving major league starts to a guy like Dejesus Jr when it could be Peraza. I liked the Bruce trade, maybe it will light a fire under Phillips’ behind and we can get some trade value out of him? Watching Piscotty rumble, bumble, & stumble after Votto’s ground rule double..makes you really appreciate Billy switching to an outfielder and being as good as he is. If he doesn’t win a gold glove this year there is some type of conspiracy going on. Cozart and Straily should have been dealt before the deadline, but I’m glad the opposed trade with the M’s for Cozart didn’t happen, for just another minor league pitcher that prob amounts to nothing? Why not just give Cozart away? Straily will be worth nothing by the end of the season. And by no means fits into the Reds long term plans. Giant missed opportunity, and no way Straily makes it thru waivers.

    • earmbrister

      Peraza and Herrera will be learning to work together at AAA.

      Straily would not have brought much in return, so might as well hang onto him.

    • Chuck Schick

      So…assuming you’re right and Strailey is worth nothing by the end of the year…who in their right mind would actually offer anything for him? How is it a missed opportunity in not trading someone…who in your own words…has no value? Do you think other teams are looking to help the Reds?

      • earmbrister

        I’m not saying Strailey regresses and becomes worthless by season end. I’m saying he wouldn’t have brought much in return, and thus is worth more to the Reds by keeping him.

  14. redbonebuck

    Big Dan Straily with multiple singe digit pitch innings tonight.

  15. earmbrister

    Suarez, the hot man, with a chance to do damage …

  16. redbonebuck

    Wainwright goes 6 and a third maybe tonight. Reds doing much better job working the pitch count tonight. I like it!

  17. redbonebuck

    Nice play from Suarez right there… Straily looking for a complete game tonight.

  18. Mack Ashley Potter (@redlegsfanatic1)

    Wow best play Suraez has made this season.
    Tucker playing long ball….

    Your 2018 and hopefully playoff contending Cincinnati Reds?

    1. Hamilton CF
    2. Senzel SS
    3. Votto 1B
    4. Duvall RF
    5. Mesoraco C
    6. Winker LF
    7. Suraez 3B
    8. Herrera/Peraza 2B

    1. Homer
    2. Disco
    3. Stephenson
    4. Finnegan
    5. Reed – Garrett

    Too much good young pitching not to have a good bullpen in a couple years.

    • DHud

      Senzel is staying at 3B

      3 out of the 4 who can hit the best will be 3B, SS, 2B in some combination tho

  19. Indy RedMan

    Duvall should’ve had that ball Moss hit but then Piscotty isn’t really a CF and should’ve had Votto’s double. Good game!!

  20. Mack Ashley Potter (@redlegsfanatic1)

    Shebler looks a lot better after going down and working in AAA.
    Not just because the 2 base knocks, but his approach at the plate as well.

    I’ve also heard some talk about Bruce’s defense, I don’t care what the metrics may say, Bruce was a well above average right fielder, and he would have caught that double off Moss’ bat.

  21. DHud

    Don’t agree with using a PH here with 2 out and Straily dealing

  22. thecoastman

    This loss is going to be 100% on Price. I can’t believe you would drink the kool-aide and pull Straily after 78 pitches. Is this the twilight zone or what.

  23. magi210

    …and another leading bullpen homerun *sigh*

  24. Gaffer

    Olendorf must have the record for first pitch homers, seriously.

  25. Mack Ashley Potter (@redlegsfanatic1)

    I guess the fan didn’t know all he had to do was get out of the way, and use his arms to act like he’s keeping others out of the way also, and Votto would have gave him the ball after he caught it.

  26. Indy RedMan

    Joey needs a little anger management or something. That wasn’t cool….we’re just dumb fans in the end.

    Whats up with Price? Day off and all ready to see Raisel mow’em down and here comes Sweating to the Oldiesdorf to blow the game….as usual. Hate that guy…..get him the #$($ off my team

    • thecoastman

      Oh my, going to need a silver bullet to see if our Wally World bull pen makes this one hold up.

  27. magi210

    And Duvall makes it disappear into the Cincy night. 4-3 Reds.

  28. I-71_Exile

    Now THAT was a fine at bat Mr. Duvall. Welcome to the clean up slot.

  29. Indy RedMan

    Duvall is awesome! Trying to think of someone to compare him to but drawing a blank?

  30. mwvohio

    Can someone explain to me how we keep giving up HR’s to the first batter our relievers face? Are they just trying to throw get ahead fastballs and everyone knows it or what? How frustrating to watch.

  31. Greatredlegsfan

    What’s the problem with the first pitch?

  32. Indy RedMan

    Thanks Price…..are you going to tell me that Inglesias and Lorenzen are both unavailable? They just had a day off and we’ve been winning…..chance to put a dent in the Cards and we give them the game!

  33. earmbrister

    Lord. I go to put the kids to bed, and come back to the Cards LEADING the game?


  34. preacherj

    Marty said that the pen has given up a HR on the first pitch 22 times this season. August just started. Let that sink in….

  35. Indy RedMan

    Hopefully we’ll win the game but no excuses for Price here! Reed and Finnegan are our 2 worst starters at this point….if you want to win this series then this is a must win!! Ohlendorf and Wood….come on??? The only HR Lorenzen gave up lately was a bad breaking ball….sinkers at 97 mph aren’t that easy to square up and Iggy has been unhittable! What gives?

    • earmbrister

      Iggy seems to be still limited on availability (?)

  36. magi210

    I don’t have a facepalm meme large enough.

  37. earmbrister

    Glass empty. Literally. Good night all.

  38. BigRedMike

    Good example of the Reds, bases loaded and no outs, top of the order. Unfortunately, the top of the order is Hamilton and DeJesus

    • RedAler

      Bryan Price school of lineup construction – players didn’t execute, but Price is totally lost as a manager.

  39. thecoastman

    These are the Cardinals — they always find a way to beat us and when your boneheaded manager pulls a pitcher with these kind of numbers at GABP after 78 pitches this is the result. Another humiliating loss to the those &5$#2 Birds. Like I said — this one is squarely on Price. I’s rather have BP back for 5 years before Price.

  40. thecoastman

    Like I said, another Wally World adventure with the our bull pen. And please, may the Reds never, ever again load the bases with no one out.

  41. Indy RedMan

    Typical Reds…..our best 2 relievers relax while we blow another late lead. A lead we had for about 2 minutes 20 seconds. Same old same old…..good times!

    • RedAlert

      Never gonna change as long as Price is in the dugout as manager , never. Amazing that he is well regarded as pitching coach, yet time and time again he has no “feel” for certainly situations regarding bullpen management. Just mind boggling.

  42. kmartin

    Raisel Iglesias pitched three innings on Saturday (July 30) and threw 40 pitches. I wonder if the policy is that three innings or more requires three days rest. If so, then it seems like he is “almost” a starting pitcher except that he does not start and will probably only pitch a maximum of three or four innings per outing. I wonder exactly what his role is. I am confused (as usual).

    • Indy RedMan

      2 innings and 2 days off for Raisel. Lorenzen had 1 busy inning 2 days ago. One should’ve been available!

    • Redgoggles

      ….a little less now. Thanks, Scott!

  43. Gaffer

    Classic Reds box score on offense tonight. First 2 hitters don’t get on base much, Votto on base every time, Duvall 1-4 with a HR. BP batting way too high in the lineup takes an 0fer. At least Schebler had a good night, and Tucker too.

  44. magi210

    Schebler had himself a nice night. 🙂

  45. thecoastman

    Still not letting Price off the hook for giving my ticker a jump tonight, but at least now I have an excuse to pop another Bullet open…. Go Reds….

    • Indy RedMan

      Closing more than 1 inning isn’t easy….its like they let up after they get out of 1 jam then they’re sort of mentally worn out. I’ve seen it before

  46. Kal

    Pete’s on FS1 trying not to grin to widely. lol

      • Kal

        Yep. Didn’t see your post about it above until after I posted this. Could tell he was holding his smile back a bit. Mine was huge though. That was a lot of fun. What a swing by Sheb!

  47. Indy RedMan

    That was simply awesome!!!! If Schebler could become a player then we might have something! I saw the HRs that Duvall hit in the minors and I thought that might translate to GABP atleast and SS has hit a ton in the minors too!!!

    • thecoastman

      Can you imagine how sick Giant fans are after giving up Duvall for Leake. Especially needing an outfield bat so bad at the deadline. They were probably trying to get us to give them a discount on Bruce because of that. Speaking of that trade, we do have to give Jocks some credit on that one. I’m pretty sure no one saw that coming.

  48. Kal

    Always nice to rip the Cards’ hearts out.

  49. thecoastman

    I might have to replay this one on MLBTV through my Roku. Gives me an excuse for a couple more Bullets.

  50. Indy RedMan

    I guess Carpenter will have to tell his son that Schebler has a lot of power!

  51. Old-school

    Screw the Cards!!!! Go Reds!!!!!

  52. muttonlettucetomato

    What a game of ups and downs. Really cool of Votto to apologize to the fan, even though the dude was sort of in the way. If he stays hot and Duvall and Schebler can keep hitting major league pitching, the Reds can be a team that others do not want to face.

  53. Kal

    Votto closing in on .300/1.000. Absolutely amazing after the start he had. NL pitchers have to be shaking their heads. They were going hard inside and it was working for a while, but he adjusted and by the first of August his numbers look like they always do. Not much else they can do now. Just hope Duval can keep making it a bad idea to pitch around Joey.

    • thecoastman

      If we move Schebs up and BP to the 8 spot, where he belongs, that would give Joey even more protection.

      • Kal

        That might make too much sense for Price to do it.

  54. Earl Nash

    That was probably the longest shot to that part of the park since Jay Bruce hit one out there I think last year. It had that same sky high arc like that one Juan Francisco hit a few years ago that ended up in the road behind the park.

    • Kal

      Vicious, I think was the way one of the announcers put it.

    • Indy RedMan

      It was….a little bit of every emotion in that game! Duvall down 1-2 to Segrist before the HR and 0-2 to Oh before the 9th inning single! He can hangs in there and battles!

  55. Indy RedMan

    Joey is now 36 for his last 77 (.467). That is absolutely insane!! Hit almost .500 for like a 1/7 of the season! Ted Williams doing that in his day is one thing….or even Rod Carew. If they even had a streak like that? But in todays game with everyone throwing 95 and spray charts and everything! Incredible!!

  56. I-71_Exile

    You know what? I’m happy.

    —Droopy Dog

  57. cfd3000

    Bruuuuuuuuce!! Just because that’s still more fun to say (or type) than Scheeeeeeebler! Nice finish with a dagger through the heart of Redbirds nation. You’re welcome bullpen. Reds win!

    • vegastypo

      Yeah, I gotta say, in the jumping around at home place, Ohlendor flashed through the picture, and it occurred to me, what did HE do to celebrate? But I guess the win together and lose together.

    • redsnla

      Yeah I saw a pic of Bruce in a Mets uniform — just really looked not right… wonder if having met Bruce at the All Star game too helped solidify Terry on Bruce when it came down to choosing a player for their team…

  58. Kal

    It’s funny. I liked it when Joey grabbed the fan’s Reds’ shirt after the guy interfered with him trying to catch the ball, as if to say, “hey dude, you’re a Reds’ fan for god’s sake! But I also thought it was really cool when he wrote on a ball and signed it, and gave it to the guy in apology.

  59. redsnla

    Great game with BEST ending :)!!! Glad we finally got to Oh!