The Reds made some roster moves today. The transaction that will interest most of you is that Jose Peraza has been optioned back to AAA Louisville.

One imagines that Peraza will be the starting shortstop at Louisville, alongside newly-acquired Dilson Herrera, who came over in yesterday’s Jay Bruce trade. We’ll get a chance to see if these guys are the double-play combo of the future, as the Reds hope.

Meanwhile, the Brandon Phillips/Zack Cozart tandem will remain in place for at least the next two months. There’s still some chance that Cozart will be dealt before the waiver trade deadline at the end of this month, after nearly being dealt yesterday. If that trade had gone through, Peraza would likely have been your starting shortstop in Cincinnati tonight. Alas, he’s on I-71 South right now.

Even though they traded for a big league-ready second baseman yesterday, it appears that the Reds are going to kick the can down the road instead of making a difficult decision on Phillips. Tonight, Phillips — one of the two least-productive second basemen in all of baseball — will be hitting fifth for your Cincinnati Reds.

Oh well. *deep breaths* *count to ten* *take blood pressure medication*

Okay, there were some other transactions today, as well. (I don’t really need blood pressure medication. It’s just baseball.) Taking Peraza’s place on the Cincinnati roster will be Tony Renda, an infielder who came over from the Yankees in the Aroldis Chapman trade. According to FanGraphs, Renda “looks kind of interesting due to his contact and speed, but he’s also 5-foot-8 and 25 years old.” His future is as a backup infielder, more than likely, but he has played 2B, 3B, LF, and RF in the minors this year. He is what he is. I don’t mind having Renda on the roster, and I’m glad he’s getting a shot. At least he’s not afraid to take a walk.

The Reds also have a have a spot on their roster for an outfielder, since Bruce is plying his trade in Queens now. The International League Player of the Month for August July, Scott Schebler, was recalled and will take over the left field job (with Adam Duvall shifting over to right field). Schebler is hitting sixth tonight.

Finally, in the interest of having a complete record, I will note that the Reds moved A.J. Morris to the 60-day disabled list, and activated Tim Adleman, who will report to Louisville.

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  1. Moses

    I really think it’s time to DFA Phillips. Doesn’t help short term, doesn’t help long-term. Too bad that the Reds signed him to that contract and too bad that they didn’t trade him before his 10/5 kicked in, but it’s all a sunk cost now. I’d actually like to see Suarez get some time at 2B and see what Duvall can do over at 3B. Maybe 15 games for each just to see what our future options might be. This is a season for learning, after all, and not for winning.

    • Scott

      Unfortunately we are still managing the team, and the organization as a whole, as if we are in a pennant race.

    • earmbrister

      Moses — In looking at Duvall’s minor league stats, it would appear that Duvall at 3B would make Suarez like a gold glover. Duvall has grown into a nice corner OFr; why mess that up? Suarez can hold down the fort, with his iron glove, until Senzel is ready. By that time Suarez will be in his Arb years, and may cost more than he is worth. Suarez isn’t the future at 2B, Herrera is.

      The future middle infield tandem looks to be Peraza and Herrera. When Cozart gets moved management can get tough with Phillips. Let’s get what we can for a valuable Cozart, whether it be in August or the offseason, then move both players into the lineup. In the meantime, Peraza/Herrera can get work together on becoming the Reds’ future DP tandem.

      Glass way more than half full (Malbec).

  2. doublenohitter

    Scott Schebler was actually the International League player of the Month for July, not August, but I don’t want to pick nits.

  3. wizeman

    Phillips gets DFA’d when Price gets an extension.

    • TR

      I think the only way Phillips gets DFA’d is if the Reds have a new manager in 2017 with the determination to get it done.

  4. Aaron Bradley

    I have been one of the most critical of Phillips over the years, specifically the fact he would bat 4th while hobbled under the stewardship of Dusty and inexplicably in the early tenure of Price as well… but truth is he has Reds HOF numbers that knock on the door of Joe Morgan for best Reds 2B so you can understand the desire by management to give him the respect he deserves, despite some awkward moments of drama in the past.

    • bpbailey

      Maybe so, but Barry Larkin is IN the National Baseball HOF and look how the Reds treated him in the 11th hour of his career.

      • Chuck Schick

        So they shouldn’t treat BP well because of a situation that transpired with Barry Larkin….under a different owner..4 GM’s….and like 18 managers ago?

        Perhaps the Larkin situation could’ve been handled better….perhaps they bent over backwards to appease a player who did very little the last 4 years of his career. Reasonable people can have differing views….but it has nothing to do with BP

      • MrRed

        True, but it does set a precedent of sorts, which I think was his point. BP at this stage of his career is much less productive than Larkin was at the time of that incident. I think we can all agree that there’s plenty of valid reasons to sit him.

  5. thecoastman

    Renda was a 2nd round pick of the Nationals in 2012 and spent most of the year in Pensacola hitting .326 with a .369 OBP so he doesn’t really fit the team until he gets that OBP under .3. Just kidding… (or maybe not depending on your perspective). He is an interesting sort considering his size. He does have 3 tators and 27 doubles this year, and as mentioned plays a few positions, so he might be a solid guy off the bench on our “rebuilt” team.

    Oddly, this is a rare time, at least lately, that I agree with the FO. I’d like to see Peraza and Herrera work together in Louisville and I’m also concerned about Peraza keeping his service times as low as possible since we seem obsessed with starting Cozart and BP through next year. Not sure where that service time stands right now. Any idea on that one, Chad?

    • Chad Dotson

      Last time I looked, Peraza is getting close to the service time limit. I’m sure that went into the Reds’ thinking here.

  6. james garrett

    Like I said on another thread Cosart/BP will play second/short the rest of the year because it gives a 90+ loss team a chance to win another game or two this year.What a moronic front office.Now if you were to tell me we will have rookies at both second and short next year then I would say why not see if they can handle it now.Please don’t tell me we have to play our best players against possible play off teams as to protect the integrity of the game.I think I have covered most of the lame old school excuses that Walt is going to use to explain Peraza being sent down.It is just baseball but where are my pills.

    • lwblogger2

      That integrity of the game thing may be viewed differently by MLB. The Comissioner’s Office is funny about that sort of stuff. Sure, you can tank. You can’t make it obvious though. The Reds have enough ammunition to justify sitting BP a lot more often due to the fact that nobody can argue that his production has gone down. What they don’t have ammunition for is if the player(s) taking his playing time are less productive and also benching a very, very productive SS at the same time.

  7. Old-school

    I actually agree with Peraza and Herrera playing together everday at AAA and hopefully hitting #1/2. I think the Reds are admitting 2017 is a lost cause and Suarez is a filler until Senzel arrives in 2018 hopefully, when Suarez then becomes a utility player.

    • Gaffer

      Right on, but that means BP has to be gone next year. This year I can see keeping Peraza at AAA but next year no way!

    • Chad Dotson

      I do look forward to seeing where that duo hits in the Louisville lineup for the rest of the season.

  8. sezwhom

    BP needs to go but might as well make it next year. He just had 16 game hitting streak but it’s already August and we’re not going anywhere so be patient. Herrera and Peraza will probably both be up in a month anyway. Does anyone really think Cozart and BP will be on our roster next April? I don’t.

    • thecoastman

      I’m in Vegas and I’ll take that bet 8 days a week. I would have been right there with you until 2 weeks ago when Walt and price both doubled down that BP was going no where through 2017 and as long as him and Cozart are here there is no competition and everyone else is blocked.

      • earmbrister

        They’re talking the company line. Not going to trash their own players, particularly a long time Red. BP will not finish out his contract as a Red.

    • thecoastman

      Oh, and let’s not forget that even with the 16 game hitting streak, BP still hasn’t hit a long ball since May 7th and his OBP is still a measly .301. All I can think is BP has stolen Big Bob’s secret recipe to that new fruit he accused him of coming up with when we signed Votto.

  9. Duffman

    Herrera arrived in Toledo for Bats game about 5, wasnt in lineup, not sure if available to pinch hit.

  10. RedsFanForLife

    Herrera pinch hit, had 2 ABs and played 2B.

  11. JoshG

    Isn’t Peraza getting near a service time limit, and I saw somewhere that Herrera is fifty some days away from losing another year of control too, if that’s true then yeah, this is exactly the right move.
    let them play together in AAA, then come up together and play a few in September, then if you like what you see trade Cozart in the offseason, and if anyway trade Phillips then too, if not DFA ,since I don’t think they find a trading partner for him, unless maybe send him and cash (almost all of his salary to Atlanta (home town) for a really low level prospect.

  12. lwblogger2

    Phillips isn’t going anywhere. The Reds are certainly not going to DFA him. There is a chance they can trade him. Heck, they could have traded him this off-season, had they wanted to spend extra money to do it.

    Actually, here’s what they should do. They should agree to pay his salary in a trade (they have to pay him anyway). The acquiring team would be responsible for any additional money it takes to get him to waive his no-trade clause (it will most certainly be less than $13-million). That seems like a deal that could happen and the Reds at least get something back for their $13-million.

    The WAR number says that BP has been the 2nd least productive 2B in the game but the overall perception doesn’t agree. That’s going to play into things from a baseball standpoint. You’re going to have a harder time signing your home-grown players if there is a perception that you don’t take care of your veterans. I know it probably shouldn’t be that way, but it is. I know some folks will say “Well the Dodgers DFAed Crawford” but that isn’t a good comp. The numbers were awful for Crawford across the board. There was no baseball perception that he was still productive. A lot of people still feel that BP is productive. A DFA will not sit well across the league.

  13. Dewey Roberts

    All these maneuvers indicate one glaring truth to me: The Reds have not drafted well under Uncle Walt. That was his problem in St. Louis also. Yes, he has made some bad trades, but he just hasn’t had good drafts. The best Reds teams of the past 65 years have all had a large number of home grown players- especially position players. Now, the Reds are trying to assemble a team from the players that other organizations are willing to trade away. That is not a very good recipe for success.

  14. Brandon Bowling

    Peraza should be starting at 2nd Base. Cozart should continue to start at SS. The reason for this, as others have pointed out, is that Cozart is still productive and has trade value. BP is not and does not. I love BP and he has been fun to watch over the years, but the Reds tried to let him ride off into the sunset with a playoff contender in the off-season. I think the benefits of playing Peraza at SS in AAA pale in comparison to the benefits of getting Peraza at-bats at the Major League level.

    At this point, any moves that are not geared towards developing the 2018 team are a detriment.