The 2016 Trade Deadline is upon us!

Big league teams have until 4:00 p.m. today to make all the exciting trades that we can handle.* Over the last few days, we’ve all been on the edge of our seats as rumors surrounding the status of Jay Bruce (and others) have been flying fast and furious. By early evening, we should have lots of answers.

*This is actually just the non-waiver trade deadline. MLB teams can still make trades for one more month, but only if a player passes through waivers before being dealt.

We’re going to use this post to update all the news and rumors throughout the day. Before we get to the latest on the trade front. While you’re waiting, we’ve had a ton of great content here at Redleg Nation over the last week. Go read any of these pieces that you might have missed (and share them with your friends):

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Okay, let’s get to the trade deadline news and rumor. Again, this will be updated throughout the day.







Looking like Bruce deal might actually go through

Cozart Update:


Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. So its an NL team.. that’s not the Dodgers…not the Mets.. not the Giants…


    • It’s a mystery, if it’s not one of those 3 teams, then who? Wouldn’t expect it to be an NL Central team (please not the Cards), wonder if a team like the Braves would make a play for him? I remember hearing they were big on Bruce in the Bobby Cox days, and they just made a trade to acquire Matt Kemp. Definitely would be out of the blue, but maybe they see Bruce as a guy to build a team around long-term.

      I still think it will be either San Fran or NYM…

  2. Now the Mets are active in talks for Bruce . . . (Morosi)

  3. Issues I’ve had with Walt over the years aside, I do trust him when it comes to trades, lately. I’d still have Easy Eddie at 3B, and be dealing with Josh Hamilton’s issues if those decisions had been mine to make. But, I have to give it to WJ in the Alfredo Simon and Mat Latos deals. I can’t believe we got 3 high quality lefties from the Royals’ Johnny Beisbol 2-month rental (albeit with THE prize in return), and Adam Duvall as just a little more than a throw-in in another deal.

    It sucks losing guys we’ve followed since they were drafted. But, criminy, that’s been the reality since we lost our entire outfield – when was that, right after we won in ’90? But if we have to lose Jay, I sure hope Walt can “surprise” again and get another building block (or two?).

    • Easy Eddie isn’t playing 3rd in Tronto and Thank Gosh we did not invest big money in Hamilton. Guy is a train wreck. He produces when he plays but that is a big question when he plays. you do not tie up big dollars in guys with health or drug issues.

  4. Source: Signs still point to Bruce being traded, though Reds could wait til winter if offers aren’t enough.

    Noooooooo! Not this again! Trade in the summer when your leverage is higher and teams in the mix are willing to give up more to win now (and Bruce is playing well).

    How do the Reds continue to fundmentally fail at this?

    • I’m kind ready to get it over with too. I’ve been a Bruce fan for a long time, but the Reds have been gambling with his trade value for almost 2 years now. And up until about 2 months ago, his value had done nothing but continue to go down. Now it’s up again and the chances that he will have more trade value in the future than he does right now seem pretty slim.

    • Because it takes two sides to make a deal

  5. From what I’m hearing from “sources” is it is the @Mets for Bruce. The @Reds should get “Captain” Nimmo and one lower prospect.

  6. Mets: Cecchini, Nimmo, and a lottery ticket third piece
    Giants: Bickford, Lucius Fox, and Steven Duggar
    Dodgers: Verdugo and Barnes
    Cubs: Eloy Jiminez
    Nationals: It’s almost have to be Trea Turner or Victor Robles, the guys below that are trash or 2016 draft guys
    Cardinals: Luke Weaver and Harrison Bader
    Astros: Kyle Tucker and Miguelangel Sierra
    Rangers: Leody Taveras,
    Indians: Zimmer and Chang
    Mariners: O’Neill and Gohara
    Orioles: Uhhhhhhhh, 22 year old Cal Ripken?

  7. Cozart to the Mariners, sounds likely according the twitterverse. I would certainly be sad to see Zach go but it would be nice to open up an infield spot and try out Suarez and Peraza at SS

  8. If the Mets are involved….could we get Michael Conforto? 1st rounder for 1st rounder? The kid is only 23 and name is being tossed around already!

    • I doubt Bruce is worth anywhere near Conforto, but I’d make that trade in a heartbeat if I’m the Reds. Conforto is basically like Jesse Winker… at least in the minors they were pretty comparable.

    • Are you implying that the round in which Bruce was drafted….11 years ago….is relevant to his worth today? I’m not being sarcastic…I’m genuinely trying to understand the point you’re making.

  9. Updated above with a couple of new reports…

  10. Crasnick is implying Bruce WILL get traded by saying “best offer wins.” I wonder if that is true. If not, I wish these reporters wouldn’t say stuff like that.

  11. The Cubs may make a big splash and go for Bruce.
    Jay Bruce may be on his way to the Cubs. The freakin’ Cubs.
    For RHP Ryan Williams, OF/C Mark Zagunis, and OF Ian Happ or OF Donnie Dewees.

    • That would be a good haul for Bruce from the Cubs.

    • If I’m dealing in the division I want one of Jiminez or Happ as the centerpiece with something else added.

  12. Ideally, what should the Reds hope to get if they trade anyone today? A SS? 2B? Catcher? OF? I’m assuming Senzel will be the 3B of the future with Suarez moving to a utility role.

    What is the Reds’ biggest need?

    • Talent.

      Sorry, that was cheap and easy. 🙂

      The Reds need a hitter who will as good as Bruce in a few years. I’d prioritize 3b or 2B. Senzel could potentially play either.

    • Talent. Focus on that first, position second. Ideally, not a 1B or 3B. Other than that everything else is fluid. You can never have too many talented arms, it’d be nice to have an impact bat in the middle infield, and none of our OF are established stars. You can always deal excess prospects (like the Latos trade back when we got him).

    • Quality hitters with a professional plate approach. If they can hit, there will be a place for them to play. None of the current pieces are locks to succeed. I would even take a stud starting pitcher currently pitching at AA with success.

    • You take the best player(s) available without regard to position. The Reds re-build isn’t far enough along to focus on specifics. Just obtain as many good players as you can.

    • Don’t count Suarez out as the eventual 2B

  13. The Dutton story out of Seattle about Cozart is interesting. He says a 2 for 2 deal is in the works with 3 of the 4 players being prospects/minor leaguers. He says the LHP Gohara is a match and that leaves the possibility of O’Niell. The interesting part is who is the minor leaguer the Reds would send with Cozart? I would imagine it would be a pitcher.

    • Rookie Davis? Wouldn’t hurt my feelings much to lose him.

      • Davis has been very good over the last month. He played through leg issues the first half of the season that appear to be over.

        • I heard one of the included players is supposed to be LHP Luiz Gohara, so maybe the Mariners would want Davis to balance that out.

  14. Need to keep expectations in check regarding the Mariners-Cozart trade. The SS market is extremely weak. In fact, it may be the Mariners and that’s it. Second, other teams know the Reds need to trade Cozart to make playing time for Peraza. The Mariners are only one game over .500.

    So it’s not an ideal situation for the Reds.

    On the other hand, Cozart is having a quite good season.

    • I like Cozart, but we need to get Peraza playing every day. That’s the biggest win of this trade for me if it happens. If we can land Gohara, that’d be a coup imo. As long as we don’t give them someone too noticeable a name.

      • Agree 100%. It’s a shame the Reds have to be weak sellers of Cozart because of how the Peraza situation has played out. But it’s smart to capitalize on Cozart’s strong season if they can.

        • A shame indeed. The team had it 100% within their power to either trade or sit BP to allow Peraza to have regular playing time. I would think that Cozart’s market might open up more in the offseason. Right now, it appears that only the Mariners could use him. Another example of how a rebuild should not be engineered.

      • +1. Zack and BP need to go!! Good players for the Reds but Hackers-R-Us went out of business

  15. If I was Cleveland….I’d def be going for Bruce. He’d make them the favorites in the AL…if they’re not already with that pitching! Plus Texas won’t have him w/the short porch in Arlington. They both have nice prospects though!!

  16. 4 hours to go.

    • But even then, we may not know for sure if Bruce or Cozart were traded today. I may take an hour or two to finish the paperwork needed to consumate the trades made right before the deadline.

      • To consumate, yes, it could take place later in the day. But you’ll hear about the trade by the 4 pm deadline.

  17. Looks like it’s happening. Update above.

  18. Hearing rumblings that Jay Bruce is about to be a Met.

  19. Buster Olney says the Mets and Reds are on the verge of finishing a Bruce deal. Lets see what the return will be.

  20. If it goes through, I hope Bruce goes on a tear like Cespedes did last year. That would be neat for him.

  21. Check out the most recent update above. Reds not answering the phone? That simply cannot be true.

    • Yeah, a lot of these guys seemingly do the bidding of team executives to stir the trade market. A lot of hyperbole but almost none of it is true.

    • That does sound like the Reds. 🙂 On the other hand, at some point you have to say enough is enough. Give us your best offer and stop wasting our time.

      I’ve read stories about NFL teams monopolizing the phone lines on draft day just to stall out another team.

  22. Mets are sending Nimmo… That seems to be known, at least.

  23. Goodbye, Jay. Thanks for the memories.

  24. feelings on Nimmo?

    • As a headliner? Pretty meh. Unless we’re getting someone like Szapucki as well, not a fan of this deal.

  25. Nimmo scouting report:

    At this stage, I think what we see is what we get with Brandon Nimmo. He’ll draw some walks and play quality outfield defense, but I’m growing doubtful about the power development and his platoon splits remain troublesome, if not as bad as they were a couple of years ago. He’s gained 20 pounds of size and strength since high school with little appreciable change in in-game power due to the way his swing works. Messing with his swing mechanics or overall approach could cause more trouble than it is worth. His rating continues to hover in the lower range of the Bs as a guy who can be a fine role player but probably not a first-division starter. Grade B-.

    He’s done well at AAA this year, though, and he seems to be an OBP guy. Just what the Reds need, even if he’s not an elite prospect at this stage.

  26. I’ll put in my two bits for hoping Lindsay is one of the low level prospects along with Nimmo.

    • Shoot, might as well grab Gimenez as the other low level prospect while we’re at it.

    • Lindsay or Szapucki. One of them and I won’t hate the deal, even if I don’t love it

  27. I know nothing about Nimmo, but I was hoping we’d see a top 100 prospect coming back to us

  28. Just because…

  29. Nimmo would be bad news for Schebler. They both seem like LF platoon guys with enough speed to play a mediocre CF.

    • Schebler seems to me like he has quite a bit more potential

    • I know nimmo is younger and a previous first rounder….but still

    • There seems to be an opening in RF, which I think all of the below could man. Looks like you have 2 corner OF spots with Duvall, Schebler, Nimmo, and very soon Winker vying for them. 2 sluggers and 2 high OBP guys; weren’t many here lamenting the lack of OBP guys in the Reds lineup?

  30. Brandon nimmo was the best available player the reds could get for Bruce, really?

    • I like Jay and know nothing about Nimmo, but remember that Jay’s rebound this year is seemingly reversing a steady decline, and that, given his time in the league and his age, the decline could reassert itself. Other teams know this.

  31. Haven’t yet read all the comments here as of 1:00pm et. WLW radio, i.e. Bill Cunningham, Ken Broo, Mo Egger, is all over the Bruce trade. Absolutely no one has mentioned Winker as being in the Red’s future. Did I miss something?

  32. Called it at 9:52 this morning.

  33. At least we can start using Finding Nimmo jokes now. Read from various scotung reports that he projects to be a fourth outfielder.

  34. Uh oh…. Hearing there might be a medical issue holding up the Bruce trade…

    Stay tuned.

  35. Just to add my two bitcoins, I’ve very much enjoyed following and watching Jay Bruce as a Red. He’s a good one and such a class act. I wish him the absolute best wherever he goes, though I’m no Mets’ fan. Thanks for the memories and good luck in the future Jay Bruce!

  36. Report from Seattle indicated that the Mariners and Reds were unable to complete the Cozart trade.

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