Trade Deadline

Reports: Jay Bruce traded to NY Mets [Update: Hold on.]

UPDATE (3:39 PM): Deal reportedly done

UPDATE (1:38 PM): Could a medical issue be holding up  the trade?

Not official, but plenty of confirmed reporting the Reds have traded Jay Bruce to the New York Mets for a package headlined by OF Brandon Nimmo. It includes two minor league prospects.

Nimmo (23) bats LH and throws RH. He was the Mets first round pick in the 2011 draft and is regarded as one of their top prospects. Nimmo was considered a top-100 type prospect after the 2014 season, but his stock fell after an injury-plagued 2015. He bounced back with a strong 2016 in AAA, hitting .336/.409/.517 in 325 plate appearances. His BB% of 10.5% was consistent with his previous minor league numbers, so he appears to be willing to take a walk. Nimmo got called up to the Mets in late June. So far, he hasn’t done much at the plate: .236/.300/.291.

Nimmo has played CF in the minor leagues but only in the corners for the Mets. Baseball Prospectus says his arm is average, but short for right field.

The two other players in the package are unknown, but have been characterized as low-level.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Reds trade without a national reporter saying something like this:

For early analysis:

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285 thoughts on “Reports: Jay Bruce traded to NY Mets [Update: Hold on.]

  1. I like this deal a lot! I like Nimmo’s wRC+ and walk rates. Herrera looks like he will add some serious value to the club too. Initially, I approve of this trade.

  2. I’m seeing conflicting reports – just Herrara not Nimmo, and others say both.

    Which is it?

    • Nimo out.. We needed another 2nd baseman to make sit for two more years behind BP. Hernan Iribarren is hitting with .320 with a .374 OBP at Louisville. His OBP is too high to fit with the Reds so they had to go out and get another low OBP guy so the rest of the team will feel good — that is everyone except Joey.

  3. Time will tell but on paper this looks like we got two good prospects for Bruce.Numbers at AAA are impressive for both players.

  4. I liked it when thought was Herrera and Nimmo, just Herrera not very excited anymore.

  5. Milwaukee reportedly wanted Herrera in return for any Lucroy deal, so I guess we weren’t the only ones that wanted him

      • So you’re willing to bet our future on Jose (I’m fast, but I can’t get on base) Peraza? I don’t mind hedging our bets there, if that’s the best would could get for Jay

        • Good point. Also, Peraza can play 2B or SS (and probably 3B if needed, and maybe even CF with more reps).

          So if Peraza somehow turned into a perennial .300/.340/.400 hitter (that’s what I view his ceiling as) we could probably find a place to play him even if we have other guys at 2B.

    • Maybe because they needed a 2nd baseman. We don’t. We have 2nd baseman at every level of the minor leagues hitting over .300 not mention BP blocking all of them.

  6. Looks as if Cozart and Suarez both will be on the trade block this winter.

    Welcome back to Cincinnati Scott Schebler.

  7. Aroldis Chapman: traded for a 2B, two pitchers, and 3b
    Jay Bruce: traded for a 2b and a pitcher
    Todd Frazier: traded for TWO 2bs and an outfielder


    • With that said I am placing the odds of Brandon Phillips starting the majority of the rest of the season at second base at 1/1

    • well we got another middle infielder and didn’t trade Cozart from what it seems so young talent blocked by him and BP. Looks like Schebler going to get another look though.

    • Losing Nimmo….former 1st rounder with .926 ops this year

      Gaining…another little middle infielder?

      • Oddly enough, looking at their power numbers, looks like Hererra has better power than Nimmo… but I’m sure Nimmo was more projectable due to his frame. I dunno.

      • This is a bad joke right? I thought it was Nimmo AND Herrera….now just Herrara. Cozart is staying. Win a lot of games with arms & middle IF’s! SMH.

  8. Sheldon said at 3:55 trade included Nimmo, Herrera and Wotell. My son just said that Mo Egger said same thing on radio.

    • The tweets I can see on the side of (only thing I can get here) say just Hererra and Wotell.

    • That would be amazing, but would contradict everything that has been said about the trade for the last several hours.

      • Not Trout, but how about a ready to play big league prospect that bats more than his weight??

        • Hererra batting .276 in AAA this year and batted .327 last year. He must be fat if he’s not batting his weight.

          That is, I agree, the best measure by which to evaluate a player. Billy Hamilton is exceeding his weight by some 100 points! He is the best hitter in the league, IMO.

        • And what would you propose that we call this metric, Patrick? The BA / BMI factor? Or just BABMI for short? And how might this metric be affected by an observer’s expectations of the subject player (whether they be realistic or unrealistic)?

          Sounds like an opportunity for another Friday morning column.

      • Time will tell, but New York fans whether they are Mets or Yankees, always over value their own prospects.

  9. Dilson Herra appears to be a better prospect than Nimmo and Max Wotell a promsing lefty who can touch 95. Doesn’t look like too bad of a haul for Bruce.

      • Prospect valuation isn’t an absolute, so you can’t apply absolute terms to it.

        You can say “Votto is a better hitter than DeJesus,” because there are objective measures to support the statement.

        Who is a better prospect is almost always up for debate since all these guys come from different backgrounds, are different ages, and played in different leagues.

  10. Both teams’ fans hate the deal. Mets fans online are losing their minds over trading Herrera.

  11. That would sound too good to be true if they did. But if it happen I will have to take some of things back I’ve been saying about FO this afternoon.

  12. according to Reds: The Reds have acquired from the Mets IF Dilson Herrera and LHP Max Wotell in exchange for OF Jay Bruce.

  13. I like the look of Herrera better than Peraza, at least at the plate. I’m surprised that they targeted another middle infielder, but it’s not a terrible return.

    • I am already thinking way too far ahead. I agree I like Hererra better but am worried about trying to flip Peraza since he has seemingly bounced around a lot lately. His market might not be very strong unless he has a very good year next year

      • Why is it either /or? Both Herrera and Peraza are young, and Cozart and Phillips are not (baseball standards, anyway). When Cozart is traded, Peraza plays short. When Phillips is traded/benched/dfa’d, Herrera plays 2nd.

    • I agree in that I like Herrera better. At least at the plate. He might hit some doubles and HR too. And he’ll walk from time to time.

  14. Regardless of how these prospects pan out, at least we have Dan Straily who we all know is “untouchable” as far as trades go to build around…

  15. So I’m hearing from multiple sources that the Mets fleeced us.

    Our minor league 2nd baseman already blocked not named Peraza:
    Louisville: Hernan Iribarren .320 AVG / .374 OBP
    Pensacola: Tony Renda .326 AVG / .369 OBP

    We now have another AAA 2nd baseman with worse numbers .276 AVG .327 OBP.

    Oh and we also get a rookie league pitcher that is 3-1 with a 3.94 ERA. That’s right, he is still in the rookie league after 2 years. Wow! he’s a real mover…

    No wonder everyone is saying we got fleeced. What’s worse is that none of these pick ups are even areas of need, half little upside, and make us complete laughing stocks. This is beyond believable.

    Somebody around here make me feel better….

    • “No wonder everyone is saying we got fleeced”

      I’m not sure what the “we” means since you’re not part of the team, but who specifically is saying the Reds were fleeced?

      • Mark DeRosa went to University of Pennsylvania. That is an Ivy League School. Of course he’s not smart.

    • Who is saying we got fleeced, one report I read has it the other way saying Bruce while a good player won’t really help the Mets that much and the 22 year old 2nd basemen we got has a good shot at being the next long term second basemen for the reds.

      • So what are we doing with all of these .300 plus hitting 2nd baseman at every level of our minor leagues? Scrub fill ins? What are we doing with Peraza who the entire FO has said is the 2nd baseman of the future. Of course we’ll never find any of that out, at least until 2018, because Price and Jocketty have both clearly stated, as recently, as two weeks ago, that there is no competition at that position as long as BP is here.

        • Peraza at SS, Herrera 2B. Probably next year. Again, wait until everything unfolds before being too negative. A lot can and probably will happen between now and next season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Suraez is moved too.

    • Well, Wotell is only 19 and was a 2015 draft pick.

      Herrera is a solid prospect and any of Cozart, Suarez, Peraza, Renda or Herrera could be moved in the future.

      Schebler will now likely get a real look. Duvall will likely be moved at some point, and Winker is always there.

      That’s a lot of young players with the exception of Cozart, who will likely be moved at some point. Add Joey, Senzel, young SP depth, and an early 2017 1st round pick to that list, and suddenly you have the makings of a decent young roster.

    • If you think Iribarren or Renda have any future as starting major league players, you are alone among all the experts. ALL of them. Herrera is highly regarded. Looks like Peraza and Herrera are the middle infield of the future.

    • Well, you’re definitely looking at things as pessimistically as possible. I’m not saying that’s wrong but if you want to feel better:

      Herrera had a .327 OBP at AAA this year, but his career line at AAA is .300/.354/.485 and for all levels of the minors its .299/.362/.469. That is excellent for a middle infielder, especially considering that given that he’s only 22 he has been young for pretty much every minor league level that he’s played at.

      To say Wotel stinks because he’s still in rookie ball misses the picture entirely. He was drafted out of high school not college. There is no way that his arm could handle the innings of a full-season minor league level. High school pitchers pitch very few innings. College pitchers pitch more, and then minor leaguers pitch even more than that.

      Wotel is 19, he’s just starting to get his arm stretched out and he’s still got some physical development to do. I’m not arguing that he’s going to be great, but the fact that he’s at rookie ball makes perfect sense. Expect him to go to low-A Dayton next year if all continues to go well.

      • Thanks for the calm perspective, Jeremy. As fascinating as this day can be, I also know that, no matter what the Reds did, there would be a lot of screaming and yelling. Comic relief, anyway, and the rest of us will just have to see how it all sugars off.

    • You have no sources. Every Mets fan here in NY is pissed. They let go of Murphy because they had Herrara waiting. Mets got screwed.

  16. We still have Cozart and traded Bruce for another middle infielder that OPS’ng .130 less then his teammate Nimmo. I don’t get it? We won’t even know what we have with any of these guys til 2019 w/BP in the way!

        • I’d be really surprised if Cozart isn’t traded this off season. Phillips…could get ugly, but he needs to become a bench player starting very soon.

        • You don’t realize how much I pray you are right, but we all said that last year when we got a kid named Peraza as the center piece of the Frazier deal. Jocketty and Price both said that Peraza was our future 2nd baseman, but would be blocked by BP as long as he was here. They just doubled down on that sentiment and included next year in that scenario two weeks ago.

      • And using OPS to compare a corner outfielder with a 2nd basemen probably isn’t the most useful exercise.

  17. Wotel was taken in the 3rd round last year out of high school, and is a long ways away from the majors. He’s started 6 games in rookie ball this year with decent results, but results at that level are basically meaningless.

    It looks like the Mets paid him 100k above the recommended slot level for the 88th player taken overall, which may be why he decided to sign rather than go to college and try to up his draft position.

    • I am fond of adding projectable LH pitchers. I have no issue with Wotell being added. I think I liked Nimmo better than Herrera, but Herrera has good potential in his own right.

      Overall, I am fine with this trade, better than the Chapman deal, slightly better than the Frazier deal and in line with Cueto deal.

      I was hoping for a better offensive player, but Herrera has good potential for an MI. If he and Peraza reach just some of the potential, we’ll have one of the best MI’s in baseball in 3 or 4 years.

  18. Quite a name: Maximillian John Wotell. A lefthander, 20 years old next month, and a native of Boca Raton, Fl.

  19. Once again the Red’s front office demonstrates why the fans have no confidence in their ability to build and or maintain a major league baseball team.

    • You get rid of a player who is not going to be around for the next good team for a player (and another) who might be around.

      That’s pretty much how everyone does it… the “good” teams are the ones who evaluate talent better and get luckier.

      • A’s got 2 hard throwing RHP and a PTBNL for Josh Reddick and a 36 year old LHP. Reddick not close to what Jay Bruce brings.

      • Why do you say “get rid of a player.” Seems you agree with trading a 3x All Star and 2x Silver Slugger for 2 buckets of balls is the norm.

    • This trade was solid-to-good. I’d actually check this as the front office doing a solid job. Chapman deal really soured us and then Chapman and Miller getting GOLD in return at the deadline (like Chapman should have brought us LAST deadline), really steamed us, but this trade is solid. I could imagine a better headlining player than Herrera, but I can imagine a LOT worse player too (some slow, 5/1 K/BB hitter type).

    • A’s got 2 hard throwing RHP and a PTBNL for Josh Reddick and a 36 year old LHP. Reddick not close to what Jay Bruce brings.

  20. Just reported that no deal could be had with Cozart to Seattle so we still have both of those positions blocked. Go Bengals! Time to turn the page on this pathetic excuse of a FO that is clearly flying by the seat of their pants with no real plan for the future.

    • I’m not exactly thrilled with the return (less so since it’s Herrera) but I’m not sure why you’re so upset about Iribarren being blocked. He isn’t going to be an MLB regular. He’s already 32 years old and he’s never had a season like he’s having now. Renda is maybe a utility IF. Herrera is better than both of them quite honestly.

      • I’m not upset that Iribarren is blocked… I’m just making the point we have a lot of options to fill that position and have .300 AVG / high OBP 2nd baseman at every level. We also have Peraza who still hasn’t had a shot at that position. If we are going to block that position through next year with a low OBP player that hasn’t hit a HR since May 7th why on earth make another 2nd baseman the center piece of Bruce haul?

        If you look at what other teams were giving up it doesn’t make me feel too warm and fuzzy to get a guy that will go now where in our organization until 2018 for Jay Bruce. And what about Suarez? Does anyone really think he should be at 3rd and not short?

        • Unfortunately, the Reds seem to think that the ship has sailed as far as Suarez playing SS. I think his bat plays a lot better there then at 3B and honestly, I think the Reds gave up on him at SS too quickly. Maybe he can’t play there but perhaps 2B? This pretty much does resign the Reds to moving somebody in a trade or keeping Suarez at 3B.

        • And that doesn’t figure to be a long term plan for Suarez either if Senzel progresses as planned.

    • Perhaps you could share with us all of short stop trades made….apparently they were all secret trades.

  21. Let me get this straight!!

    Seattle trades a situational lefty in Montgomery and picks up a 23 yr Dan Vogelbach OPS’ng .972 for the Cubs AAA team.

    The Reds trade one of the top 10-15 hitters in mlb this year….and with a very affordable deal next year for a guy in the same league OPS’ng .790!

    • I have no problem with people complaining about the deal if they don’t like it, but you should at least try to look at whole reality.

      Mike Montgomery is not a situational lefty, he’s already pitched 65 innings this year after throwing 90 last year. He also won’t be a free agent until 2022.

      Vogelbach can definitely hit but he’s 6’0″ 250lbs as a 23 year old and already considered a 1B/DH. So all he can do is hit, he gives you no defensive value at all, and given that he’s that young and guys generally fill out more as they age, he may eat himself out of the league by 28.

      If you only look at offense, Bruce has been solidly good but not great (fangraphs has him at 54th in MLB). He doesn’t walk munch and he doesn’t hit for a high average. Then there’s the fact that his defense ain’t what it used to be and he’ll be a free agent after next year. One of the best 10-15 players in MLB he was not.

      The guys that we got in return are a middle infielder that walks and hits for some power and a lefty starter taken 88th overall last year. Those are much more difficult to find than fat DHs.

  22. Cubs didn’t need Bruce they had a need for a situtiional lefty, HUGE difference. You can only trade with teams that have what you want.

    • Bruce’s value, War…whatever >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Montgomery


      If you can’t meet expected value then you don’t trade him. Kiss principle

      • I think you need to factor in that the Reds are also saving over $5-million over the rest of the year. That makes a huge difference to this team. It stinks that it is that way but it is the way things are.

      • This Herrera kid has more power then Peraza but it seems like the Reds front office thinks they can play speed/defense in GABP and that isn’t happening! Do you see the Orioles playing small ball in Camden? GABP is too small to stretch as many hits in the outfield and the fences are too short!

      • You are forgetting the $17 million that the Mets will have to pay Bruce through next season, compared to the $500k that the Mariners have to pay Vogelbach next season.

  23. You guys do realize, don’t you, that it is within the rules to have a player change positions?

    • …and be traded again for a different piece of the puzzle. I never worry about too many players at one position. The only concern is if the front office botches it and paints themselves into a corner by getting desperate to “dump” a good player simply because they have a better one at the same position and want to get something from the one that doesn’t start.

  24. We have no clue, nor will we ever know what other teams offered, that is how the game is played. What we know is who we have and we will just have to wait and see what they turn into talent wise. I doubt anyone here thought that when we got Duvall last year in the Leake deal he would have the type of season he would, or when they scraped Phillips off the heap from Cleveland that he would put together the type of career here in Cincy he did. It’s all a crap shoot, we just have to wait and see.

    • Well said, Den. You never know how these ballplayers are going to perform. If I told you before the season started that Bryce Harper would only be hitting .235 after the All-Star break, would you believe me?

      • That’s got to be the craziest thing of all about this season. After Harper had the best non-Bonds offensive season since Mickey Mantle, he is only slightly above league average the next. I would have lost tons of money if I were a betting man.

  25. I like it.The more guys we can get that can get on base is a good thing.The GABP was built for a power hitting team that was relevant a few years back.We are not that team any more.I will take as many guys as I can get that can hit 260-270 and get on base at 330 or better and win lots of games.If a player has any power at all he can hit 12-15 homers a year at GABP.If Cosart stays we probably end up with 5 guys,counting Bruce,that end up with 20 + homers and we still will lose 90-100 games.I am not for that stuff anymore.Lets pitch,play defense and get on base and see where that gets us.

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