I was at the Bats game tonight and there was enough news to merit a brief post…

Amir Garrett started and got off to a rocky start. Through 2/3 of an inning he allowed a walk, three hits, and two runs. However, after that, he pitched 5 1/3 perfect innings. He only came out in order to “save some bullets for later,” in the words of manager Delino DeShields. Basically, it was super-hot today (the hottest Bats game in almost 4 years) and the Bats offense wasn’t showing any life, so DeShields made sure Garrett came out with a good outing under his belt. (The game ended as an underwhelming 5-1 loss.)

The home run Garret allowed in the first, was only the second home run he has allowed at any level this year. I guess that means he really won’t fit in when he makes it to Cincy. Ahem.

Jesse Winker has a 10-game hitting streak going right now.

I asked about Homer’s start tomorrow and the idea is that it should be his last rehab start. He’s expected to throw around 100 pitches and if all goes according to plan, he’ll be up after that. So, get ready folks.

I’ll be at Slugger Field tomorrow and will live-tweet Homer’s start for those interested in such shenanigans.


7 Responses

  1. CI3J

    Garret is looking good thus far. Really hope the team manaages his development properly and he develops into that long-coveted ace southpaw pitcher.

    • Big56dog

      So who is more likely to get called up first Garret or Stephenson?

      • Kal

        Good question. I really look forward to when they’re both in the Red’s rotation with Disco, Homer and whoever else. Sure wish we had a better front office orchestrating the next few trades and deciding when to advance players through the system.

      • Jason Linden

        I can’t say anything for sure, but the noise I’ve heard makes me think Garrett. He’s certainly looked better than Stephenson this year.

  2. Dan

    We should all lower our expectation on what we see from Homer this year. Hopefully the Reds will just let him adjust and continue healing. At the same time I wonder if the Reds would ever consider moving him to long relief to limit his innings this year?

    • jazzmanbbfan

      I haven’t seen much that indicates people have high expectations for Homer this year. How low should we go? Personally, I hope he pitches pain free and shows reasonable command of all his pitches by his 4th or 5th start up here.

    • MrRed

      I’d say his innings have been limited plenty this year. He won’t be making a start for the big league club until almost August. So that’s 2 months in the rotation (perhaps as much as 12 starts) to get his bearings back.