Over at Cincinnati Magazine today, I took a look at some of the questions that the Reds faced entering the 2016 season, and examined whether we’re getting any answers just yet.

As we entered this season, it became clear that there were a number of questions facing this organization—and really, in a season where you aren’t going to win, you might as well try to gain some information that will help you move forward as a franchise.. Now we’re almost 100 games into the campaign, and it’s reasonable to ask whether the Reds have been able to get any answers to those questions. After all, if the Reds aren’t gaining a better understanding of where they are and where they need to go, this will be a lost season in every sense of the term.

Let’s dig in.

How will the young pitchers develop?
Obviously, this was/is the single most important storyline of the 2016 season. Walt Jocketty and crew loaded up on young starting pitchers over the last couple of years, and the development of that group was always going to be key to the Reds’ attempt at revitalizing the franchise.

Read the rest over there, then let me know what you think. Are there questions I missed?

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  1. Gaffer

    The answer is NO, and in fact there may be more! They have arms but no clear 1-3 starters. OK maybe they have found a solid guy in Disco (an ideal 4) and there is a 5 there somewhere but no one is a total clinch. Bullpen is legendarily horrible so the only thing we know is very few of the current guys stay (Iglesius and Lorenzen and maybe Finnegan are probably the core). On offense, who can you base the future on: a guy we will likely trade (Bruce and Cozart ) a guy who is playing over his head (Duvall) a guy who never will be solid (BHam and Suarez) or a guy who will only be older when this team has any chance to contend (Votto). Mesoraco? Mess is right.

    • Gaffer

      Another way to look at it, who would you trade one up for any comparable Cub? I can’t name an offensive player, maybe a young pitcher. Maybe no one.

      • Gaffer

        Maybe, but we are not there yet. His FIP is basically the same this year and last year (last year below his actual ERA, this year above). For a World Series contender, Disco needs to improve a good bit to be a 2. The issue is more what do you expect based on the early returns of Reed and Stephenson? I am unsure. I assume you see Finnegan in bullpen? Lamb in pen or out the door? Iglesius as closer? What is the deal with Cuban pitchers wanting to go to the pen?

      • Tom Diesman

        Hmmmm…. I haven’t done a Rotation slots defined post since 2014:


        Just doing a quick eyeball estimation for the 2015-2016 numbers based off of the 2014 numbers factoring in the rise in offense the last two seasons:

        2014 Rot Slots ERA Range LG AVG ERA 3.73
        NL #1 SP = 4.60

        2015 Estimated Rot Slots ERA Range LG AVG ERA 4.07
        NL #1 SP = 4.91

        2016 Estimated Rot Slots ERA Range LG AVG ERA 4.23
        NL #1 SP = 5.06

        2014 Rot Slots XERA Range LG AVG ERA 3.73
        NL #1 SP = 4.53

        2015 Estimated Rot Slots XERA Range LG AVG ERA 4.07
        NL #1 SP = 4.81

        2016 Estimated Rot Slots XERA Range LG AVG ERA 4.23
        NL #1 SP = 4.96

        DeScalafani ERA SlotRnk XERA SlotRnk
        2015 4.05 3 4.13 3
        2016 2.50 1 3.80 2

        DeSclafani was a solid #3 in his first full season in the majors. The only difference in his peripheral from last year to this is his BB9 has improved from 2.7 to 1.6. Note that NL offense has risen from .713 OPS last season to .730 this year and his FIP is a bit lower than last year. His ERA this season slots him as a #1 and his XERA slots him as a #2. If he continues as he is now for the remainder of the year, he’s easily a #2 caliber starter. World series contender should not play into the rotation slot at all. The caliber of a World Series contenders rotation is totally dependent on the balance between their offense and defense and scoring more than you allow to produce wins.

      • Tom Diesman

        Ooops, data munched by html tag symbols, let’s try again:

        2014 Rot Slots ERA Range LG AVG ERA 3.73
        NL #1 SP less than or = 2.83
        NL #2 SP 2.84 – 3.54
        NL #3 SP 3.54 –3.98
        NL #4 SP 3.99 – 4.59
        NL #5 SP greater than or = 4.60

        2015 Estimated Rot Slots ERA Range LG AVG ERA 4.07
        NL #1 SP less than or = 3.13
        NL #2 SP 3.14 – 3.84
        NL #3 SP 3.85 – 4.30
        NL #4 SP 4.31 – 4.90
        NL #5 SP greater than or = 4.91

        2016 Estimated Rot Slots ERA Range LG AVG ERA 4.23
        NL #1 SP less than or = 3.29
        NL #2 SP 3.30 – 3.99
        NL #3 SP 4.00 – 4.45
        NL #4 SP 4.46 – 5.05
        NL #5 SP greater than or = 5.06

        2014 Rot Slots XERA Range LG AVG ERA 3.73
        NL #1 SP less than or = 3.08
        NL #2 SP 3.09 – 3.53
        NL #3 SP 3.54 –3.97
        NL #4 SP 3.98 – 4.52
        NL #5 SP greater than or = 4.53

        2015 Estimated Rot Slots XERA Range LG AVG ERA 4.07
        NL #1 SP less than or = 3.39
        NL #2 SP 3.40 – 3.84
        NL #3 SP 3.85 – 4.30
        NL #4 SP 4.31 – 4.80
        NL #5 SP greater than or = 4.81

        2016 Estimated Rot Slots XERA Range LG AVG ERA 4.23
        NL #1 SP less than or = 3.54
        NL #2 SP 3.55 – 3.99
        NL #3 SP 4.00 – 4.45
        NL #4 SP 4.46 – 4.95
        NL #5 SP greater than or = 4.96

      • Gaffer

        Taking the average ERA of each starter is not the issue. A championship caliber pitching staff has several guys that would be 1/2 starters on bad teams.

      • Patrick Jeter

        I think he can. He is really the only Reds pitcher at the moment who controls his bases-on-balls. If you can do that, you can be a #2, I think.

      • Chad Dotson

        Honestly, I think there’s a chance he can be a #1. But I’m an unrepentant optimist when it comes to things like this.
        I’ll accept #2.

    • greenmtred

      I’ve wondered this before, but why do so many people believe that Disco’s ceiling is as a 3 or 4 starter? Effective is effective, isn’t it? I assume that the answer lies in the peripherals, but which ones? His stuff looks good, as does his temperament and command. Bullpen was horrid, but Iglesias and Lorenzen seem to have made a real difference lately, and I also think that you are discussing young players who are still developing (Duvall, BH and Suarez) with too much finality.

    • lwblogger2

      I think he can certainly be a solid #3 and a #2 isn’t really a stretch. I think you’re being very hard on him saying he’s a #4. He’s easily as good as Leake. If Baily comes back strongly, he’s likely your #2. Out of the other guys you have to think you can get a #4 and #5. You also have some depth that you could use to fill in here and there. What they don’t have is a clear #1 but a lot of teams don’t. They need more offense and a legit #1. Or they need a lot more offense and roll with the pitchers they’ve got. We also aren’t sure that Iglesias or Garrett or Stephenson or Reed can’t be a #1. They all have have enough stuff.

      • Gaffer

        Remember the question is what we have learned this year so far, in other words has this dumbster fire of a year shown value yet. It wasn’t what do you hope these guys turn into. We have learned that most of our young arms have no produced much yet. Disco was injured and has had a handful of good starts. BHam and Suarez have shown very little to think they are stalwarts of the rebuild. Reality, not fantasy is what was being discussed. This team may be fine in 2 years, but it may not. Evidence?

      • lwblogger2

        Personally, I don’t buy-in to how the Reds are conducting the rebuild. I think it’s going to fail and do so rather spectacularly. There are a few players though who will likely be good MLB players and I believe that Desclafani is one of those guys. I get that it remains to be seen. There is no denying that. It’s all about projection. I’m hoping my projection is wrong about the rebuild and they kick everyone’s butt in 2018.

      • greenmtred

        It’s unknowable at this point, but I do think that you are being too hard on BHam.

  2. WVRedlegs

    Nicely done. I didn’t see the yearly LF question, and whether Duvall or Schebler could win the job outright. Duvall has grabbed it by the throat and Schebler has regained traction at AAA.
    The rotation, I also have hopes the Reds get Iglesias back in it to start spring training. 2017 could have Bailey-DeSclafani-Reed-Iglesias-Garrett.
    I like the idea of Suarez at 2B and Peraza at SS, too.
    Winker will find himself in a similar situation that Bruce did when he was promoted with expectations from fans. I hope he’ll be able to handle that.

    • Gaffer

      That team will easily win 65 games in 2016.

      • lwblogger2

        2017 you mean? I don’t think most people thought 2017 was very realistic to be competitive. I think most people were talking about 2018 and a few like me are thinking 2019 or even 2020. What I don’t want is that perpetual rebuilding cycle that some teams seem to find themselves in, waiting for the pieces to come together. I’m hoping the Reds will be able to augment their in-house talent with some smart signings and trades to be on track for 2019/2020.

    • Chad Dotson

      Good points.

      I guess I didn’t mention the LF question because I don’t think either Duvall or Schebler is the long-term answer there. But you’re right about what we’ve learned.

      • mdhabel

        At what point do we try Duvall at 3rd base and move Suarez to SS/2B. It’s still a little crowded with Cozart and unfortunately BP. I know someone here posted a good idea of a 4 day rotation to get Duvall/Suarez/Peraza reps at their top 2 positions to try and clear that up some more.

      • Tom Diesman

        Probably never on the Duvall to 3B move:

        GS E GS/E
        Encarnacion 481 78 6.2
        Suarez 82 15 5.5
        Duvall Minors 363 99 3.7
        Duvall AA 88 18 4.9
        Duvall AAA 94 21 4.5

      • lwblogger2

        What Tom said. I haven’t seen Duvall play at 3B enough to make any sort of judgement but people who have seen him play there have determined that he probably shouldn’t play there regularly. The Reds’ braintrust clearly thinks that he’s best suited in the OF and I’m guessing they must think that Suarez is a better 3B than Duvall. I think scouts from other teams are likely to agree based on what I’ve heard and read about Duvall at 3B

    • BigRedMike

      Last 30 Days/23 Games

      Duvall wRC+ is 76 with a SO rate of 33%

      Lets hope he does not fall off as the pitching adjusts

      • lwblogger2

        Jason got slammed for suggesting this might happen. Let’s hope he makes some adjustments and can improve right his ship.

        I’m excited by what I’ve seen from the Pirates’ Sean Rodriguez. The guy has really upped his BB% and that’s something that many believe, myself included doesn’t happen at the MLB level. Let’s hope that Duvall can make some strides as far as plate discipline. If he can, he can likely be a multi-year All-Star. The main difference is Rodriguez had more MiLB seasons with an above-average walk-rate.

  3. ohiojimw

    Often I feel like the Reds are waiting for some sign it is time to get seriously started moving forward with the rebuild. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwYX52BP2Sk

    For a couple of months, I thought they were waiting for the Super2 certain zone to pass. Then they brought Peraza up when he was still in his personal Super2 gray zone due to MLB time from last season only to have him sit more than play.

    Now I am waiting on the trade deadline to see if it is the finger on the starting gun trigger.

    As far as answers, Duvall is a regular until somebody beats him out at LF, 3B, and RF (presuming Bruce will be traded). Iglesias is their best arm for now; but, can he handle the rigors of starting or is he a bullpen guy? And keep an eye on Amir Garrett to possibly unseat Iggy as best arm. Unfortunately Meso is almost certainly not the catcher on the next Reds contender. Disco has appears to have made a quantum jump forward; but, is he so far ahead of the rest of the rebuild that he should be shopped???

    What would I like to see in the next 2 months plus at MLB level? I like Chad’s idea of a 2B/SS combo of Suarez/ Peraza. Put them there and let them play together most of the time regardless of Phillips and Cozart. This would likely make Duvall the interim 3B; why not, we already know he can handle LF capably if need be. Thus if Winker is healthy, get him to Cincy and playing everyday. If Bruce is gone, either bring up Selsky and platoon he and Waldrop or alternately, bring up Schebler and play him every day unless he flames out. And get Stephenson up and starting every 5th day!

    • PDunc

      I agree with all of this as well. I would be trading Bruce, Cozart and Disco this trade deadline for the best hitting prospects they can find, preferably ones that should be able to help the big league club in late 2017 and full time in 2018. I would then play Suarez at 2B, Peraza at SS, Duvall at 3B, Winker in LF and Selsky/Waldrop/Schebler/acquired-in-trade in RF for the rest of this season. I’m not sure what happens with BP in this scenario, but I believe this would be the best course for the Reds to figure out who can play on the next competitive team.

      • greenmtred

        Disco is not old, and the next contending Reds team will need good starting pitching, and while it is logical that Bruce and Cozart should be traded, my ears already hurt from the howls that will greet the return for those trades in what, evidently, is a buyer’s market for position players.

      • Matt WI

        I can’t get on board with trading Disco unless the Reds front office is self aware enough to know/see that this rebuild is going to be going so badly, so slowly, that they’ll need what they can get from a shrewd trade of Disco.

        But if he’s under contract for several more years, they’re going to need that horse. This year is demonstrating just how hard it is to know which pitching prospects are going to turn out, and we don’t know if Iglesias can start. I can hear the argument for “trade him while he’s hot” but I’m just bullish on Disco. I think he absolutely can be a #2, #3 at worst. I think he steadily improves and stays there for awhile. Honestly, he had a great year last year until he hit a wall in the last month… natural for a young arm. That’s why we have to be patient with all the young arms.

        The best teams still start with great pitching… and until there is a proven surplus otherwise, there is no way that Disco isn’t part of the top 3 pitchers for the next few years. I think maybe if there was more certainty about Iglesias, then they could entertain that idea.

      • PDunc

        I don’t propose trading DeSclafani because he is too old to be part of the next competitive team, or because I think the rebuild is going badly.
        I think he should be traded because their is a high demand for starting pitching at the trade deadline and I think Disco’s success thus far and the fact the he is inexpensive and under contract through 2020 would make him one of the top options for contending teams looking for starting pitching.
        There are a lot of good options within the organization to be in the starting rotation in 2018. There are currently a lot of question marks about how many productive offensive players we could have in 2018.
        I think we could afford to lose DeSclafani if the return could help our offensive production in the near future, which in this trade market I think it could.

      • lwblogger2

        The only way I’d consider it would be a Shelby Miller kind of deal that the Braves got from the DBacks. The return would have to be unbelievably strong.

      • PDunc

        The Braves got Baseball America’s #7 prospect in Dansby Swanson for Shelby Miller (plus some). The Padres got the #15 prospect in Anderson Espinoza for Drew Pomeranz.

        I would think that DeSclafani’s success last season and this season would put him in the same category as Miller and Pomeranz. Also worth noting, Miller had 3 years of control remaining at the time of the trade and Pomeranz 2.5 years. A team trading for DeSclafani right now would be getting him for 4.5 years.

        Other prospects in the same range as Swanson and Espinoza, on contending teams that might want to trade for Disco:
        #8 Alex Bregman, SS – Astros
        #9 Andrew Benintendi, OF – Red Sox
        #11 Joey Gallo, 3B – Rangers
        #13 Victor Robles, OF – Nationals

        I don’t know if any of those teams would actually trade those prospects, but it may not be totally out of the question judging by the Miller and Pomeranz trades.

  4. JoshG

    I just don’t understand why Peraza isn’t playing…..especially when Phillips was banged up… is it Just Price being stubborn?
    and I have wanted to see more of Duvall at 3B all year, but that said with Senzel rocking… might not be long before he makes it all the way up. I still think Suarez needs to learn the outfield and become a great super-sub that can play a lot.
    and I’m fine with Iglesias staying in the bullpen, that trio (along with Cingranni and Lorenzen) down there could be dominating for a long time if used right. And Bailey, Reed, Stephenson, Garret and Disco in the rotation works for me…

    • JoshG

      with guys like Finnegan, Straily, Lamb, and eventually Moscot still possible too

  5. anthony n riley

    germaine curtis needs to start at 3rd suarez should platoon with phillips at 2nd if germaine can deliver 360 obp and only 2 or 3 errors at third the reds would be set

    • lwblogger2

      You have a lot more faith in a 29-year old with a mixed MiLB track-record than I do. He’s been great this year at AAA though, I’ll give you that.

  6. Carl Sayre

    I see Disco as a solid number three and with enough bourbon when he pitches he looks like a number 2 guy in the rotation. I also can see Iglesais beating him out of the 2 guy if the staff will make the decisions instead of allowing the players and their reps decide. I think Mez still has value to an AL team he has a real good chance to be special if he doesn’t have to do anything but hit and when you look at the number of fastballs in the AL he becomes more attractive!. I don’t see Bruce signing cheap enough to keep him a Red, it has also became apparent someone will over pay Cozart. I say great for him I just hope the trade chip is worth it for the Reds. The true question is will our Reds be competitive while still having control over Disco. I am beginning to think maybe he has enough value to ship him for a player or players that can help this team when they can compete again!

    • PDunc

      The Reds have DeSclafani under contract through the 2020 season. If the Reds are not competitive by that time then this rebuild will have really gone poorly.

      • PDunc

        That said, I would still try to trade him now as I think he would bring back to the best return this trade deadline. If we could get a good hitting prospect or 2 for Disco and still have the rest of our pitching depth I think would be a better situation than having Disco on the team.

      • Matt WI

        I wonder how much other teams would really be valuing Disco just yet. Does he look like prime rib to us just because we’ve been eating a lot of spam? Mind you, I like him and do think he’s the real deal… just wondering what kind of return we think we’re talking about.

  7. jazzmanbbfan

    #1: I am curious what leads you to think Suarez can be any better at 2nd base than he’s been at 3rd and SS. He was a horrible SS (in my opinion) last year and equally bad at 3B this year. Is there something different about playing 2nd base that I’m missing? He seems to have a good arm so the shorter throws isn’t it.

    #2: Iglesias is definitely intriguing to me. I went down last year to see his first Major League start and was impressed that he didn’t seem the least bit intimidated and was willing to throw any pitch at any time. I don’t know anything about shoulders and whether his has a chance of holding up as a starter but I hope they give him that opportunity next spring.

    #3: I hope we see Garrett very soon. He sure looks like a keeper.

    #4: I’ve never been on the “Fire Price Now” bandwagon but not playing Peraza at least 5 times a week is baffling to me, preferably most of them at 2nd base (sorry Brandon). If the Reds aren’t going to play him, let him play at AAA.

    #5: Not really addressed in the article but Barnhart looks to me like a more than capable receiver who (surprisingly) has had his moments with a bat in his hand too. I like him.

    • lwblogger2

      To answer #1 – Most his MiLB and MLB experience prior to last year was at 2B. It’s also the position where most scouts felt he would be most comfortable and where they felt he played his best defensively. That said, I really wished they wouldn’t have just given up on him at SS. There are a few SS that seemed pretty bad defensively their first couple years only to be come pretty good defensive SS later in their career.

      • lwblogger2

        And I agree at #5. I really like Barnhart behind the plate. The defensive metrics aren’t agreeing with what my eyes are telling me.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Thanks, for some reason I thought he had been a SS throughout his minor league time. I didn’t realize how much I would miss Cozart’s defense until he got hurt. I cringed frequently last year when the ball was hit to Suarez. And I am actually really rooting for him to find his niche and be a productive member of this team.

  8. Muso

    Hey Chad, you don’t think Tyler Mahle can be a #5 starter? and… the future closer: Alejandro Chacin??? Bailey, Reed, Disco, Garret and Mahle in the rotation. Finnegan, Lorenzen, Iglesias, Cingrani and Wood in the bullpen???

    • Chad Dotson

      None of that is out of the question. Although, if they can’t find a better reliever than Blake Wood to fill out the bullpen you proposed, something has gone horribly wrong.

  9. Hotto4Votto

    I have some similar thoughts to what some others have expressed.

    After the trade deadline, I would like to see a regular infield of Votto, Suarez, Peraza, and Duvall. Let’s get a better understanding of what Duvall’s defense is like at 3B. Let’s see if cutting down on the reaction time/distance to 1B will help Suarez. 2B seems to be a less demanding defensive position than SS, but not as different as 3B.

    I’d like to see the Reds cut bait with anyone not expected to be contributing in 2 years, if possible. That means thank you’s and well wishes for DeJesus and Holt. Neither have offered much off the bench, and the Reds have other more interesting pieces to audition for bench roles. I’d like to see Waldrop and Selsky get more opportunities. Once September rolls around, if we have a 60-day candidate or open 40-man spot, I’d like to see Curtis get a shot as well.

    I’d like to see Winker and Schebler up from AAA by August. With Duvall being played at 3B and Bruce likely traded there should be playing time. Winker in LF and Schebler/YRod (if healthy) getting regular starts in RF. YRod can spell Hamilton as well.

    I’d like to see a rotation of Disco, Bailey, Reed, Stephenson, and Straily finish out the year. I’d like to see Finnegan shift to the pen to conserve innings. I’d like Lamb to get a little time at AAA to sort things out and then see how he does out of the pen to finish the year. I’d like to see Garrett up in September for a spot start or to work out of the pen so he can get a taste of the big leagues.

    It would be nice if the Reds auditioned some potential bullpen options as well, like Wandy Rodriguez, Nick Routt, De Los Santos, or Chad Rogers by the end of the year. Maybe Weiss can get healthy and return as well.

    What I don’t want to see if Phillips trotted out to 2B everyday just because. I don’t want to see Holt be the first PH off the bench. I want to see the young guys play and learn. And I want to see what defensive positions guys can play if need be. Essentially I want to glimpse the future, not watch the last wheezing gasps of the former core.

    • reaganspad

      I might be flipping Suarez and Duvall. As much bad press as Duvall has gotten at 3rd base, we have never seen it.

      We have seen it with Suarez and he is flat out a horrible infielder with average skills. His issues are fielding and throwing and maybe those can be fixed. But I do not care that his average is 292 when he makes an error. He cannot make errors.

      I would send Suarez either to the outfield to see if you can save his bat, or back to AAA to see if you can save his glove. His is not learning at the ML level, he is getting worse and it is hurting his hitting

    • VaRedsFan

      Suarez has 1 more position to try, and that is 2B. But he has no business trying it out on the fly in the middle of the season. Neither does Duval at 3B. Do you really think that they will get an accurate assessment from throwing players all over the diamond and expecting them to all of a sudden be adequate defenders? YRod is not a real prospect anymore IMO, and shouldn’t be in the playing time equation.

  10. james garrett

    Pitching is talented and deep.Barring injuries we will be just fine.Offensively we have to audition everybody that may be part of our future and it needs to start yesterday.Please don’t waste any time playing guys that won’t be here in 2018 because just like HOTTO4 I want to see the future not the past.I expect at some time we will have to trade a good pitcher to get a good bat but we will see.Get these young outfielders up from the minors and play them the rest of the year.Make a decision on Cosart,Bruce and BP soon and move on.Front office needs to do something just so we can see they have a plan.

  11. Muso

    THE PITCHING IS VERY, VERY, VERY TALENTED AND DEEP: Garrett, Stephenson, Rookie Davis, Tyler Mahle, Nick Travieso, Keury Mella, Jackson Stephens, Tejay Antone, Alejandro Chacin, Herges…more, more, more…

  12. Muso

    and Holt out, Curtis or Iribarren in…

      • IndyRedMan

        Curtis is a switch hitter for one. Suarez has been struggling and he can play 3B and his obp is .400+ at Lville. We’ve seen Holt already

      • JoshG

        I was surprised to see that Curtis is actually older than Holt and a full 4 years older than Suarez

      • Tom Diesman

        It’d be nice to see him starting in CF over Hamilton. Holt has a .333 OBP in 80 PA as a starter.

      • Tom Diesman

        Curtis only hits RH. Other that Curtis can play 3B/2B/LF and Holt plays CF/LF/RF I’m not sure what more one would think they’d get with him over Holt. Holt is a year younger, a plus fielder up the middle, runs the bases much better, and outhit him in AAA.

        Name Lg Age PA Avg OBP SLG OPS
        Curtis AAA 24-28 1326* .269 .380 .356 .735
        Holt AAA 25-26 702 .304 .398 .382 .779

        * 753 PA in PCL

  13. IndyRedMan

    What have the Reds learned? Who knows?

    Hamilton is what he is by now…this is his 3rd year isn’t it? Bat him 9th and leave him there!!

    Suarez needs to go to 2B. They call 3B the hot corner for a reason and his reactions/instincts just aren’t there! 2B is just so much easier and gets far fewer chances than SS! I really think his bat will be worth the defensive struggles! There is a .280 / 25+ HR/ 825 ops hitter in there somewhere? He had 2 hits down the right field line the other night which is probably more oppo field hits then he had in May-June combined!

    I’m not that impressed with Peraza at first glance but he needs to play regularly! Martin Prado with speed? I doubt it but have to find out?

    Sampson is supposed to get a start this weekend! He has talent! Give him a real look and see what you have? They’re going to need to limit innings on guys anyway.

    Call up Winker and Garrett pretty soon! Don’t wait til September because their performance means next to nothing if they’re playing against Milwaukee’s call-ups!

    Guys like Cingrani and Wood…..they have major league talent but they wouldn’t be part of any high leverage situations on a good team imo!

    • VaRedsFan

      I’m with you on Suarez. 2B might be he’s last chance.
      I’m big on Billy, but would also like to see him bat 9th. Although Joey really likes batting behind him..
      Not impressed with Peraza either. Is his ceiling Cozart w/out power? No thanks.

  14. DCRedsFan

    Duvall and Bruce are essentially the same age (17 months separate them?). I think you’re right to extend Bruce and sell Duvall right now. What Duvall has done this season seems to be a complete anomaly (PEDs?), so sell to a desperate club and get as much as we can.

    • lwblogger2

      PEDs?? He’s always had power. I don’t see what you’re basing that on. Look, I’m not sold on Duvall over the long haul but I’m not going to accuse him of possible PED use.

      • Takao

        Because accusing a player of PED usage has become a lazy shorthand way of saying, “I don’t think he’s this good.” It’s honestly disgusting to see these types of accusations thrown at players who are playing well.

        Duvall has always had ridiculous power, the question was whether or not he could hit enough to tap into it. We’re learning the answer this season.

      • lwblogger2

        Yes, “disgusting” is a great way to describe it.

    • IndyRedMan

      That’s wrong! Duvall hit a ton of HRs in the minors and he plays half his games in GABP. He just never got the chance to play consistently before. Whats not to like about that short/powerful swing? Cheap production so don’t question it til you have to!

      • Matt WI

        That’s right… how can anyone call it an anomaly if the guy wasn’t regularly on the field to show anybody? He’s a lot like Todd Frazier in my mind… a guy a little older than some before getting his chance, and they both are high on power, short on average/obp. Assuming a steady enough course, they both top out in the 110-120 range of OPS+ over a season. And nobody accused the Todd Father of juicing.