Something I like to do periodically is look at random statistics and see if I can find anything interesting.  Doing this yields not only ideas for future articles, but also a greater understanding of the game of baseball.

So, I figured I would share a few things I’ve found interesting, sad, or downright pathetic. (Disclaimer: all of these don’t necessarily mean anything. They are just “interesting,” by my definition)

-Over the last 30 days, Joey Votto has the 3rd highest OBP in the National League at .468.

-Jay Bruce has faced the shift 209 times this year, good for 2nd in MLB behind David Ortiz at 224.

-Over the last 30 days, the only two Reds who have been above average offensively are Votto (7.6 runs above average) and Tucker Barnhart (0.3 RAA).

-Over the last 30 days, Jose Peraza is 1st in MLB in base running value (2.9 RAA).

-Peraza has played more innings at LF and DH (53) than at SS and 2B (50.2).

-Among all pitchers with 100+ IP, Brandon Finnegan walks the most guys (12% BB%).

-Among all pitchers with 100+ IP, Finnegan has the 2nd worst K%-BB% at 4.5%.

-Anthony DeSclafani is on a 3.8 WAR per 200 IP pace.  That’ll do.

-Only two Reds pitchers have a walk rate below 8%; DeSclafani and Raisel Iglesias. League average is currently 8.2%.

-As a reliever, Iglesias has an 0.73 ERA and has not allowed a base runner to score, a homer being his only earned run.

-Over the last 30 days, Tony Cingrani has an 0.77 ERA.

-JJ Hoover, despite being sent to AAA, still leads all MLB relievers in negative WAR (-0.9).

-The Reds bullpen has claimed 3 of the 4 worst FIPs in MLB; Hoover, Keyvius Sampson, and Jumbo Diaz.

-Michael Lorezen has had the worst luck on fly balls out of any pitcher in MLB with at least 10 innings pitched (477 pitchers).  His HR/FB% is 66.7%.

-Over the past calendar year, Votto, Adam Duvall, and Zack Cozart have been the only Reds hitters with a wRC+ over 100.

-Over the past calendar year, Ramon Cabrera has a higher OBP than any Red not named Joey Votto or Tucker Barnhart (min. 100 PA).  Ouch.

-Over the past calendar year, Billy Hamilton has provided more base running value (8.4 RAA) than every other Red combined.

-Over the past calendar year, Peraza has provided more base running value (3.2 RAA) than every other Red combined whose name is not Billy Hamilton.

-Over the past calendar year, Skip Schumaker is the Reds 8th best hitter (83 wRC+).

-This season, Eugenio Suarez has a .948 OPS against left-handed pitchers.  Joey Votto’s career OPS is .949.

-Votto’s OBP in his last year in the minors was .381.  When Jesse Winker hit the DL in AAA, his OBP was .381.

-Hamilton has made 100% of the plays classified as “likely.” (Made 60-90% of the time)

-Hamilton has made 55.6% of the plays classified as “remote” (Made 1-10% of the time) League average is 4%.

-Hamilton has made 6 plays classified as being “remote.”  Every other center fielder in MLB combined has made 6 such plays. This is my favorite stat.

Share your interesting, sad, or pathetic stats in the comments below!



22 Responses

  1. MrRed

    Soooo….what all of this is saying, if anything, is that (1) the Reds aren’t a very good team (2) they have a couple of pretty fast guys (3) but other than Votto, nobody is getting on base that much and (4) don’t even go there with the pitching; between the walks and the HRs you’re bound to get nauseated. That about sum it up?

    • mdhabel

      That sounds about right, but focusing on some more of the positives…

      Disco and Iggy look promising in terms of becoming very good pitchers.
      Barnhart may be able to provide adequate production at the catcher spot as a full time guy
      Hamilton and Peraza could be very fun to watch hitting 1-2 (in an absolute perfect world)

    • Patrick Jeter

      FanGraphs, almost exclusively. They have the easiest to navigate filter settings (in my opinion) and you can also make custom boards showing the stats you want in one place.

  2. The Duke

    Hamilton’s defense and base running (along with no other real great options for CF) are why he’ll at the very least get his shot through the 2017 season. If he can just be passable with the bat (.250/.310/.340?) then he is a valuable player.

    • eric3287

      Sadly, Billy hasn’t approached league average since his 128 wRC+ in AA in 2012. This is his 4th full year in a row of being anywhere from below average to worst non-pitching hitter in baseball. He’s now hitting the ball softer more often than ever before (23%), hitting the ball harder less often than ever before (18%), striking out more often than ever before (20.5%), and walking at roughly a career low (5.7%).

      I just cannot, for the life of me, envision a scenario in which he gets on base even 30% of the time, which is a shame because he is so fun to watch on the bases and in the field.

      • Steve Mancuso

        If the organization was better managed – finding another CF in 2014 – Hamilton’s development years wouldn’t have been wasted at the major league level. Yes, he’s provided value to the Reds. But presumably so would the other CF. And if Hamilton gets better, the Reds could have realized that even better value in pre-arbitration years. Hamilton is eligible for arbitration next year.

  3. IndyRedMan

    Nothing too surprising to me but I would try to move Cingrani along with Bruce/Cozart! He might be a good fit for someones pen and increase our returns! I don’t really see Tony as a real closer candidate but since we only have 1-2 late leads a week then its hard to determine for sure.

    • Big56dog

      Disagree, how many years of control do they have Cingrani under? 3 or 4? Do the last 2 seasons count as full years? Still think he would be a valuable 3rd or 4th option coming out of the pen. What is troubling to me is his K rates have fallen off drastically over his decent run since May.

  4. wizeman

    Indy… i am not sure about moving Cingrani. While I think that Iglesias has the best stuff… I am on board with the fact that his shoulder is not going to withstand starting and he will anchor the pen.
    I am not sure the same is said for lorenzen. Still think he plays into the mix as a starter.
    Question is which left hander steps to the front in the pen… Cingrani or Finnegan.
    Just my opinion.

    • IndyRedMan

      Matt Thornton had some really nice years in the pen throwing pretty much nothing but fastballs like Cingrani! The thing is though…even lefties throwing 95-96 are all over the place now! Who knows with Finnegan? He’d prob be 95 out of the pen too but if you’re behind everyone 2-0 and 3-1 then it doesn’t matter. I like Lamb better for lefty vs lefty with that big curve but hopefully he can cut it in the rotation.

  5. lwblogger2

    Gotta love Inside Edge Fielding. It is by no means perfect but it gives a nice feel for the kind of plays a player makes.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Yeah. There is a lot of interesting info.

      I’ll be doing a full article on Inside Edge later in the season.

  6. Moses

    I’m sure that this is a dumb question but what’s the difference, Patrick, between “over the last calendar year” and over the last year? Thanks!

    • Patrick Jeter

      I guess there really isn’t a technical difference, although I’m my experience, some people will say “the last year” colloquially and mean “in 2016.” By saying “calendar,” I’m trying to be specific that I mean “in the last 365 days.”

  7. Matt Wilkes

    “Over the past calendar year, Ramon Cabrera has a higher OBP than any Red not named Joey Votto or Tucker Barnhart (min. 100 PA).”

    Wow. I knew the Reds were terrible at getting on base, but the fact that the organization’s third catcher is third on the team in OBP over that span sure is indicative of how awful the team’s collective approach at the plate is.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Yep. This was the most surprising (and sad) stat of them all for me.

  8. eric3287

    Despite having Joey Votto, the Reds have the 2nd worst BB% in the NL; despite having Billy and Peraza, the Reds are the 2nd worst base running team in the NL.