The first half is over.


It’s time to turn the page to the second half, and see if the Reds can kick this rebuilding process into second gear. The two bottom dwellers in the NL Central, the Cincinnati Reds (32-57) and the Milwaukee Brewers (38-49) will kick off a three game series at the Great American Ballpark tonight at 7:10. Both of these team could look very different in a couple weeks with the trade deadline looming.

Starting Pitchers


Anthony DeSclafani has been nothing short of incredible for the Reds battered rotation since he made his season debut on June 10th. Five of his six starts have been quality starts. He has done a great job limiting walks and keeping the ball in the park. Over his last two starts, he has struck out a bunch: 14 K in 12.2 IP.

DeSclafani has fared very well in three career appearances (2 starts) against the Brewers. He has a 2.57 ERA and 0.86 WHIP with 9 K and 1 BB. DeSclafani had a brilliant start against the Brewers on April 20th last year: 8.0 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 5 K.

Matt Garza is not the same pitcher that once posted a 3.32 ERA/2.95 FIP in 2011 with Cubs, and was worth 4.9 fWAR that season. Since the start of 2015, Garza has a 5.62 ERA/4.94 FIP in 30 starts.

Garza signed a 4-year, $52 million contract with the Brewers in 2014, which is the Brewers most expensive free agent contract of all-time. He has certainly not lived up that contract, and last season he was shut down in September because of his poor performance. Garza was not happy with the Brewers decision. Garza didn’t debut until June 14th this season because of a strained lat muscle.

Garza has a career 4.91 ERA and 1.48 WHIP in 12 starts against the Reds. Garza had a 7.80 ERA and 2.00 WHIP in 3 starts against the Reds last season. Garza was actually shut down last season after allowing 4 ER in 4.2 innings against the Reds on September 5th.

Starting Lineups

It continues to make zero sense to have Jose Peraza on the MLB roster, only to sit on the bench night after night. The guy needs at-bats to develop.

Jay Bruce has 3 HR and a 1.210 OPS in 35 career PA vs Garza. Joey Votto and Tucker Barnhart also have a HR against him, and Brandon Phillips surprisingly leads the Reds with 6 career walks against Garza.

Ryan Braun and Jonathan Lucroy are a combined 0 for 7 with 0 walks against DeSclafani.

Stadium Reviews


The folks at Stadium Journey have updated their reviews of Great American Ball Park and Louisville Slugger Field. Stadium Journey assesses sports stadiums around the world. They’ve reviewed over 2,000 venues in 58 countries. GABP and LSF got high marks across the board.


There are 73 more games left. I for one certainly hope the Reds can make the best of it, and have a few guys take some big steps forward into 2017. Go Reds!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. I dig Joey and Jay batting in a row… and the continued sliding of BP down the lineup a bit. Of course, when they trade Jay, he’ll probably slide right back up. I say the Reds come out right tonight.

  2. Homer Bailey goes at Louisville tonight. That may be the most interesting Reds thing happening unless we get some breaking trade news

  3. Has anyone seen Peraza in the last week? Is he still alive? Should we send out a search party?

    As long as things like this Peraza situation occur, the Reds have no chance of being competitive, regardless of talent. It’s negligence in the highest regard (of baseball).

    • They’re trying. They just can’t find playing time for him. They’re looking and trying and rebooting. But they just can’t find it.

      • Price said both “it is not his intention to play him at multiple positions to rest other guys” and “it is not his intention to usurp anyone of the starters” . What ???? So basically he will not play him at all. Send him down!!!!! Fire Price for … Sake.

    • Agreed. The situation basically amounts to the manager telling the FO he doesn’t have a use for the guy on his team. Other than injury it is hard to imagine a reason they aren’t getting him at least 3 starts a week in some sort of rotation with Phillips, Cozart and Hamilton.

      It’s been several weeks since I ran the numbers on Peraza visa via eventual Super2 status; but, as I recall, given his MLB time from last year and when they called him up this year, he is borderline for Super2 in 2019 if he is up to stay from here on through the end of the 2018 season.

      • I’m reminded of the scene in Moneyball when Art Howe refuses to play Hatty over Pena so Billy Beane trades Pena.

  4. In regards to Votto and Bruce, I’m glad the Reds are currently signing prospects with god given athletic ability. Both have problems on defense.

    • Yeah, if only the Reds had drafted a couple of high jumpers instead of Votto and Bruce. I didn’t realize that right fielders and first baseman should resemble NBA players. No wonder Michael Jordan was such a great baseball player.

  5. I’d feel better as the second half begins if we had a new manager. Hopefully Price’s contract will not be extended. Also Votto should bat in second position with Duvall hitting third followed by Bruce and Suarez, and Peraza should be the second baseman.

  6. Great to see Peraza not play. In a rebuilding/retooling/regurgitation year it’s more important for him to sit on the bench spitting sunflower seeds with gritty veterans than play ball. Makes no sense.

    p.s. sarcasm, Sheldon

    • Yeah, it makes little sense. If Peraza is still on the bench in two weeks, after the trade deadline, it’ll be malpractice on the part of the org.

  7. Still hate Braun

  8. 3 opposite field hits in 4 batters for the Crew. Wonder if the Reds batters have ever done that.

  9. A nine pitch inning for Garza who has an ERA over 5 and Disco had a hit.

    • Garza is throwing strike after strike. 2 strikes to Suarez, flew out…Strike to Barnhardt, liner up the middle, 2 strikes to Disco, hit on the 2nd pitch. Swinging at strikes isn’t ever a problem.

  10. Well there’s one drs

  11. Billy is fast!

  12. Homer with 4 IP, 1 run, 2bbs, 5ks

  13. I love Eugenio a lot but I think I would send him down for a bit and let Curtis play 3rd and bat 2nd for atleast a few weeks. They could move Hamilton back to 9th and try to get some people on base in front of Votto again! It couldn’t hurt Suarez to get a few hits and get a rhythm at the plate again. He’s not K’ng as much but he’s still pretty cold!

  14. OMG Votto, what are you thinking?

  15. As much as I have Marty’s continuous attacks on Votto, watching him make those kind of blunders is seriously getting old really fast

  16. 2 more mental errors to kick off the 2nd half. Disco throw to the wrong base on the bunt, then Votto lets a 62 hop trickler hit the bag, to allow the run to score

  17. Wow…..I really doubt defensive metrics or whatever it is can accurately judge how bad Votto has been at 1B this year. I’d be shocked if there are more than 5 worse 1B in all of mlb. They’re always mental too….stabbing at a 4 hopper instead of smothering it, etc, etc

  18. Votto watching that ball hit the bag tonight is the reason I criticize his defense so often. I can’t believe he did that. It’s like everything he does defensively is unconventional from what everyone else does. lol. I wish someone would take a highlight reel of Mark Texiara and show it to JV. So he could see how to play a gold glove 1st base.

    SO CLOSE……for Adam. Dang!

  19. Duval missed the 3 run HR by inches…literally. Settles for the rbi double off the wall.

  20. Disco deserves a much better fate 2nite.
    Would love to Suraez get ahold of 1 right here

  21. Oh Brandon … really?

  22. Runners on 2nd and 3rd, only 1 out, just chased the starter, momentum on our side, annnddddd….we get that AB from BP

  23. Attaboy Tucker!!! Way to work with the pitch!

  24. Tucker stung the ball in his 1st 2 ABs, with nothing to show for it. Then delivers 2 run double with 2 out to give the reds the lead!

  25. Can we go 1 game without a boot from Suraez?

  26. Ladies and gentlemen … the 2nd coming of Edward Scissorhands

  27. Is there a worse fielding 3rd baseman than Suarez?

  28. Hamil-bunt

  29. Closer is overrated….rather have Iggy come in when the game is on the line in the 6th or 7th and go 2 innings. I think Lorenzen needs to start but if they have shoulder concerns with Raisel then use him like they’ve been doing and maybe occasionally 3 inning if is pitch count is lower or the occasional save. Try to get the 90+ innings they could never get out of Chapman

    • The 2016 Reds is proof enough that the closer is not overrated. Although I agree with you about pitching Iggy 2-3 innings.

      • I don’t have stats to prove this but our bullpen always seemed to blow it in the 8th inning before a 9th inning closer could do anything. Does anyone know if we did do more poorly in 8th than other innings?

    • +10

  30. I’m not sure even a perfect low throw gets him.

  31. Bruuuuuuuce!!!!

    I’m going to miss him in another week or so.

  32. Bruce.

  33. Weak strike 3 call on Votto

  34. 2 great innings by Iggy!!

  35. Hate to lose him from the rotation because he has more movement on his stuff then anyone on the team but this way Price can spot him vs more righties and put out fires, etc

  36. That was a great shot of Fountain Square and the flag in the background.
    I think this umpire has made not many bad calls. But I think most of them have been for Joey Votto.

    I know Jose Oquendo was a switch hitter, but Persza reminds me of him.

  37. Where’s Lorenzen at? I swear….is this team ever going to have everyone available that is supposedly available? Braun > Ohlenbeef all night long

  38. Why Dorph here and not Lorenzen?

  39. Fred “the dorf” Dorfman

  40. Great Googly Moogly. Ohlendorf wins the battle versus Braun.

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Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.


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