One of my favorite nights of the entire year: the HOME RUN DERBY! It will get underway tonight at 8:00 PM on ESPN from Petco Park. The home run derby is one of those fun nights, where you really never know what can happen….except for lots of back, back, back, back, back, back, back. I don’t need to recap what happened last year, but if you want a refresher, watch this.


Last year, Todd Frazier ignited a Cincinnati crowd like never before in one unforgettable evening. Tonight, he’ll be in the derby again, but wearing a different uniform, and playing for a different league. The Reds might not have the reining derby champ anymore, but they will still be represented well tonight. Adam Duvall will participate in the derby tonight, and deservingly so after his surprisingly great first half of 2016.

Here is this year’s bracket:


This year’s home run derby will follow the same awesome format as last year. It is single elimination, head to head matchups. Each round is timed. Whoever came up with that idea deserves a raise.

Adam Duvall will have to face off against the Wil Myers in his home ballpark. That was obviously a big advantage for Frazier last year. Duvall and Frazier could meet in the second round, which would be a lot of fun.

Derby stats

Vegas Odds (via Bovada):

Giancarlo Stanton +260
Mark Trumbo +450
Todd Frazier +475
Robinson Cano +600
Wil Myers +700
Carlos Gonzalez +700
Adam Duvall +900
Corey Seager +1000


Nation, who you got? I’ve got Duvall!

17 Responses

  1. cfd3000

    I like Duvall for this – young, strong, enthusiastic. But that also describes Stanton who is probably also stronger than Duvall. I’ll predict Stanton over Duvall in the finals. It’s probably dumb to even make a prediction but I like the potential bragging rights if I somehow guess correctly so why not? Go Adam, Go Reds!

  2. VaRedsFan

    Any truth that Simon will be throwing BP in the HR derby? Hoover is there in case Pasta gets winded.

  3. Scott E. Disney

    Duvall over Cano. Go Duvall!

  4. VaRedsFan

    Duvall advances!!! rather easily.

  5. indredsfan

    Back to Back derbies for the Reds. Lets go Reds! Have to hang your hat on something!

  6. Patrick Jeter

    I think watching Cano follow Stanton was the most boring 4 minutes of my baseball watching life.

    And… Go, Duvall!! An “easy” win over Wil Myers!

  7. BigRedMike

    Duvall did look good. Stanton is amazing

  8. dan

    I am no fan of the home run derby or the all star game. Complete waste of time in todays era. But I am a fan of Duvall.
    My question is this. If the season ended today would Duvall be the rookie of the year?

    • preacherj

      ….only if he wins the home run derby or is MVP od the All Star game😛😛

    • Patrick Jeter

      Not even close. Corey Seager is having a significantly better season than Duvall.

      Also, doesn’t matter since Duvall isn’t a rookie. He had 149 PAs prior to this season. The threshold for rookie status is 130.

  9. cfd3000

    Nice showing by Duvall. Can’t say I’m that surprised by Stanton. He’s a monster. On those last posts – is Duvall eligible for ROY? And who are the leading NL candidates?

    • Patrick Jeter

      No, he isn’t a rookie.

      Corey Seager will win easily unless he has a bad 2nd half. He’s 3rd in all of the NL in WAR behind Kris Bryant and Brandon Crawford.

      I gotta admit… that Brandon Crawford is 2nd surprised me. About 2/3 of his value is SS defense, though. Those numbers seem high.

  10. Irishmike

    Time to dump bot Duvall and Bruce. Watch a Frazier-like 2nd half demise for Duvall and Bruce’s market value will never be higher.

  11. redfanlarry

    I agree that it is time to trade Bruce’ I disagree on Duvall. He’s inexpensive, and has several years of control left. If he has another great year next year, his value would skyrocket, and then perhaps consider trading him.

  12. Andy

    Everyone that talks about trading Duvall… You need to talk to average fans. Many are still mad at trading Frazier. Some are mad about trading Cueto. I understand the reasoning behind trading Duvall, but it would be a PR nightmare for the Reds. They still have to sell tickets during the rebuild phase. Of all the players the Reds got for the sell-off, Duvall has given some fans hope. To average fans that don’t read RLN, the Reds got 2 mediocre pitchers (Lamb/Finnegan), a pitching disappointment (Reed), a below-average utility player (Peraza), a bunch of minor league junk (Mella, Davis, Cotham, Jagielo, Renda), and one young All-Star (Duvall) for 2 beloved heroes (Frazier, Cueto) and a solid pitcher (Leake). Were they to trade Duvall now, the fans start thinking of a 76ers-ish decade long torture. I think there is ZERO chance Duvall is traded in the next 4 years. He is fun, marketable, and cheap. His age, that so many here think disqualifies him from being a prospect, actually plays to Reds benefit: we have him for his peak years at minimum or arbitration prices.