Reds 9
Nationals 4

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The Good

Holy crap the Reds won.

If I had told you at the beginning of the season that Zack Cozart, Tucker Barnhart, and Adam Duvall would be both pleasant surprises and big contributors all in the same game, you would certainly have raised an eyebrow at me. But here we are.

Dan Straily done good today. He was shaky at the end of his start, but you can’t complain about the job he did tonight.

Josh Smith and Jumbo Diaz also got it done.


The Bad

It’s a good night, let’s just not talk about the 8th inning.


Not-So-Random Thoughts

Phew. This team is exhausting.

Forgive me if I missed some important stuff up there. Kids and bedtimes and all that.

The Reds one today. If they win tomorrow, that’s two in a row. If they win again, it’s called a winning streak. It has happened before.

Goodnight, everybody.

17 Responses

  1. seat101

    Nice to win a game, isn’t it? And have it end
    before 11 o’clock, well, that’s nice too.

  2. Scott E. Disney

    Redleg Nation made the Reds Instagram! Pretty cool!

  3. TR

    A big win over the Harpers. Nice to see our old buddy, Matt Belisle, in the tenth inning. I like Jumbo’s glasses. A Red’s goal in the second half of the season should be to finish with less than 100 losses. Going for the series split tomorrow.

  4. ohiojimw

    When Matt Belise came in, I couldn’t help but think of JJ Hoover. Different back story about how they came to the same point; but, both reached a point where their big league careers were all but given up for dead with the Reds after one year of arb level salary.

    Since then (2009 or so) for Belise, he has earned $18.8M and will add $1.25M for this year. Throw in the “peanuts” he made with the Reds, ~$2.3M; and, by the end of this season he will have earned about $22.4M for his MLB career.

    Hang tough JJ and never say never again until nobody will give you a shot.

  5. Irish mike

    You could tell Straily was running out of steam… Before the home run !!’ And I’m not a fricking pitching coach !!! I would love to go back thru this season and see how many times we have had that exact scenario. Our relief staff is apparently the worst since 1936 or something like that according to the Nats announcers! Gotta hand it to the guys at RLN for continuing to report on this team….and I might have to have myself committed for continuing to watch!

    • ohiojimw

      I certainly hope that when the Reds have returned to the universe where winning every game they are in a position to win matters, whoever is their manager would make the pitching change after the lead off walk instead of after the HR

    • Shchi Cossack

      Mike, I’m not a pitching coach either and certainly not a fan of Price’s bullpen management, but I certainly didn’t see Straily struggling before the 8th inning. Straily had only thrown 88 pitches through 7 innings. He had just 1 stressfull inning (3rd) in the entire game and none in the previous 4 innings. He walked 1 hitter in the previous 4 innings and had not even gone to a 3 ball count in the previous 3 innings. He had 3 strike outs and 2 foul outs in the previous 4 innings. He averaged 10 pitches per innings in the previous 4 innings.

      4th inning:
      Harper walked on 5 pitches
      Murphy grounded into fielder’s choice to first on 2 pitches
      Ramos struck out swinging on 3 pitches
      Robinson flied out to center on 2 pitches

      5th inning:
      Drew fouled out to third on 3 pitches
      Espinosa struck out swinging on 4 pitches
      Ross grounded out to shortstop on 1 pitch

      6th inning:
      Revere grounded out to pitcher on 4 pitches
      Werth struck out swinging on 6 pitches
      Harper fouled out to right on 1 pitch

      7th inning:
      Murphy grounded out to shortstop on 4 pitches
      Ramos flied out to right on 1 pitch
      Robinson flied out to center on 4 pitches

      • ohiojimw

        The walk to Drew was a nasty looking five pitch walk. The ball was flying all around. He appeared to have lost his release points and/ or was also over throwing. If there was an out or two already in the books and only the man at 1st, maybe let him ride for another hitter; but not in that circumstance, especially not versus a hitter on line for close to 30HRs this season.

      • Shchi Cossack

        I admit to not seeing any of the 8th inning last night. After the 7th inning, the old eyelids lost their battle with gravity, old age and too many young Cossacks.

        Since the game was going into the 8th inning, if the situation called for an immediate replacement and Price did not have a high-leverage reliever (Lorenzen or Iggy) ready, then Price fullfilled my normal expectations for bullpen management. Since I didn’t see any of the 8th inning, if the walk was as bad as you described (I’m pretty confident in your assessment), then stopping the bleeding before it starts would certainly be justified. Cingrani, Sampson and Smith are not high-leverage candidates for the bullpen until they prove themselves worthy of high-leverage opprtunities, but with this being 2016, they could continue their auditions for high-leverage opportunities in the future. Wood and Jumbo should have middle relief roles period with Ohlendorf relegated to a mop up role or last man standing role.

        Thanks for the clarification of the situation.

      • ohiojimw

        We were ships passing in the night since it was the 8th inning when I sat down to watch versus just peeking in as I passed the (sports) TV room (aka the spare bedroom) on other business.

        It was pretty clear that Straily did not get to the 8th with the result and low pitch count on the screen by throwing the way he was in the 8th.

        It would have been nice to have another or at least 1 leverage lefty at that point.

  6. cfd3000

    Lots of positives from this game (that I didn’t actually see) – Straily, Barnhart, Cozart, Duvall – but the best of all is that not only did Phillips bat sixth, but in that slot he contributed and the Reds won. That gives Price easy justification to leave him there. How could it possibly make sense that adding Joey Votto back in to this lineup would somehow mean Phillips should move UP? Leave him sixth or better yet slide him to seventh when Votto returns – hopefully today to hammer Strasburg.

    • ohiojimw

      Votto’s back and BOP stays 6th. Another try to give Duvall a day off. From @ctrent:

      Cozart 6, Peraza 7, Votto 3, Bruce 9, Suarez 5, Phillips 4, Hamilton 8, Cabrera 2, Lamb 1

  7. sezwhom

    Let’s face it, nobody should be surprised about Duvall anymore. He’s been hitting since Spring Training. Where would we be without him! :o)

    • ohiojimw

      Only folks who forget that the game defines the metrics and not the other way around.

    • Shchi Cossack

      I must grudgingly admit that every time Duvall goes 0-4 or 0-5 with 1-2 SO, the Old Cossack girds the old loins for the clock to strike midnight. I’m beginning to believe Duvall has demonstrated a unique ability to counter the defining metrics, much like Cueto did for season after season. The Old Cossack also got nervous any time Cueto had a bad outing, even after repeated, extended success. I still like Duvall in the #5 hole rather than the #3 or #4 hole, but I think he’s a solid lineup addition, as long as the Reds can find some hitters with a more professional approach at the plate to fill the front half of the lineup.

      • Frog 'em

        Duvall is an excellent addition. The guy has courage and gets the job done even against stiff odds — he’s clutch! My only issue: when will Price stop sending Duvall on base-stealing ventures. It doesn’t work.