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Reds at Nationals – July 2, 2016


The Cincinnati Reds (29-52) are still in search of their first win of this week. They will try again tonight against the Washington Nationals (49-32) at 7:15. The Reds have lost 5 straight, 9 of 10, and 13 of 16. The Reds got great pitching all throughout a 14 inning affair last night, but they still fell 3-2.

Programming Note: Tonight’s game is on FOX National. Plan accordingly.

Starting Pitchers


Dan Straily has come back to earth. His last three starts have been really bad: 14.0 IP, 19 H, 17 ER, 8 BB, 10 K. Walks continue to be a major issue for Straily.

The only time Straily has faced the Nationals in his career was his start on June 4th. It was a really good start: 7.0 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 3 K. Anthony Rendon hit a home run in that game against him.

Joe Ross is another Nationals starting pitcher having a solid season. Ross was a first round draft pick of the Padres back in 2011. Ross was traded to the Nationals in a three-team trade back in December of 2014 with the Rays and Padres. Wil Myers and Ryan Hanigan went to the Padres, Trea Turner went with Ross to the Nationals, and Rene Rivera and Steven Souza went to the Rays.

Ross was the #94 prospect in all of baseball following the 2014 season according to Baseball America. Ross made his debut with the Nationals in 2015, and he didn’t disappoint. Last season, he posted a 3.64 ERA/3.42 FIP in 16 appearances (13 starts). Ross made the Nationals rotation this year out of camp.

Tonight will be Joe Ross first ever appearance against the Reds.

Starting Lineups

UPDATE (6:40 PM): Joey Votto was scratched from the lineup with a sore right shoulder. Adam Duvall is now in the lineup batting 4th, Jay Bruce moved up to 3rd.

Reds Nationals 
1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Jose Peraza (LF)
3. Jay Bruce (RF)
4. Adam Duvall (1B)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Brandon Phillips (2B)
7. Billy Hamilton (CF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Dan Straily (P)
1. Ben Revere (CF)
2. Jayson Werth (LF)
3. Bryce Harper (RF)
4. Daniel Murphy (2B)
5. Wilson Ramos (C)
6. Clint Robinson (1B)
7. Stephen Drew (3B)
8. Danny Espinosa (SS)
9. Joe Ross (P)

It has finally happened. Many of us here at RN have been screaming from the rooftops that Brandon Phillips should be dropped in the lineup. I went on a rant in just last night’s recap. Bryan Price finally moved Phillips down in the lineup, as he will be batting 6th tonight. It does come as a bit of surprise as Price said just yesterday that he has no intention of moving Phillips out of the #3 spot. I guess Price must read RN.

Reds sign Cuban SS

Alfredo Rodriguez

The Reds signed Cuban SS Alfredo Rodriguez today. He was rated as the #6 international prospect by MLB Pipeline. I wrote about the signing today.

Bailey to make second rehab start tonight


Homer Bailey will be back on the mound for his second rehab start tonight with the Louisville Bats at 6:05. You can listen live to the game here.

Update (6:45 PM): Here is Bailey’s final line from the Bats.


The Reds have to win at least one game this week, right? Go Reds!

73 thoughts on “Reds at Nationals – July 2, 2016

  1. From @reds
    “Votto scratched with a sore right shoulder. Cozart 6, Peraza 7, Bruce 9, Duvall 3, Suarez 5, Phillips 4, Hamilton 8, Barnhart 2, Straily RHP”

    Believe this happened on the head first dive into 2nd when he doubled in extra innings last night. Looked gimpy at the time.

    • Karma coming back at Votto. I guess that will teach him to just leave the fans alone.

      • I agree. They were probably heckling him last night. Votto said when he did this in Philly, he was just teasing them. In my opinion, it just makes him look bad.

        • I’m guessing you guys aren’t old enough to remember Andy Kaufman wrestling women? It’s a joke!! I think its funny but that’s part of the humor when 50% of the people think he’s actually being a heel!

    • Bailey’s night is done, his line via @louisvillebats:

      “Homer Bailey final line: 2.0ip, 5h, 1er, 1k, 1hbp and a balk. He threw 38 pitches (28 strikes)”.

      At least he got his work in by pounding the strike zone. 28 pitch 2nd inning killed his chances of going deeper.

    • He was on track to take some swings mid to late this week. I have yet to see any report that this actually happened.

  2. I’m really not seeing the hope for the Reds’ offensive future here. The pitching looks good if everything pans out (not a given), but on the offensive side, they seem to have a lot of really high floor/low ceiling guys coming, with no power and no on-base skills.

    I guess they are hoping the speed, defense, and pitching will offset the lack of much offensive production because, after all, “Pitching wins championships.”

    Welcome to 15 years ago.

  3. Very strange. Price says “i’m not doing it” then he does. Maybe he thinks there is some strategic advantage to lying to the press?

  4. Well, at least this lineup will be interesting to watch with Hamilton and Phillips lower in the batting order, and Duvall at cleanup. I wonder if the front office gave Price marching orders on moving Phillips down in the lineup? As in “You can’t make these decisions, we’ll tell you where to bat Phillips”.
    I doubt the decision was because Price read RLN. My impression is he would do the opposite out of spite if he did read RLN.
    I think OHIOJIMW has a good idea too. If Phillips went to Price and said “move me down” then Price is off the hook on all that veterans privilege stuff. BP also would earn more respect in my opinion for a team first decision.

  5. He will back in the 3 hole tomorrow.This started out to give Duvall a day off.

  6. The best thing that could happen tonight would be that AD and BP get 3 hits each tonight. Then it’d be cool to hear the reporters ask Price about it.

  7. Tucker with his 2nd knock, Billy, was running on the play thought seriously about scoring. He probably should have tried it since Straily was up next

  8. Dusty didn’t make the pitcher bunt. He’s brought in his closer in the 8th twice in the last week. Has he evolved?

  9. Man! I dislike those ‘conversations’ with the players. I guess market research says some people enjoy them.

    I am not one of them.

    • I kind of like them…more so than those between inning talks with managers, who just give the canned/cliche responses.

  10. This team has the IQ of a one year old.Ross threw 60 pitches through 3 innings and gets us out on 6 pitches in the 4th.Nobody can be that clueless.Done for the night.Go Reds.

    • Ross is throwing a ton of strikes….nothing wrong with swinging at strikes.

  11. Its nice listening to other announcers and seeing different camera angles sometimes

  12. 2nd hit allowed is a 2 run HR…1st hit was a RBI triple. Both innings started with a leadoff walk.

  13. I am out of snarky comments about leadoff walks…….talk amongst yourself

  14. Not even looking at those runners. Basic fundamentals are so lacking top to bottom

  15. The other day the Cubs were leading the Reds 9-2 in the 8th inning. THe new Cub reliever allowed a 2 lead off hits. Maddon immediately yanked his reliever in the 9-2 game.

  16. Nice outing by Wood! 3 walks/3 steals in 2/3 ip. They need to make him disappear next year too! He’s 30 already so he’ll be on social security when the Reds are relevant again anyway? Cut bait!

    • Well stated. I was believing that this Reds team was having a monopoly on extra innings bonehead moments.

  17. I knew it! Votto was just holding this offense back with all his base-clogging walks.

    Now we have proof!

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