Final — 13 innings R H E
Cincinnati Reds (26-40) 8 11 2
Atlanta Braves (19-46) 9 19 3
W: Ogando (2-1) L: Simon (2-7)
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The Good
–Joey Votto reached base four times, with two hits, two walks, a run scored, and an RBI. Brandon Phillips had three hits. Jay Bruce drove in two (he now has 51 RBI) with a double and a single. Ivan DeJesus Jr. drove in three.

–JC Ramirez struck out the side in both the ninth and tenth innings. Five of those strikeouts were in a row. That’s a pretty darn good outing, friends and neighbors.

–In the 11th inning, score tied 6-6, Tony Cingrani loaded the bases with no outs. Bryan Price went to the classic five-man infield, bringing Adam Duvall in to play third and posting DeJesus just in front of second base.

Next Braves hitter tapped a nubber in front of the plate that Tucker Barnhart jumped on, then dived back and touched home plate with his glove. Great hustle, one out.

Next batter, with Duvall heading back to left field: short fly ball to center field that Tyler Holt caught and gunned home to keep the runner at third.

Next up: a grounder to shortstop, and the Reds dodged a late-game, bases loaded, no outs jam for the second straight night. That was actually kinda fun.

–Ross Ohlendorf struck out two in a perfect inning of work. And JJ Hoover wasn’t great — he gave up a couple of hits — but he did pitch a scoreless inning. That’s good!

–Duvall drew a leadoff walk in the top of the 13th inning. Duvall walking will never cease to amaze me, because it’s such a rare thing.

He ultimately scored when Jose Peraza drew a bases-loaded walk later in the inning. It was a really nice at-bat from Peraza, who was down 0-2 before ultimately drawing ball four and the go-ahead RBI. Votto followed up with an RBI single to give the Reds an 8-6 lead.

The Bad
–Remember when I said the Reds had a lead of 8-6 going into the bottom of the 13th? Well, Alfredo Simon took care of that.

Without recording an out in the bottom half, Simon gave up a single, single, double, single, walk, single and the game was over. Simon is garbage. His ERA is 9.45. He has no business being on a major league roster.

–Not a good outing by Anthony DeSclafani, though he was victimized by some poor defense. His final line: 2.2 innings, 6 hits, 4 runs (just 1 earned), 3 BB, 2 strikeouts. There will be better days for Disco.

–Did I mention the defense? Votto was the culprit early, as his throwing error opened the door to a three-run Atlanta inning. In the tenth inning, Adam Duvall also had an error, but JC Ramirez was so dominant that it ultimately didn’t matter.

–Let me tell you about “bad.” There aren’t many worse tasks in the world than being the guy who is responsible for writing a recap of a Cincinnati Reds-Atlanta Braves game that ends up being an extra-inning, 5+ hour affair. I like baseball and I like the ol’ Redlegs, but c’mon. Is this any way to treat me?

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–If the Reds can win the fourth game of this series, a few hours from now, they’ll have won four of their last five series. That would be something, right?

–On the bright side, Joey Votto’s on-base percentage is up to .370. He’s back.

–Hoover, Ohlendorf, Ramirez, and Cingrani actually combined to throw five scoreless innings. I wouldn’t have thought this bullpen could accomplish something like that.

–Before tonight, Ramirez’s career-high for strikeouts was three. Tonight, as you should know if you’ve been reading every word of my recap faithfully, he struck out six.

–Interesting to see Jose Peraza leading off tonight, even though he went 1-6. I’m hopeful that Bryan Price is going to make a real effort to get Peraza into the lineup as often as possible. I don’t want that guy to go back to AAA.

–The “Wooooo” made an appearance in Atlanta tonight.

–Here’s how good these two teams are. At one point in extra innings, twelve straight outs for both teams combined were recorded via strikeout.

–Good night, Nation.

52 Responses

  1. David Weathers

    Sheesh, where is Jason Standridge or Todd Coffey when you need them….

    • ohiojimw

      Decaf was too much me because he was even more efficient than Cingrani at getting burned on 0-2 and 1-2 pitches. It was like the batters had no fear of going down 0-2 waiting for a pitch that made them salivate because they knew if they had to, they could always solidly put an 0-2 pitch into play and take their chances.

  2. Aaron Bradley

    Simon’s first inning I am thinking: well he is well rested. He has time to reflect and think about things. I fooled myself into thinking maybe he would be a much needed bullpen arm. Going to him for a 2nd inning was rolling the dice too much though.. I know its easy to second guess. Was he the last man standing?

    • lwblogger2

      I think so, pretty much. I didn’t stay up for the ending but it looked from the boxscore that Price was sort of out of arms and decided to go with his long man. It also explains why he couldn’t pull him in the 13th.

  3. docmike

    That money to Simon is a sunk cost. Release him NOW.

    I would rather bring back Kevin Gregg than keep him around for one more day.

    • Hotto4Votto

      At the very least I’d rather have Jumbo Diaz out there.

      • lwblogger2

        I think we’ll see Jumbo again soon.

  4. Will Hutchinson

    I am and have been an avid Reds fan. From the 1990 World Series, and going forward, this has been my team. I follow them daily, and will always more than likely. Having said that, I don’t like to blast a player very much. Periodically I have, Jason Larue comes to mind, Eric Milton. But this guy who took the mound tonight has to be DA. It’s an accountability thing. Heck it’s the majors. We are nearing the break and his Earny is hovering around a dime piece. He has proven to be unable to get guys out. Up 2 tonight and he passes the first batter. It’s unconscionable. The guy has got to be DA. I’m sure he’s out of options and won’t accept a trip to the Bats, but then so be it. Outrageous. And for the front office, or whoever is calling the shots to allow this guy to remain with this team is beyond anything I’ve seen in many years.

    Will Hutchinson.

  5. Aaron Bradley

    He may accept a job with the Bats.. its either that or going back to wherever he is from lol. Clearly the guy has issues.. but he breezed in that first inning of work. Just makes you wonder what’s going on… but this should have all been figured out in spring training. You don’t wait 2 months into the season to realize the guy is a 1 inning middle reliever like back in the days with Baltimore.

    • Chuck Schick

      He was signed on March 17th, so I’m not sure how they would’ve figured out anything with him in spring training.

      Due to a rash of injuries, the Reds needed someone that was cheap and wouldn’t require giving anything up to obtain. He was a low risk, perhaps a reward signing that helped enable them to preserve service time and super 2 on Stephenson and Reed. Bad performance,but the right decision.

      He,Melville, Wright…..and a few other stiffs who’s names escape me…. have simply served as warm bodies to get them through the rehab of the “real pitchers.” Alfredo will be moving on to his life’s work soon enough.

      • Aaron Bradley

        Hey everything you say makes logical sense… except he was god-awful and you would think the scouts might have known better. Were they hoping a return to familiar pastures would bring something out in him? Why did no other organization trust this guy this late into the signing process?

      • Chuck Schick

        Good points….if you’re sitting at home March 16th then baseball collectively thinks you suck. My guess is they went with him over any other stiff because they know him and have a comfort level with his personality. Singing a guy off the street in March is likely not going to “end well” so you might as well give the 2 million bucks to someone you know.

      • greenmtred

        And, really, it’s not that Simon’s “stuff” is so bad; it appears to be control/command, and it wasn’t completely unreasonable to think that he might regain some of that and be a decent, cheap bridge to the time when the other pitchers become available. Time to cut bait, though. I went to bed with the Reds down 4 to 3 and the bullpen set to try to keep them in the game for too many innings. Not optimistic. This morning, at 5:30, my wife said “they won, 6 to 5.” Mild elation, until now. I’ll have to ask her which game she was watching.

    • ohiojimw

      If the Reds outright Simon to the minors, he has the service time to refuse the outright; however, if he refuses an outright assignment, he also forfeits his remaining salary which is otherwise guaranteed by the CBA. So, he isn’t going to refuse an outright. The thing to do is to just release him and be done with it.

  6. ohiojimw

    I choose to look on the brighter side of things. At least now we know for sure Simon is not going to emerge as the surprise Reds starter on Saturday.

    Louisville is off today (Thursday) which is Stephenson’s 5th day. Friday is Keyvius Sampson’s 5th day. Saturday is Cody Reed’s 5th day. Could be any of the 3 on Saturday for the Reds.
    Now before anyone starts giggling, Sampson’s numbers as a starter since he went back to AAA most recently actually compare favorably with both Stephenson’s and Reed’s over the same stretch. Of the three, Reed’s numbers may be slightly better; but, he is not on the 40 man while either of the other two can be brought up as a simple option recall. The choice for the Reds may come down to whether they are ready to seriously look at the future yet (Stephenson/ Reed) or whether they want to keep marking time like they did by using the rushed Daniel Wright in this slot (Sampson).

    • ohiojimw

      Of course they could make us all happy by DFAing Simon and giving that 40 man spot to Reed. However don’t forget Lorenzen is about ready to come back; and, since he is on the 60 day DL will require a 40 man spot in addition to a 25 man spot. So, Simon may hold onto his 40 man spot until next week when Lorenzen will need it unless he has a setback this weekend.

      • vegastypo

        I’m not too worried about finding a second spot on the 40-man. I’m not sure I’d lose a lot of sleep if Jumbo were DFA’d.

      • vegastypo

        By the way, whatever became of Yorman? I have not heard his name regarding a return from the DL.

      • ohiojimw

        I tweeted C.Trent about YRod’s, whereabouts and status several days ago. He replied “that’s a good question” and that he would ask around; but, I haven’t seen or heard anything more. Zach Buchanan has since run an update on a number of injured guys he had been questioned about; and, notably, I thought, YRod was not mentioned in it either.

    • lwblogger2

      Sampson’s stuff is so good that I keep telling myself that he has to fit in somewhere. At least, in a lost season, he needs to get a little more work to see IF he fits in somewhere. If he puts it together, he can be at least solid and perhaps very good. The question is can he ever put it together? He isn’t exactly an old man at 25.

      • vegastypo

        I just don’t understand why he and some other guys can be “lights out” at AAA and then come up and consistently get shelled in the majors. Given the lack of contending, it can’t hurt to see if he can get major league hitters out, but I’ve grown pretty skeptical.

  7. vegastypo

    Votto’s “defense,” if you want to call it that, is really getting annoying. I’d like to have seen how Disco would have fared without that happening behind him.

    And Reed wouldn’t have a 40-man issue if the Reds would release Simon.

    • ohiojimw

      The high 1B replay they showed of the Votto miscue seemed to indicate that he had a really good angle to take the ball to 2nd and that they well might have turned a 3-6-3 GIDP on the ball. Given the early time in the game and Votto’s penchant for trying to pull that move, I was surprised he even tried to come home in the 1st place.

      He is at a point where I’m not sure it is legit to talk about his virtues on offense without mentioning his offsetting defensive shortcomings.

      • Patrick Jeter

        Not directed at you specifically, Jim, but I need to get something off my chest…

        Votto looks the exact same as he always has. He’s not getting worse. He’s not the worst 1Bman in the league. He is what first basemen are. There is a reason why WAR gives first basemen a huge negative adjustment. It’s because that is where you put your worst defender.

        I also get angry when he gets an error, but every 1Bman in the league is pretty bad when compared outside their own 1Bman club.

        If you want to mention his defensive shortcomings with his offense, then you need to do that for every 1Bman and DH in the entire league.

      • StillRed

        My observation is that Joey always goes for the lead runner if at all possible…sometimes it works and everybody cheers (and it really is pretty)…sometimes it doesn’t and everybody jeers.

  8. wizeman

    You think that game wore you out…. I was there. Man.. is my wife mad at me now.
    Lots of sloppiness. Thought Votto rushed his throw. Peraza had a nice one an inning earlier to home to force a runner.
    I am sitting there and explaining to my wife that AJ Morris is probably going to get sent to the minors on Saturday and that he better be saving his money cause his salary is going to drop by 90%. Next pitch he gets hurt and she says “what now.” I said he will still get paid. She gets that triumphant look on her face and says…”bet that happens a lot.”
    Going to see some changes soon. Bullpen has nothing in the tank.

  9. DHud

    I dreamt last night that the Reds announced Reed would be making his final start for Louisville on Saturday before being called up to stay.

    I’m disappointingly searching all media outlets looking for that report this morning….

  10. GreatRedLegsFan

    Two key plays for the game were when Barnhart was sent home at the top of 13th with Bruce at the plate and two outs with Braves pitcher struggling. Also, it was too much to ask from Simon for another inning, his arm is death.

    • ohiojimw

      In the top of the 13th when barnhart was out at home on the Votto single, the next Reds batter would have been Simon with 2 outs. He was batting in Phillips original spot, Phillips having been doubled switched out of the game when Simon came in to pitch the 12th.

      Right or wrong, and that is open to debate, Hatcher probably sent Barnhart thinking the chances were better of a poor throw than of Simon getting the run in.

      Votto’s hit came with 2 outs, the bases loaded, and on a 3/2 count. Thus the runners should have been moving with the pitch. What also needs to be questioned is what was Barnhart doing that he was out by so much when he should have been breaking from 2nd on the pitch?

      • vegastypo

        Those are good points. I had not realized that Simon’s spot in the order was up next.

      • Patrick Jeter

        I didn’t realize that either when I made a twitter comment last night. I still think it was the wrong call for a few reasons.

        First, Barnhart is going to be out easily. Outfielders generally don’t air mail throws that aren’t rushed. The LFer wasn’t rushed because he could easily still see Barnhart on 3B when he was loading to throw. Any soft toss into the catcher and Barnhart is out. Even if the throw is off-line, the catcher had plenty of time to corral it and still tag out Barnhart.

        Second, even Simon as a pitcher probably has something like a .100 true talent OBP. So, there’s still a 10% chance Simon doesn’t get out.

        Third, wild pitches, hit batsmen, and balks exist. There’s a small chance a run scores on some way other than Simon reaching base.

        Fourth, maybe Price pulls a rabbit out of the hat and pinch hits Finnegan or someone for Simon, increasing the odds a little.

        Either way, I don’t think Hatcher made the right call because Barnhart had virtually no chance of being safe given that the LFer knew he didn’t have to rush his throw. I feel like Hatcher made his mind up that he was sending the runner on any hit, even a scorched liner right to the fielder.

  11. IndyRedMan

    I watched the end this morning. Lost in Simon’s inevitable meltdown was the second hit. The ball was about 3 feet from Votto and I bet 80% of the 1B in mlb atleast get 1 out? He’s got to be better than this?

    • Patrick Jeter

      No, he’s not. And neither are most of the other 1Bman in MLB. Most 1Bman are bad defenders. That is why they play 1B.

  12. IndyRedMan

    Also it might be wise to slow the roll on Holt. He’s 3 for his last 25! When you have zero power then they play you so shallow that its hard to get a ball to drop in! I think he’s another one like Barnhart that would be much more effective with limited use.

    • ohiojimw

      Or as Sparky Anderson used to remind us, play even a good bench player long enough at a stretch and he will remind everyone why he is a good bench player.

      • lwblogger2

        I love that quote and it is true. There are guys who are good in limited stretches that are not so good when played almost every day, and exposed.

  13. james garrett

    Nothing left to say about Simon.He is what he is.Another example of Walt picking up players he knows and the results are so predictable.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Yeah, I can’t fault Price for pitching Simon last night, even for multiple innings. He’s on the 25-man roster and in an extra-inning game, someone in the bullpen has to pick up multiple innings, especially when the starter doesn’t make it through the 3rd inning.

      I thought (maybe hoped is a better description) that Simon might provide an effective bridge until the starters return from the DL and then provide support for the bullpen. Obviously that’s not the case and a DFA needs to be completed at the earliest opportunity. If the Reds felt JJ was ready for another shot after his performance at AAA, maybe Jumbo is ready for another shot too after dominating at AAA.

  14. Shchi Cossack

    Votto had ANOTHER(!) 3 SO game. That’s the 5th game this season with 3 SO. The Old Cossack couldn’t remember a single game prior to this season where Votto had 3 SO, so I looked. It turns out that Votto has averaged about 1 such game a month, some months with 2, some months with 1, and a few with none. That surprised me a lot. I guess when Votto is hitting like Votto, such events become less worrisome, but when Votto has struggled for 2 months like this season, they become magnified.

    Votto still sports a SO%>25%, but since beginning his serious run in the Rox series, Votto has maintained a 23.3% SO% and a 20.6% BB%. That’s closer to Vottoesque. In the last 22 games, Votto has increased his OPS by 116 points, from .692 to .808. He now finds himself lumped among the good 1B (Freeman, Myers, Davis, etc). By the all star break, Votto is on pace to compete with the elite 1B (Rizzo, Belt, Cabrera, Goldschmidt, etc.) By the end of the season, Votto could very well be competing again for MVP honors.

    I suppose it’s time for the Old Cossack to quit worrying about Votto and just let Votto take care of business.

    • ohiojimw

      I don’t think JV gets seriously into the MVP talk this year. The world is still fixated on batting average, HR’s, and RBIs to a point where he is not going to recover enough from his very slow start. Then there’s that whole issue of a guy from a losing team needing to be head and shoulders better to get mentioned in the same breath as guys on contending teams.

      What I’m really looking forward is the debate that might break out here at RLN if Duvall manages to maintain his current OPS/ OPS+ level to the end of the year, high K rate and all 🙂 And yes expand that to whether Votto’s uber OBP outweighs Duvall’s uber slugging %. Throw in the relative impact of Duvall’s OK to good defense versus the mess Votto has become at 1B; and, we probably have enough fuel to keep the hot stove Reds hot all winter.

      Of course Duvall keeping on is a lot less probable than JV continuing his offensive recovery but a man can dream.

      • lwblogger2

        The eye test says he’s been a fair defender. He wasn’t very good last night however overall, he’s made some really nice plays and he’s butchered some easy ones. It seems like he’s making more mistakes than he has in the past, but again, that’s the eye test. I don’t think he’s any better than average at 1B from the eye test and feel he’s been a little below average defensively overall.

        The defensive metrics are split on him. Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) doesn’t like him much, having him at -7 for the season. His UZR is 1.0 and his UZR/150 is 2.6. That’s above league average over a full season and about the same as it’s been since 2013. He posted far superior UZR/150 in the 6’s and 7’s in 2011 and 2012. His FLD% is .991 and his career mark is .993. Inside Edge Fielding has him pretty much solidly in the middle on most plays and on “routine plays” he appears above average. Those metrics are all with under half a season’s worth of sample size though. On top of that, I’m still iffy on defensive metrics. Since they are split on him, I’d have to say that as far as the metrics, he’s been about an average fielder.

      • Patrick Jeter

        Thank you.

        Everyone loses their mind when Votto makes an error. Good to see some sanity on the topic! He’s not “good” and never will be. But neither are most 1Bman.

    • VaRedsFan

      @ Cossack…It’s not only the strikeouts, it’s how he is striking out. I forget the inning, but Peraza had just stole 2nd with 2 outs. Now in Joey’s mind, he probably believes they are going to pitch around him and walk him. Not so, 3 straight down the pipe (not edge of the plate strikes) that he took, only managing that feeble check swing of his on the 3rd one. This happened one other time later in the game, where on strike 3 (down the middle) he fired off that check swing again.

  15. Ryan

    I had a fun time watching this game, yeah my fiance and I were upset when Simon couldn’t record an out in the 13th, but it was a very exciting game to watch. At some points you have to realize we are just watching a game, and you have to enjoy it.

  16. IndyRedMan

    Adam Duvall is now ranked the 52nd best player on yahoo in fbb! Bryce Harper is 61. Raise your hand if you predicted that! Bruce is 27th by the way

    • Patrick Jeter

      Harper is a mystery to me. How you can go from the best non-Bonds season in 50 years to being this cold (he’s still walking and well above average overall) for 2+ months is wild. Well… I guess Votto almost did the same thing…

  17. wizeman

    I am not sure who will pitch Saturday. I have always wanted to see more of Stephenson but am guessing Reed. Lots of guys went two plus last night so have to wonder if we see some different folks from the Bats. Jumbo seems to have found his way down there.
    Ramirez pitched well last night but has not happened often.Morris was clutching his shoulder so if he goes on DL that solves a roster issue.
    Hoping we have seen the last of Simon so that would be 2 roster openings. Is Samson going to be a starter?
    Rotation fixtures look to be Disco, Finnegan and Strally. Bailey probably a month out. Jury still out on Lamb. Have to see Stephenson and Reed soon… don’t you think?
    Going to fight the heat and see them again today.

  18. Carl Sayre

    The three things I took away from this game. I absolutely have no clue why Price is still the manager so I am biased. That was my disclaimer I know my view is shaded but Holt is in CF because of BHam ‘s concussion you have to decide to sit Barnhart either on Wednesday night or Thursday so there are 2 bench players. My problem with Price making decisions why already 2 starters down and Disco just now back would you play Peraza and Dejesus and put 4 subpar players behind him? The second thing is the Reds took a cheap chance on Simon and he didn’t turn the trick why is he still taking up a roster spot? The most troubling and this is just a feeling as I listened to the game instead of being able to view it. The way it was called on the radio made it sound like Bruce is just treading water that he has already quit just waiting for the trade. This may or may not been the reason he was smoked at least twice in the filed last night (I was traveling and could only listen) this is a question that has came to my mind a couple of other games that I was watching. This brings me back to my favorite obsession why is Bryan Price still the manager. He is not part of the plan moving forward and even if you replace him with Riggleman another one who can’t be part of future plans. The firing of Price may not help anything but it can’t hurt much more and it does seem like this team is getting comfortable playing terrible baseball. Phillips is aging but as a team this has been a much better fielding team so what is the reason they are so bad all of a sudden it is a losing mindset.

    • Patrick Jeter

      As much as I dislike Price as the manager, I’m firmly in the “keep him on” camp, at least until the team turns the corner towards competition.

      For some unverifiable reason, I just think a fresh manager, that wasn’t part of the losing-on-purpose Reds, will be more effective if he starts in 2017 or 2018, rather than now. Let Price take the beating, then bring someone new in, preferably from outside the org. If it is Delino DeShields, I’ll quit life.