Submit questions on draft

Doug Gray is recording a video today with his thoughts on the Reds 2016 draft. He’ll post the video here tomorrow morning. If you have questions, ask them in the comments section. He’ll try to get to as many as he can. The earlier you submit your questions the more likely he’ll answer.

16 thoughts on “Submit questions on draft

  1. Were the very late selections of high schoolers a way to pay big bonuses to sign them? And how good are those kids?

    • Doug, I’ll second this one. I’d love to hear your opinion on Moss too.

  2. Will Scott Boras representing Nick Senzel delay the start of his pro career with some aggressive contract demands?

  3. Would you have been mad if the Reds drafted Ken Griffey Jr’s son in the 30th round like the Mariners did in the 24th?

  4. Thanks for the questions everyone. I will try to get all of these answered, but also want to keep the video under 10 minutes. Hopefully I can get through all of these in that time span (people tend to start to tune out after much longer).

  5. Someone reported Trammell signed for 3.2M and Okey 2.0M. Can you confirm that?

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