Hey, look at that win yesterday. One of our readers pointed out that the team has stood a fairly impressive W-L record when I post the previews, which means that I’ve noticed and it will stop pretty much immediately.

Today is Game 2 of Reds (23-38) and the Athletics (25-35) three-game series. I’d say something horrid and borderline non-family-safe right here about Oakland or perhaps even Jed Lowrie, but it’s 5:34 AM, birds outside the window are yelling at me that I might want to stop working for the night, and I need to wake up for a very long day in far fewer seconds than I’d care to consider. Feel free to throw something in yourself right here:

Great point!  That was hilarious and also poignant. I knew I could count on you.


1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Brandon Phillips (2B)
4. Jay Bruce (RF)
5. Adam Duvall (LF)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Tyler Holt (CF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Dan Straily (P)
1. Coco Crisp (CF)
2. Jed Lowrie (2B)
3. Stephen Vogt (C)
4. Danny Valencia (3B)
5. Khris Davis (LF)
6. Yonder Alonso (1B)
7. Marcus Semien (SS)
8. Max Muncy (RF)
9. Kendall Graveman (P)




-Taylor Swift

-Harry Potter in all his various trademarked forms

-The Beatles

-(insert most recent obnoxious fashionable Broadway show here)


Star Wars

Do you feel me? I don’t know what my tipping point was on this– NASCAR night, the eighth garden gnome giveaway, or Moselle Franconian Speaking Peoples Originating in Alsace-Lorraine With Broken a Left Tibia Day at Great American. I am weary, as a baseball fan, of being sliced and diced into increasingly smaller specialty groups.

Look, I understand that MLB needs to bring in new pairs of eyeballs to survive. I’m a Thoroughbred racing writer; I know what a gasping sport looks like. It’s better to permanently hook some newbies on Free Australian Rules Football Post Pads Day at the expense of slightly annoying the die-hards, because we die-hards will always come back.

Which is why I am increasingly uncomfortable with the likes of the Reds lineup appearing badly Photoshopped Jedi robes on the Jumbotron. If you’re at a ballpark for a ballgame, I don’t expect you to put up with my intergalactic hairbuns blocking your view of the third base foul pole. I suppose this bothers me because it’s a tacit admission that the game alone isn’t enough anymore, and we now live in an American in which the national pastime must be augmented with lightsabers and giant inflatable spaceships.

And that maybe the game alone isn’t enough to hold us together anymore.


 Dan Straily 3.34 67.1 59 1.13 NO ONE CARES
Kendall Graveman 5.49 57.1 42 1.60 NO ONE CARES


High seats anger Marty.



Actually there are one or two things on that list I violently dislike, but I’m not saying what they are. People know where I live.


49 Responses

  1. JB WV

    As long as there’s beer and ML players on the field I can stay at the park until the cows come home- though I’m sure you would prefer horses. I love gangster movies. How about some old clips on the jumbo-thing instead of that other garbage? I would enter another level of pleasure.

  2. seat101

    Star Wars bores me. I know that’s like saying you are a Democrat in Orange County or a Republican in Hollywood. Or even worse, a Cincinnati fan (of anything) in Pittsburgh.

    I have no trouble with these promotions, though. I see them a symbiotic not parasitic. Plus my 14, 12, and three-year-old think it’s cool.

    And, speaking of retro, it seems that the first third of the season was a “Lost” promotion every game.

  3. JB WV

    On a more serious note, are the Reds really confident they can sign Trammell, 2nd pick, or is he more likely to take GT’s scholarship? That would sure be a waste if he does.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Have to believe they know the signing $$$ before hand. Standard for clubs to talk to agents to find out the signing bonus. Can’t believe they would choose someone they don’t plan to sign given the Rebuild. That’s the point of saving money on the major league roster this year. It would be really disappointing if they don’t.

      • JB WV

        That was my thinking, but the Reds have been burned before. Hard to believe they would draft a guy that high they weren’t positively sure they could sign.

      • msanmoore

        I’m thinking things have changed a lot over the past few years. These deals are as close to “done” as you can legally and ethically get them when the selection is made. And with the bonus pool structures, you know a lot more parameters up front than you used to (or so it seems).

  4. ohiojimw

    It is official now that Daniel Wright gets the start Monday. Maybe we need to send the Reds front office the links to the MLBTR.com Super2 analysis so they can read that the date should be safely in the rearview mirror by now.

  5. ohiojimw

    There is no one or nothing on your first list I really care about except the Beatles; and, having been around and of prime target age when that all went down for real, I understand exactly what you are saying about some of the Johnny and Jane come latelys who don’t have a clue. On the other hand, I am an original Trekkie, so we could have an issue where Star Wars is concerned……

  6. vegastypo

    mlb.com is showing today’s A’s pitcher as Daniel Mengden. Never heard of him. Of course, I had never heard of Kendall Graveman either.

  7. msanmoore

    I think the line from “The Rookie” sums it up well …

    “You know what we get to do today, Brooksie? We get to play baseball.”

    I’m almost ready to consider the possibility of maybe pulling the trigger on my annual Fathers’ Day gift of 1/2 price mlb.tv for myself … almost. We are getting fun to watch at times and for $50 I’m not sure I want to miss it.

    Nice, refreshing perspective as always MBE.

    • Darrin

      Is that a thing again this year? Can’t seem to find the coupon.

      • msanmoore

        Happens over Fathers’ Day weekend. They don’t announce it until the week before. I’d be surprised if they don’t do it again.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Aw thanks. Please work on an annual Aunt’s Day so I collect from the proper people.

  8. Indy RedMan

    Cozart Ks on 5 pitches…maybe 1 strike at most? I like him and a great defender but that’s just low baseball IQ when you talking about a nervous kid making his first start? To change the culture they have to get rid of Cozart/BP to start!

    • J

      BP definitely sets an “it doesn’t matter when you swing” tone for this team. Very annoying. But ultimately it’s up to the manager to put an end to this. As far as I can tell he’s never so much as suggested anyone might ever take a pitch for any reason.

    • greenmtred

      One bad at-bat and you want to get rid of him? The Reds haven’t seen him before and none of them did much hitting. He’s highly touted and clearly has good stuff.

  9. Darrin

    I don’t Bruce quite got all of that one…my lord.

  10. Darrin

    Straily has been a welcome surprise this year

    • Indy RedMan

      He can wiggle out of some jams alright! I don’t know why they were playing Burns so deep but Holt made the play! Straily/Holt are both keepers that get all they can out of their talent!

      Also extend Bruce!!! He’s prob not going to OPS over .900 this year or any other but he’s making strides and not rolling over on everything away like in the past. We can trade him but how do we replace the production? He’s durable and he’s a good teammate as well!

      • Darrin

        They both absolutely do. Ive been waiting for the seemingly inevitable Bruce deer in the headlights month…..but he seems more consistent than I ever remember, I wouldn’t disagree with an extension at this point, I also don’t see a definitive way to replace his production.

      • Jack

        I have to say Bruce has been a pleasant surprise. I was down on him earlier but he has made nice improvements with his bat. I wouldn’t mind keeping him.

  11. james garrett

    Price will need to consider dropping Cosart down in the order unless his hitting picks up because he isn’t going to walk any at all.Hard to complain about his offense so far but its no secret he start hacking in the dugout.

    • Chuck Schick

      Price is the lame duck manager for a rebuilding team. I seriously doubt that he sets the lineup. The FO wants to expiriment with some guys and showcase others. Cozart is being showcased.

      • Jack

        I think if it was up to Price he would have shipped half the pitchers out by now. Especially Simon. I think they want the top pick and this team is ruining their plans.

      • Chuck Schick

        Good points. I don’t believe playing for the 1st pick is what they’re doing. I believe they would prefer to win than lose…..but, all that matters this year is determining who can pitch. To their credit, they didn’t make any panic moves a few weeks ago and move future pitchers to shore up the bullpen.

  12. Patrick Jeter

    Votto’s last 5 balls in play have been 100, 98, 94, 91, 95 mph. Of course the only hit is the slowest hit ball. Baseball…

    • Darrin

      He had three just misses last night. On an unrelated note, I picked up a few Brandon Dixon 2014 Bowman refractors, a silver wave /25, red wave /25 and a pink wave /65…….sure hope he decides to keep hitting or I’m out a giant 15 buckkos. It’s kinda like currency speculation, kinda.

  13. Jack

    Mary Beth I hate to say anything but you have Oaklands record wrong . I kept looking at it thinking how the heck have they only played 50 games. I’m pretty sure Oakland would be happy with it though. Maybe tomorrow you can changels the Reds around. You have become the lucky charm.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Sorry and thanks. And, good, I guess. And I’ll try to stop doing these at the end of a work day which terminates at 6:15 AM.

  14. DHud

    Was curious so looked it up real quick:

    Suarez is on pace to strike out 175 times this year.

    May not be Adam Dunn a lot, but still a lot

  15. preacherj

    Why is Ole coming into a one run game un the ninth?

  16. hof13

    This is going to be interesting – Ohlendorf pitching the 9th