The Cincinnati Reds (22-37) will play for their 3rd straight series win tonight in this final of 3 games against the St. Louis Cardinals (31-28.) It’s a pitching rematch from April 16th, where the Reds pounded out nine runs against the redbirds and managed to hold onto a 9-8 victory.


Adam Wainwright 5.40 4.17 1.0 5.8% 14.7%
Brandon Finnegan 4.36 4.47 1.3 11.4% 15.4%

In that April 16th game, Wainwright was chased from the game after giving up seven runs over 5.1 innings. That was his third start of the season, giving him an ugly 8.27 ERA, which has been slowly dropping to its current number. He has struggled to keep runs off the scoreboard all season, in large part due to his career low strikeout rate of 14.7%.

Brandon Finnegan is hoping to keep a good thing going. He’s pitched into the 7th inning in each of his last three games and allowed just six runs over those 20.2 innings. During that span, he’s dropped his ERA by more than a half run from 4.44 to 3.89.


SP: Adam Wainwright SP: Brandon Finnegan
1. Matt Carpenter (2B)
2. Aledmys Diaz (SS)
3. Matt Holliday (LF)
4. Stephen Piscotty (RF)
5. Yadier Molina (C)
6. Brandon Moss (1B)
7. Jedd Gyorko (3B)
8. Randal Grichuk (CF)
9. Adam Wainwright (P)
1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Brandon Phillips (2B)
4. Jay Bruce (RF)
5. Adam Duvall (LF)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Tyler Holt (CF)
8. Ramon Cabrera (C)
9. Brandon Finnegan (P)

Tyler Holt getting a start in CF because Billy Hamilton is undergoing a concussion protocol stemming from his head first slide into third base last night.


Reds pitching is great … if you want a souvenir. Cincinnati allowed four home runs in its 12-7 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals to get to 101 taters served so far this season. According to Elias Sports Bureau, the Reds earned the dubious distinction of giving up 100 home runs faster than any team in history besides the 2000 Kansas City Royals, who did it in 57 games.

The 2016 June draft starts tonight with the first two rounds beginning at 7pm. The Reds have the #2 selection in the draft. I’m sure there are all sorts of news sources you can check, but you’ll find the most Reds-centric discussion at Doug Gray’s

A win tonight would make a third consecutive series win in a row! That’s what I said last night, and I’m sticking to it again tonight.


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  1. lwblogger2

    Down at the CBTS Technology Pavilion now. Briefing starts any minute, then food and the game. Let’s hope the Reds rough up Wainwright.

  2. lwblogger2

    On the fastest to 100 HR given up, that’s a pretty dubious distinction considering the steroids era was still going on.

  3. ohiojimw

    Dayan Diaz starting for Louisville tonight. What they waiting for on Garrett? Fallout from the MLB club?

  4. DHud

    Billy finally starts hitting the ball, gets his average up to .270, and gets banged up. Figures.

  5. DEN

    With the continual concern of concussions in pro sports you have to wonder when MLB will ban the headfirst slide.

  6. DEN

    Saw that the White Sox released Mat Latos, incredible how someone just a few seasons back had so much promise for a pretty decent career in the majors as a pitcher has really fallen. How much I hate Walt, gotta love he got rid of Mat and got pretty decent return for him from the Marlins.

  7. DEN

    Phillies took a HS kid Mickey Moniak OF La Costa Canyon HS (Carlsbad, Calif.) with the first pick, Reds on the clock..

    • TR

      I like this pick. Offense, which the Reds need and third base, a vital position needed on a winning team.

  8. seat101

    Adam DeVol just took the first two pitches.then he got a single. And RBI single.

    I like it!


    Just a note — June 9, 2016 for blog title (got thrown off :))
    Hope Senzel is the hitting power he seems to be… 🙂

  10. lwblogger2

    That’s one that Jay might have thrown him out on in the past.

  11. seat101

    How does one get a low pitch count if you get squeezed by the unpires and strikeout a lot of batteris?

  12. james garrett

    You don’t get a low pitch count that way.What you do is like Wainwright.You get ahead and then make em chase and they get themselves out.Of course we are going to hack at anything so he really doesn’t have to throw strikes.Its a big time flaw that we have had for years.

    • seat101

      You are right! That means we keep the opposing pitcher’s pitch count down, don’t we?

      When my father served in Panama during World War II he played on the camp baseball team. Their manager was a catcher from the suddenly never made it any higher up in the Dodger system. He made every batter take pictures until there was a called strike.

      He said that even though the opposition knew that’s what all the batters
      were doing it seem to get into their heads. Then the pitchers ended up grooving pitches that they could hit.

      He also told the players never attempt to steal on an even count. My dad and I never figured out whether it was anything but a superstition.

  13. hof13

    This doesn’t bode well. Reds are going to be into their bullpen before Wainwright is out of the game. Win probability low with a 1 run lead.

  14. lwblogger2

    At 96 pitches, I have no idea why he was hitting there.

      • lwblogger2

        I guess but I don’t want Finnegan at 120 pitches.

      • hof13

        I don’t mind him having 110. I think it’s good for him to get pushed a little past 100. Growing for the future.

      • lwblogger2

        110 isn’t bad. Getting an extra inning with this pen may be worth it too.

  15. lwblogger2

    First pitch and Joey drilled. Intentional?

  16. james garrett

    Great job by Finnegan that will be wasted.Wainwright set down 15 straight striking out 7 along the way on 59 pitches after the first inning.