Final R H E
St. Louis Cardinals (30-28) 6 10 0
Cincinnati Reds (22-36) 7 12 4
W: Cingrani (1-2) L: Siegrest (4-1)
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The Good
–After the Reds had blown a 6-1 lead and a good start by John Lamb, Joey Votto came to the rescue with a walkoff home run in the bottom of the ninth. The homer was Votto’s 11th; he also doubled.

–Billy Hamilton — yes, that Billy Hamilton — was 3-3 with a home run. An over-the-fence homer, his second of the year. Just in case you were confused, Hamilton also swiped two bases against the Cardinals’ neck-tatted catcher.

–Adam Duvall hit a homer, his 17th, off Mike Leake in the bottom of the fourth. Duvall collected his first career homer (also his first hit) off Leake, was traded for Leake last year, then bruised another one off him tonight.

–Every Reds position player got a hit.

–John Lamb was very effective again tonight: 7.1 innings, one earned run allowed on four hits. Then, when he was removed from the game in the eighth inning, he actually drove off the field in his yellow Trans-Am. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on a baseball field in my life.

The Bad
–The defense. The defense was very bad. Eugenio Suarez and Brandon Phillips — yes, that Brandon Phillips — each made two errors. BP’s errors were particularly costly.

With the Reds leading 6-1, Lamb walked the first batter, but induced a grounder to third. Phillips took the throw, recording the first out at second, but threw the ball away. Then, on the very next batter, BP made another error, leaving runners at first and third. Enter Blake Wood: sacrifice fly made it 6-2, two singles and a double made it 6-4.

–In the ninth, Tony Cingrani pulled his usual stunts: single, fly out, single, double, tie ball game.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–According to StatCast (and our very own Patrick Jeter on Twitter), Votto’s 411-foot walkoff home run was his hardest-hit ball of the season, at 107 mph.

Joey Votto is back, my friends.

–It was good to see Mike Leake again, even if he was wearing a hideous uniform tonight. His former teammates greeted him rudely, scoring six runs on ten hits in Leake’s six and a third innings.

–Lamb has gone at least seven innings in two straight starts; he’s the first Red to accomplish that this year.

–You know, Hamilton is now hitting .263/.303/.391. When you factor in his defense and baserunning, I’ll take those numbers. Really, I will. This is actual progress from Billy, and it’s great to see.

–Duvall has hit 10 home runs in his last 15 games, four of his last five. That’s getting it done.

–Billy Hamilton hit a home run and Brandon Phillips made two errors. Just another night in the ol’ Queen City.

–The Reds have blown five-run leads on back-to-back days, but they’ve now won five out of six games. This is a good development.

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  1. Patrick Jeter

    Ya know, since meeting me, John Lamb has gone 14.1 innings with 2 ER.

    Just sayin’…

      • lwblogger2

        Great idea!! They all need to meet Patrick and sign some autographs for him! Worked for Lamb! Patrick, you should go for it. Baseball players are extremely superstitious and if you tell them that little nugget, some will probably take you up on it!

      • Patrick Jeter

        If Lamb keeps it up maybe I can parley it into a spot on the team plane/bus to travel with them the rest of the season!

  2. ohiojimw

    It was almost worth the agony of seeing that 5 run lead blown to experience the ecstasy of seeing #19, JDV, run the dagger through the Cardinales in such fine fashion…..

    • lwblogger2

      Only I missed the fun part!! Silly me turned off the game.

      • ohiojimw

        About the same here. I left the TV room when the pen started melting down but fortunately left the TV on (plus had the DVR running) and got back in there just in time for the highlights on the postgame show.

  3. mdhabel

    Cards fan sitting behind me was chirping all game. Once I knew Votto’s blast was out, I turned around to say something but he was already on his way up the stairs, left his whole family behind in the seats. Classic.

    i had mentally prepared myself to lose that game but sometimes it just works out.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Ahh, he robbed you of your sweet, sweet retribution! Typical WLB!

      • pinson343

        Aren’t they out of jerks in the jerk store ?

    • Brett Witterstaetter

      Was at the game and on Votto’s second strikeout, he wasn’t pleased with the umpire. On the second strike before swinging at a horrible pitch, he took his usual extra time out of the box. After striking out, he slammed his helmet in the dugout and threw his bat down the tunnel, then disappeared for a few minutes.

      During his at bats he was constantly working on his swings. Some take his poor performance this year as just cashing a check, expecting greats to always be great, but the guy clearly cares. I was secretly hoping the relief pitching gave up runs so he got another at bat in th 9th. Man did he deliver

  4. Lee Carter

    Hopefully the boys will develop the scrappy hard nosed brand of baseball embodied by the BRM. We have a long way in talent but I’m focused on mentality here and the compete level each day. That will go a long way in the development of the young players who are coming up. We’ve heard about the “way” now the reds need their own ethos.

  5. ohiojimw

    So did somebody give Lamb a wake up call or are the last two outings just a normal progression of him coming off surgery followed up by the thumb incident? Does it matter as long as he continues to pitch as he has in the last two games?

    • Patrick Jeter

      I like to think Lamb has turned a corner, but the BB and K still aren’t in a great spot for long-term success.

      • ohiojimw

        That’s why I’m hoping it is recovery progression. If he gets his 4 seam FB back up regularly in the 92 range, then he should start missing bats like he was last year. That should bring K’s and cut BBs.

    • VaRedsFan

      Well, he is now, just starting watching video scouting reports. Sounds like as good of an explanation as any.

      • christiancuriosities

        Yeah, when I heard the announcers mention that I was shocked. I figured all players did their homework in the scouting department. Guess I was wrong. I’m also glad that Lamb did it and has great success on back to back outings. Maybe he will now become a student of the game and an anchor for our pitching staff in the upcoming years. Go Reds!

    • pinson343

      Lamb just looks like a solid major league pitcher to me. Very smooth, delivery, command of multiple pitches, etc. His problem has been making mistakes in the strike zone. Hopefully his last two outings are an indication that he won’t consistently have that problem. (Otherwise we have another Eric Milton).

      • lwblogger2

        At least he’s making less than Milton 😉

    • greenmtred

      Chris Welsh(I think) was saying that Lamb has very recently started studying video and learning the other team’s hitters.

  6. Redsfan48

    Still would like to see Hamilton raise his OPS (specifically the OBP part) to at least .700, and hopefully toward the league average (around .720) but it’s nice to see him hitting better.

    • pinson343

      A higher OBP would definitely be good but OPS does not capture what Hamilton does on offense. When he gets on base his likelihood of scoring (other things being equal) is higher than other players. And it’s not just the stolen bases, which could easily be factored in.

      Back to OBP, the bouncy ground ball single to SS was in a way even nicer to see than the HR. Batting LHed he’s done more of hitting the ball on the ground the other way this year.

      • CP

        I get that the likelihood of him scoring when he gets on base is higher than other players, but the likelihood of others (including himself) scoring when he’s at the plate is lower as well, because of his complete lack of power. I suspect that it basically evens out, especially since he doesn’t get on base all that much.

        Still, I’m pretty happy with B-Ham if he can put up a 80 wRC+ or higher. I doubt that he can, but a fellow can hope.

  7. ohiojimw

    If Lorenzen and Iglesias make it through rehab successfully, they should be with the Reds in 3 weeks or even less. My guess is the guys we will see sent down to make room for them are likely to be the younger guys, Smith and Wright, the long and middle men in the Reds pen.

    Price has said (and I am paraphrasing) that he is going to start them out slowly in low leverage situations to let them get their feet on the ground and allow him to judge how best to use each of them (given they are to be in the pen for now).

    However I’ve got to believe that about as quickly as they demonstrate they can throw strikes, they are going to be working in tandem to finish out games when the starter leaves with the Reds having a lead from the 7th inning onward.

    • Reaganspad

      Our schedule is very favorable to get healthy and make a run at 500

      Then they cannot trade Jay

      • greenmtred

        We are entering the manic phase of our collective manic-depressive personality. Next loss or two will send us back to the familiar depressive phase.

      • Chuck Schick

        Assuming you’re right and they get close to .500 ( in my opinion a HUGE stretch) why wouldn’t they trade Bruce?

        It’s going to take 95 wins or more to win the Central and WC is likely at least 90. Why would they not take the opportunity to improve long term? Does it matter if they win 83 games with Bruce vs 79 without him? ( even 79 is a huge stretch with him).

      • ohiojimw

        The decision on Bruce could also involve where they see themselves next year with and without him.

        If they see themselves as a legit WC contender (in 2017) with him but don’t see that they would be in that situation without him, they could make the choice it was worth their while to take the results on the field and let him walk; or, if the WC run did not materialize, trade him for what he would bring as a rental at the 2017 deadline.

    • pinson343

      I have a lot of confidence that Lorenzen and Iglesias can pitch better than anyone currently in the bullpen. One of them will be closing not too long after coming back.

      I was hoping that Moscot could help the bullpen but for now agree with Price’s saying he needs to be back at AAA.

      I agree with you that Wright, who has potential, will be sent back to the minors so he can resume pitching regularly.

      My other guess would be that Morris gets sent down, not Smith. Neither has much upside, and Smith doesn’t stink as much as Morris.

      • ohiojimw

        I think we haven’t seen the last of Wright by a long shot. The guy just looks like a pitcher versus a somebody with toolsey stuff that is clueless as to how to use it. He could end up as a back end rotation innings eater, allowing them to flip somebody perceived as having a higher ceiling for position talent or he could end up in the pen.

        I’d actually forgotten that Morris was even still around. However assuming Bailey comes through his rehab OK, they are going to need a 3rd spot around the ASB anyway.

  8. GreatRedlegsFan

    Everything points out to have a much better 2nd half, when all arms in DL become available plus the likes of Reed and Stephenson. That should left a starting rotation of Bailey, Disco, Reed, Stephenson and Finnegan. If Lamb continues such strong outings there’d be also a case for him. I think Straily and Simon should join the bullpen plus Ohlendorf, Wood, Cingrani, Ramirez plus one more from the bunch.

  9. pinson343

    One of the downers this year is the horrible IF defense, I’m not used to that. Reminds me of the days that fans sitting near first base were ducking throws from EE and Felipe Lopez.

    Suarez is terrible at 3rd base. BP has declined to the point where he’s about average. Votto is average at best. Cozart is brilliant.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      I don’t know if Suarez will be any better at 3B than he was at SS and he was horrible at SS. Last year I learned how much I depended on Cozart’s steady play in the field.

    • greenmtred

      Agree, Pinson, and the conventional wisdom seems to be that Cozart will be traded. The level of incompetence that will provoke is scary.

    • Shchi Cossack

      When Suarez joined the Reds in the Simon trade, I heard claims of his good defense at SS. I looked back through his minor league history this week. Suarez has never been a good defensive SS and he reenforced that track record last season. This is also not his 1st time playing 3B and he has played worse defensively at 3B than he played at SS. During his minor league career, Suarez played significantly better defensively at 2B than either 3B or SS. I think his bat will play at the major league level, but his defense at SS and 3B will not play at the major league level. If Suarez will compete at any starting position for the Reds, it will be a 2B where his defense might allow the Reds to keep his bat in the lineup. Otherwise, his future role may be relegated to an utility IF position.

      Right now, with Phillips playing at an overall replacement level (0.0 WAR) and below replacement level defense, I think it’s time to move Suarez to the starting 2B position and Phillips to an utility IF position. Let’s find out if his glove and bat will play as a starting 2B now during the 2016 so the Reds have an idea of what holes still need to be filled going forward. This could have a significant impact on any decision to trade Cozart and/or Bruce this season if the Reds intend to compete in 2017. Of course, if the Reds realize that competing in 2017 is a pipe dream, then Cozart and Bruce should be traded anyway (unless the Reds can obtain a team friendly contract extention) since both Cozart and Bruce will become FA before the 2018 season.

  10. pinson343

    Here’s a very fun fact, it makes my night. That was Votto’s 5th walkoff HR. The only players with more than that as Reds: Frank Robinson, Tony Perez, Adam Dunn.

    Four of my favorite players of all time, in the same sentence.

    • mdhabel

      I will never forget being there when I was younger and seeing an Adam Dunn walkoff grand slam

      • Keith

        I remember that night — my new bride and I were out in the bleachers. Was an incredible comeback. Whenever I think of Dunn, that is the moment I recall.

  11. sezwhom

    Hamilton also swiped two bases against the Cardinals’ neck-tatted catcher.

    Molina doesn’t care about Hamilton. Doesn’t even attempt a throw. He looks at the bigger picture and I have to give him credit. Just focus on the hitter and get out of the inning. Did it work in the 8th?

    Phillips took the throw, recording the first out at second, but threw the ball away. In fairness, Suarez’s throw to BP was awful.

  12. wizeman

    really thought cingrani was going to be better. worst thing out of last night.
    getting solid pitching out of finnegan and lamb. what the long term view should be.
    phillips fielding decline really apparent

    • ohiojimw

      It was the Carpenter ground ball that really made the point on Phillips. The wild throw should have never been attempted but at least he was trying to make a play to get them out of the inning.

      BP may be many things, some very attractive to many folks and others very unattractive to many folks. However, we know he is a very proud person; and, I also believe one thing he isn’t is a fool.

      While he has made it clear he wants he to finish his contract (and thus presumably his career) in Cincy, I suspect he is at or near the point where if it is handled with finesse, he isn’t going to cause any ripples over being transitioned to a lesser role. Then maybe in the offseason the Reds and BP’s reps can come up with a creative work around to baseball’s no buyout rule to allow him to retire gracefully as a Red while saving the Reds a goodly portion of his projected 2017 salary.

      • WVRedlegs

        Like you said, BP isn’t a fool. He won’t “retire” with $13M still on the table for 2017. What the Reds need to do, if BP won’t accept a trade between now and Aug. 1, is to bite the financial bullet and release BP. That would be in the neighborhood of about $18M he would be owed. Pay the man and send him on his way. The Dodgers did just that with Carl Crawford for about $35M. I know, the Dodgers have deeeeep pockets.
        Will the Reds front office let $18M stand in the way of their re-build?? Resolving this situation very soon is paramount to the re-build.

      • ohiojimw

        The finesse way of doing it would be tom allow him to play out the year as a utility guy then DFA him in the off season. As soon as he clears waivers and is formally released, the team hosts a press conference for him to announce his retirement.

        Doesn’t cost the team a cent more than releasing him during the season.

      • CP

        What’s the hurry with BP? Cozart is destined to be traded and they apparently want Peraza at SS long term judging by his playing time in AAA. Blandino has struggled all year in AA, and its hard to put much faith in Dixon yet.

        There isn’t a heir apparent, so I don’t see why they’d DFA BP unless he became a toxic asset or someone forced their way into the starting lineup . There isn’t a point yet to cutting him.

      • Shchi Cossack

        The Reds do not need to DFA or release Phillips. The only way Phillips is interfering with any development or rebuild efforts would be as a starting 2B. If Phillips is moved to a utility IF role along with De Jesus, he is not blocking anyone. He would just be a VERY expensive utility IF, but his salary is a sunk cost. Now if the Reds could get some salary relief through a trade, then the Reds should certainly pursue that avenue. I don’t think Phillips has any remaining trade value at this point other than some pure salary relief and probably not even any value there either.

      • reaganspad

        I agree Cossack,

        And to have a 270 hitter on your bench that has occasional pop is not a bad thing.

        Playing BP every day where he is hurt or ding up and not 100% of what he could be today is the crime.

        3 days a week, he would be a much better contributor

  13. Scotly50

    Went thru the whole gambit of emotions in that game. Love to see players perform in pressure situations. Hopefully Votto is back.

  14. mdhabel

    I would like to shed some light on Cingrani getting the win. I know there are many #killthewin proponents here and this is case and point

    • dan

      It all evens out. He will one day pitch lights out… someone comit an error a run score and he will get the loss. Sample size is everything when it comes to wins.
      I doubt there was ever a bad 300 game winner, for that matter even a 200 game winner.

      • Patrick Jeter

        The point is that wins CANNOT be used to gauge pitcher skill.

        For example, who is better… a 15-6 pitcher, or a 16-5 pitcher? From that info alone, you cannot infer anything whatsoever.

      • docmike

        Maybe it evens out. Maybe it doesn’t. The point is, why use a stat that tells you absolutely nothing about how well the pitcher did his job.

        You can tell me that a pitcher got a win, or got a loss, and it tells me absolutely nothing about how well he did. All I know for sure is that the team won or lost.

      • Dan

        wins at a glance can tell you 2 things depending on if you are looking at a season or a career. for season Win totals in a high amount tells you he is either a starting pitcher or used in high leverage situations quite often. if you are looking at a career it tells you at glance if he was a winner or a loser (no pun intended)

  15. preacherj

    Heard the post game interview with BHam. When asked what he was more pleased with, the homer or the two SB, he didnt hesitate and said the SB. I was glad to hear that. Thats a regular part of his game.

  16. Yippee

    A few observations:

    1 – John Lamb looks like Bucky Covington. I bet his yellow Trans Am has an 8-track player in it that blasts “bad to the bone.”
    2 – Why isn’t Cingrani in Louisville? Wouldn’t be shocked to see him DFA’d later.
    3 – There are 3 ex-Reds on the Cards roster now (Broxton, Leake, and Pena).

    • reaganspad

      Cingrani is not going to be DFA’d

      there is a case that if the fielders make the plays they should, that we have a great bullpen night. all 3 runs were unearned

      it is a team game and everyone has to pick up the team. Early, it was Duvall and Lamb. Late it was Joey.

      Now he may need to work on making less hitable pitches 0-2, but that pitch was a pretty good pitch. Better play made by the hitter of course

      • ohiojimw

        A late inning reliever really needs a put away pitch. Cingrani and Wood were both woefully lacking in that category last night, regardless of the shaky defense behind them.

        Wood allowed 2 singles following 0-2 counts in addition to the hit off of Cingrani on an 0-2 count. And this seems to happen to Cingrani a lot.

      • Patrick Jeter

        The pitches hit for singles off Cingrani were good pitches. Sometimes hitters get lucky. Each of those could have easily been an out, but BABIP happens, ya know! 😉

    • Yippee

      He has a career WHIP of 1.34, he walks WAY too many batters. He’s still young but he needs to figure this out…how many more seasons does he get to do that?

      • CP

        Yet, he’s arguably the best reliever on the staff. Anyone of these guys could find themselves out of the majors at any time. It’s kind of amazing.

  17. IndyRedMan

    Lamb = Losing the cutter was a good move which means more change-ups and slow curves!
    Billy = What an atbat vs Broxton! That’s the kind of long atbat that really does damage one way or another on most nights!
    Duvall = I don’t think he’s a fluke! That swing is short and powerful!
    Joey = Glad to see him back to driving the ball and giving up on choking up and crouching like Pete Rose! Now that’s he doing damage then the walks will come back in bunches too!
    Cabrera = Barnhart is a smaller guy and needs more rest and Cabrera isn’t bad!

    Wood = Throws hard but maybe he needs to scrap the slider like Lamb’s cutter? Every slider I saw was a hanger and not enough speed drop to to be nothing more then a flat fastball? Can’t count on him in high leverage?
    CIngrani = Once again can’t count on him either? He’s throwing harder then ever but he’s not getting the swing and misses like he used to?
    BP = That error on Carpenters ball was huge! He had all day if he just smothers the ball and bobbles it a little bit? It will be a crime if he’s playing this much for the next 1.5 seasons? Let alone batting 3rd-4th like he’s one of the top hitters on the team?

  18. wizeman

    I know I am beating a dead horse here… but they never fight back…but there are things jocketty is not great at…. but making deals is not one of them. he can’t build a bench but scraps are scraps.
    suarez for simon.
    lamb, finnegan and reed not for cueto,,, but 2 months of cueto.
    duvall and the young pitcher not for leake… but 2 months of leake.
    peraza and the kid raking at AA for Frazier who was aging and too expensive.
    rookie davis for a damaged chapman. a 14 million dollar closer with a bad temper, driving record and domestic violence issues? if jagielo hits this is a steal.

    we can rightly complain about some moves… but lets not forget that many are calling for more playing time for holt and talking about strally as a valued piece.
    i don’t want to trade bruce and cozart is going to be tough to give up… but if that is the case i think jocketty is the right guy to do it.
    just saying

    • reaganspad

      Lively for Marlon Byrd

      Travis Wood for bullpen LH help in Sean Marshall.

      I would love to have either of those guys today.

      I like the Cueto deal and was surprised that KC gave up that much but then again it is Johnny Beisbohl.

      The trade of Todd Frazier was about the dumbest trade ever made. Superb defensive 3rd baseman who has 19 HRs and 42 RBIs while learning new league pitchers. Todd did not have to be traded when he was and that return is not overwhelming.

      Maybe Dixon will be great. Maybe Peraza will walk. but given the Cueto return, I would have Kept Super Todd, let him hit 50 HRs in 2016 and then trade him if you want to. I am not sold on that return

      I still think that this team can compete, but trading Chapman and Frazier did not have to happen when it did and I am not sold on the returns on those trades yet

      Chapman trade was at the worst possible time for ROI

      • Chuck Schick

        They attempted to compete in 2015 and Byrd was available and affordable. Stuff happens.

        Wood for Marshall was the right decision with the wrong outcome.

        Frazier is turning into Dave Kingman and they lost 98 games with him.

        No smart team spends 15% of their payroll on a guy who pitches 4% of their innings. Especially one that has no realistic shot to compete in the last year of his contract. Chapman is a 60 inning player who is fun to watch. His market value is based on the fact that he is a 60 inning pitcher in the last year of his contract…..not that he’s fun to watch.

    • WVRedlegs

      Jocketty is a fool’s fool. 2012 and 2013, nothing more need be said. Something more needed to be done about the Reds roster at the trade deadline both years, and Jocketty did nothing to help the offense. Nothing. Great starting pitching and bullpen both years. Then the window of opportunity slammed shut.

      • wizeman

        If big Bob said no money… there is no money.
        Hardly a fool.

      • reaganspad

        bad judgement of talent. Sean Marshall was a nice piece but was not an upgrade over Travis Wood, THAT money could have been invested elsewhere.

        And since he was so brilliant in finding Duvall this year, what does that say for 2015 where he took Marlon Byrd, and 14, and 13 and 12.

        We had Adam Dunn, then Jonny Gomes and Lance nix for a season of mix and match and then too many years of Candy Crush in the GM’s box instead of using that cell phone.

        Don’t get me started on the use of Chapman, or even trying Devin Mesoraco in LF when our roster was screaming for a bat.

        Marlon PEDS Byrd was the best he could do in trading one of our prized trinkets?

        No thanks

      • Chuck Schick

        They ran out of money. What was Jocketty suppose to do, ask for a government bail out?

        Playoff success is sheer luck. They had a good team and they lost. The Phillies won 102 games in 2011….made mid season moves and lost. The Cardinals won 100 last year and lost.

        How a team performs in a 5 game series….against another good team is utterly random. All a GM can do is build a roster that gets to the playoffs. Was Bob Howsam an idiot? Didn’t the Reds lose in 70,72 and 73 with the best record in baseball? Had the 75 Reds played the 75 Red Sox 162 times the Reds probably win 90-95 times. In a 7 games series, anything can happen.

        The Braves went to the playoffs 14 years in a row and won 1 title. Are they idiots?

      • lwblogger2

        I’ll add, based on Williams’ comments when he was doing a radio interview (don’t remember but think it was Lance McCallaster), that apparently the Reds were spending beyond their means in the last few years. This leads me to think that there is less payroll money and less room for payroll increases going forward than many of of thought. It’s concerning as heck and makes me wonder what the long term future of the franchise is.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Everything on that list except Duvall and maybe Suarez are still complete unknowns.

      Finnegan and Lamb have been right about replacement level pitchers. We have no idea if Reed will be good in the majors. Ditto for Peraza and the kid at AA on a babip-fueled hot streak (at age 24). Rookie Davis might be terrible, who knows? Jagielo is very unlikely to turn into anything given his profile.

      Sure, Jocketty is doing stuff… but you can’t declare any of these wins yet. It’s too early.

      (With that said, I like all these deals. I like Peraza much more than just about anyone else here at RLN, I think. Just playing devil’s advocate.)

  19. james garrett

    A win is a win but one thing is evident about BP and that is he surely is on the decline in the field.He has been a singles hitter for a couple of years now and with his defense declining it is time to give somebody else some playing time after the break.No need to continue with him as an every day player on a team in rebuild mode.

    • Shchi Cossack

      This! Phillips ranks 11th out of 11 NL qualifying 2B with 8 errors and 11th of out 11 NL qualifying 2B with a .968 FLD%. Phillips also has a -0.2 dWAR is is playing at replacement level, 0.0 WAR, while making $13.MM this season. I was really hoping that Phillp’s performance from last season reflected an evasion of the aging curve he had exhibited since his age 30 season (2011), but alas, the 2015 looks like an outlier rather than bucking the trend. Irrespective of Jose Peraza being promoted and receiving playing time at 2B, Phillips should be shifted to a utlility IF role along with DeJesus until the Reds can move his contract or his contract expires.

      • reaganspad

        totally agree. His glove play in the last 4 games justifies a seat on the bench

      • TR

        Brandon Phillips knows he is not a part of the Reds future and he also knows the effort the Reds have made to trade him. Phillips has the right to refuse a trade and the Reds have a right to play Peraza or someone else at second base for the rebuild. It’s time to make him a utility infielder until he accepts a trade or his contract expires.

  20. james garrett

    I like what Chuck said about improving long term.Unless we can compete for a title or a wild card which is between 90 to 95 wins each year in our division you keep looking to improve your team.To me that means everybody is tradeable.We will be better the second half of this year and better next year but to get 90-95 wins we will have to make more moves.Our pitching will be ok because we have talent and depth but our offense needs some work going forward.Too many of the same kind of players that continue to do the same things they have always done.

    • reaganspad

      I agree that everyone is tradeable, but we are not in a sell or hold position. They are Not mutually exclusive. We should Always be improving our Roster. Wayne Krivsky was a master at making incremental roster upgrades. I think you look to improve your team when you win 95 games. You are not there (see Reds 2012) until you win the title

      Jay Bruce should be extended as should Cozart. Those guys can be traded at any time and if Cozart stays I am fine with that. He is so gifted at SS and good (or great) SS are so hard to find.

      Jay Bruce’s market value does not go down when he is at 280, 40 HRs and 128 RBIs

      Now you do need to make the proper decisions on 5/10 which walter did not do with Phillips….

      • lwblogger2

        I love Jay Bruce but if he’s at .280/40HR/128RBI at the end of the season, I’ll buy you a steak dinner. Not just a trip to Outback either but a good place!

  21. WVRedlegs

    What a brawl last night in the KC-Baltimore game. With as many batters that KC’s Yordano Ventura hits and throws at, he should be pitching for Pittsburgh and Clint Hurdle.

    • lwblogger2

      Can’t stand that kid. Pretty sure he regularly hits guys intentionally. It’s one thing to establish the inside corner and occasionally hit someone; it’s another to intentionally hit people. He does the latter and does so often. That’s my take on it.

  22. lwblogger2

    Bad, bad Lar (me). I turned off the game when the bullpen blew it and headed upstairs for a shower and bed. Was pleasantly surprised but a bit disappointed I didn’t get to see Votto’s game winner.

    • Patrick Jeter

      I did the same thing, but checked my phone to see when (if) Votto was due up again and turned it back on right as Cozart flied out!