Would ya look at that? The Cincinnati Reds (19-35), having won 3 of the last 4 games against the offensive juggernaut known as the Colorado Rockies, return home to face the Washington Nationals (33-21) for a three-game weekend series.

Three out of four in a row for series victory. #Awesometastic! The Reds haven’t done that since Woodrow Wilson was president (or something like that). They keep this up (and you just KNOW they will, right?), they’ll finish the season with 100 victories and will storm their way through the playoffs to an eventual World Series victory!

Imagine that!


Brandon Finnegan begins again after giving up 4 runs in six innings against the Brewers on Sunday. He’s been spotty of late, averaging about three earned runs and 5 or 6 innings a game since the beginning of May. He had an awesome outing against the Dodgers a few weeks ago that had our spirits lifted, but then his disastrous showing against the Brewers brought us all crashing down to the cold, hard floor of Reality.

The Nationals counter with Gio Gonzales, the only pitcher in the majors who’s first name sounds like a new piece of iTech. iGio! After dominating early on in the season, the Gonzales Train appears to have come off the rails a bit with big, recent losses to the New York Mehts and St. Louis Bleeps. Let’s hope the Good Guys can continue this trend and send iGio’s ERA well north of 4.00 after this contest is over.




This is the first time Dusty has been to GABP this season, so will everyone who plans to be at the game tonight make sure to scream loudly and let him know how much you love and miss him? kthx.

If he wants to trade us Daniel Murphy for Jay Bruce or Adam Duvall, go ahead and let him know we’ll take that as well. Bruce, after all, is an established veteran he’s coached in the past and, as we all know, Dusty:Veterans::Dogs:YouGetTheIdea.

Since the NBA finals will most likely take over the next few days of sports coverage (and since, as we previously stated, The Reds are about to go on an epic torrent of wins, despite the fact that they’re playing the third-best team in all of baseball), C-Trent Gildenstern should probably have a good time on Twitter. For a few days at least.


I know it can’t last. I know the darkness will fall again and we’ll spend the rest of the season hoping against hope that the Reds lose less than 110 games. But right now, in this moment, they’re on a small roll. So just let me enjoy it, okay?


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  1. reaganspad

    It is all about pitching. It actually could keep going if we keep getting good efforts and health for our rotation.

    2 weeks ago, I was counting how many games we were out of the #1 pick for next year. But he, you rip off 17 in a row and we are back in this thing.

    Makes it harder to trade Zack and Jay if we have a sniff.

    A hot Joey Votto this weekend would do a lot of fans some good

    • Patrick Jeter

      As a tribute to Dusty…

      Votto is 4-9 with 2 HR against iGio in his career.

    • Chuck Schick

      Let’s not get carried away….they went 4-3 against 2 bad teams after losing 11 in a row. At best, assuming the reinforcements arrive and produce, this is still a 70-75 win team.

  2. cfd3000

    No way the Reds lose 110 games this year. I’ll be surprised if they lose 100. Neither of those is good of course so… Just sayin’.

    • ohiojimw

      I could see them “struggling” to lose 90 if 3 of the hurt pitchers come back strong and they follow through with the bringing the “big 4” up from AAA (Stephenson, Reed, Peraza, Winker) and they are not flops.

  3. Patrick Jeter

    Neat… just saw Trea Turner got the call-up today. Perhaps this starts his permanent major league career.

    So, while perusing his minor league stats, I came across this… he has a career minor league BABIP of .399 in 965 AB. That’s insane. Complete insanity.


  4. lwblogger2

    Almost worth going out just to see Bryce Harper play. Can’t stand his personality but man oh man he can play ball.

    • Patrick Jeter

      LW doesn’t want to make baseball fun again! 😉

      • lwblogger2

        There’s no crying… I mean, um, there’s no fun in baseball!!! 😛

  5. PapaJas

    Imagine that….the CF leading off for Dusty.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  6. DHud

    “We won a game yesterday, if we win one today that’s two in a row. If we win one tomorrow that’s called a winning streak. It has happened before”

    -Lou Brown, Major League II

  7. VaRedsFan

    Again Joey pulling the ball into the RCF gap for 2 bags. good stuff.

  8. VaRedsFan

    Golden opportunity missed on that 3-1 fastball right down the middle with the bases loaded, then the half swing for strike 3. Luckily BP picked him up with the 2 out 2 run single

  9. Indy RedMan

    BP really picked Joey w/2 outs there! If Duvall and Suarez are hot at the same time then this offense is going to do some damage!

  10. Indy RedMan

    Suarez…ho-hum hr….its getting boring now. He has mastered the game:)

  11. VaRedsFan

    great challenge!!! got Turner on the pop up slide come off the bag for a split second.

  12. Patrick Jeter

    And it continues tonight. Votto still searching for that elusive huge game. Very consistent as of late, but need a huge one, Joey!

  13. dan

    Reds are winning again yay! But I would imagine that the fan base has widdled away so much during the Jocketty years that only the die hard fans even notice.

  14. Darrin

    I know I’ve said it before, but the MLB.tv app is rat filth. Every year I torture myself with this rubbish.

  15. Irishmike

    The joke is that with any kind of relief pitching this team would be around 500… Even with Votto’s slump and Hamilton’s continued searching.inwould love to go back and look at each game to confirm that impression but I suspect I’m right. It’s a shame we are in such a hole but I’ll keep my blinders on and keep rooting for my team !!!

  16. Steelerfan

    Perhaps of interest from Fangraphs relating to the thread on Duvall:

    Stu Martin: Is Adam Duvall for real or just a hot player?

    Jeff Sullivan: Average player on a hot streak. Discipline isn’t good enough for him to count as good. Turn a few of those homers into slight mis-hits and his numbers tumble. But he’s a good find

    At his price, I’d be inclined to keep him while under team control at least as a bench bat unless/until someone offered a meaningful prospect.

  17. preacherj

    Good outing by Finnegan. This game is far from pen proof, however

  18. VaRedsFan

    I would pull Finnegan after that HR….Finnegan looks gassed.

  19. Steelerfan

    Agree on mlb.tv Used to have it, but the hassle just ended up not worth it.

  20. Steelerfan

    Can Blake Wood be a viable bullpen piece?

  21. VaRedsFan

    Beautiful put away slider by Wood

    • VaRedsFan

      Wow…no HR’s, no walks….Who is this guy?

  22. preacherj

    Suarez aint exactly Scott Rolen over there

  23. VaRedsFan

    Clearly ball 4 to Bruce. Next pitch GIDP

  24. preacherj

    Great comeback by Wood. He got victimized on a couple bad hops, but did a great job battling back.

  25. VaRedsFan

    Duvalllll, this time getting that run back

  26. preacherj

    Wow. Duvall is just knocking the snot out of the ball

  27. Indy RedMan

    Yeah we better trade Duvall before he leads mlb in hrs?

    • MrRed

      Nah. Wait till he leads the mob in hrs before trading him.

  28. VaRedsFan

    Looks like it’s Ramirez for the 9th

  29. preacherj

    Billy needs to do push ups at home plate after that swing. Think he fell in love with wanting to hit a long one after watching Duvall and Suarez in front of him

  30. preacherj

    Did that just say that last pitch to Werth was 96? With that movement?

  31. jimmaloney46

    Ramirez has closer stuff. 97 mph heater. Nasty slider. If he can find his consistency, the Reds have a real find in this guy. He’s impressive.

    • preacherj

      Yeah he is. That ball has some serious spin with that velocity

      • jimmaloney46

        Definitely. If he continues like this, and he sure looks like a big, strong kid, with lots of stamina, the closer problem is solved. I’m sure Price sees this, too, and is giving him every chance to seize the moment. I’ve like him since he got here.

        Tommorrow: Strasberg vs. Streiley. Could be a 3-2 game.

  32. preacherj

    Wow. Bullpen struck out 7 in 3 innings. Nails