Game two of the Reds (17-34) against the Rockies (23-27) starts 8:40 PM. Jon Moscot returns from the DL, where he’s been hanging out with the vast majority of the team since last year.


I’m a mountain girl myself, and would like to have a retreat in the bucolic forest conveniently located between the Coors Field’s center field fence and a giant bar. The Rockies missed a giant revenue stream by not sticking a cabin and maybe a couple horses out there.  People love horses. Horses love baseballs raining down upon them at random intervals. Everybody wins.


Joining Twitter’s beloved Thom Brennaman on the DL is Caleb Cotham, who will sit for 15 days with inflammation in the right shoulder.



Jon Moscot  4.02 15.2  6  1.40 One would hope so
Jonathan Gray  5.95  39.1  45 1.32 Google image search inconclusive


1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Brandon Phillips (2B)
4. Jay Bruce (RF)
5. Adam Duvall (LF)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Billy Hamilton (CF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Jon Moscot (P)
1. Charlie Blackmon (CF)
2. DJ LeMahieu (2B)
3. Nolan Arenado (3B)
4. Carlos Gonzalez (RF)
5. Trevor Story (SS)
6. Gerardo Parra (LF)
7. Daniel Descalso (1B)
8. Tony Wolters (C)
9. Jonathan Gray (P)


Lance McAlister, asking the big questions.


The sun is shining here on the West Side and it’s pouring down rain. It’s been doing this for at least half an hour. This used to freak me out to no end when I was a child. But now I’ve seen this bullpen, and nothing will ever frighten me so deeply again.

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  1. The RedPop Kid

    favorite game thread intro. eva!

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      Aw, thanks! Sorry it didn’t help the score.

  2. jimmaloney46

    When the sun is out and it’s raining, there’s an old wives tale that sez the Devil is beating his wife (Honest to God, look it up on google). Back in the wonder of my youth, I remember my Mom amended it to the Devil was angry. That still made me kinda nervous the rest of the day. I looked closely in corners and empty rooms to see is some little angry red man was standing there, staring at me. Had I known he was chasing after his wife instead of little boys, I would have been spared some tremendous trauma. But did anybody tell me this?

    Apparently it’s mostly a southern idiom in the US. Ah yes, the good old south and its biblical references. Yee Gads.

    • Mary Beth Ellis

      I was told it was “the Devil is getting married,” the horror of which is somewhere between Option 1 and your mother’s softened version.

  3. Indy RedMan

    BP was a really good player for the Reds but are they really going to give him 500 atbats in another lost season next year?

  4. hof13

    I see the Blue Jays made a trade with the Braves for one of their relievers. I wonder why they didn’t ask the Reds for one.. We have plenty to spare.

    • Dan

      Because we don’t have any relievers that any one else would bother playing.

      • Jonathan Morgan

        How about DFA Pacheco. The dodgers just DFA’ED Alex Guerreo.

  5. Chuck Schick

    Thankfully, Thom will be back for the playoffs

  6. Dan

    I wonder why they put Cotham on the 15 day DL and not the 60. What pitcher ever came back from shoulder inflammation in 15 days, and with our casualty rate so high why bother even taking a chance otherwise? Is there a limit on the number of pitchers that you can put on the 60 day DL? If there is we are screwed outright.

    • Shchi Cossack

      And after tonight, the Reds have the perfect replacement for bullpen opening…

      After posting a stellar 6.52 ERA and 1.89 WHIP in AA with 11.17 H/9, 5.58 BB/9 & 14.89 SO/9, Matt Magill was promoted to AAA. In his 4th AAA appearance tonight, Magill began the 6th inning in relief of Josh Smith and promptly gave up a single, double walk, bases clearing double & a run scoring single before retiring a batter. Then Magill gave up a walk and a HR in the 7th before being relieved by JJ.

  7. DHud

    Two hard hit balls by Hamilton and Votto.

    Unfortunately, defenders happened to be standing there…

    • Dan

      More bad luck I guess. For Hamilton his entire career can be assessed as bad luck. for Votto the first 2 months of 2016. Hopefully their “bad luck” will improve in July onwards.

  8. DHud

    They must not have had scouting reports for Moscot to read down in Louisville

  9. Indy RedMan

    Moscot has nothing…no deception in his delivery and can never keep the ball in the park. He also doesn’t throw hard enough for modern bullpens? Adleman is better than him and I doubt he has a place on a decent staff either?

    • Dan

      One bad start and you ready to throw him to the dogs? You are tougher on this organization than even me. Kudos!

  10. DHud

    Remember like 12 hours ago when we all thought Moscot was going to be an improvement over Lamb or Simon?

  11. Indy RedMan

    Moscot’s agent just picked up 12 calls! For batting practice in the homerun derby this year! He’s put more balls over the middle of the plate in 2 innings then Straily does in a month and their velocity is about the same.

  12. Jeff

    I just turned on the game and all I could think was: “Well that escalated quickly,” Good grief.

  13. hof13

    That was a very nice AB by Hamilton. Take a 98 mph fastball under the knees, foul off an 87 mph slider, foul off 97 mph fastball, take a 97 mph fastball for a walk.

  14. muttonlettucetomato

    Both Votto and Duvall looked to me to be a bit over aggressive with a pitcher struggling to find the plate with the bases loaded. Votto’s AB seemed very much un Votto-like compared to past years.

  15. Indy RedMan

    Votto/Duvall K on bad pitches and Bruce makes an out on a 3-1 with the bases loaded! You might see that twice a year at most with Bryant, Rizzo, and Zobrist! Just like that whole column today on Duvall….he better get used to being pitched like that or he’ll be a 1 month wonder? I hope not?

  16. MIredlegs

    I was excited this was game of the day to settle in and watch after a long time day of work; after watching that bomb from the bullpen and squandering the bases loaded I realized it’s just not worth it; I’ll keep rooting for the ol redlegs by hoping I see a winning recap tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep


    I think Moscot wasn’t really ready to get back to the majors. Giving up 9 runs on 11 hits on 5/20 this year in triple AAA — doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling that he’s ready to get called up. I think the Reds rushed him up with all the DL issues they are having….

  18. Dan

    ok this game is over let’s start a new thread. I got one. Steve mentioned in a recent article about the logic behind extended Jay Bruce on a 3 year contract. I got one better than that. Why not extend Zack Cozart on a 3 year contract? He won’t be that expensive, we don’t have a stud SS waiting in the wings, our farm system is lacking in depth at the position. Phillips is aging fast and our pickup from Los Angeles could easily fill in for Phillips probably even easier than filling in for Cozart. Not only that but Cozart would be much much cheaper than a Bruce signing. What do you say?

    • mdhabel

      I think the problem is blocking Suarez/Peraza because it seems Suarez’s bat will not play at 3B long term (nor will his glove, but that is another story), and he cant play 2B because of Peraza. Those two are presumably the middle infield of the future and need as much playing time as possible to develop in the next couple of years

    • Chuck Schick

      It depends on whether Cozart wants to be paid based on his broad sampling or his fast start.

      If he believes the last 2 months is the “Real Zack Cozart” then he’s not going to take a discount and likely won’t agree to anything reasonable. The Reds would be dumb to pay him based on the past 2 months.

      If he wants to cash in on a good start after a missed season then something reasonable can likely occur.

      My guess is nothing happens.

    • rccolaman

      Dan, I think you have an excellent idea. Barring injury such a signing would provide the Reds (supposing minor league players perform to expectations in the Show) with positional flexibility down the road and depth off the bench. If the price is right they should sign Zach.

  19. TR

    Quite a wrap up to the first two months of the season. With pitchers returning from the DL by at least the AS break, it will be tough to avoid a 100+ loss season.