After getting outscored 28-7 the last two games in Cleveland, the Cincinnati Reds (15-24) look to return the favor, as the Cleveland Indians (19-17) come to the Queen City for the next two nights to conclude the four game series.

The Reds optioned Jose Peraza and Layne Somsen to AAA Louisville. To fill their 25-man roster spots, the team recalled RHP Jumbo Diaz, and purchased the contract of RHP Keyvius Sampson from Louisville. To make room on the 40-man roster for Sampson, the Reds transferred Homer Bailey to the 60-day DL.


Mike Clevinger (AAA) 3.03 3.29 0.5 11.6% 24.7%
Brandon Finnegan 4.40 5.78 1.7 12.0% 16.7%

Cleveland optioned Monday’s starter, Cody Anderson, to AAA after allowing six runs over 4.2 innings to the Reds. In his place, they have promoted 25 year old righty Mike Clevinger to start tonight and make his major league debut. Fangraphs ranked Clevinger as #6 on the Indians pre-season prospect list.

Clevinger really found his post-Tommy John surgery groove in Double-A this past season, locating all his pitches and showing three secondary offerings that have viable big league futures. Though he may be more of a finesse pitcher in the majors, his slider and changeup have the potential to induces whiffs if he sharpens his command further…He doesn’t have the velocity or movement on his fastball to just pound the zone, so he likely will need two of his other pitches to be real threats to be a dependable option in the rotation.

Brandon Finnegan started the 2016 season by allowing just four earned runs over his first three starts, and the team won two of those three games. However, Finnegan has allowed 17 runs over his last five games (25.1 innings) giving up six homeruns, walking 13 compared to striking out just 16. The Reds have lost the last five games that Finnegan has taken the mound.

Zach Buchanan has updates on the status of several pitchers currently on the DL:

— Michael Lorenzen is about a month and a half from returning to the rotation. He has just started throwing off the mound, so his progress is about where pitchers are when they first report to Spring Training in mid-February. However, there is discussion of using him as a reliever instead of a starter, which would allow the club to activate him earlier.

— Jon Moscot threw 69 pitches in his first rehab start on May 15 and will receive another one on May 20.

— Anthony DeSclafani threw his second bullpen session Tuesday. Reds brass will discuss today when DeSclafani would start his own rehab stint, but he’s expected to need at least two starts before being called up.


SP: Michael Clevinger SP: Brandon Finnegan
1. Rajai Davis (CF)
2. Jason Kipnis (2B)
3. Francisco Lindor (SS)
4. Mike Napoli (1B)
5. Jose Ramirez (LF)
6. Yan Gomes (C)
7. Marlon Byrd (RF)
8. Juan Uribe (3B)
9. Michael Clevinger (P)
1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Billy Hamilton (CF)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Brandon Phillips (2B)
5. Jay Bruce (RF)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Tyler Holt (LF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Brandon Finnegan (P)

preacherj hit the nail dead square on the head in last night’s game thread:

preacherj says:

05/17/2016 at 8:15 pm

I just let my wife turn on her Mexican soap operas. Right now they are more entertaining and at least i feel justified for not understanding what is happening.

I’m not sure if you’re watching Reds baseball or Mexican soap operas tonight, but if whatever your show of choice, please drop by and discuss it here.


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  1. Jack

    STOP BATTING SUAREZ 6TH! He is like 7 for 50 as a 5 or 6 spot hitter. Price is about clueless. Fire him and make Corky Miller Manager. At least he will bring a fired up attitude to the dugout.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Suarez being 7 for 50 as a 5 or 6 hitter has no bearing on anything. Hitting in a slot in the lineup does not increase or decrease your skill as a hitter.

      • Jack

        If you have Votto behind you in the lineup it sure does. Did you ever play baseball? You see a different set of pitches with Votto behind you than Barnhardt.

      • dan

        +1 one of those things that many can’t see by just looking at a spreadsheet but 100% true. Votto may not be the best example this year but he is playing stink ball but your point is spot on Jack.

      • BigRedMike

        Is there any data to support this?

    • Chuck Schick

      Isn’t a bad team that’s fired up just a fired up bad team?

  2. wdwrolen2713

    What is better: Billy H. hitting in the two hole or Suarez? It seems both hit better in that spot than elsewhere and the way the lineup has been lately, its either one way or the other. I guess you could move Cozart down to 6th, and then have BH leadoff and Suarez second (or vice versa). I just don’t know if they can ONLY hit second well or if it is just hitting high in the lineup.

    • wdwrolen2713

      I guess if I had to choose lineup:


      Although, I could definitely see Tucker hit higher in the lineup as well.

      • Jack

        I would switch Votto and Suarez. Put Cozart 9th and pitcher 8th.

      • BigRedMike

        Hamilton and his .271 OBP should bat #9 only. Having him bat #2 just shows the lack of awareness by the Reds organization

    • Patrick Jeter

      Hitting in a lineup spot is not a skill. You are the same hitter regardless of where you hit.

      • Jack

        And you never played baseball before. Pitcher will pitch you way different by who hits behind you.

      • BigRedMike

        Did you play baseball at a high level?

        Billy Hamilton would be a potential triple crown hitter since he is hitting in front of Vottp

  3. Steelerfan

    In the spirit of the preview’s reference to Mexican soap operas , and in a nod to an old topic that helped get through some ugly game threads in the pre-Rolen days (lord I have gotten old) anyone reading anything interesting? Just finished ‘Island of Vice: Theodore Roosevelt’s Quest to Clean Up Sin Loving New York.” Drags in spots, but an interesting account of NYC before the turn of the century and TR as a police commissioner trying to regulate a less than Victorian city. He was not necessarily well equipped to understand some of the more “interesting” institutions of the time,

    Fighting my way through “A Fierce Discontent” a history of the progressive movement. A lot of interesting historical detail, but I am struggling to find a real unifying theme. Maybe because they did not have one?

  4. Mack Ashley Potter

    Khris Davis also homered again today.
    That Grand Slam last night cost me $100 on draftkings because Coco was on base and scored. Thought I had it won easy. So much had to go wrong and it did. First the Rangers had to tie for the A’s to bat again, and then Coco had to gain 7 points and he did on a 2B and run scored. I was so mad lol

  5. dan

    Whenever redlegnation writes a post about someone not being a part of the future … ala Duvall and DatDude they go on an absolute tear. Redlegnation needs to write an article on Joey Votto being washed up so he catches fire and hits for .400 for the rest of the season.

  6. preacherj


    All time leader in HRs at GABP

  7. dan

    without looking I would guess that Votto leads the team in K’s.

  8. dan

    Congrats and good job Jay! We better hurry up and trade him before our training staff injures him.

  9. cfd3000

    I just fast forwarded through the first five innings to get caught up to real time. Very pleasantly surprised with Finnegan tonight. Six K’s, no walks and less than 70 pitches for five innings. That’s so much better. It does seem like he’s had a lot of 3 ball counts, but that’s still progress for sure. And Congrats to Bruce for #127 at GABP.

  10. RedAlert

    Eugenio “The Butcher ” Suarez

  11. dan

    time to start batting Votto in the 9 hole. Maybe he bought into his own greatness to soon? His head does seem larger this year it must be ego because if it was steroids he would have more dingers to go with those whiffs.

    • BigRedMike

      That Votto guy just cannot hit

      Mr RBI with a strike out

  12. dan

    Well how about that? I should bash on the V man more often. He finally delivers woot woot!

  13. Mack Ashley Potter

    Thats what get under my skin so bad about the Reds…
    I would have bunted Brandon right there 100% and gave a chance to tie the game.
    And the Indians may have been so surprised he could’ve walked to first base and Votto would be standing at 3rd. (And so would have Joe Maddon) I guarantee it.

    But no.
    It’s all about the “ego” with the Reds.

    Now Bruce may get a hit and get the run in anyway, but it’s still not the right play if you play to win.

    • Chuck Schick

      The Cubs don’t bunt in situations like that. No smart manager would do what you suggested.

      • docmike

        Exactly. Joe Maddon would definitely not bunt a runner over from 2nd to 3rd.

  14. docmike

    Looks like Jumbo is back to his old tricks again…

  15. docmike

    Jumbo has basically given the Indians a run without them even trying. 2 walks, a wild pitch, and a groundout.

    • seat101

      So far, that makes him look like one of the better pictures in the bullpen!

  16. TR

    Two innings to go. Can our tried and true bullpen pull this one out?

  17. indredsfan

    Why is Pacheco on a MLB roster? Reds have to have someone better for his roster spot. Why not just pinch hit a pitcher and use his spot for another bullpen arm!

  18. indredsfan

    While watching Chris Welsh peddle windows during commercial break, I thought of a sales line for our Redlegs. “we don’t just take walks, we give them”. I’m sure the nation can come up with some better ones!

    • seat101

      I dunno. we are ahead. I’m going to enjoy it. If we blow it in the ninth then maybe it’s time to Snark. But right now we’re ahead. Enjoy it

    • David

      He hit that one harder than the 1st one tonight. When Bruce is hot, he’s
      hot. When he’s not, he’s not.

    • David

      No he walked the second batter, a lefty.

  19. David

    And…..there it goes! We’ve been Hoovered again.

  20. wildwestlv

    Well, it just wouldn’t be a 2016 Reds game without the bullpen blowing the game.

  21. magi210

    Perhaps we need to let one of the bench players pitch the ninth. Can’t be any worse, right?

  22. Jeff Morris

    Three things in life that are a certainty, Death, Taxes, and the Reds relievers giving up runs and blowing leads.

  23. Jeff Morris

    Cingrani looks like he got a slider up and easily hittable, and Davis has been hot recently.

  24. seat101

    Is Billy a better bunter from the right side? I think when he bunts from the left side he’s not standing still in the bat hits the ball.

  25. Jeff Morris

    Like in the movie Major League, the Reds brass and management thinking that by bringing Sampson & Diaz back…..Well, Exactly what are the Reds brass thinking?

  26. Jeff Morris

    Reds have to have some bodies just to throw out there to pitch, doesn’t matter how bad they are, because this Reds Management has no pride in relief pitchers that do a half way decent job…

  27. Austin Pickup

    That’s 5 home games in a row the Reds have carried a lead in the 7th inning. Record…1-4. That’s unfathomable.

  28. wdwrolen2713

    BP should not bat cleanup. Even conventional wisdom wise, he is not our ‘big power hitter.’

  29. Indy RedMan

    I picked up the Indians live +105 immediately after Cingrani pulled a Cingrani. I don’t care if we had last at bats or not….we were losing 100% of the time. That’s what this team does….we get 1st and 2nd nobody out and get nothing….they have a man on 1st and 2 outs and get 4 runs. That’s how we roll. Implode early and quit or snatch defeat from the jaws of victory late….those are your 2 choices for 2016 Reds baseball!! Do we even have a potential closer in the system? I actually might try Homer if he ever makes it back? By the time he comes back then we might have Reed, Bob Steve etc. anyway?

    • DHud

      You didn’t give Bailey $100 mil to be a closer. Before getting hurt he was putting up some of the best numbers in the NL