The Cleveland Indians (18-17) host the second of two games in Cleveland against the Cincinnati Reds (15-23) before heading to Southern Ohio to complete the four game battle of Ohio. Cleveland has leg up in the series after their win last night, pushing them back over the .500 mark.

Like last night, tonight’s game will start an hour earlier than normal at 6:10pm.


Alfredo Simon 8.67 7.76 3.0 9.6% 17.8%
Danny Salazar 1.90 2.84 0.4 13.0% 31.4%

Simon “Innings Eater” Alfredo has only pitched more than five innings on two of his seven starts this year. If you believe in momentum, then you’ll be happy to know that he’s done so in each of his past two games, tossing 7.2 inning and 6.0 innings, respectively. However, he has allowed at least three runs in each of his last six starts and at least one homerun in each of his last five.

Danny Salazar has been the opposite of Simon. He has allowed three runs in just one of his seven starts. In fact, he has allowed three total runs combined over his last three starts covering 19.2 innings. He’s surrendered only two homeruns all season. If Salazar has shown any weaknesses this year, it’s that he has struggled with control at times. In his last outing against the Astros, he was pulled after walking six batters over five innings. However, limited the damage by allowing just a single run on a solo homerun.


Billy Hamilton is back in the starting lineup, moving Peraza to second base and Brandon Phillips to DH.

1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Billy Hamilton (CF)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Brandon Phillips (DH)
5. Jay Bruce (RF)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Adam Duvall (LF)
8. Jose Peraza (2B)
9. Tucker Barnhart (C)
1. Carlos Santana (DH)
2. Jason Kipnis (2B)
3. Francisco Lindor (SS)
4. Mike Napoli (1B)
5. Jose Ramirez (3B)
6. Yan Gomes (C)
7. Lonnie Chisenhall (RF)
8. Marlon Byrd (LF)
9. Rajai Davis (CF)

Fangraphs take on the Reds bullpen in a new blog post today, and there is no surprise that the stats just ain’t pretty:

Reds bullpen stats and ranks, 1961-present

  • ERA: 6.44 (1,476th out of 1,476)
  • FIP: 6.09 (1,476th out of 1,476)
  • HR/9: 2.04 (1,476th out of 1,476)
  • BB%: 11.6% (1,390th out of 1,476)

Fangraphs also has an update to their TV broadcaster ratings. This is a crowdsourcing project from viewers (and Fangraphs readers) asking us to grade the various MLB TV broadcasters. While the overall rating is quite low, the overall feedback provided a lot of praise for one of our broadcasters, and a lot of criticism of another.

• A number of readers praise Welsh for his capacity to marry playing experience and more progressive baseball concepts.

• “Thom Brennaman… displayed peak form last year during the Reds’ umpteenth rain delay with a rant about how the time has come for MLB to seriously consider mandating 30 domed stadiums.”

While the Reds fell below .400 win percentage after last night’s loss, there are two MLB teams with records below .300. One of those teams axed their manager earlier today. The Braves (9-28, .243 WPct) fired Fredi Gonzalez just 1.5 months into his 6th season at the helm. The Braves have the worst run differential (-67) in all of baseball and haven’t won back-to-back games this season.

The next worst record in the majors is the Minnesota Twins (10-27, .270) followed by the Astros (15-24, .385.) For reference, the Reds 15-23 record comes out to a .395 winning percentage.


Alfredo Simon needs to eat some more innings to keep the ball out of the hands of the bullpen. The Reds need to find a way to do damage with the long ball when they get free passes to first base.  A Reds win will even up the series before the final two games are played back home in Cincinnati.


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  1. i71_Exile

    I think Simon will become the innings eater the Reds needed as the season progresses. He clearly didn’t benefit from missing Spring Training despite the happy talk from the Reds’ brass.

  2. doublenohitter

    Reds bullpen stats and ranks, 1961-present
    • ERA: 6.44 (1,476th out of 1,476)
    • FIP: 6.09 (1,476th out of 1,476)
    • HR/9: 2.04 (1,476th out of 1,476)
    • BB%: 11.6% (1,390th out of 1,476)

    Wow, I knew this bullpen was bad, even historically bad, but the worst bullpen EVER since 1961?

    Jocketty should quit, today…oh, wait…

    • Patrick Jeter

      I like Fagerstrom’s work! His writing style makes me laugh.

  3. IndyRedMan

    Salazar allowing a .151 batting average…..should be fun? Duvall batting 7th…alrighty then! We can’t catch Atlanta but I see no reason why the Reds can’t secure the 2nd pick again? Paul Molitor has the Twins battling back from 8-0 deficits. Price on the other hand has the other team battling back every night. A HOFer vs a former pitching coach who doesn’t understand how to use pitchers. With the 2nd overall pick the Cincinnati Reds select

  4. Patrick Jeter

    Not the worst lineup I’ve ever seen…but close.

  5. james garrett

    I don’t see us doing anything against Salazar.

  6. Shchi Cossack

    Let’s see if the Old Cossack has this correct…

    Price leaves Somsen in when he’s obviously struggling and has already overextended himself because he doesn’t have the necessary bullpen depth to pull him. Now when hamilton returns from bereavement leave, the Reds option Hayes from the bullpen and keep Peraza on the 25-man roster.

    Yeah, this management team has marbles for brains.

  7. james garrett

    You have it correct especially the marbles for brains part.

  8. preacherj

    Indians are drilling it right now. Fortunate its not carrying

  9. preacherj

    Did he touch the plate? Tag him!

    • redsfan4life

      Gomes never did touch the plate. Ump gave no safe signal. I can’t believe Barnhart never tried to go and tag him.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Can’t believe no one in the dugout yelled to Barnhart to tag him. Didn’t look like he touched the plate. Should at least try and see. No signal from the ump. Now, four runs later …

      • preacherj

        Yep. Thats the kind of thing that frustrates me most. I understand a lack of talent, but i do not understand how anything like that can happen in a professional environment

  10. preacherj

    Anyone have a good angle on that play? I do not think he got the plate

  11. TR

    You got to catch the ball first before you tag him. And the umpire gave no signal, so tag him.

  12. Indy RedMan

    Simon…bad pitcher….bad person….time to let someone else try to beat an 11 era or whatever it is now? Has Moscot or Josh Smith shot anyone or had anyone accuse them of rape? Bad is bad but bad/shady is not what we need

  13. Indy RedMan

    In Simon’s defense….story is they were celebrating around Xmas or New Years and he was firing a gun or rifle or whatever up in the air in the Dominican….and being a future Reds pitcher….didn’t know bullets come down pretty fast as well at some point. He left and when he came back someone had caught one in the head. Not exactly murder per se

  14. james garrett

    We look like a little league team.

  15. preacherj

    All the Tribes runs have come with 2 out. How huge that missed tag may have been

  16. james garrett

    Doesn’t much matter how many they score we won’t do anything with Salazar but I would like somebody to show a little fire or throw something in the dugout.

  17. Beavertucky

    Doug Flynns bleating is intolerable

  18. Mack Ashley Potter

    I know this train-wreck is hard hard to watch.
    But just keep in mind, we all know we’re not going to any Playoffs.
    So who wants to be mediocre and get a mediocre draft pick? NOT ME
    I want to be very good…or very bad.
    That’s why the Cubs are on top of the baseball world right now.’
    Because they were very, very bad…for a long time.
    I’d rather be very bad for 3-4 years than be .500 for 3-4 years.
    I just hate watching Votto play for a horrible pitching staff, while absolutely struggling himself. And I think Votto will still be MVP caliber for 4-5 more years. This year has been such a fluke. Keep in mind if the Reds had JUST an above average bullpen they are prob leading the Wild Card at worst right now. The rebuild could come sooner rather than later if this young pitching comes around and the Reds can put together a bullpen. Only thing is, we don’t have the money to go out and sign a bunch of high money free agents like the Cubs do when it comes to filling in the remaining holes on a contending team. So we have to do it all from within. And the pieces are already starting to come together. If Billy can continue to improve, an outfield of Duvall, Winker, & Hamilton could turn out real nice.

    So in closing….
    I know we’re not going to “root” for our Redlegs to lose.
    But when they do, just think of it as “bettering” the franchise for a while.
    Because with low market teams, it takes some losing to produce some winning.

    Only thing is, I thought we had a longer window of winning and think it’s ridiculous the Reds ownership let Price & Walt totally DESTROY this franchise so FAST.

    The Reds should have had 2 more years of competing for the Central.
    But it is what it is.
    Bryan Price better enjoy his time as a Major League manager is all I can say.
    He is the worst manager major league baseball has ever produced.
    He should have stuck to working with just pitchers.

    Let’s all just pray the Reds are able to draft their own Steven Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Carlos Correa, or Mike Trout like other clubs have hit gold on in recent drafts.
    We’re gonna have a few #1 or #2 overall picks for a couple years.

    That’s my rant for the day.


  19. DEN

    What I find interesting is even with how bad this team is, people are still wanting HUGE dollars for their home game tickets via the secondary market. I figured for sure with how bad things were going you could pick up some decent deals on seats you normally can’t afford, but checking on Stub Hub, there is zero reduction in prices and some are 10-15-20 dollars more then what the seat costs from buying from the Reds directly.

    I am coming over this weekend and thought maybe I could get some decent prices, but ended getting them from the Reds directly.

  20. Indy RedMan

    19 hits yesterday and 15 hits in the 5th tonite. Same team that just lost a series to 8-25 Minnesota

  21. seat101

    Did he really walk the first batter he faced?

    I stopped watching after the second inning. But I still had game day up and I made the mistake of looking at it.

  22. seat101

    Does this make us last in the category of walks by bullpen in the modern modern era?

  23. Indy RedMan

    Well you promote a guy that walked 11 guys in 12 innings and he walks people….big shocker. Josh Smith has been on the Reds before and he’s like Greg Maddux compared to most of them….get him up tomorrow?

    • Indy RedMan

      lol….we’re not in 25% thru the season yet and a 16-0 no-hitter might not be the low point….lol

  24. Indy RedMan

    Delabert’s warmup music has to be Aerosmith’s Walk this Way

  25. james garrett

    I don’t think I have ever seen a pitcher walk 4 straight men with the bases loaded.I know as fans we are embarrassed but I wonder about this management team.

  26. vegastypo

    Just checked on a break from work, and what the heck is going on? Wow, just awful.

    I know Price can only deal with the talent he has, but one has to wonder about his job status, especially with the Braves already pulling the plug on Gonzalez today.

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      if there’s nothing else to loose, what’s the point? Fire Price!!!

  27. Indy RedMan

    The Humane Society just called on our behalf….they may institute a new mercy rule….little league style

    • Aaron Bradley

      This is why I stopped watching baseball. Too many prima dona athletes that either have one single season that sets them up for life, or NO DECENT seasons just potential. Oh there are always excuses, injuries, etc. but it simply does not compute that these guys should live such privileged lives while I can barely scrape a living being a talented programmer. Sour grapes? Maybe so. But I won’t contribute a single cent to this madness anymore.

  28. preacherj

    I just let my wife turn on her Mexican soap operas. Right now they are more entertaining and at least i feel justified for not understanding what is happening.

  29. james garrett

    Well at least our hitters are embarassed,they want this game over quickly and 3 outs on 8 pitches will get it done.

  30. dan

    Time to start DFAing some pitchers. stink is stink at over half way through may you should already know that the stink isn’t quite washing out.

  31. Aaron Bradley

    BTW I hate to tell you I told you so… but all those clamoring for an “innings eater”… this is what you got. Alfredo Simon the veteran who could eat up some innings while people healed or developed. LOL. Anyone that trusts this management team with a veteran signing hasn’t been paying attention.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Oh and don’t forget Ohlendorf the veteran added to stabilize the bullpen. Jesus its hard to believe people get paid good money to make these decisions.

  32. TR

    With this train wreak in Cleveland, I doubt if many more than the season ticket total will show up as the attendance figure for the series finale at GABP. And will our eminent front office pull the plug on Price or let him run out his contract on Oct. 2nd?

  33. jessecuster44

    13-0 ? This is ridiculous. Is the team even trying?

    Let’s bring the torches and pitchforks to GABP for the next homestand and remove Walt and Bob.

  34. wizeman

    If there are not changes in the bullpen by tomorrow night… we know the front office will accept anything. i frealize that super 2 status is important in some cases… but it should not be a factor with relievers.
    jumbo diaz
    chad rogers
    daniel wright.
    if all or some are not part of this staff in 20 hours… we have a problem upstairs that is beyond what we thought

  35. preacherj

    I guess its not a total waste: i made husband points tonight by offering my wife the big tv early. How gracious of me

  36. GreatRedLegsFan

    Time to recycle some bullpen arms…get rid of Price, for God’s sake!