The Cincinnati Reds (14-19) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (17-15) will take the field tonight for a now shortened two game series after yesterday’s rainout. Last night’s scheduled starters have been bumped up to pitch tonight.


Juan Nicasio 3.16 4.12 1.2 11.2% 23.9%
Alfredo Simon 9.86 6.93 2.6 9.9% 18.9%

Juan Nicasio had to leave his last start in the 5th innning against the Cubs after giving up four runs on eight hits and three walks. In his start prior to that, he pitched a gem against Cincinnati, allowing just three hits and a walk over seven shutout innings while striking out eight.

Alfredo Simon had his first quality start of the season last week against Milwaukee. This will be Simon’s 3rd start against the Pirates this year, having allowed five runs, 11 hits, and six walks over nine innings pitched in those first two games.


The Reds are using their first rainout of 2016 to shuffle their rotation. John Lamb gets an extra day off to recover from his injured thumb.


The Pirates are using the same lineup as they had planned for yesterday, while the Reds have decided to give Joey Votto a night off.

1. David Freese (1B)
2. Andrew McCutchen (CF)
3. Gregory Polanco (RF)
4. Starling Marte (LF)
5. Francisco Cervelli (C)
6. Jung Ho Kang (3B)
7. Sean Rodriguez (2B)
8. Jordy Mercer (SS)
9. Juan Nicasio (P)
1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Billy Hamilton (CF)
3. Brandon Phillips (2B)
4. Jay Bruce (RF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Adam Duvall (LF)
7. Jordan Pacheco (1B)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Alfredo Simon (P)

C. Trent Rosecrans writes that Billy Hamilton has been working daily with Joey Votto to improve Billy’s hitting, especially from the left side:

Hamilton said he’s gaining confidence bit by bit, and seeing progress. Monday night he had two hits right-handed against Pirates left-handed starter Jonathon Niese and then another hit left-handed against Pirates right-handed reliever Ryan Vogelsong. Over the last two weeks, Hamilton’s hitting .302/.318/.372.

Devin Mesoraco had shoulder surgery on Tuesday, and the tear ended up being worse than expected. His recovery time is now six months instead of the expected four months, but he is still expected to return to full health for the 2017 season.

“I don’t think he’s going to have any problem with this,” Kremchek said Tuesday evening. “This is his non-throwing shoulder. It’s his lead shoulder in hitting. It’s very similar to the injury Scott Rolen had when he was with the Cardinals. Even though he’d had previous other shoulder problems, he came back fabulously from this.”

“The bottom line was, yes it’s worse, yes, it’ll take a little longer, but he’ll be fine,” Kremchek said. “No, he’s not going to come back this year, but that’s fine. I never thought he would. We’re going to protect him (in rehabilitation) and take a little longer. His career is not in jeopardy, he will be back.”

The Reds are now going for the shortened series sweep against the Pirates.


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  1. Nothing like giving a guy two days off when he’s coming around at the plate.

  2. Anybody understand how insurance works on a contract like Mesoraco’s? As in, assuming the Reds have insurance, do they get enough money that it’s almost like they traded Mesoraco for this season so they’re under a little less pressure to dump salary somewhere else in this rebuilding year?

  3. Why is JV sitting??
    He is just now getting hot and you give him a day off?
    When they were just rained out yesterday?
    When I first seen he was not in the lineup I thought, oh no I bet he felt something from that play at first base on Chris Carter.

    I just don’t understand ANYTHING Byran Price does.
    I mean, I question EVERY SINGLE MOVE the man makes.
    He’s a major league manager…not me. But when even a fan has to question every single move a manager makes, something is wrong no?

    • I assume the plan all along was to give Votto 2 days off; that’s probably why Bruce sat against the LHP Monday, since he’d have been playing against a LHP today. If Votto plays today, he won’t get 2 consecutive days off.

      He’s a very experienced professional; having a break won’t suddenly interrupt his improved hitting, which I’m sure has more to do with his adjustments rather than momentum.

  4. It would be nice if Billy keeps playing well in the 2 hole.
    He needs a cemented spot so bad. You know you would play better knowing where you are going to be everyday.

  5. I didn’t know Dick Williams had ties to the Reds ownership. Decisions like making him GM shouldn’t be made on personal levels. I know he was assistant GM for a few years, but he has no experience at all as the head man. And especially has no experience “rebuilding” a franchise. The Reds should have hired someone with a track record like the Cubs did with Theo. That’s just my opinion.
    I know Williams is a life long Reds fan, which I guess that’s a good thing knowing he has the franchise in his heart. He actually rushed the field when the Reds beat the Pirates in the 1990 NLCS which is kinda cool. I just pray it all works out.

    • Who should they have hired? Jocketty was previously the head man of a franchisee that was rebuilt and you complain about him on a nightly basis. How much experience did Theo Epstein have won he became GM of the Red Sox?….it was less than Willams.

  6. Suarez is one of my favs but I think he’s on a 7-45 streak (.155)? It doesn’t seem like he’s had a hit to right for 3 weeks? It seems like its fixable….quit pulling your head and trying to pull everything? It doesn’t seem like he’s pressing or expanding the strike zone like Frazier after the AS break last year? We need him!!

    Speaking of Frazier….another HR today but got hurt going for a foul? Hopefully he’ll be alright….really helping the WS put up some numbers!!

    • Agreed. Suarez has looked pretty terrible after his first week and a half of the season or so.

  7. 3 bags for Billy!

  8. Brandon got juuuuuuuuust enough of it!! lol
    Has Billy finally found a spot in that 2 hole??
    He looks awful comfortable…

  9. Reds have done more damage vs Nicasio in 3 batters than they did in what..7 innings in the Burgh?

  10. Nice play by Simon to get him at first

  11. Are triples the most exciting play in baseball?

    • I think its a squeeze play, but a triple is definately on the short list

    • I personally find a double with runner on first and he tries to score on a close play, especially when it possibly ends the game if your team is batting. If your team is fielding it is especially gratifying if they throw him out with all the execution.

  12. I didn’t think he had a shot at throwing out Cozart

  13. Oh, cutch

  14. Simon cant find a plate at a buffet right now

  15. Now the Pirates are going to be hitting somebody …

  16. Good comeback by Simon

  17. Oh, cmon. Simons was a pure accident. Everyone knew that

  18. is wrong with the Pirates????
    Was SO OBVIOUS Simon had NO INTENT.
    The Pirates think other teams aren’t allowed to pitch inside.
    Have you ever paid attention how McCutchen acts when a pitch is inside?
    The whole Pirates team are such babies.

  19. At Away to make em pay Bomber!

  20. Never hit a guy in front of a power hitter.

  21. Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce

  22. Straight down the LF line from Bruce. Wow. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that from him.

  23. I used to view the Pirates fondly as fellow small-market underdogs. Now I view them as whiny punks. It’s ridiculous they threw at BP there, and even more ridiculous we got warned.

    I’m very glad Bruce made them pay for their BS.

  24. You ARE NOT ALLOWED to argue.
    Automatic EJECTION!
    Why is Hurdle allowed to stand there and argue!!! BS!!!

  25. Idk, I thought it was pretty apparent that Phillips forced him off the bag…

  26. Here comes the ‘pen!!!!!

  27. Not sure why you put Simon back out for the 7th if you are that quick to pull him.

    Not that the bullpen can be relied upon

  28. Different night, same story….

  29. Why not make em look at it? GEEZE!

  30. He clearly had him

  31. That was a sweet splitter to put away Jaso

  32. I know the TOS says I am not supposed to do this but why would you hire Bryan Price to walk your dog never mind manage a MLB team. That was clear from the onset you didn’t need replay to challenge it especially to not challenge it. I stated half way through his first season that he was getting a pass for terrible managing because of the injuries. This is not about how inept he has been it just gives me a chance to vent. I have seen postal carriers with 11 and 12 year olds that would make him look like the mor…………… inept baseball man that he is. He makes Dusty Baker look like an absolute genius.

  33. Bryan Price plays checkers while everyone else is playing chess.

  34. Pirates knew that was coming.

  35. They don’t challenge the throw down to first but now they are challenging this??

    Just what in the world….

  36. I liked the way tucker grabbed the base sliding into third.

  37. Runner on 3rd and tyler holt? Yeah ok lmao.
    Man I love Brian Price.
    No they do not walk Votto in favor in Cozart in my opinion.
    I’m telling you…I question EVERY SINGLE MOVE THE MAN MAKES.

    • You are kind of limited with only 4 batters on the bench, hopefully Votto gets another shot in the 9th

  38. 8th inning. what can go wrong here?

  39. Huh…..

  40. Amazing by the bullpen once again

  41. Pacheco at first

    great roster construction by the Reds

  42. Another game leading, then bullpen and poor defense lets it go.

  43. Its like Bryan Price spends his days inventing new ways to lose a baseball game.
    He should write a book.

  44. Wowser….4 pitches in the bottom of the 9th yields a man on base and 2 outs?!?!

  45. Stop me if youve heard this one: Reds starter leaves the game with a lead… .

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