Only one more game against the Brewers (12-18) before the Reds (13-18) start facing winning teams again. Today, Brandon Phillips looks to homer in his fifth consecutive game, as the Reds celebrate Mother’s Day with a day game matinee.

Starting Pitchers
The following stats are from 2016:

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 8.51.42 AM.png

The Mother’s Day matchup comes down to a pairing of unproven young guns, with John Lamb and Junior Guerra each making their second start of the season. Neither pitcher particularly excelled during their stints in AAA in 2016, nor did they earn their keep during their 2015 big league debuts.

Of the two, Lamb has the most potential, only 25 years old with a fastball that sits around 90 mph (alright, he’s not the hardest thrower). More so, Lamb represents the closest pitcher to big league ready the Reds have in a system full of future pitching prospects. In his first start of 2016, Lamb pitched well against the Giants, going 6.0 innings and giving up just one run on six hits.

Unlike Lamb, Junior Guerra can’t really be considered a prospect, but still has the same amount of service time. At 30 years old, Guerra is a bit of a journeyman who finally broke into the big leagues with the White Sox last year. Guerra is entirely a fastball pitcher, with pitch comprising 43 of his 72 in his lone start against Angels. Though it sits at 94 and can touch 96, Guerra does not throw hard enough or have enough complimentary pitches to really succeed against big league hitters.

Starting Lineups

Brewers Reds
1. Alex Presley (RF)
2. Jonathan Villar (SS)
3. Ryan Braun (LF)
4. Jonathan Lucroy (C)
5. Chris Carter (1B)
6. Aaron Hill (2B)
7. Hernan Perez (3B)
8. Ramon Flores (CF)
9. Junior Guerra (P)
1. Tyler Holt (CF)
2. Ivan De Jesus (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Brandon Phillips (2B)
5. Jay Bruce (RF)
6. Adam Duvall (LF)
7. Jordan Pacheco (3B)
8. Ramon Cabrera (C)
9. John Lamb (P)

The Sunday Special returns as only Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and Jay Bruce get starts of all the Reds regulars.

Roster Moves
The Reds optioned Scott Schebler to AAA following last night’s game, calling up Kyle Waldrop to fill his roster spot. In 27 games this season, Schebler hit .188/.246, failing to crack the Mendoza line. Waldrop, in 25 AAA games, has hit .233/.293, which aren’t great numbers but still somehow 50 points better than Schebler’s.

More Star Wars, More Fun

Concluding Thoughts
Us Reds fans have existed in a sad, bullpen-blighted world for the past month, and have been conditioned to think there is no happiness left. Well there is. And its name is Bartolo Colon.

Nothing can truly be bad in a world where Bartolo Colon hits dingers. If the bullpen starts to become a disaster again tonight, just watch the above gif and rest easy in the knowledge that you have seen nirvana.

Go Reds!

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  1. The Reds line up is a Sunday afternoon special Bob Boone or Dusty Baker would be proud of 🙂

    • Ohio, check out the lineup for the Nationals versus the Cubs today. The first two hitters in Dusty’s lineup have an OBP of .167 (small sample size) and .290, respectively. And of course the lead off hitter is a center fielder.

  2. Waldrop has been striking out at a 28% clip in AAA this year. Might be ugly in the bigs…

    I think Schebler is likely to be a decent major leaguer, he just needs time in the minors to work on making better contact.

    • +1

    • I have no issue whatsoever with the concept of sending Schebler down for some regular playing time. He may yet be an option as a regular or utility OF at the major league level. I think Waldrop has just about played himself out of prospect status.

    • I am just not seeing the love for Schebler.

  3. How about the nickname “Patsy Boys” for the bullpen ?

  4. “Short” delay because of approaching rain. No rain now in stadium.

  5. While we are waiting, how about a little Winker Watch update…

    Yesterday in a 2-1 Bats loss, Winker went 1-3 w/ 1-BB. Winker’s current slash line is .304/.409/.402.

    .304 AVG ranks 11th in the IL.
    .409 OBP ranks 4th in the IL.
    .402 SLG ranks 32nd in the IL.
    .811 OPS ranks 17th in IL:

    15.5% BB% & 10.9% SO%

  6. Another update at 2 p.m. Still on hold.

  7. “Though it sits at 94 and can touch 96, Guerra does not throw hard enough or have enough complimentary pitches to really succeed against big league hitters.”

    Kiss of death? Will this make him look like Clayton Kershaw?

  8. 1st pitch schedulked for 3:05. Tarp coming off the field now.

  9. I am doing a wandering mind post. I love the update from the Cossack about Winker, the fact that Duvall is having some success probably won’t impact Winker coming up it will just mean we finally have some depth on the bench. I love the start that Cozart is having, it can only increase the return at the deadline. I also hope that it continues for the entire season no matter his uniform so it will help him with his next contract and as much as I love the play his next contract shouldn’t be with the Reds. I have used the word love through out this and that is because my mother taught me that word and it is to honor her memory. I wish all the wonderful mothers a Happy Mothers Day.

  10. And, Braun strikes again ….

  11. I hate Braun so much

  12. There’s getaway day….todays lineup is giveaway day! 4 starters on 1 day? I get Barnhart and Suarez hasn’t been going well but why not play Holt vs a lefty?

  13. Holt flexes a little muscle, tie game

  14. Who said this was a weak lineup? Holt triples in a run, DeJesus doubles in Holt, Reds lead!

    • We’ll take it! One thing I know as a Reds fan….if some random guy is pitching against us…pls make it a hardthrowing and not a soft tossing guy w/a good changeup

      • Ha, so you’re saying it’s a good thing John Lamb is on our side today, eh?

        • Lamb, Lorenzen, and Suarez are my favs among the new guys….plus I’m a lefty that used to pitch. If he can get a little stronger and get that fastball back up to 93 then we might really have a special pitcher! What we’re seeing today is prob a good 4 guy…maybe 3.80 era but he has a nice ceiling imo

  15. DUVALL!!!!!!!! Fire

    • Oppo, Duvall !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Duvall has been a very pleasant surprise this year. I think we all knew he could hit homers, but we didn’t know if he would get on base any other way besides that, and we all had doubts about his defense. But he has proved the doubters wrong so far.

    • Duvall is another one! I saw in his first atbat w/the Reds in Wrigley that this guy wasn’t just a hacker. He waited out a hardthrower after being down in the count and hit a breaking ball for a HR. He’s got some real power…..900+ ops in Gabp

    • He was also considered by most as simply a throw-in to Keury Mella.

  16. Whoa, what happened to Lamb?

  17. Wow. Another pitcher walking off with injury and the bullpen comes in early. Swell

  18. Hurt or jammed a hand swinging the bat I guess? Over/Under for 5 innings of our gas cans at work? I’m going to say Brewers get 4….so we need 2 more to win today!

  19. they’re showing a replay on TV of Lamb at the plate, wincing after he hit a ground ball …

  20. Someone, somewhere, has a voodoo doll of all the Reds’ players. I think every few days they randomly pick one out and poke the snot out of it.

  21. ……of course…….

    • On a positive note, he didnt walk a guy before giving up the gopher. Guess thats something

  22. Yeah, here we go again …

  23. I don’t think I recall…ever seeing any body in life, as fragile as the Reds players, the Reds pitchers. If they cough, they get injured. Could you imagine if they worked a regular job like you and me, they would be calling in sick every other day! In addition to trying to acquire players that have a higher than average on base percentage, they really need to look at both regular position players, and especially the pitchers, to check there health records, to make sure overall they are healthy. You don’t want to acquire or “hire” a player or an “employee” that is going to call in sick all the time.

    • It is weird? You can look at Inglesias and Lamb and see they’re too skinny and need to add some muscle but Bailey and Lorenzen are strong as a horse so who knows what the reason is?

    • Perhaps you could share some examples of pitchers being out after coughing or the number of games Reds pitchers have missed over the years relative to other team? Acquiring players with higher than average OBP is rather difficult since no one wants to give those players up and players take physicals before they are acquired.

      If only it were all as easy as you make it sound.

      • Some on here think it’s incompetence on the part of the Reds’ medical staff. As though doctors and trainers can somehow prevent all these injuries.

        I can promise you, most injuries are freak occurrences and are generally not preventable. Unless you want to live in a bubble.

  24. Lamb: strained left thumb

  25. Sprained left thumb, day to day, so they say

    • If it is a jammed or strained thumbs man those things can take weeks until they feel right again. Considering that it is on his throwing hand he just might be headed to the DL. Let’s just hope it is a precautionary exit and nothing at all.

  26. Those are two of the cheapest doubles you will see. Not bad pitching

  27. I know one thing….at times Lamb can be an instructional video on how to pitch as a lefty without a good fastball. He changes speeds….has the slider on the back foot to righties. He’s fun to watch and try to think along with him. Hope he gets back pretty quick!

  28. It would be interesting since its Mothers Day, to ask all the Mothers of the Reds players, the pitchers how they were as a child. All the mothers would probably say, they were fine, but ran up alot of doctors bills, since they were hurt all the time.

  29. Blake Wood in the 7th inning = 8 pitches, 8 balls.

    The quintessential Reds reliever.

  30. Nothing to say except Lucroy has the Reds number.

  31. And to think that just two nights ago we were all wishing we could play the Brewers more often. Brutal.

  32. Over/Under on the new streak is 9…..taking the Over with 14. We have nobody healthy that can go 7 and you can’t get 9 outs unscathed with this motley crew of has-beens and never were’s

  33. Why not pinch-run Billy for Cabrera bottom 7? You give Suarez and Holt plenty of fastballs and maybe a chance to get the lead?

  34. All these games we get the lead off the starter and then do nothing against their pen while they ravage our scrub pen? I’m so back and forth on Bruce…..currently its give him away for a Buy 1 whopper-get 1 free coupon and move Duvall to RF

  35. Ohlendorf’s pitching motion really cracks me up. He’s got that Rick Reuschel beer league softball league wind up.

    • It adds greatly to the “Bad News Bears” mystique of the current bullpen.

  36. This Reds bullpen is maybe the worst in MLB history. I don’t know the stats, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s like you’re watching single A or Rookie ball vs Major League hitters. The Reds should be so embarrassed to go to the ballpark everyday with this bullpen.

    • Should they stone they guys in the bullpen to death? What exactly would you like for them to do?

      • I would like to see Layne Somsen since his #s are superior to almost everyone they’ve called up for one. Price talks about how much he hates walks and then promotes Delabar who walked 11 in 12 ip for Louisville. Really man our venting makes much more sense then your excuses for the Reds brass

        • Price doesn’t decide who gets promoted or demoted.

          That said, if you really think Layne Somsen is going to change this group from a dumpster fire to something resembling a major league bullpen, you’ve got much higher hopes than I do.

  37. Bring on the Hamilrun

  38. Hes in there

  39. What a depressing game

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