After last night’s 5-1 loss, the Reds (9-15) have now lost six straight ballgames and have sunk below a .400 winning percentage. On the bright side, somehow they still aren’t last in the NL Central. On the not so bright side, ace and today’s starter Raisel Iglesias has been scratched with shoulder inflammation.

Starting Pitchers
Following stats are 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.36.36 AM.png

In Iglesias’ place will be righty Tim Adleman making his major-league debut and becoming the third Reds player to do so this season. Adleman’s long road to the big leagues included being cut by the Florence Freedom and multiple independent league stops. Last season–his first starting–Adleman put up a 2.64 ERA in 150.0 innings pitched for AA Pensacola.

For the Pirates will be Jeff Locke, their mid-rotation innings eater. Locke has had two strong starts and two pretty terrible starts so far in 2016 but is coming off of a 6.0 inning, eight strikeout blanking of the Rockies. Locke’s other strong start came against the Reds to start the year, as he scattered seven hits to allow only one run in 6.0 innings.

Starting Lineups

Reds Pirates
1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Billy Hamilton (CF)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Brandon Phillips (2B)
5. Jay Bruce (RF)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Adam Duvall (LF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Tim Adleman (P)
1. John Jaso (1B)
2. Andrew McCutchen (CF)
3. Josh Harrison (2B)
4. Starling Marte (LF)
5. Gregory Polanco (RF)
6. Sean Rodriguez (3B)
7. Jordy Mercer (SS)
8. Chris Stewart (C)
9. Jeff Locke (P)

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Waiting Game
The Reds are still hesitant to pull the trigger on bringing Anthony DeSclafani back up to the major league team, as he felt some sensation in the last inning of his rehab start a couple days ago. Manager Bryan Price called the situation a “wait and see,” hoping not to re-injur DeSclafani’s arm by pushing him too hard.

DatDude still at it
Brandon Phillips pulled off another one of his signature behind-the-back flips last night, beating the runner by a step and a half.

Concluding Thoughts
The Reds just need to win again. All of this losing is tiresome, and it’s not too fun to write about. Maybe the club just needs to go on the apple-a-day policy–it’s different, it could work.

Go Reds!

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  1. 1 run game on the road.
    And our closer is Ross Ohlendorf.
    This is the state of Reds baseball.
    Makes me sad.

  2. Oh my gosh… unbelievable.

  3. Shocking…..

  4. Sometimes you just have to laugh….and cry

  5. Third blown save of the game, a rare feat.

  6. Every pitcher has given up a run…

  7. every pitcher is scored upon?

  8. The amount of mistake pitches this bullpen makes is truly amazing. That pitch to Jaso was right down the middle on a tee.

  9. Finnegan leans over to Alderman and whispers knowingly “get used to it.”

  10. I wonder if any or how many pictures will be released by midnight tonight

  11. Its time for all of us to give in.
    And hope for as many losses as possible for the draft picks.
    And not for just 1 or 2 years. Probably 4-5 years of losing.
    Walt & Price have this franchise in such a state, there is no quick fix.
    Clean house, lose Price, Walt, Bailey, Bruce, Phillips, and even Votto.
    And start from scratch.

  12. from C. Trent on Twitter

    Reds bullpen has given up 19 homers over the last 19 games…

  13. Not even sure if I can watch tomorrow’s game.
    Although it’s kinda intriguing Cueto vs the guy he was traded for.

  14. Who does Price choose to blow this one?

  15. Well its going to be hard to worse than Atlanta but with our pen and our guys that are “day to day” daily we have a shot! Nobody in the AL can hang with our defeatability!! #2 pick here we come!!!

  16. When George was talking about the Reds keep coming back and winning the 2nd road game of the season….I swear I was thinking “Still an out left George” HaHa

  17. No money was spent on the bullpen and with starters on the DL in addition to the same position players doing what they have done for the last 3 years the results can’t be surprising.

  18. Is Pancheco not on the team anymore or did I miss that, really bad roster management with Holt probably if that is the case

    • Pacheco was was in the on deck circle then pulled back for Finnegan. Interpretation: Meso is can’t swing a bat and most likely couldn’t catch either.

  19. Chris Heisey has as many HRs as Votto, Mesoraco, and BP combined. Frazier has more than twice as many

  20. After a rain delay in Louisville Cody Reed returned to pitch the 7. His final line for the day was 7ip, 0r, 1h, 1bb, 5k; 79 pitches, 53 strrikes

  21. How does the right fielder not get that?

  22. Got to look over to first young man

  23. If wood escapes this it amounts to cruel and unusual punishment of Reds fans

  24. Bruce out – Cozart out – It’s gonna be hard to score.

  25. Isn’t it the Pirates’ turn to offer some false hope with a few errors?

  26. Alright. We have another chance for a save

  27. suddenly Schebler is a doubles machine !!!!!!!!!!

  28. Wow. Just wow. TOOTBLAN.

  29. No tag Barnhardt??? Really??
    No way that comes back to haunt us right?

  30. Great hit for the lead, but the base running of this ball club is maddening.

  31. WTF – were they just trying to end the inning?

  32. Give us, this day, our daily TOOTBLAN

  33. Tucker….that’s 2 outs on the bases in 1 game. Unacceptable!! Of course Grande was making excuses for the first one on Hamilton’s hit but you go 1/3 of the way….pickup the ball and when the OF isn’t diving to get the ball then you go? Its not rocket science? What was he doing on that one? You tag up and come home….period????

  34. Well, this pretty much tells you what Price thinks of his former closer.

  35. Ugly win, but it’s a good one.

  36. Nice play by Suarez! Who says he can’t play 3rd base?

    And, the game is over, and the Reds win this Titanic Struggle!!!

  37. UNDEFEATED in May!!!!

  38. Wow, sweet play by Suarez …. And here comes Jaso

  39. Unbelievable. Never saw a game like that.

  40. I thought Jaso was going to tie it up again.

  41. Was it me or did the pirates let them have that game? That was the easiest last inning ever

  42. It’s one game out of 162, but it’s got to drive Pirates’ fans crazy to lose a game like this — and to a team like the Reds.

    • They did everything the could to lose – 4 errors, and their bullpen wasn’t any better than ours.

  43. So all the bullpen needs is 4 chances to hold a late lead.

  44. Good defense that inning saved that one

  45. The Reds are finally starting to play some really good ball….let’s keep this streak of 1 inning going for 2 or 3 more..

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