Tim Adleman was cut by the Florence Freedom in 2012. The Freedom are an independent baseball team located a few miles south of Cincinnati. Adleman didn’t give up on his baseball dream, and kept grinding over the last couple years. Through injuries and other circumstances, Adleman got his chance to pitch in the big leagues today.

Adleman certainly made the most of his opportunity. He pumped in strike after strike, something that Reds broadcaster Chris Welsh called “refreshing.” His first big league strikeout came in the 1st inning against former NL MVP Andrew McCutchen.

Adleman dominated through the first four innings. He held the Pirates scoreless and limited them to one hit. Gregory Polanco hit a solo home run off Adleman in the 5th inning. It was one of Adleman’s few mistakes over the plate.

The Reds offense finally got going for the first time in the series in the 6th inning. Joey Votto drove in the first run with a single, and Jay Bruce drove in two more runs with a double later in the inning. The inning could have potentailly been even bigger, but the Reds made two outs on the basepaths in the sixth inning.

The Reds bullpen (Cingrani, Cotham) blew the lead in the 7th inning. The Pirates got two runs to tie the game. It was the 19th consecutive game that the Reds bullpen has allowed a run.

The Reds would get the lead back in the 8th inning on a cheap run. Joey Votto tried to steal second base with two outs. Votto was about to be gunned out, but he smartly stopped and retreated back towards first base. That allowed Tyler Holt, who was on third base, to head home. Holt was about to be out by a mile, but the ball was dropped out of Pirates catcher Chris Stewart’s glove when Holt came in contact with it.

The Reds bullpen again blew the lead in the bottom of the 8th. But the Reds battled back again in the ninth inning. Scott Schebler hit a pinch-hit double off the left-field wall to score Adam Duvall, and give the Reds a 5-4 lead.

Ross Ohlendorf was looking like the Reds savior today in the bullpen. He got the Reds out of a jam in the 8th inning, and then got the first two outs in the 9th inning. That’s when John Jaso was able to just get a solo home run into the right-field seats to tie the game yet again.

Scott Schebler came through again in the 11th inning. Schebler smacked a RBI double off the right-field wall to give the Reds a 6-5 lead. Blake Wood completed his second scoreless inning in the bottom of the 11th, and the Reds got just their second win on the road all season.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (10-15) 6 8 0
Pittsburgh Pirates (15-10) 5 9 4
W: Wood (3-0) L: Vogelsong (1-1)
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Reds Bucs WPA

Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the most important play of the game was Ross Ohlendorf allowing a solo home run to John Jason with 2 outs in the 9th inning, tying the game at 5.  That play decreased the Reds chances of winning by 49.1% (from 96.0% to 46.9%)

Player of the Game

Tim Adleman: 6.0 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 6 K

Adleman was a lot of fun to watch pitch today. He was just pumping in strikes all day. Seeing his family so excited about him making his big league debut was just awesome. Tim Adleman today is why baseball is awesome.


Joey Votto struck out in his first two at-bats against Jeff Locke, but came back with a big RBI single in the 6th inning to tie the game.

Jay Bruce smacked a 2-RBI double down the right-field line to give the Reds their first lead of the game in the 6th inning.

Zack Cozart walked today! It was only his second walk of 2016. He also doubled in the 8th, but got hurt going to second.

It’s been a tough year for Scott Schebler (entered today with a .508 OPS), but he came through with two huge RBI hits in this game. He also made a really nice catch in the 9th inning.

Blake Wood pitched two big scoreless innings in the 10th and 11th inning.


Injuries, injuries, injuries. Zack Cozart had to leave the game with a leg injury. Raisel Iglesias was placed on the DL today with a right shoulder injury. Devin Mesoraco missed his third straight game today with left shoulder stiffness. Homer Bailey and Anthony DeSclafani have both suffered small setbacks after their rehab starts. When will it end?

Tony Cingrani was able to strike out the first batter he faced (Polanco), but then allowed a triple to Sean Rodriguez and walked Jordy Mercer. Price pulled him immediately.

Caleb Cotham wasn’t any better than Cingrani. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runs all crossed the plate for the Pirates with him on the mound.

Not so random thoughts………..

— How awesome were those Pirates retro jerseys today? I wish the Reds would wear throwback jerseys more often. My personal favorites were the ones the Reds wore in the mid 90’s.



— Here is a strong sign from the Flying Pig Marathon today in Cincy.


— Joey Votto said that he would rather retire than struggle.

Up Next:

The Reds begin a 10-game homestand at GABP tomorrow against the Giants. Johnny Cueto will pitch against the Reds for the first time in his career.

Giants at Reds
Monday, 7:10
TV: FOX Sports Ohio, MLB Network
Brandon Finnegan (5 GS, 3.86 ERA/5.45 FIP) vs Johnny Cueto (5 GS, 2.65 ERA/2.12 FIP)

About The Author

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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52 Responses

  1. vegastypo

    Holt was a dead duck at the plate, but he ran hard and dislodged the ball from the catcher’s mitt. ……… Barnhard was a dead duck at the plate, and he all but tagged himself out at the plate.

    Adleman threw strikes to begin the game, Wood threw strikes to end the game.

    That marathon photo is both cruel and hilarious.

  2. preacherj

    Price said Cozart has tendonitis.

    • Steve Checkosky

      Of the 16 position players who started the game, Joey had the lowest slugging percentage by about 50 points. Billy was second lowest.

    • reaganspad

      I was wondering if Price had cranial tendonitis when he let Addleman hit for himself in the 7th with a runner on second.


      Then pulls him after one hit in the bottom of 7. I usually try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it is hard when he is so by the seat of his pants

      • Vicferrari

        To me tough call, do you really pull him there with this bullpen. Tough call after he gives up first hit, do you let him pitch to a lefty as a tying run. Cingrani has got to come through there but felt he should at least crash and burn with him. This bullpen has been ungodly with inherited runners.
        What really irritated me was PR Holt when you replace hi with Dejesus, not sure how much slower Ivan is but if you know he is coming and your depth is what it is, why burn a player for such marginal speed on the base paths?

      • vegastypo

        I said the same thing on the game thread. Yes, the bullpen is terrible. But that is just as strong an argument for trying to get an extra run when you can.

  3. msanmoore

    Feels good (finally) … it was the freebie MLB.tv game today. Still undecided about plunking down my usual $50 on Fathers’ Day for the annual 1/2 price deal … too much frustration to watch live like that.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Presumably, at some point later in the season you’ll be able to watch some subset of Winker, Peraza, Stephenson, and Reed, though… that might be worth it.

      Can you save even more money waiting until July/August?

      • msanmoore

        The normal low point is $50 on Fathers’ Day weekend. That’s my usual buy-in point. You make a good case given who I can watch have their early shots. I may just have to consider it.

  4. Dave

    Bullpen struggles and JJ Groover doesn’t even pitch?!? I hope Cozart is not hurt seriously, it is nice to see him have a good year on the field and at the plate. I know this is a “rebuilding” year, but it is really hard to watch these jokers come in from the pen and be completely ineffective…

  5. jessecuster44

    Nice win. But… the bullpen is a garbage fire. Baserunning is atrocious. Price’s management is head-scratching again. The injuries… lead to yet another question of the competence of the med staff/training staff. (Why isn’t Mez healthy yet? It’s been a year.)

    It is going to be a long, long season. 100 losses are a distinct possibility if some of these players don’t get healthy.

  6. Mike Bittenbender

    As terrible as this is to watch, remember this is how Hou/Cubs gamed it to get the talent they have. We are drafting high this year and should next year as well. I’ll go on record as saying I will take the Louisville Daily Double of Corey Ray this year and Brendan McKay next. For those not aware, Ray is a OF w speed and pop, hits leadoff, plays CF but has played the corners also. Look up the video from last year where he won a game in the 9th by stealing home against a RHP. McKay is the #1 starter, LHP, and DHs when not pitching. Thump in his bat and has played some 1B, but his ticket to the bigs is his arm, the bat is just gravy. Just my 2 cents

    • jessecuster44

      Fairly clear that HOU and Cubs both have front offices that are forward thinking and intelligent.

      Based on results of past 3 years, it is dubious that Reds’ FO has the chops to rebuild like the Cubs and Astros.

      • wizeman

        Jury still out on the Astros. Rebuild started last July 31. I don’t think Jocketty great at the building a bench. Trades might be another matter. You don’t hit on all of them.
        Two pitchers unsignable olast July. We get Finnegan, Lamb and Reed for 2 months of Cueto. A steal. Rookie Davis, Cotham and Jagielo for a guy who beat crap out of a woman and shot a pistol 8 times? We were not going to pay 12 million in arbitration for a reliever. I’ll take it. Maybe Peraza not enough for Frazier. Let’s see how the second half of the season goes.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Ray’s star has fallen given everything I’ve read recently. Not projected anywhere near the top of round 1 at the moment. Not to say he couldn’t have a good end of the season, though.

  7. David

    The guys presently in the bullpen have some of the right parts. But Price keeps mixing and matching, and he’s also stuck with just one left hander (Cingrani) and that’s a problem too.
    Hoover’s problem is his location. He doesn’t throw hard enough to be that careless as to where he locates pitches. I don’t know where they will hide him. They could cut him loose, but that’s not the way the Reds’ front office rolls.
    None of the guys in the bullpen have anything like GREAT stuff, but the starters have to start getting 7 innings (at least) in some games. Pitching 3 or more innings of relief every game is going to wear these guys out.

  8. TR

    Well done by Adleman. And the Reds seem to have found their provisional closer in Wood.

    • David

      Whoever has the hot hand. Wood closed last year for the Pirates AAA team, so he does know the role. I think Cotham could be a good set-up man. Ohlendorf could do either. Cingrani is the lone situational lefty, that pitches better to righties (generally). JC Ramirez has a pretty good arm, but is inexperienced. He’s the man for close games when the Red’s are one run behind.

      • sezwhom

        Personally, I think Cingrani should be a starter. That’s his mentality. Not his style to come in and relieve. You can see it.

      • dan

        Cingrani might be a starter but is he going to bump out of a spot? Everyone else starting is out performing him sans Simon who is about ready to be bumped out by the likes of Bailey, Lamb, or Disco.

      • jim t

        Cingrani is a train wreck. Starting or relieving! He can not find the plate. He is generally at a 100 pitches in the 5th inning as a starter and walks hitters as a reliever. I would send him out and tell him he isn’t coming back until her can throw strikes.

      • KetteringRedsFan

        The problem with Cingrani is that he’s been backed into lose-lose corner. Let me explain.

        (1) At the present moment, I don’t see him as a quality (i.e 1-4 rotation) starter or consistent reliever. Perhaps with time, but he seems to need more baseball intelligence/maturity – i.e the answer isn’t always “More Power!”

        (2) To get the control issue resolved, he needs work – somewhere, somehow. He’s not going to get it as a starter as arms come back from the shadows. He’s not going to get it as a reliever unless he shows some consistency – which isn’t going to happen as a LOOGY or situational role. And we seem unwilling to block the development channel at Louisville by sending him there.

        (3) Which highlights the quandary. At the start of the season, I had him pegged as good trade bait – because he’s not going to fit the plan here and a change of scenery might be the best thing for him and because the potential is still there. But to get any decent return, he needs to showcase – and showcase well – and, in this regime, I’m not seeing that happen.

      • Patrick Jeter

        Cingrani doesn’t have the command to be a starter. His “good” outings have him going 5 innings. That’s not a good starter.

      • ohiojimw

        Cingrani’s body broke every time they tried him as a starter. Price has even spoken on the record about this in terms of why it happens.

      • Jack

        Stop with the Cingrani excuses. He is flat out terrible. Can’t get leftys out and can’t find the plate half the time. Hoover and him should be in Louisville. Ohlendorf should not pitch past 1 inning. Adelmam should replace Hoover and straily should replace Cingrani when pitchers come back. After that Moscot should replace the next worthless reliever. So tired of these guys coming in and stinking the place up.

      • Big56dog

        I cannot believe what I am reading some of you write about Cingrani… comparing him to Hoover??? are you even watching the games or is the knee jerk reaction to the 2 triples he gave up last week. You all would have been calling deport Chapman in 2011- now that was control issues-
        Cingani is close to being a shut down reliever, if he can cut his walks in half which I think is easy once he gets comfortable in his role.
        Kid Furious has struck out 241 batter in 216 ML innings is only 26 & the minor league numbers were unworldly and you want to send him off after an average April?????
        Cingrani is the last guy you want out of this bullpen

      • greenmtred

        Hoover is close to being a shutdown reliever, too: All he needs is to add velocity, learn to locate the ball properly and improve his secondary pitches. Cingrani. I’m pretty sure, is still living off an unaccountably good start when he first came up to the Reds. The hitters have figured him out now, and he hasn’t figured out how to pitch. His fault? I don’t know, but he inspires little confidence.

      • Big56dog

        Green are really arguing Cingrani is just like Hoover????, in 8.2 innings Hoover has given up 5 HRs, and struck out 6
        in 10 innings Cingrani has struck out 12 and given up no HR’s – in his 12 appearances this season he has only given up 2 hits twice- each of his last 2 appearances. Hitters have not exactly figured him out. Last season he had ERA near 3 in mid- June before he got hurt
        I may be wrong that he may ever amount to something but he looks like he just needs to get into a rhythm and I have no idea why he is always on a short leash while Hoover and some others get plenty of rope to tie the noose.
        Cingrani has been a disappointment but far from the trainwreck that Chapman was in 2011. Chapman was a headcase then who figured it out and I suspect Cingrani is a bit of 1 with the ridiculous amount of walks.
        I have visions of a Norm Charlton ceiling

  9. dan

    Sure seems like whoever we call up to start as pitcher does a heck of a job. One would think that we have some very nice trade pieces. Problem is every team has aces up their sleeves. MLB is going to have to expand to 40 teams in order for all the quality pitchers available to even get a remote chance to start in the Bigs.

  10. sezwhom

    Tim Adleman: 6.0 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 6 K.

    Chris Welch finally had an opportunity to get his feet off the desk and say something positive as Adleman was throwing first pitch strikes. Very rare for a Reds pitcher.

  11. Vicferrari

    Can anybody explain to me how you can justify hitting Finnegan over Pacheco?
    Maybe if you think they are comparable hitters then I can get it, but what does that say for Pacheco? If this is how desperate they are to not lose their back up catcher why are there not 1 more positional player than someone like Hayes.
    Why is Mes not on the DL if he cannot hit in that situation? If you can send down Jumbo why can you not send down Hoover?

    • ohiojimw

      Best guess is Meso wasn’t available and thus Pacheco held back as 2nd catcher

      • lwblogger2

        Probably. Catcher is the one position where I have a quick DL trigger-finger. If he’s been out 3 days already, they need to DL him if they think he’ll be out 3 more..

      • ohiojimw

        And today’s (Monday) preliminary line up is on Twitter and he is not in it. Also no Cozart. Don’t they have to DL one of them just for able body count???

      • Big56dog

        Exactly and if he his hurt to such a point that he cannot pick up a bat after 3 days rest – there is an issue.
        I found it outrageous some of these jokers in this bullpen while you have very little leeway with your bench- very poor roster management

      • ohiojimw

        Meso last appeared in a game Wednesday in NYC. If they DLed him and backdated it, he would be 1/3 of the way thru.

        I believe the furthest a team can backdate DL time is one week. So, unless it is an obvious long term injury, the Reds invariably seem to take the whole week to make their minds up….

  12. pinson343

    After video review: I assume that Hatcher had Barnhart hold on the fly ball to Polanco in the 11th. I know he’s not fast, but the ball was hit deep enough that you have to try for home, especially with that being the second out. Schebler thought for sure he was tagging up, though of course he should have been watching. And, as mentioned above, Barnhart should’ve tried a Holt when he was a dead duck,

  13. pinson343

    Polanco seemed to spend the rest of the game celebrating after his HR. In addition to the error on Cozart, he should have caught Schebler’s 11th inning double.
    After the game, he was talking up his HR.

    And was surprised that Marte let Schebler hit the double over his head. Schebler doesn’t hit for average, but the guy is strong.

    In any case, well done Scott !

    • Big56dog

      Yeah- did not think he belonged on the roster- glad he stepped up as he looks overmatched and needs to be hitting at AAA

  14. pinson343

    The Reds relievers were getting absolutely hammered, even on at least 3 of the outs.

    • ohiojimw

      Agree. To this point the 2016 pen crew is even worse than that pen crew from the middle of the 1st decade of the 2000’s.

      Don’t care what they or their manager say, to a degree it has to be inside their collective head when they do stuff like successively give up late leads like Sunday.

      It is like a bad apple keeps spoiling the whole bunch; but wow, which one is the index case at this point? If they had 4 guys with options to send down and guys on option to bring up it might be time for the old clear the bench shock treatment

  15. wizeman

    The news about DeSclafini and Bailey was a gut punch. Injuries are hard to gauge. a week ago I thought Hamilton was really hurt and looks like I was wrong. Smart money was on Bailey by mid-May to June 1. May 1 was obviously pushing it.
    I keep telling myself to take a deep breath. Peraza and Winker hitting over 300. Stephenson and Reed are pitching lights out. Lamb is ready. June 1st to miss Super 2.
    If DeSclafini is back by May 15… gives him time to get a dozen starts before trading deadline. If he is pitching well… he brings the most chips… not Bailey or Cozart.

    • IndyRedMan

      I agree Disco would bring the most in a trade due to Bailey’s salary but I would hesitate to deal him. I like his attitude and he doesn’t nibble. Late in the year last year he was up to 95-96 mph on occasion and could be a good 3rd starter (Jason Hammel?) if he can develop his secondary pitches. I guess it depends on how Bailey/Lamb/Finnegan look as well? I’ve been really impressed with Finnegan so far but he loves that high fastball and I’m concerned how that will play out in GABP? Tonite will be interesting. If Simon returned a kid that might be a productive starter for years in Suarez then who knows what we could get for some of these younger guys?

      • reaganspad

        I think Finnegan just needs to learn to get that high fastball a little higher. We just got Schooled in NY by Harvey who threw nothing but that pitch it seamed.

        It was just that he had it at the very top or out of the strike zone and Brandon still leaves his a little too hitable.

        I am really impressed with all 3 of the KC lefties. Today’s game will be fun as both were involved in the trade last year.

        And we have another stud lefty on the brink right behind them. I would love a rotation where we had 3 LH starters.

        that leaves you a lot of trade options for any of the RH pieces. If Homer and Stephenson are both #1 type starters, then I will not miss Disco in a trade, although I like him a lot as well.

        But he would bring back a nice haul in a trade

      • Big56dog

        Hate to burst your bubble, Homer Bailey will never be a number 1 starter, he is 30 yo coming off TJ surgery. He has a below average career ERA and really had just 2 borderline 3rd/2nd starter type seasons in 2012 and 2013. Hopefully he reverts to form but I suspect he still never reaches career highs in anything here on out even if remains healthy through the contract.

    • ohiojimw

      I think it is early to call the latest “news” about Disco and Bailey a gut punch.

      Obliques (Disco) are notoriously fickle injuries; and, at this point they aren’t saying it is aggravated, only that he still feels some “sensation” in the area he did not feel prior to the injury. In one quote I saw, Price was even inferring that if the games meant anything (i.e. “if this was September” or some such) they would probably go on and use Disco in the rotation.

      In Bailey’s case, he is just now coming up on a year since the surgery. He has been way ahead of the recovery curve. I read a couple of weeks ago that one of the Docs doing TJs on professional players recommends that pitchers not throw competitively until 14 months postoperative. So, unless examination indicates Bailey has new structural damage, I see this as an inconvenient part of the process for the Reds. (Not intended as a slam on Kremchek; despite the beating he takes here, he is clearly recognized throughout baseball as one of the best at fixing elbows).

      • jessecuster44

        Just tiring to hear of yet another set of injuries that aren’t healing according to form. Seems like the Reds have more of these than other franchises.

      • wizeman

        I was ready for them to come back. They had a setback. To me it qualifies as a gut punch. I’ll survive. Know enough about athletes injuries and setbacks to know that when you are ready for them and the doc tells you 2 more weeks it sucks

  16. msanmoore

    I had that striped Reds hat … it bled something fierce when I perspired. If I recall, it did something similar with the players.

  17. CP

    The pinstriped jerseys are probably my least favorite jersey. If you’re going to go traditional, I guess I like the 1956 and 1967 jerseys.

    I’d like to see the Reds bring back some blue to the jersey & hat. I really like the 1939-1946 & 1947-1955 jersey/hat combinations. Plus side: the Reds trick some stupid Cubs fans into buying merchandise.

    • ohiojimw

      worth doing it at least as a one day one off just to trick the stupid cubbie fans 🙂

  18. lwblogger2

    Yay for Adleman! I’m happy for anyone that comes out of the Frontier League and plays in the Majors!