The Reds (9-14) are 1-7 in their last eight games and already 8.5 back in the NL Central. The story line of the day though has more to do with what the Reds don’t have than what they do. With Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips returning to the lineup last night and the majority of the rotation set to come off the DL soon, this team will look completely different next weekend…maybe.

Starting Pitchers
The following are 2016 stats

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 1.16.29 PM.png

Alfredo Simon has been awful. There’s just no way around it. I could come up with a dozen silver linings–his FIP is less than his ERA so he hasn’t actually been THAT bad–but the only true silver lining is this is likely his last start. In serving the purposed of blocking Robert Stephenson from being called up too early, Simon has been magnificent. In every other regard, not so much.

When compared to Simon, Francisco Liriano looks like Justin Verlander in his prime. Compared to a league average pitcher, Liariano isn’t doing too hot. His control has been wonky, evidenced by walking at least three batters in each of his four starts, but he’s usually been able to work around that. Against the Reds, Liriano went 5.0 innings, giving up three earned runs but ending with a no-decision.

Starting Lineups

Reds Pirates
1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Brandon Phillips (2B)
5. Adam Duvall (LF)
6. Jay Bruce (RF)
7. Tucker Barnhart (C)
8. Alfredo Simon (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)
1. John Jaso (1B)
2. Andrew McCutchen (CF)
3. David Freese (3B)
4. Starling Marte (LF)
5. Francisco Cervelli (C)
6. Gregory Polanco (RF)
7. Josh Harrison (2B)
8. Jordy Mercer (SS)
9. Francisco Liriano (P)

Disco Rehab
Anthony DeSclafani made his final rehab start yesterday for the Dayton Dragons, throwing 5.o innings and 77 pitches. Disco gave up three hits, walked one, and struck out three. From his postgame interview, Disco seems anxious to get back up to the big league club and help out with the current disaster of a rotation.

“I’m not a very patient person, and I don’t like being on the DL or injured. I want to get back there and help my team — I can’t wait,” DeSclafani said.

Verlander on PEDs
Outspoken Tigers’ pitcher Justin Verlander voiced his thoughts on Performance Enhancing Drugs yesterday following Dee Gordon’s 80-game suspension. Glad that Gordon was suspended for operating outside of the rules, Verlander was critical of the MLB allowing the second baseman to play while appealing the test.

“In my opinion, if you’ve tested positive, you have an advantage and you should be off the field,” Verlander said.

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Concluding Thoughts
There’s a good chance of rain in Pittsburgh tonight, but likely not enough to cancel the game. As Chad pointed out in his recap last night, yesterday’s game was only the second time Joey Votto reached base three times in a game this season. Hopefully that performance is indicative of a new trend going forward.

Go Reds!

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  1. Mesoraco not playing much

  2. Meso sitting because of a “stiff left shoulder” per C.Trent. Meso and Price think he should be available off the bench tonight and will hopefully be back in the lineup Sunday or Monday.

    Is it just me or is Meso heading toward irrelevancy on this team? Yes, injuries are injuries and the player isn’t to blame unless he has done something stupid to cause the injury. On the other hand, players who can’t stay on the field tend to not be long for the game, at least not on the same team. While Meso’s hip was a major injury and could be seen in a different light, there have been a constant stream of issues which suggest he is lacking in durability and ability to stay on the field.

    • +1000

      Barnhart is a smaller guy but he’s done nothing but overachieve and impress every year! If they limited him to maybe 350ish atbats then he’d prob be fine! Find a lefty bashing catcher somewhere and move on. Mesoraco is 28 or turning 28 if I’m not mistaken? 2014 was a mirage…a Joe Charboneau/Kevin Maas from way back when

    • +1
      I have been stated that to much has been vested into Mesoraco’s numbers and performance due to his one outstanding season to begin with. We were all hoodwinked with those numbers.

  3. Reds 0-4 in Simon’s starts which is to be expected at this point but

    Red Sox 0-5 in Buchholz’s starts
    White Sox 0-4 with Danks
    Yankees 1-7 with Pineda/Severino
    Jays 1-4 with Dickey

    Those are some big budgets teams that might love Homer or Disco? Lets get a major league ready stick or 2 or 3 in here?

  4. Here we go again. Disco and Iggy have suffered “setbacks”. Adelman is being held ready in case Iggy cannot go on Sunday. Disco “felt sensation” in his previously injured oblique area during his rehab start last night. He’s on hold till they figure that out. Then there is that twinge Moscot felt in his nonthrowing shoulder in NYC.

    As things stand now Lamb is scheduled to start on rehab with Louisville Monday. Stephenson pitched (very well) last night for louisville and would not be available until Wednesday.

    • Missed above that iggy felt a “pinch” in his pitching shoulder in NYC.

      A rainout tonight would be almost as good as a win for the Reds.

    • I thought that there must be a reason why his pitch counts have been so low. Not good.

  5. The Reds have played like LITTLE League players at times so far this season and if the injuries keep piling up they may actually have to field a little league team in order to have 9 healthy players on the field.

  6. Well – the good news is Simon hasn’t given up a boat load of runs yet…. the bad news is – he hasn’t thrown any pitches yet.

  7. Can we release Simon now please?

  8. Get someone up warming now. He’s not getting out of the 1st

  9. What’s the record for consecutive HR to start a game?

  10. Big Pasta served up a Meatball for an appetizer, can’t wait for the main course.

  11. Cueto, Latos, Frazier, & even Volquez are all probably headed for All Star seasons.
    Chapman is always an All Star if not healthy.

    Reds are paying Homer Bailey THE EXACT SAME MONEY as Johnny Cueto is being paid in San Fransisco. I’m just sick to my stomach.

    The Reds actually FIRED Dusty Baker.
    After making the Playoffs 2/3 of the time and after the Reds HAD NOT seen the Playoffs in the 15 years prior. GENIUS.
    Meanwhile… Dusty has the Nats off to the best record in baseball.
    And the Reds look like a single A team.

    How can you ABSOLUTELY DESTROY a franchise in 2 short years?

    Didn’t the Reds and Reds fans think they had the team to win a Pennant and maybe even a World Series just a couple short years ago in 2013?

    Did they not fire Dusty because they thought someone else could lead us to a Championship in 2014 and beyond?

    And now we’re the JOKE OF BASEBALL?

    • Cueto’s AAV for his age 30-36 seasons is $22 million. Bailey’s AAV is $18 million for age 29-33 seasons. No comparison.

    • Price is horrible but that doesn’t mean Dusty was good. Dusty has had HOFers galore on his teams and never won the WS so that says something right there

  12. Pirates announcers just said the Reds should be good for Liriano since they are the free-est swinging team in major league baseball. “They’ll swing at anything anywhere near the plate.”

    Well at least we are first in something.

  13. I’m afraid Mes looks like damaged goods.
    I pray that I’m wrong, but he looks 110% different in everything he does compared to his All Star season. I would rather give him this ENTIRE SEASON off and get 100% healthy.
    The Reds are headed toward 100 losses anyway.

  14. Votto would own at least 5 batting titles if he were a Red Sox

  15. Lot of pitches for Simon, cannot throw strikes. When he does they are hit. Bad combination

    Get the bullpen ready

  16. How many 59′ splitters do we have to watch Simon throw tonight?

  17. Simon can’t tip-toe around disaster forever… bases loaded for Cutch…

    • Not too often you see a pitcher at 90+ thru 4 and only allowing 1 run, especially when that came on the first pitch. Simon auditioning for the bullpen showing mgmt how he can pitch out of jams

  18. Sometimes players don’t help themselves against the accusation that “baseball players aren’t athletes.” Simon looking like Colon going into second there…

  19. Glad to see the TOOTBLANs extend to pitchers, also. Simon was loafing it into 2nd, it looked like…

  20. Suarez cheated at the plate….1-2 count and both strikes weren’t strikes?

    So obvious Simon would give them the lead right back! He’s out of shape and “ran” to 2nd plus he’s at his limit anyway? Price should’ve had the pen ready coming into the inning but of course he didn’t. Typical

  21. At-a-boy Bryan Price.
    Leave him in just long enough to muck it up.
    You are TRULY a special manager.
    We are so lucky.

  22. @Patrick Jeter
    Thanks good buddy.
    Yeah I haven’t been on much yet this season.
    I was in GABP for the Opening Week though.

  23. Fat people tire much easily then people that are in shape. Seems basic to most people but not to Price? If Simon can’t run 180 feet without nearly collapsing then it stands to reason he might not make it thru the next inning….esp at 90+ pitches anyway? Ridiculous….Price never sees it coming….not the obvious….not anything. He’s never ahead of anything…ever

    • I’m sure Price was just itching to use his bullpen in the 5th inning.

      • Well if he goes to Ramirez with just the first guy on 1st base then its prob 1-1 into the 8th and we can lose the game then instead…lol. They’re just horrible but when/if they’re ever decent again then Price has proven he’s not the guy to be at the helm

        • “Well if he goes to Ramirez with just the first guy on 1st base then its prob 1-1 into the 8th and we can lose the game then instead”

          Right. The bullpen could definitely be counted on to keep the game close.


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