The Reds (8-9) slipped to fourth place in the NL Central with yesterday’s loss while the Cubs (13-4) took over sole possession of the best record in the Major Leagues. On the bright side, the Cubs only scored half as many runs as they did the day before, so progress is attainable.

Starting Pitchers
All stats from 2016:

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 8.20.16 AM.png

Dan Straily had a strong first start of the season against the Rockies on Monday, throwing 5.0 innings and only giving up one run. Straily did walk two in that game, further hurting his abysmal BB/9 rate, but it didn’t get him in trouble. Fangraphs predicts Dan Straily will work into the 6th inning, but gives him only a 30 percent chance of taking a win.

John Lackey looks to continue his early season success for the Cubs after he threw a gem against his former team, the Cardinals, on Monday night. Over 7.0 innings, Lackey struck out 11 batters while only allowing four hits and walking one. The Cards were not able to get a run in off of the veteran, and Lackey took the win in the 5-0 blankng. In his start against the Reds, Lackey lasted 6.2 innings, allowing two runs on six hits while striking out seven.

Starting Lineups

Cubs Reds
1. Dexter Fowler (CF)
2. Jason Heyward (RF)
3. Kris Bryant (LF)
4. Anthony Rizzo (1B)
5. Ben Zobrist (2B)
6. Miguel Montero (C)
7. Javier Baez (3B)
8. Addison Russell (SS)
9. John Lackey (P)
1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Brandon Phillips (2B)
5. Jay Bruce (RF)
6. Devin Mesoraco (C)
7. Adam Duvall (LF)
8. Scott Schebler (CF)
9. Dan Straily (P)

Lamb on Rehab
John Lamb’s rehab start was not pretty, as he gave up 11 runs on nine hits in 2.2 innings Friday. Returning from back surgery, Lamb said after the game that he didn’t feel he had control over any aspect of his game. He will make one more rehab start before coming off of the disabled list, at which point he may or may not join the big league club.

Cubs gonna Cubs…?

Mired in one the worst slumps of his career, Joey Votto will be honored by the Reds tonight with his own bobblehead. The token, a standing up likeness of the first baseman holding a bat and wearing a cape, makes light of Votto’s seemingly automatic ability to hit. The bobbleheads will be given out to the first 25,000 fans

Concluding Thoughts
If trends continue, the Reds will lose today 4-2 but win tomorrow by the same score. At this point, even a remote quasi-mathmatical hope for a win against the Cubs is reassuring enough, so I’ll treat the above statement like it’s actually scientific. Maybe today will be the day Joey finds his wallet and all gets back on track.

Go Reds!

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  1. Patrick Jeter

    Old Man Lackey’s luck runs out tonight. 6-5 good guys.

  2. vegastypo

    So, the Toddfather homered once for the White Sox to tie their game with the Rangers, and he just had a homer stolen at the wall in the bottom of the ninth in Chicago. Still rooting for the guy.

    • Indy RedMan

      I watched most of the game….whats up with empty space behind the wall in the new Comiskey for 10 yards and then the outfield stands start? HRs should land among fans…..period!

  3. ohiojimw

    Jay Bruce could be called away any time if his wife goes into childbirth labor (today is her due date). Billy Hamilton can’t bat because of his thumb injury. Do the Reds have an OF standing by should JB get the call before the game starts (and thus be able to be put on the paternity list)? Hey this is the Reds, why did I even wonder if they could plan that far ahead?

    • DHud

      Holt is still on the roster and DeJesus is kinda a jack of all trades, so I’d figure they’d just bring up a reliever for a few days

      But this is the Reds. No, there’s no plan. After getting caught unprepared, they’ll bring up Peraza to sit the bench for 3 days

      • ohiojimw

        Maybe they’ll acquire Sam LeCure for a player to be named later then 3 days later name him as the PTBNL. BTW, I think that one has actually happened a time or two but not involving the Reds and not after just 3 days…. 🙂

  4. Indy RedMan

    I used to coach little league many many years ago and I had a kid that was so scared of whiffing that he would just stick the bat out there like a swinging bunt and never actually swung the bat? Votto looks like that now! Has Votto hit more than 3-4 balls 300 feet this year? Its getting hard to watch! Suarez is so good to the opposite field and has a short swing….he’ll bounce back pretty quick I think? I think the Reds hit 2-3 HRs tonite…maybe rough up old man Lackey a little bit and win on a walkoff!! That’s the plan anyway!

    • Patrick Jeter

      Votto is tied with Schebler for the highest average exit velocity (90.0 MPH) on the Reds. He’s not just sticking the bat out there. He also has the 2nd most balls over 100 mph (10) to Bruce’s 11.

      1) Schebler 90.0
      1) Votto 90.0
      3) Phillips 89.7
      4) Barnhart 89.5
      5) Bruce 88.9
      6) Holt 88.2
      7) Duvall 88.0
      8) Cozart 87.0
      9) Suarez 86.8
      10) Mesoraco 84.0

      Actually, Finnegan is first (90.6) but he only has 5 batted balls, so I left him off.

      • Indy RedMan

        Exit velocity means next to nothing then….same argument I had w/Cozart in 2014. You engineering boys said his batt avg with balls in play was very low so he’s unlucky. I said his swing is flawed and he pops up too much. Period!!!

      • Gaffer

        Pretty sure Votto would be batting close to .250 if he was at his carrer BABIP. Remember he hit almost .500 in spring training! He needs to make a few adjustments but he is mostly just unlucky.

      • Indy RedMan

        Obv is means something. I’m not that old but I feel like the old scouts in Moneyball sometimes. My eyes and watching baseball for 40 years are worth something that stats can’t always tell. Schebler has 3 lasers for doubles to left on the season and a lot of hard 4-3s but you can’t tell me that he’s a better hitter yesterday, today, or tomorrow compared to Cozart or Suarez because of the exit velocity?

      • docmike

        That exit velocity tells me the same thing that my eyes have been telling me: that Votto has been hitting the ball hard, but hitting it right at people. That’s bad luck, whether you’re old school or new school.

  5. Patrick Jeter

    Cubs sure can work a count…

  6. Eric The Red

    Man, I’m getting tired of having our pitchers throw strikes that get called balls. That’s already at least 3 clear ones, in two innings.

  7. Indy RedMan

    Russell….nothing but hype against the rest of baseball. Young ARod vs us? Obv the Cubs have more talent but this is ridiculous?

    • Patrick Jeter

      He’s still very young, and plays good defense.

  8. vegastypo

    what’s up with BP? He didn’t want to leave, now he looks like he’s not concentrating on what he’s doing.

  9. james garrett

    It would help if we could get somebody on base.

    • Gaffer

      BP has to lead the league in getting thrown out on bases. Suarez is not far behind.

      • VaRedsFan

        If you aren’t getting thrown out some, then you aren’t being aggressive enough. With 1 out, you want to try to get to 3rd, it took 2 perfect relay throws to get him. That’s just good baseball, by both teams.

  10. mtkal

    Is it just me, or have we made a lot of outs on the base paths this season? Not saying Brandon shouldn’t have tried there. It took a very good play to get him, but just seems like we’ve been hurt with our base running more than usual so far.

    • Gaffer

      Ever since Price took over, he thinks aggressive base running is a good thing. He is wrong.

      • vegastypo

        Price is no prize, but the team did dumb stuff on the base paths under Dusty’s tutelage, or lack thereof, also.

      • VaRedsFan

        Dumb running is one thing. That wasn’t dump. Don’t generalize every out on the bases as tootblans.

  11. Gaffer

    Thom going on again about how walks kill against teams like the Cubs. But, why is that not true for Reds hitters? He should be screaming for Reds to walk more and realize that if a Red gets a walk, that may score too!

  12. james garrett

    BP marches to a different drummer.

  13. Indy RedMan

    Moscot = Straily and vice versa and neither one belongs on a good staff….maybe the long man which I’d go with Straily because he can miss some bats. Meso not catching that K of Fowler cost him atleast 10 pitches tonite. Mes’s game is a trainwreck right now off and def????

  14. vegastypo

    Marty is so engulfed in golf talk that he lost track of how many outs there were

    • VaRedsFan

      says a lot about both teams plate approach.

  15. VaRedsFan

    What a nice swing by Cozart… The bye bye knock for Suarez

  16. vegastypo

    My golly, look at that ……… -uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-genio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. VaRedsFan

    Lackey must be done if Votto got a hit off of him 😉

  18. VaRedsFan

    OMG Mez…more swings like that please!!!

  19. VaRedsFan

    Anothe 3 run shot!!! DOOOOOO-VALLL this time

  20. VaRedsFan

    Hit a Blackhawks fan right in the chest

  21. VaRedsFan

    Suarez 106 mph – 413 feet
    Duvall – 100 mph – 393 feet
    Schebler – 101 mph – 364 feet

    • docmike

      Shh… exit velocity doesn’t mean anything at all, remember?

      • Indy RedMan

        You take Schebler and his 95 mph one hopper to second 4-3 and I’ll take Cozart’s 85 mph hits to all fields and see who comes out on top? Obv the goal is to hit the ball hard but hit’em where they ain’t is still true as well!

      • docmike

        That ball hit 95 mph has a much higher chance of being an hit than the one hit 85 mph. Over an extended period of time, the stats will bear that out.

        And if you can’t understand why it’s better to hit the ball hard than not… well then I can’t help you.

      • Indy RedMan

        I don’t need your help! I would just shift away Schebler mph advantage on his 4-3s and win in the end. Look at Bruce….spray it around and he’s much better so far than last year. Let it rest man….we’re rooting for the same team.

    • Indy RedMan

      I go back to his first atbat with the Reds last year…against some righty w/the Cubs throwing 96 and he got down 0-2…battled back then hit a hanging breaking ball out down the LF line! That guy isn’t with the Cubs any longer but he had an era under 2 at the time if my memory serves me. Duvall could be a late developer….natural power!

  22. VaRedsFan

    Cubs right back at it. Bad decision by Duvall to throw home

  23. VaRedsFan

    Beauty of a play by Cozart…and pick by Votto

  24. VaRedsFan

    NO CHANCE with 2 outs to get a guy at the plate, and Bruce airmails 3rd base

  25. preacherj

    Only have Gamecast tonight. What is this crooked number in our box score? Is there sorcery at work this evening?

  26. preacherj

    Suarez with a walk! Way to work the count

  27. docmike


    With that hit, he is officially back to the Mendoza line.

  28. preacherj

    Everynight should be Joey bobblehead night!!!

  29. Indy RedMan

    Now that’s some exit velocity we can all live with:) Just save some for tomorrow boys!!

    • docmike

      Votto has really been hitting some screamers lately. Hopefully a lot more of them will stop going right at fielders (or they can just leave the field entirely, lol).

  30. RedsFanEd (@RedsFanEd)

    Every time I hear the name Ohlandorf , I can’t help to be reminded of the movie Slap shot and the french goalie who was always afraid of “Ogietorp”

  31. mtkal

    That Votto bomb was about a mile high too. He really launched that one.

  32. ohiojimw

    Regardless of how the last two innings go, the Reds batters need to remember what they’ve learned tonight, if you hit’em they bleed just like you do.

  33. PARedsfan

    Great to see the bats come to life tonight, and normally a 6 run lead going into the 8th inning would give pretty goods odds for victory. But when your bullpen is a tinderbox you can’t help but worry if a 6 run is enough. Here’s hoping!

  34. ohiojimw

    Depending how charitable a person feels there was another example of Meso being nonchalant, late, or just plain lazy on that pitch to the backstop which advanced Russell to 2B.

      • ohiojimw

        That’s the second one tonight he’s missed that a competent high school catcher would have at least blocked. Nothing late or sneaky about either of them beyond they were arriving pretty simultaneously at his foot/ ankle and the ground.

  35. mtkal

    Can the Reds’ bullpen survive the dreaded 8th inning?

  36. magi210

    Cingrani owes Suraez a nice dinner.

  37. mtkal

    Cingrani has a better eye for the strike zone from the batter’s box than the mound. 😉

  38. mtkal

    Always good to get a practice slide in at 3rd while running 1st to home.

  39. mtkal

    Double slam range. . . the safe zone for the Reds’ bullpen with one inning to go?

    • Matt WI

      I checked with Elias Sports Bureau… this will count as a save opportunity for the Reds.

  40. mtkal

    Cingrani is going right after the Cubs hitter here in the 9th. . . like a closer should.

    • mtkal

      I hadn’t noticed that so just rewound and watched. The funny thing was on the one where he turned his head the ball one bounced right into his glove. It was almost as though he was turning to exchange for a new ball with the ump, who did take it and give him a new ball.
      The next pitch really bounced in the dirt, then off his chest protector, and he kept his eyes strait down on the ball the whole time.

  41. dan

    Reds win?! I’m in shock that they pulled it off.

  42. mtkal

    Hey, the longer this team hangs around .500, the more impressed I am, especially with the number of good pitchers on the DL.

  43. wildwestlv

    Smoke and mirrors…but…whatever!

  44. PARedsfan

    Nice win for the Reds tonight against a very good Cubs team. Good to see Joey swat one out and others swinging the bat well tonight.