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Reds vs Cubs – April 22, 2016

The Reds (8-8) will open a three-game homestand against the Chicago Cubs (12-4) after inexplicably failing to show up for their scheduled game yesterday evening. The reason for the no-show is yet to be understood, but the game will go in the books as a 16-0, no-hitter for the Cubs. The team is believed to be attending tonight’s matchup and has published its lineup accordingly.

Starting Pitchers
All stats from 2016:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.37.44 PM.png

Jon Moscot took a no decision in his season debut against the Cardinals, throwing 5.2 innings without injury trouble. He gave up three runs on six hits with two home runs, walking one as well. Fangraphs projects Moscot not to last a full 5.0 innings today, giving him just a 20 percent chance of earning a win.

On the other side of this duel of Jons, Jon Lester seeks to build off of his strong start against the Rockies. In that game, Lester went 7.1 innings, only allowing one run and striking out 10 but still took the loss. Lest has been solid in 2016 with a 2.21 ERA in 20.1 innings. In his second start against the Reds, Lester took a no decision after giving up three runs in 6.0 innings.

Starting Lineups

Cubs Reds
1. Dexter Fowler (CF)
2. Jason Heyward (RF)
3. Kris Bryant (LF)
4. Anthony Rizzo (1B)
5. Ben Zobrist (2B)
6. Javier Baez (3B)
7. Addison Russell (SS)
8. David Ross (C)
9. Jon Lester (P)
1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Brandon Phillips (2B)
5. Devin Mesoraco (C)
6. Jay Bruce (RF)
7. Adam Duvall (LF)
8. Tyler Holt (CF)
9. Jon Moscot (P)

Silver Linings

It’s been hard to be a Reds fan lately. And after yesterday’s debacle, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of silver lining. Don’t tell Reds Twitter though. The account had to find some way to promote the site recap, and you know, they did it by showing the Reds did well in an area they usually struggle in: walking. With these kind of optimists at the helm, this team can do no wrong.

Rehab Start

Homer Bailey was able to throw an abbreviated rehab start yesterday for the Louisville Bats despite rain earlier in the day. Bailey threw 67 pitches over 3.2 innings, giving up two runs on three hits but striking out three.

After the game, Bailey said he felt good about his fastball, which one scout told The Enquirer was sitting at 93-95, and his secondary pitches. Bailey also acknowledged that the rehab process is still just that, and he will have to keep inching his way back to the Major Leagues one step at a time.

Our Fearless Leader

Concluding Thoughts

Sorry for the brevity of this preview, but my computer crashed halfway through and it had to be rewritten. On the bright side, there is statistically almost no way that the Reds perform as poorly as they did yesterday. But if it did happen, it honestly almost be impressive. Almost.

Go Reds!

61 thoughts on “Reds vs Cubs – April 22, 2016

  1. The Reds (8-8) will open a three-game homestand against the Chicago Cubs (12-4) after inexplicably failing to show up for their scheduled game yesterday evening.

    Good one.

  2. Nice opening! I was like “Wait, you got it wron…ohhh, I see what you did there!”

    On a side note, I’m a bit surprised how strictly Price is sticking to his favored line up. Other than forced changes because of injuries or off-days, the only change he’s made is moving Meso and Bruce back and forth between 5 and 6 based on L/R.

    I’m surprised he hasn’t swapped Votto and Suarez to try and jump start them. After a good start, Suarez has been not fantastic lately and Votto has been hitting the ball had, but getting nothing to show for it. His BABIP over the last 7 days is .053.

    • Disclaimer: I don’t think moving them would “jump start” them. Just seems like something Price might think.

    • I thought this same thing the other day. Meant to mention it but forgot. Oh well. I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if it happens.

  3. If Jim Bouton hadn’t already written a book called Ball Four, I think this Reds pitching staff could have trademarked the title.

  4. Watching Moscot pitch ball after ball makes me think of a question? What is a good ratio of strikes to balls for a starting pitcher? Obviously you want more strikes than balls but I think it’s possible for a pitcher to throw too many strikes. Is it 2-1? 3-1? What would be an optional ratio – or does one exist?

  5. 4 of Rizzo’s 6 HR’s have come on the 1st pitch. Can we get a scouting report to our pitchers please?

  6. Time and time again, our pitchers challenge the other teams best hitters. Rizzo, McCutchen, Braun, insert best hitter from any team, and they continue to get clobbered.

    • Time for somefirst pitches under the chin to back these guys off of the plate. I’m not saying hit them but send a message that you don’t get to lean out over the plate.

  7. back to back suicides. That might be a first.
    We’ll call it a double homocide.

  8. This team continues to make plays that look like little leaguers. There was the play last night where Schebler (I believe) overthrew 3rd, Finnegan caught the overthrow and threw it into the dirt at 1st letting the runner score. And now Moscot spikes one to 1st on a suicide bunt, not only giving up a run but also giving away an out that the Cubs are essentially forfeiting.

    I remember my little league coach when I was 10 yelling “STOP THROWING THE BALL AROUND THE DIAMOND!”

  9. Pathetic. The Reds should just concede the remainder of all of their games with the Cubs. Very apparent that they feel like they have lost before even coming onto the field. What is the point in playing when you have ZERO desire and ZERO will to win a game. Of course they will sit there and take it. We will have a Cubs player of the game, we will have half of the readers praise the Cubs on their greatness, and we will have a plethora of excuses as to why we didn’t win.

    • Yep. The Cubs are winning; we’d better put the next one in Bryant’s ear hole…

      • That is what I would do. There is a very large faction that think hitter batters is an element of yesterdays game. I suppose it is if you want your players to be owned by another team. Maybe the Reds should start wearing dresses and leotards?

        • We just got more hits in the last two AB’s than we had the previous 14 innings. Silver linings people. Silver linings.

  10. Good ole THOM! wants to know if the Reds are thinking about bunting down 4-0 with 2 men on…oy

  11. I wonder what the record for fewest runs scored in a 4 game series by the Reds is.

  12. Peraza has walked twice (!) tonight. Winker was just retired by Curtis Partch. Crazy world we live in.

  13. If my napkin math is right, Hoover would have to pitch 27 scoreless innings in a row from right now to get his ERA down to 3.00.

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