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Reds at Cardinals — April 17, 2016

Despite the dropped fly balls, the bullpen meltdown, and the sting of sunburn, I watched the Reds (6-5) outhit the Cardinals (6-5) in an ugly but entertaining game yesterday. A win’s a win’s a win, they say, but they shouldn’t have to say that after a game featuring nine runs on a club-record nine doubles. Regardless, the Redlegs now sit second in the Central once more, just 3.0 games back of the Cubs.

Starting Pitchers
The following are stats from 2015:

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.13.39 AM.png

After a couple of rehab starts, Jon Moscot returns from the disabled list to make his 2016 debut against the Cardinals. During spring training, Moscot suffered an intercostal strain, otherwise he likely would have made the rotation out of the gate. Moscot made three starts for the Reds in 2015, the third cut short in the first inning after he dislocated his shoulder reaching for a tag.

On the other end of things, Michael Wacha is coming off an All-Star 2015 and a strong showing in his last start against the Brewers. In that game, Wacha struck out seven over 6.0 scoreless frames, righting the ship after a laborious first start to the season. ESPN’s Mark Saxon described why Wacha can be so successful as follows:

That’s because Wacha is 6-foot-6 and, when he is most effective, is typically obliterating the lower half of the strike zone. The ball bores through the hitting area at a downward angle, meaning it doesn’t stay there long, is hard to square up and usually looks low by the time the catcher has it. It’s like trying to hit an acorn blown out of a tree.

Starting Lineups

Reds Cardinals
1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Brandon Phillips (2B)
5. Jay Bruce (RF)
6. Devin Mesoraco (C)
7. Adam Duvall (LF)
8. Scott Schebler (CF)
9. Jon Moscot (P)
1. Matt Carpenter (3B)
2. Stephen Piscotty (RF)
3. Brandon Moss (LF)
4. Randal Grichuk (CF)
5. Matt Adams (1B)
6. Jedd Gyorko (2B)
7. Greg Garcia (SS)
8. Eric Fryer (C)
9. Michael Wacha (P)

Home(r) Bound
Homer Bailey is heading back to the Ohio River banks after making his final extended Spring Training start. The Reds ace still has a few minor league rehab starts ahead of him before pitching in the bigs, but any progress is good progress, especially with the current state of the rotation.

In other rotation news, Dan Straily may be moving into Tim Melville’s spot, according to C. Trent Rosecrans. The move sounds a bit like switching from off-brand Band-Aids to the real deal to me, but if it works, I won’t complain.

Sticking by Hoover
In theory, naming your closer to be the guy named after a household appliance who cleans up messes makes perfect sense. In practice, names are fairly arbitrary and have no bearing on what happens on the field.

Despite this revelation and Hoover serving up a two-run shot in the ninth yesterday, Price will still stick with the big righty as the Reds’ closer. Granted, this decision could be because the Reds really have no other options at present. Price’s vote of confidence behind Hoover was neither confident nor a vote for Hoover; it was just resignation.

“He’s not throwing the ball the way that he’s capable of. But he’s joining a club with a lot of members,” Price said. “I don’t mean any disrespect by that but we’re not throwing the ball as well as we’re capable of. It will get better.”



It seemed that one fan didn’t know the name of probably the most prolific current baseball player. It seemed that one fan was making of fool of himself on national TV. It seemed like there were small, funny moments left in the world and humor could still arise from the little things.

Nothing was what it seemed and all attempts at humor are stale and scripted. Alas.

Concluding Thoughts
It’s another perfect day for baseball here in St. Louis, and the Reds will be looking to reclaim sole ownership of second place in the Central. I wish I could get out there again for another game today, but work awaits.

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Go Reds!

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  1. Cingrani’s numbers don’t look too bad but is there anybody in this bullpen that isn’t averaging a walk an inning?

  2. That would have been a simple play for Billy. Good thing Zach’s knee is healed up.

  3. 3-3, eighth inning and you walk the first man up. How much effort did the front office make this off-season to give the Reds a good bullpen?

    • On the radio they hinted that Price gave him no time to warm up and he likely wasn’t ready. Frustrating because they guessed in the booth Cards would pinch Adams the inning before

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