This is not the kind of tenderness we need.

Michael Lorenzen was scheduled to start today’s game in Goodyear against the Rangers but was scratched due to elbow tenderness, according to Reds manager Bryan Price.

The pitcher himself told C. Trent Rosecrans that he’s OK.

Mark Sheldon ( reports that the ultrasound on Lorenzen’s elbow yesterday by Dr. Tim Kremchek showed no serious injury.

I guess that’s good news. Although I would have preferred “no injury” to “no serious injury.”

Sad link reminder: Problem | Causes | Surgery | Prognosis

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  1. preacherj

    I really hope my suspicion is wrong, but I think this is much more serious then we know at this point. I await further developments while holding breath

    • RFM

      That sounds like paranoia. The doctor cleared him, but it’s a scam!

      • Gaffer

        It is a big deal. Ultrasound has NO role in UCL tears. I bet $$$ this is TJ. Look back at Ryan Madson and Homer bylines. Reds ALWAYS LIE about injuries.

      • hammer

        Some actual research. Diagnostic ultrasound is a very valuable tool, and in many ways more valuable than an MRI. Most notably, you can actually move a subject area like an elbow through a range of motion and see the tissue function in real time. You can’t do that with an MRI, at least not with any current technology.

        That said, the Reds could very well be downplaying this as we have known them to do. I also as a medical professional, and former patient of Dr. Kremchek, would not trust that hot air balloon anywhere near my sore elbow.

  2. WVRedlegs

    Hopefully this all an over-abundance of caution. If they come back and mention “flexor mass” in any way, then there might be cause for alarm.

  3. Patrick Jeter

    Give that man a bat and a glove and make him turn in his rosin bag!

    • IndyRedMan

      Owings was a better hitter and he never made it as a hitter. Babe Ruth is dead! Lorenzen is a great athlete though….remember his pinch run 1st to home last year. The kid can fly!!

      • ohiojimw

        In looking at the college stats of the two players, keep in mind that Owings dropped down from the ACC (Georgia Tech) to Conference USA (Tulane) for his final year and padded his offense considerably versus what he had done in the ACC at Ga. Tech. Also because of transferring,Owing sat out a year and put up those huge numbers in his age 22 season while Lorenzen’s final year of college comp was his age 21 season. Lorenzen compiled all his stats at CS-Fullerton, a perennial national power in baseball. The OPS differences between the two largely come down to slugging based mainly on an otherworldly .719 slugging rate Owings posted in that final year at Tulane.

        Most orgs saw Lorenzen as a position player coming into the draft; and, he was widely projected as a mid 2nd rounder who should eventually be a solid MLB player.

      • Gaffer

        He was a very imperfect college hitter, his grade was more based on speed and defense. He is a AAA hitter at best.

      • ohiojimw

        Assuming the reference is too Lorenzen. His final year at CS Fullerton (NCAA D1) his slash (~267 PA) was .335/.412/.515 (927 OPS) in his age 21 season. K rate 14.1% BB rate 7.1%.

        Joey Votto in his age 21 season played at A+ level (roughly a similar level of comp) and slashed (529PA) .256/.330/.425 (.754 OPS). His K rate was 23%; BB rate 9.8%

        Who was more imperfect at that age?

        The material I’ve read projected Lorenzen as an almost certain MLB position player; solid but likely not a “star”. That’s better than the Reds have had in LF or CF for several years except for Choo’s season and Ludwick half season.

      • CP

        Since when is A+ roughly equivalent to D1 baseball? The very best D1 baseball players still start out in A ball. The vast majority of college guys don’t even sniff it. Rickie Weeks had a career batting average of .465 for heaven’s sake.

      • ohiojimw

        RE: where college draftees start in minors. Lorenzen was drafted #38 overall (a first round sandwich pick) in 2013. Technically, he started in 2013 at the rookie league but was at AA by that short season’s end; and did his first full pro season (2014) at AA.

        This It is not an unusual progression for the first round level draftees coming out of D1 to be at A+ or even AA to start their first full season after passing thru rookie/A in the partial season they play after being drafted in June.

      • CP

        Yeah, that’s not really the point. Lorenzen is in the group of the best of the best of college draftees, but his competition in college baseball is extremely weak. Only something like 10% of those college baseball players will ever play pro ball. You can’t compare raw data of a A+ player to that D1 college baseball player based solely on raw stats. Its fair to compare Joey Votto’s swing to MIchael Lorenzen’s swing or project the two against each other, but once you start comparing raw data you are basically comparing apples and oranges.

  4. lwblogger2

    Elbow, even at it’s worst, is always better to hear than “shoulder”

    • greenmtred

      Shoulder injuries are bad, no doubt, but an elbow at its worst–severe arthritis–cannot be fixed.

      • lwblogger2

        Yeah. I have arthritic knees and not much can be done. It’s pretty much the same thing with arthritic elbows.

  5. User1022

    Reds medical staff says: “EVERYTHING IS OK!”

    We hear: “Doom.”

    • Gaffer

      That is a very reasonable reaction with these jokers.

  6. Mark Lang

    Just when we had our hopes up to finish a decent last in the division something like this comes along.

  7. DHud

    Here’s how this timeline plays out:

    Pulled due to “elbow tenderness”
    Sits a couple days
    Makes a few starts; gets shelled
    Sits a couple more days; to “undergo more tests”
    Diagnosed with “elbow inflammation;” 7 day DL
    Reds sit on there hands for 2, 3 weeks; attempt “rest and rehab”
    Returns late May for 1 or 2 starts; gets shelled
    Reports of “continues elbow soreness;” pulled from next start
    Finally diagnosed with torn UCL by mid-June
    At best TJ surgery by early July so he’s just not quite ready for Spring Training 2018

    I’d like to say I’m being a pessimist if only we hadn’t seen this song and dance before

    • RFM

      Cueto missed a start with elbow soreness last season, rested for a few days, came back and pitched well, and got traded for Reed, Finnegan, and Lamb. Then signed a huge long term deal as a free agent. I guess he forgot the torn UCL step.

      • DHud

        Bailey spent time on the DL, came back, and then had TJ.

        Mesoraco took a few days off, came back, rehabbed for a while, then had surgery.

        Bruce got hurt, spent a little bit of time on the DL, then came back to play but was never 100%. Ditto for Votto.

        Marshall was a never ending carousel of hurt, rehabbing, set back, surgery, 60 day DL