A day after addressing the very public and widespread trade rumors that have surrounded him for the better part of the last year, Reds outfielder Jay Bruce could finally be on the move.

In a string of tweets Monday evening, MLB Network’s Jon Heyman reported a resurgence in the Bruce trade talks. Bruce, apparently coveted by the Blue Jays, would be sent to Toronto in a proposed three-team trade with the Angels.

‘Saunders’ is Blue Jays outfielder Michael Saunders. FOX’s Ken Rosenthal also reported the possibility of a three-team deal. As of 7:04 p.m., Bruce had not been traded, per Reds president of baseball operations Walt Jocketty.

The Blue Jays are not one of the eight teams Bruce can block a trade to, a list that includes the Athletics, Diamondbacks, Indians, Marlins, Rays, Red Sox, Twins, and Yankees.

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  1. Mike Trout is gonna love Cincinnati!!!

  2. Saw a quote from JB about the possibility of being traded. All class:

    “No, not at all. If it were somewhere else, it’d be awkward right now. This is what I know, this organization has been much more to be than just a baseball team. I’ve been here since I was 18 years old, and this is all I know. I look forward to still being here and if something does happen, I completely understand. It’s part of the business. I mentioned before, obviously, I truly believe the Reds have to do everything they can do improve the organization and if they end up feeling that making a move with me is part of that plan, I respect them for that.”

  3. Oh, geez… did WJ start reading RLN on Friday? Bruce, Garrett, Howard, Cash to TOR for Jose Bautista! NOOOO!!!

  4. Reminder: The Reds should cover part of Bruce’s salary to improve the quality of the return. Don’t need to save $$$ right now.

    • Great point. The Braves bought Touki Toussaint (a Top 100 prospect) for about $10M in the guise of taking on Bronson Arroyo.

      Given that Bruce has some value (and the Jays have a history with down-trodden Reds power hitters), the same $10M could net even more.

      Although, we aren’t dealing with Dave Stewart… so…

      • If they instead use the $10 mil to buy some international talent, I’d be fine with not kicking the extra money in if they didn’t like the extra return. I have a feeling there is going to be a flood of Cuban players coming over in the next 18 months, and having lots of money to spend could be very useful.

    • Perhaps should but I’m pretty sure they won’t. I haven’t read the next post here at RLN but if the deal is stalled, I’m willing to bet it’s because the Reds don’t want to send along any cash and are asking for a decent prospect back.

  5. I have a bad feeling we are going to get fleeced again. Angels have a terrible farm system.

  6. Will the downward trend of trade quality continue?

    Frazier return: Bad
    Chappy return: worse
    Bruce return… bag of used chewing gum?

  7. Finally, the Reds get Albert Pujols’ rookie card!

  8. 8:20pm: The deal is nearing completion, Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register tweets.

    6:36pm: The current deal has Bruce going to Toronto, Saunders heading to Anaheim and prospects going to the Reds, Heyman tweets. That suggests the Angels, who have a very weak farm system, will be providing the prospects

    Guess this pretty much sums up what the Reds will be getting. Not much.

    • It’s possible, isn’t it, that a bad farm system has some decent prospects. I assume that farm system ratings are comparative. This is not to say that the Reds would necessarily get the cream of the skimpy crop…

  9. The 2016 Cincinnati Reds: “This is the best we could do”

  10. If the Reds get the Angels 3B Kyle Kubitza as part of the package, it will be a fairly good return. We’ll have to see how it all pans out. A nugget at the bottom of the pan, or nothing but sand? We shall soon see.

  11. I bet Reds season tickets are selling like hotcakes…

  12. A story on ESPN.com says Reds to get a 2nd tier prospect from both Jays and Angels. Also says Bruce will be 29 in April . . .

  13. this was on mlbtraderumors

    10:47pm: Some of the parties discussing the deal now “doubt it will be completed,” ESPN’s Buster Olney tweets. The reasons for the hitch are currently unclear.

    • All teams supposedly were at the point of reviewing medicals so something must have popped up on someone… maybe Bruce’s knee, who knows.

      • Multiple Twitter sources saying the deal is on hold or dead due to medical concerns over a player other than Bruce

        Unless the player is Saunders, I’d think it would be easy enough to catch a night’s sleep and have at juggling the prospects on Tuesday.

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