It was a long night for the Reds. Tonight’s game was delayed by 2.5 hours because of yet another rain delay in the Queen City. Once the game got underway, it was evident early that the Reds were well on their way to their tenth consecutive loss.

The Cubs wasted no time jumping all over Reds rookie starter Josh Smith, and his defense behind him. The Cubs took a 4-0 lead in the first inning. The inning was punctuated by a two-run double by Javier Baez, which Jay Bruce made two errors on.

The Reds offense was absolutely dominated by a Cubs starter who entered today with an ERA above five in his tenure with the Cubs. Dan Haren pitched 7.1 scoreless innings, allowing just three hits, without walking a batter, and striking out six. Even the great Joey Votto was kept off the bases in his three trips to the plate against Haren, which put his 45-game on-base streak in jeopardy.

Jason Bourgeois tripled on a terrible misplay by Austin Jackson to begin the bottom of the ninth. Ivan De Jesus Jr. drove him in on a ground out. That brought Joey Votto to the plate with his streak in jeopardy. Cubs rookie Carl Edwards Jr. walked Votto on four pitches to extend his on-base streak to 46 games. Votto is now just two games shy of the Reds record. Skip Schumaker (who entered the game earlier as an injury replacement for Todd Frazier) grounded into a double play to end the game. The Reds lost 4-1 to the Cubs for their tenth consecutive loss.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (63-94) 1 3 2
Chicago Cubs (92-65) 4 8 2
W: Haren (10-9) L: Smith (0-3)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the most important play of the game was Josh Smith giving up a 2-run double to Miguel Montero in the 1st inning, giving the Cubs 3-0 lead. That play decreased the Reds chances of winning by 17.4% (from 38.5% to 21.1%).

Player of the Game

Dan Haren: 7.1 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 6 K, 1.51 FIP

This very well could have been the last start of Dan Haren’s career. It was so nice of the Reds offense to give him such a wonderful sendoff.


Draft pick. Draft pick. Draft pick.

The Reds bullpen was really good. Jumbo Diaz pitched a scoreless innings, and Carlos Contreras pitched two scoreless innings while striking out three. The Reds also had some hard-throwing guy named Aroldis Chapman pitch in the ninth inning. He pitched a scoreless ninth.


Todd Frazier got hurt, and had to come out of the game in the 4th inning. It looked like he hurt himself trying to make a sliding catch. It was officially called a “slight strain in the right Achilles.”

Joey Votto might have also got hurt in the game. Reds broadcaster Jeff Brantley had this to say about it: “Votto may have tweaked back or spasm. It’s just a very uncomfortable swing right now. Something is going on with Votto that’s not normal.” Let’s certainly hope not.

Josh Smith was not good. He walked the pitcher. He was just not good.

Jay Bruce had two errors on one play. Jason Bouregois misplayed another ball. The wet field was certainly a factor, but the Reds defense left some to be desired.

The Reds offense has 6 hits in the last 2 games. Yikes.

Tonight was loss number 94 for the Reds. That is 10th most in Reds history, and the 3rd most since 1940 (101 losses in 1982, 96 losses in 2001).

Not so random thoughts………….

You guys should really check out that AL West and AL Wild Card race. It is going to be a pretty fun final week.

Up Next:

Cubs at Reds
Wednesday, 7:10 PM
TV: FSN-Ohio
Anthony DeSclafani (30 GS, 3.91 ERA, 3.68 FIP) vs Jon Lester (31 GS, 3.43 ERA, 3.01 FIP)

17 Responses

  1. kmartin

    I believe Chapman has been used twice in last 10 days. Once with an eight-run deficit and once with a four-run deficit. If a pre-game decision is made to use Chapman regardless of score I suggest the following strategy. If it is a home game, rather than wait until the ninth when the game may be out of reach, have Chapman pitch the first inning. Therefore he is guaranteed to pitch when the game is still in doubt

    • CI3J

      Sure, why not? This makes as much sense as the way he’s being used now.

    • Mister D69

      Pull the starter in the first: avoid digging typical first inning hole, avoid having interruption in fourth or fifth when they’re usually pulled. I like it.

  2. ohiojimw

    Votto on the streaks (his on base and the team’s losing) from Fay/ Enquirer

    “It doesn’t mean a single thing to me (the on base streak),” Votto said. “If it ended, it wouldn’t have meant a thing to me. What matters to me is we keep losing.

    I guess Votto doesn’t subscribe to Bryan Price’s find you victories elsewhere when the team is losing mantra.

    Lots more good JV material in the article about the badness of losing:

    • classicchad

      I agree 100% with him. I’m not sure what the on base streak means in terms of getting this team fixed. I think Joey values a winning atmosphere more than a streak of any kind. If you are in baseball or a fan of baseball and put individual achievements ahead of the team then you are doing it wrong

  3. pinson343

    Votto did hurt himself on a swing in his first AB, but dismissed it as a “stinger”, “something that happens all the time”. Was almost taken out of the game in favor of Pena but talked Price into letting him stay in. I don’t expect him to be in the lineup on Wednesday.

    Frazier won’t be either. What a lineup. What a season. And what’s wrong with BP ?

  4. pinson343

    Haren, who is no longer a good pitcher, pitched to the Reds as if they were a AAA team. Nothing but strikes laid right in there. Here it is, hit it.

  5. james garrett

    Safe to say we are just going through the motions and we are going to bring the master motivator Price back to do it all over again next year.What a joke of an organization.

    • sezwhom

      Yeah, let’s bring Price back so we instill confidence in the masses. *yawn*

  6. aceistheplace2

    Is it sad to anyone else that the most important play of the game is giving up a 2 run double in the 1st inning?

  7. DenL42

    Question: If Votto’s streak lasts until the end of the season, does it pick back up on opening day?

    • ohiojimw

      In the past I’ve heard and seen consecutive games with a hit “streaks” which crossed seasons identified as such; so, my best guess would be “official” consecutive games streaks are limited to the season in which they started.

      Also I’m not sure consecutive games reached is considered an official record or for that matter consecutive games with a hit either even though over half a century later everybody still talks about Dimaggio’s 56 game streak.

  8. ohiojimw

    This is just an eye test observation but does it seem to anyone else that the Reds pen seems to be “very good” with some regularity when they are down by say 3-5 runs and the Reds offense is showing no signs of life; however, often when they are down by a similar number of runs but the Reds offense is trying to make noise is when the Reds pen turns in some of its worst efforts.

  9. james garrett

    When the decision was made to trade Cueto/Leake and go with all rookie starters we knew it would be tough.Every position player,bench player and reliever knew they would have to step up their game just to compete.Outside of one or two not named Votto they all took a step backwards.This is a direct reflection of leadership in the front office and on the field so why should we expect anything to change next year.I know I have strayed of course from the topic but just wanted to vent a little more about the unthinkable possibility that Walt/Price and gang return next year.

  10. Daytonian

    Pray for me. I’ll be at tonight’s game, sitting behind the dugout, rooting for Disco and the Reds. But my wife has gone over to the dark side and is now pulling for the Cubs.

  11. reaganspad

    Is Milton hurt or did he just have the night off?

    Are there extenuating circumstances when Milton gets in or not? This seems as arbitrary to me as the decision to use or not Chapman in a non save situation.

    This is a bunch of bunk. Milton deserves to get his when he can. Is this a Price decision, or has Walt J. somehow worked his Jedi spell on some of the writers here about when Milton will be used and when he won’t? You bunch of homers….

    I want answers, dad gum it!

  12. Homero Mora

    The Reds now have a 12 game losing streak (which could go to 13 depending on what happens in the Pirates game today). When Dusty Baker had a losing streak at the end of the season, he was fired. When Dusty was the manager, the Reds were a playoff team. Now they’re not even close to a playoff team. So read between the lines.