Final R H E
New York Mets (89-67) 8 13 1
Cincinnati Reds (63-92) 1 7 2
W: deGrom (14-8) L: Sampson (2-6)
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–Joey Votto continued his on base streak with an RBI single in the 6th after two strikeouts to start the game. Votto’s streak now sits at 44 games and only four behind Pete Rose’s franchise record of 48.

–Despite the two unearned runs that came home in the fifth, Sam LeCure did a wonderful job coming out of the bullpen in long relief. Ending the fielding nightmare that was the third inning with a strikeout, LeCure then retired the Mets three up, three down in the fourth and would’ve finished the fifth scoreless if not for an Ivan DeJesus error. Granted, LeCure did walk two in the fifth, but still a successful outing regardless.

–Skip “Grit” Schumaker had a nice day at the plate, going 3-4 with a pair of doubles. That he was stranded on second after a leadoff double in the first is more indicative of this team as a whole.

–Tony Kingpin Cingrani went one-two-three in the eighth, punctuating it with a strikeout of Kevin Plawecki.

–For once, my live stream didn’t go out mid-game, so maybe Fan Appreciation Day extended outside the ballpark too. Or maybe they wanted me to suffer through it all. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

–Keyvius Sampson retired the first batter he faced with a flyout. He only retired seven more batters after that before getting the yank in the third. In between, five runs came home, only three earned, and absolutely everyone wearing a Reds uniform seemed totally disinterested. Sampson gave up five hits his first time through the lineup en route to nine total hits. It might be safe to say that Sampson is the one horse out of the 2016 rotation race.

–Ivan DeJesus Jr. cannot play the outfield. He let an easy fly drop in front of him with two outs and the bases loaded. He dropped a ball that hit him in the glove leading to two more runs. And he made a horrible play on a hard hit ball that ended up as a double. Today cemented his status as utility infielder, not utility player.

–Joey Votto made two lazy plays on groundballs: one was ruled a hit, the other an error. For all his greatness in the box, Votto’s defense leaves much to be desired, especially when he can’t be bothered to do the routine.

–Michael Lorenzen gave up a full count solo home run on an absolute meatball of a pitch. That just can’t happen in any situation.

Not so Random Thoughts:
–11 K’s by Reds pitchers = Free Pizza!!!

–I watched the Mets’ feed for the day (something always goes wrong with my streaming), and I couldn’t help but question why play-by-play announcers are even necessary. I would honestly prefer just the sounds of baseball. Or the poet Vin Scully.

–The announcing pair did throw out the stat that the  Mets’ pitching staff has thrown 1500 more pitches of 95mph or higher this season than the next closest pitching staff. These young Met pitchers are very good.

–Jacob deGrom struckout 9 batters in 6.0 innings today, 8 of those in 3.2 innings. The change-up her threw to finish Ivan DeJesus in the first was particularly a thing of beauty. Despite that he plays for the wrong team, it was truly a treat to watch him today.


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Reds at Nationals – Monday 3:05 EST
Brandon Finnegan vs. Max Scherzer
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  1. Positive: The #2 pick remains within reach. Silver lining!

  2. Beat by seven against their “B” team. I don’t care that none of these games “count,” it still makes me mad as hell.

    • Brian Price has not been able to light a fire under these guys. I don’t care if they are inferior players, playing with no heart, no passion, and poor fundamentals is 100% on the manager.

      What ever happened to the “accoutability”?

      • Never has been there. Just lip service. And why not? Bob C gives lip service, so does Walt. Hard to give any respect to Reds mgmt when they don’t respect the fans or the truth.

      • I guess somebody from the ownership must take a step up and stop this madness. BC, WJ and BP are putting our beloved team as everybody’s joke.

      • We may not have accountability, but we’ll soon have closure.

  3. “…and absolutely everyone wearing a Reds uniform seemed totally disinterested.”

    Perfect for Fan Appreciation Day!

  4. Yes or no: Should Price be fired in the offseason?

    • Why wait until then? I’ve wanted him gone since about mid-August. I felt sorry for him (at times) until about then. Now I just feel sorry for Reds fans.

      • I said at the end of the game thread that they need to go on and make the change now for the dignity of organization and Price both. They’ve got the crazy hop over to DC for that meaningless game tomorrow. So, I guess maybe first thing Tuesday is the earliest it would really work to make the change.

    • I’d go with Brandon Philips as player/manager until the end of the season. At least management would show signs of changes to come.

    • I don’t know the answer to your question, but do you seriously believe that he’s the problem? That a different manager would have led this team to the promised land?

      • To borrow from the adage from the the 1980’s or so, Price hasn’t done anything to establish he is part of the solution therefore he is part of the problem.

      • To use another adage:

        “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”

        I’m realistic about this team. There were some who picked the Reds as a potential dark horse at the beginning of the season, but with the team as it stands now, they cannot reasonably be expected to compete.

        But as a fan, I want to see players giving it the all of their limited ability. I want to see a manager fired up, trying, acting like he cares. And I want to see a team that displays these same traits. Ideally, I also want a winning team, but if they are going to be losers, at least go down fighting instead of rolling over with total surrender.

        Price has shown little of this attitude himself, and the product we have on the field reflects on our manager. I will not accept this in the team, and I will not accept this in the manager of the team.

    • Rather he really deserves to be fired or not, I think it pretty much has to happen. Honestly, I think the whole culture needs to be changed. If I were the team owner, I’d really clean house.

  5. Who knows when, but Price will not be the manager on opening day 2016 if the owner wants to keep the fan base.

    • I’m a bit stunned that the Detroit Tigers have proclaimed that Brad Ausmus will be their manager to start 2016. Tigers’ fans have been calling for his head since before the trade deadline.

  6. I wasn’t watching, so didn’t realize the extend of the bad/lazy defense. … Let’s see just how embarrassed the front office really is about this season.

  7. Met’s announcers on TV and radio are excellent. Always learn something from these guys. Gary Thorn and Howie Rose are total pros.

    • I haven’t heard Thorn call that much baseball but many times when I am watching hockey, I still yearn to hear he and Bill Clement back together and those days go back quite a ways.

      • I remember Thorn and Clement doing hockey. Yeah, that was good stuff!

        • Never quite sure just how deeply their tongues were buried into their checks much of the time which is a style I really like.

  8. Tune in tomorrow, for the Dynamic Display of the Dysfunctional Dugouts:

    • It’s hard to like Papelbon but he might be right this time.

      • Since The “Deads” are going to Washington on Monday maybe Papelbon can choke most of this pathetic team,They deserve it.

  9. I noticed in the DDN today that Hal McCoy thinks Price should be given another year.

  10. Jordan Bastian @MLBastian via twitter…

    “OF Tyler Holt has been claimed off waivers by the Reds. Was DFA’d last week when Tribe added C Adam Moore to 40-man roster.”

    That is a solid DFA pickup. I really didn’t think the Reds would put in a claim.

  11. Holt is now on the Reds 40-man roster. It would be nice to get a look at the young (26-year-old) RH OF during the remaining games, starting tomorrow afternoon.

    • Agree , but we all know Price gonna run his boy Schumaker back out there. He can’t help himself.

    • Can he play all 3 OF spots or I’d he strictly a corner guy?

    • Tyler Holt plays all 3 OF position, primarily CF.

      In 97 PA over the past 2 seasons at the major league level, Holt has shown nothing offensively, but…

      In 2683 PA over 6 minor league season, Holt has slashed .274/.367/.351, including 703 PA over 2 AAA seasons slashing .304/.398/382.

      Holt obviously has no power (.077 ISO), but he has shown good plate discipline (16.5% SO% & 12.1% BB%) and good speed (152 SB with a 79% success rate).

      I don’t know if Holt can have an impact at the major league level, but as a table setter, he is worth a good look and opportunity. He will make league minimum next season and has at least 1 option remaining. Holt hasn’t demonstrated a severe platoon split over the past couple seasons. No many slap hitters have had success at the major league level, but there have been a few.

      • Holt’s last 3 seasons in the minors he has lowered his strikeouts and increased his walks. Even with no power, he’s an interesting pickup. At 26, we’d be getting his best seasons, kinda like Heisey.

      • Wow, the Reds do know the waiver wire exists. 🙂 This pickup is eerily familiar to the Jake Elmore pickup last season. Lets hope Holt gets more of a look than Elmore did (12 PA with the Reds).

        Majors PA AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS
        Elmore 379 .215/.277/.288/.566
        Holt 97 .231/.271/.253/.524

        Elmore 1376 .302/.402/.396/.798
        Holt 703 .304/.398/.382/.779

        Holt is a year younger than Elmore was when we picked him up last year and Holt’s AAA numbers are are from the IL and not the offensive minded PCL like Elmore’s.

        • Yeah, I was a bit miffed at Elmore’s lack of a shot. He’s not a star but the Reds didn’t even really find out if he could be a contributor.

    • Somewhere in all the Tweets about Holt, it was reported he will wear uniform #40; so, the plan certainly seems to be to have him on the active roster.

  12. Reds do what they do.Front office isn’t embarrassed in any way shape or form.Bob listens to his old buddy Walt and that’s just the way it is.Nothing will change as long as Walt drives the boat.

    • Seems to me Castellini was embarrassed enough to eat a year of Dusty’s salary which from everything I’ve read was a much larger chunk of change than a year of Price’s would be,

  13. Today, the Phillies, Rockies and Brewers won, solidifying the Reds 3rd place position for the 2016 rule 4 draft:

    #1 Phillies *** 59-97 0.0 games behind
    #2 Braves *** 62-94 3.0 games behind
    #3 Reds ***** 63-92 4.5 games behind
    #4 Athletics * 65-91 6.0 games behind
    #5 Rockies * 66-90 7.0 games behind
    #6 Brewers * 66-90 7.0 games behind

    The Reds have 7 games remaining and the other teams have 6 games remaining. Realistically, the Reds have a shot to move up to the #2 selection or could slide down to the #4 selection, but a top 5 selection looks like a lock heading into the final week.

    The Old Cossack has to hold out hope for something during the final week of this season.

    • If Reds could manage to move up to # 2 and get Price canned at the same time , would be like icing on the cake !!!

      • There doesn’t seem to be that one or two dominant choices in the next draft. This being the case, given the nature of the baseball draft/ development cycle, they are just as likely to end up with the eventual best guy from anywhere in the top 5. In fact, some of the biggest busts have happened by taking hot high school players in the top two or three picks.

        • Top 5 pock wiuld be just fine as long as Price is out .

        • Pick (sorry – typo)

        • And I agree on Price. I feel like after this series and in the throes of another long losing streak, they have to know whether they want to bring him back; and, either way nothing which might transpire in this last week is going to change their decision (short of a player revolt or some police blotter incident).

          So do the classy thing like Detroit did with Ausmus. If Price is part of the future, get started on it by saying so now. Or if he is not part of the future, get started on it by saying so now.

  14. Well said and certainly makes sense ohiojimw

  15. Well I guess things could be worse, you could have your star player and closer having a fist fight in the dugout during a game, like the Nationals, Wow!

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