Last week I chose the best hitter this season for each team.  This week we’ll see who was the best pitcher this season for each team.

AAA Louisville Bats

It was hard to choose a winner here, but I’m going with Josh Smith for Bat’s best pitcher.  The 27 year old RH SP posted a 3.75 ERA in 86.1 IP allowing 84 H and 24 BB with 69 SO.  Smith will most likely be back at Louisville next year at the back end of the Bat’s rotation.  Smith’s 86.1 IP was the 4th most by a Bat’s pitcher this season.  Due to injuries and trades at the ML level, the Bat’s had 39 different pitchers toe the rubber this season.  Honorable mentions here to John Moscot (3.15 ERA in 54.1 IP) and Michael Lorenzen (1.88 ERA in 43 IP).

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The best pitcher for the Blue Wahoos this year was 27 year old RH SP Tim Adleman.  Adleman had a 2.64 ERA in 150 IP allowing 134 H and 49 BB with 113 SO.  He should start the year in Louisville next year and he may have a hard time making the rotation there depending on how the Red’s starting rotation shapes up.  Honorable mentions to Cody Reed (2.17 ERA in 49.2 IP) and Zack Weiss (2.42 ERA in 52IP).

High A Daytona Tortugas

The Tortuga’s best pitcher this year was 23 year old LH SP Amir Garrett who had a 2.44 ERA in 140.1 IP allowing 117 H and 55 BB with 133 SO.  Garrett’s 7.5 H/9 and 8.5 SO/9 numbers are very good but he has some room to improve with his 3.5 BB/9.  Garrett should start next season in the rotation at AA Pensacola.  Honorable mentions to Jackson Stephens (2.97 ERA in 145.1 IP), Nick Travieso (2.70 ERA in 93.1 IP), Barrett Astin (2.29 ERA in 74.2 IP), and Seth Varner (2.97 ERA in 60.2 IP).

Low A Dayton Dragons

The best pitcher in Dayton this year was 20 year RH SP Tyler Mahle.  Mahle posted a 2.43 ERA in 152 IP allowing 145 H and 25 BB with 135 SO.  Mahle was the youngest member of a very strong rotation at Dayton this year.  He should start next season at A+ Daytona.  Honorable mentions here to Wyatt Strahan (2.79 ERA in 164.1 IP), Tejay Antone (2.91 ERA in 158 IP), Jake Paulson (2.60 ERA in 117.2 IP), and Seth Varner (2.88 ERA in 78 IP).

Rookie Billings Mustangs

The Mustangs top hurler was LH SP Ty Boyles who had a 2.17 ERA in 58 IP allowing 51 H and 17 BB with 48 SO.  Boyles will begin next season back at A level Dayton where he ended his season this year posting a 8.62 ERA over 4 GS.  Honorable mention here to Jose Lopez (3.16 ERA in 57 IP)

Rookie AZL Reds

The AZL Reds best pitcher this year was 22 year old RH SP Wendolyn Bautista.  Bautista had a  2.60 ERA in 55.1 IP allowing 54 H and 12 BB with 55 SO.  Bautista is old for this league and I wouldn’t be surprised if he started out next year at A Dayton.  Honorable mentions here to Alfredo Mena (2.83 ERA in 35 IP) and Ian Kahaloa (2.25 ERA in 24  IP).

6 Responses

  1. RFM

    I wouldn’t bet on Josh Smith or Timothy Adleman even retaining rotation spots next year, at their age. Unless either guy wants to work out of the bullpen the Reds might as well let them pursue opportunities elsewhere. Despite Josh Smith’s minor league success he’s been arguably the single least successful pitcher to pitch for the Reds all season. He seems like a top candidate to be DFA’d after the season.

    With Stephenson, Finnegan, Reed, and Moscot probably all needing spots at Louisville, plus Lorenzen if he doesn’t make the Reds, Louisville might not have an opening for a mediocre guy in his late 20’s, like Smith or Adleman. And Jocketty has talked about bringing in some veteran starter(s). Pensacola will be even more stocked with young guys, and therefore be in no need of someone like Smith or Adleman.

    • Big56dog

      Is there any reason Finnegan should not be in the majors next year? I am afraid he and Cingrani will be both be head cases If the Reds do not quickly figure who they want to start next year and define their roles.
      Stephenson probably needs another year as he got off to a terrible start and his finish was pretty disappointing. Any word if injury affected last month or so or if he just was fatigued?

      • reaganspad

        Stephenson needs about a month at AAA, just to manage his clock

        When he comes up and Bailey comes back, I hope that Homer is good right away.

        I would trade Homer to a team that needs a #2

      • RFM

        Finnegan was drafted as a starter, and it’s too soon to give up on that, yet he’s not ready to start. As a result he belongs in the minors. A variation of your question, is there any reason to fast-track Finnegan as a reliever to help the 2016 Reds? If developing his secondary pitches or improving his control merely improves his performance out of the bullpen in 2017, fine. The Reds have made it clear since he was acquired that they want to give Finnegan every opportunity as a starter, and they haven’t given him mixed signals.

        Cingrani was publicly yanked out of that role in spring training, and he’s been granted 1 spot start in MLB this season. They let him start a few more games in AAA after the trade deadline moves, in which he pitched pretty badly. The Reds have already defined Cingrani’s role as a reliever. He’s fought it some, but at this point his case to remain in the rotation is nonsense. I don’t see his problems as reasons to not give Finnegan a chance. Cingrani got a fair chance to start, develop, and improve, but he’s still the same pitcher as always after making no changes or improvements. Finnegan deserves the same chance, in hopes he does better.

        Stephenson probably needs more time in Louisville. How much? Who knows. A full year? I doubt it. I expect he’ll be up by midseason, especially since he’ll already be on the 40 man roster. He only made three starts after coming off a brief trip to the DL. His second to last start was particularly ugly, which could be due to any number of factors, including merely having a bad night.

      • reaganspad

        Well put RFM about Cingrani. “The Reds have already defined Cingrani’s role as a reliever” I think Cingrani has defined his role himself however.

        This is spot on: ” Cingrani got a fair chance to start, develop, and improve, but he’s still the same pitcher as always after making no changes or improvements.”

  2. Lawrence Turner

    It is hard to see Josh Smith as a prospect. Decent at AAA, but very hittable in the BIGS. Same is true for David Holmberg, except that he has had a few quality starts.
    Sampson is such a wild card in the mix. He has the arm, but does he have the command to succeed?

    Alderman is likely never to pitch above AAA, but he displayed some very consistent results for the Blue Wahoos. It would be great to see him get a chance somewhere in 2016.

    If the Reds can trade Phillips, Bruce, and Chapman in the offseason perhaps there will be one or two new hitting prospects to talk about.

    The Reds are in the strongest division in all of baseball, and seeing them anywhere above the Brewers is hard right now.