With a split of the first two games of the series, the Reds (49-59) play a rubber match today against the Diamondbacks (53-56). After starting the season 0-11 on getaway days, the Reds have improved their record to 9-18 when sliding out of town.

All stats are 2015 actuals:

Patrick Corbin 3.99 4.64 1.84 5.7% 24.2%
Anthony DeSclafani 3.71 3.89 0.79 8.6% 17.7%

Over his last three starts, Anthony DeSclafani has thrown 20.0 innings to a 2.25 ERA and 3.60 FIP. In those starts, Disco is 2-0 and has yielded 5 walks and 17 hits to 17 strikeouts. Most impressive of the three was perhaps his last start, a 6.0 inning dismantling of the Cardinals in which he struck out nine and walked none while giving up just two runs.

Patrick Corbin made his first start of the 2015 season on July 4 after a lengthy recovery from Tommy John surgery. In that start, he was serviceable, lasting 5.0 innings while letting in two runs on eight hits and taking the win. In the five starts since, Corbin has had two decent starts, one above average, one gem, and a disaster. Luckily (or unluckily depending on your particular brand of superstition) for the Reds, the disaster start was Corbin’s last time out against the Nationals as he was pulled after just 1.1 innings and 54 pitches. The three runs he gave up wouldn’t normally be cause for concern, but the Diamondbacks are being cautious not to re-injury their ace’s arm.

Todd Frazier gets the day off to go looking for his wallet, last seen prior to the All-Star break:

1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
2. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
4. Marlon Byrd (R) LF
5. Jay Bruce (L) RF
6. Ivan De Jesus (R) 3B
7. Eugenio Suarez (R) SS
8. Tucker Barnhart (S) C
9. Anthony DeSclafani (R) P

Jarrod Saltalamacchia gets the start over Wellington Castillo in today’s finale:

1. Ender Inciarte (L) RF
2. A.J. Pollock (R) CF
3. Paul Goldschmidt (R) 1B
4. David Peralta (L) LF
5. Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S) C
6. Jake Lamb (L) 3B
7. Chris Owings (R) 2B
8. Nick Ahmed (R) SS
9. Patrick Corbin (L) P



Joe Maddon has benched shortstop Starlin Castro for the third straight game. There was plenty speculation at the deadline that Castro may be dealt, but no deal was consummated and enigmatic shortstop is still in the Windy City. For the season, Castro is hitting .236/.271/.304 with a -1.3 WAR.

The simple fact that I can name at least eight, probably nine, Reds’ rookie pitchers who could be starting next year gives me hope in this organization. On the same coin, I couldn’t tell you a single, viable hitting prospect outside of Winker (and Y-Rod, maybe) who could make an impact in 2016. SOS TOS.


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  1. Kurt Frost

    Well, at least Hamilton isn’t leading off every day just because he’s fast.

    • Tom Reed

      There’s no question that Hamilton is exciting when on base and his defense in centerfield. But hopefully the Reds, this off-season, will have a project to help Billy with his hitting technique or at least to become a better bunter.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Or get a better all-around CF.

      • rhayex

        I never bought into the Hamilton hype. He has one tool, which is speed. He was able to get on base back in AA, but I didn’t think it would translate to the majors (especially after his horrible AAA numbers). Granted, he’s learned how to use his speed as a weapon both offensively and defensively, but I’ve never thought he would become a good hitter as well. I actually wanted to trade him back when he was a prospect (although I knew it would never happen). Now the Reds seem to have fully committed to making him the CF for the next 2-3 years, and if he doesn’t learn to hit or get on base in that time, he’s going to be a huge detriment in the lineup.

        I remember seeing a quote from him a while back about how getting on base isn’t as important as getting a hit. If that’s what he thinks (and nobody is correcting him), then I doubt he’s going to be able to improve all that much.

      • Shchi Cossack

        ARRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! Every time the Reds play the Snakes or the white Sox, I harken back to missed opportunities. The opportunities to grab a young top-of-the-order hitter with an excellent plate approach have been there, but they are now certainly dwindling as new personel are replacing the old stoggy guard in baseball operations. Nothing was more convincing for the Old Cossack than when the White Sox picked the pocket of the Snakes back in 2013-2014 off season, obtaining the young leadoff hitter they needed in Adam Eaton and giving up Hector Santiago and Brandon Jacobs. The Snakes obtained Of course that transaction occured while the Snakes’ baseball operations were handled by one Kevin Towers ( a card carrying member of the old stoggy guard and since replaced and of course hire by WJ as a member of his old boys club).

      • reaganspad

        I agree you old Cosack you. I also think back to Walt J’s ineptness in trading Heisey this year. Billy has played every day because he is all we have. He needs to be in AAA right now learning how to hit.

        I can see someone like Ervin moving Billy to the bench. for the rest of this year, I would even like to see DeJesus in CF daily with Billy at AAA.

        As far as Adam Eaton, Walt only knows how to trade hitters, he does not know how to acquire them unless they played in St. Louis

  2. Tom Gray

    It may not happen often but sometimes AA players jump to the Reds and skip over AAA.

    Pete Rose did it in 1963. Reggie Sanders did it in early 1990’s. Don’t be shocked if Blandino does it by mid 2016.

    1B Votto 2B Phillips SS Suarez 3B Frazier C Mesoraco LF Who Knows CF Hamilton and RF Bruce figures to be Opening Day lineup in 2016.

    • Vanessa Galagnara

      LF will be Byrd is 2016. He will vest this year and he has earned his pay.

  3. Shchi Cossack

    Say hello and a big attaboy to the no nonsense Joe Maddon! If a player is not producing, he’ll find someone else, no matter who it is or how important the player thinks he is. He also won’t tolerate any over-blown egos getting in the way of the teams success.

  4. sezwhom

    Writing is on the wall for Sterling. Cubs will deal Castro before next season and slide Russell over to SS. Wish we had Maddon as our Manager.

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      I’d make Maddon easily the highest paid manager in baseball to have him. But I’d rather have YOU managing my Reds than Bryan freaking Price as far as that goes. If we have a GM worth drawing a paycheck, he will trade either Cozart or Phillips RIGHT NOW or ASAP. Surez HAS to be in this lineup next year. Maybe 2nd base would even be easier for him and not as many errors? Man I wish the Yankees had agreed to that Phillips-Gardner trade a while back…
      In Other News:
      Don’t fret about Frazier, he’ll be just fine. Everyone, even Votto, goes through spells.

  5. Mack Ashley Potter

    I can just see Thom being picked on in grade school and high school for having a famous dad and voice of the Reds, not being able to handle it.

    • Tom Gray

      Millions and millions and millions of dollars.

      The Reds are not a desirable destination for FA whether players or managers.

  6. Mack Ashley Potter

    The should not be drafting a pitcher for a while now. We have an influx of arms. And the best one of the bunch hasn’t even thrown a pitch in the Major Leagues yet. Stevenson is the real deal. I watched him pitch 7 innings of dominating baseball in Louisville and loved it. And Iggy has stardom written all over him.

    1. Homer (Unfortunately for the next million years)
    2. Stevenson
    3. Iggy
    4. Disco
    5. Lorenzen
    6. Sampson
    7. Holmberg
    8. Moscot
    9. Finnegan
    10. Lamb
    11. Reed
    12. Mella
    13. Travieso
    14. Crawford
    15. Garrett

    I wonder if Winker is ready for MLB yet? I’d like to sign Byrd one more year if he keeps hitting like he has. But I’d also like to pay Winker peanuts and save that cash to use other places…

  7. VaRedsFan

    DBack announcers are all over Votto for taking that particular walk.

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      150 million dollar players don’t take that 3-1 85mph pitch right down the middle. I got mad he didn’t swing too. And Votto is my guy.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Votto’s walk led to a run.

  8. Mack Ashley Potter

    Surez just seems to get the job done. Whatever ur needing at the time, that’s what he does. I really like this kid.

      • msanmoore

        From what little I read, they don’t like to make those types of changes on the fly. I agree – why wait given where we stand and how much better it appears he swings from the right side.

  9. msanmoore

    So somebody loaned Billy Joey’s wallet … or at least $20 from it?

    • VaRedsFan

      Not fond of BP swinging at the 1st pitch, not allowing Billy to use his best skill

      • msanmoore

        Corbin seemed to be doing very well at keeping him in check. But still, the first pitch stuff kills us more often than it (or so it would seem).

  10. vegastypo

    The Nationals find themselves 4 or so games out of the second wild card. Gee, if they hadn’t lost all five to the Reds … . Maybe the Reds played spoiler earlier than they had planned.

  11. VaRedsFan

    Wow …about 5 straight very hard hit balls…luckily one was a double play…Lead gone….down 3-2

    • msanmoore

      And the TOOTBLAN … or it might have gotten worse. Disco had been pretty good up until that inning.

  12. VaRedsFan

    The shift has robbed Bruce of several hits this series

    • msanmoore

      At least we robbed them right back.

  13. VaRedsFan

    Leadoff double by Suarez…here comes the bunt no doubt???

    • VaRedsFan

      negative…Ivan swinging away and roped a double!!!!!!

  14. VaRedsFan

    I’d PH Frazier for the pitcher

  15. msanmoore

    OK, small sample I know but … we have to find a way to keep both these kids in the line-up next year.

  16. BigRedMike

    Thom is correct, should have bunted there

  17. vegastypo

    Loving DeJesus. Would he hit too well for the Reds to have him on the bench next year?

    • RedAlert

      Price moronic strategy – please get rid of this guy !!!

  18. msanmoore

    Terrible call in the midst of a slump … salt in the open wound.

  19. VaRedsFan

    ball outside…no wonder Todd swings at everything, if they are going to call that a strike

    • msanmoore

      One of dozens I’ve seen this year. Low corners seem to be the worst.

  20. msanmoore

    And when you do bunt, you do it like THAT!!

  21. VaRedsFan

    Bhop has a lot of pitches in the middle of the plate

      • msanmoore

        +50 for an even better rank on the boy who would be his Daddy.

      • vegastypo

        And that’s the thing. His dad has even said baseball is the hardest sport to broadcast, because of the down time between pitches. But Thom appears to think every second of every broadcast has to be sound-filled. Must have learned that from George Grande.

      • msanmoore

        I miss the “park feed” audio overlay option.

  22. msanmoore

    Well we won that time … I still hate the bad calls.

  23. VaRedsFan

    That was some of the best pitching I’ve seen this year from BB

    • BigRedMike

      Badenhop has been very good since May 1, good signing

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      Looking at a top prospect list today and Finnegan wasn’t even in the top 30? I know those lists vary, but wasn’t he a top 3 Royals prospect? The list was updated too because Cody was on it.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Too much major league time to be classified a prospect.

      • vegastypo

        I’m not sure he qualifies as a prospect because of his time in the bigs already.

  24. Mack Ashley Potter

    I should have just donated my $50 to the Reds Community Fund this weekend. Worst 3 days I think I’ve ever had on draftkings. Votto, Frazier, & Bruce has pretty much gave me zilch.
    Meanwhile…Brandon just stole ANOTHER base. Last season he looked like the slowest man in MLB?

  25. msanmoore

    Careful Thom … talk about Joey’s walks and using “extraordinary” might get you cut out of the will.

  26. VaRedsFan

    Marlon once weighed over 30o pounds…..never knew

  27. BigRedMike

    Jay, they are pitching you away, lay off of it

    • Kurt Frost

      How does Thom criticize Bruce for swinging at balls. Isn’t he in the “swing at balls outside the strike zone for an RBI” camp?

      • VaRedsFan

        He’s more for swing at strikes instead of take them….either way…swinging at balls is bad for anyone

      • Indy Red Man

        No and No! It was Marty on Votto and I actually agree with him…..somewhat anyway. As good as Votto can be….a guy making $20/mil a year or whatever it is shouldn’t be trying to inside out everything? Don’t expand the strike zone but try to drive the ball. As for Bruce….he just tightens up…not 1 pitch was a strike there? He has the talent but that’s why he’s under .200 w/2 outs and risp….although only 1 out in this case. Its in his head.

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      Thom is prob a great guy, but he gets on my nerves a lot too. If not for the Marty-Thom father-son connection, I’d rather Thom just go somewhere else too. No one gets on my nerves more that Chip Carey though, man oh man I can’t stand to even hear that guy speak.

    • VaRedsFan

      It’s the guy on 3rd with less than 2 out syndrome.

      • Mack Ashley Potter

        Been that way since Opening Day seems like. The actual stats say different, but it even seemed when the Reds REALLY needed that run, even Votto or Frazier would fail to get it done. But I think both are way above the ML average

  28. Mack Ashley Potter

    As good as a season Cozart was having, aka the best of his career, Surez has put together a better year in 1/2 a season, than any full season Cozart has in his career.

    • Evan armstrong

      If u just consider hitting. Suarez is no where near Cozarts level in the field.

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      True and true. That’s why I never get too excited with rookies. Like Puig, Bryant, Schwarber, etc…they are “all the rage” until they get charted and ML pitchers figure out how to pitch em. Bruce is a perfect example. He was Babe Ruth for the first month of his career. And then started tailing off. In the end turned out to be our loveable 30 HR .250 hitter.

      • Tom Gray

        Me neither. Frank Robinson in 1956. Vada Pinson in 1959. Pete Rose in 1963. Johnny Bench in 1968. All were flashes in the pan. Once NL P charted them, they were nothing at all. (DWS)

      • Tom Gray

        You inferred it. I think you’re out in LF with the opinion you expressed but you’re entitled to it.

  29. VaRedsFan

    Parra gives up 2 hits to leftys.

  30. Mack Ashley Potter

    Once again if the Reds cant score, watch Bryan Price blow yet another road game without the most dominating pitcher in ever throwing a pitch. I’ll never understand it. The Save is a USELESS stat and no one cares about it anymore. Its more useless than the “win”

    • Evan armstrong

      Closers and thier agents would strongly disagree.

  31. VaRedsFan

    Did price double switch, or we only going to use Hoover for 1 batter?

  32. BigRedMike

    Thom is an interesting character, diatribe about a new GM

  33. msanmoore

    6 pitches for Jumbo. Means he can come back out if we don’t score … right?

    • VaRedsFan

      I see a 2nd reliever is warming….guessing it’s Mattheus

      • msanmoore

        I just see dead people … and stupid strike-outs out of the zone.

  34. msanmoore

    Bunt or Don’t Bunt … there is no “try” … at least not like that.

  35. Mack Ashley Potter

    I agree Surez isn’t even in Cozart’s galaxy defensively. But in the grand scheme, defensive does not matter. Bill James has basically proven this. The difference in games won or lost with a players bat VS games won or lost with his glove, are like 50-1. The Save stat is useless because in no way shape or form does it help you win a ballgame by wanting your closer to get the “save” if he appears in the game. You use your weapons at the moments it will best help your team win the game. And only coming in for the “save” on the road a lot of times is not that moment.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Could you provide a reference for your claim about offense being 50 times more important than defense, and that Bill James agrees with that?

      • msanmoore

        +57.8 for calling that bluff, Steve. And if defense doesn’t matter, then why did that grab Angel Pagan made in game 5 take a win away from our Reds in the division series?

        Small sample, of course …

    • Evan armstrong

      Defense doesn’t matter…now that is funny.

  36. msanmoore

    Yes, Thom … please keep speculating on BP use. You sound so confident.

  37. VaRedsFan

    Lead off walk…this is a recording

    • VaRedsFan

      We’ve been serving up 1st pitch meatballs to Molina for years. So to answer your question…..uhhh I can’t

  38. VaRedsFan

    At least Jumbo and his 6 pitch inning is rested for tomorrow

  39. Mack Ashley Potter

    And juuuust like I said, Bryan Price blows yet another road with the most dominating pitcher in baseball sitting on the bench taking a nap. Unbelievable.

  40. msanmoore

    Have a great evening, folks. Another fish (or snake) gets away.

  41. RedAlert

    Walkoff loss # 9 > I hope that Price is walking off permanently from the Reds at the end of this season – that WILL NOT be a walk off loss in my opinion

    • vegastypo

      It really is a crock that the umpires didn’t keep watching at least long enough to see whether the runners advanced to the next base, but I’m having a hard time sympathizing with Bryan Price about much of anything.

  42. Mack Ashley Potter

    SHUT UP Bryan freaking Price. You lost. You got out managed and beat yet again. Better enjoy your final 50 games as a big league manager is all I can say.

    • Evan armstrong

      What leads u to believe he won’t be back next season?

  43. VaRedsFan

    Protest. Neither the runner from 2nd nor 1st never touched their next base.

  44. vegastypo

    A great tweet from Richard Fitch:

    Price: “He didn’t go to second base.”

    Umpire: “You didn’t go to Chapman.”

    Game over.