I’m taking a quick break from Independence Day revelry to post this game recap. This is my first recap of the year. I’m mostly too busy to write these days, but I’m also less interested in the Reds than I have been in 20+ years — since the days of Bip Roberts. I don’t think I’m the only one who’s less than thrilled with this “half in” roster and approach.  But hey: All-Star game. #votereds

Chad advised me that I could just go ahead and post a picture of Milton when the Reds don’t “go.” So here you go.

Todd Frazier is pretty great, though.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (36-43) 3 11 1
Milwaukee Brewers  (35-48) 7 11 1
W: Nelson (6-8) L: Smith (0-2)
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The good news: Reds fans can watch Thom Brennaman again tomorrow on Fox Sports Ohio. I think I’ll watch McCloud reruns, instead.

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  1. RedAlert

    Thanks Chris ! made me laugh dude

  2. Wiseman

    josh smith is bad. Really really bad
    Lorenzen young and inconsistent. This guy just really bad

    • ohiojimw

      yep on Smith in particular.Have to wonder why they did not bring up Holmberg or Axelrod instead of Smith. Understand they are probably viewed as at their ceilings but Smith is so out of it that it isn’t helping him or the team now or for the future.

    • Redsfan48

      Are you saying Lorenzen is bad? Or are you just emphasizing that Smith is bad?

  3. Michael E

    but we got Jay Bruce and one of his two-month slumps is out of the way, one more to go this year though.

  4. PARED84

    AAA roster at best
    Smith AA PITCHER
    Lorenzen. needs time at AAA
    Barnhart,Seurez,DeJesus,Negron AAA/M
    Hamilton AA hitter yet
    Contreras AAA
    I could go on but ownership has to spend on quality backups in case of injuries they won’t. So were left w marginal lineup,

    • tct

      Barnhart, Suarez, and DeJesus have been pretty solid. Tucker and Suarez are at least solid MLB backups, and DeJesus could be a utility guy. These guys are all cheap, and teams build good benches and bullpens for cheap all the time, so the problem isn’t that the Reds won’t spend money on the bench and bullpen. The problem is that they have done a horrible job identifying solid bench players on the open market. Guys like Skip, Hannahan, Gregg ,etc..have just been wasted money. And they have also been reluctant to part ways with underachieving veterans, like Ludwick, Hannahan, and Skip, and replace them with younger guys.

      • redmountain

        Skip is the best pinch hitter on the team. He maybe, should not start, but he is a good pinch hitter.

    • PXShaman

      Hamilton is fine, he has great stretches in MLB, someone just really needs to settle him down. Also isn’t he the most unluckiest hitter on the Reds?
      Lorenzen will be our ace next year, his work ethic is too great. BREAKING NEWS: Fastball pitchers get shelled by fastball hitting teams.
      Contreras has had his high, and had his low, he has been put in bad situations.
      Barnhart is exactly what he is, DeJesus has had some great AB’s. Seurez is a MLB player who is only 23.

      • Redsfan48

        I agree that Lorenzen is likely our ace next year. It really comes down to Lorenzen or DeSclafani as the ace, unless Stephenson has a strong season, but we can’t count on Stephenson since he’s not proven himself at this level. If Kris Bryant and Joc Pederson hadn’t come up this season, it would be very interesting to see the Rookie of the Year battle between Lorenzen and DeSclafani and with a strong second half, I could see either of them winning it still if Pederson and Bryant struggle or get injured.

      • tct

        I just don’t see it with Lorenzen. He doesn’t miss bats and he doesn’t have good command. He does throw hard and is uber athletic, but I’m not sure that’s enough. He hasn’t been a starter for long, and I hope I’m wrong about him, but I just think he’s a back of the rotation guy or, more likely, a reliever. It’s all about projection with him and if he ever does become a top of the rotation guy, I don’t think it will be next year.

        I’m much more excited about Iglesias. He’s got 4 legit major league pitches and has the ability to get swing and misses and seems to have decent command. I think he is Mike Leake with more strikeouts and more upside. The question with him is can his body hold up over 200 innings and can be hold his velocity deep into games?

      • Redsfan48

        Yes, Iglesias has far better stuff than any pitcher on this team outside of Chapman and Cueto. I’m just not sure how he will do over a full season of 200 innings, and he needs to be far more pitch efficient in his starts.

    • Redsfan48

      Lorenzen is ready for the Majors. He’s had a very good season, outside of a couple bad starts. Suárez can really hit, he’s hitting .304/.351/.435 (small sample size yes, but he’s looked good at the plate). Tucker Barnhart is a very good backup catcher. I don’t think there’s a team in the majors that wouldn’t have him on the roster as a backup catcher. He can definitely do a good job defensively and this year he’s shown he can hit a little too, hitting .276/.326/.414 with 3 HRs. Hamilton might need some more seasoning but he will be great if he reaches his potential. The other guys you named, outside of maybe Negrón because of what he did last season, do belong in AAA.

    • redmountain

      If you really think that Hamilton is a AA player, you are not following his upward movement in BA and OBP. He has already proven he can hit at the AA level and at this point a stint in AAA would be a waste. Some of the other guys you list might be better in AAA, but who will you replace them with. Stephenson is now in AAA, and Iglesias and Cingrani are both in AAA getting lengthened out to be starters. Suarez and DeJesus are both doing fine in the majors, though both need work in some areas. Smith is coming off TJ, but before he was one of the best pitching prospects the Reds had

  5. Silence Dogood

    My son and I ventured the 8-plus hours from our Virginia home to catch the weekend series and it’s been a really great trip…until the baseball game begins. I grew up in Reds Country and used to go to a few games per year until moving far enough away that it’s really difficult to visit Cincinnati. We’ll catch the Reds on the road a time or two during most seasons but this was our first visit to Cincy in five or six years.

    First, I compliment the Reds on their fan experience. GABP is a really nice stadium and provides a great experience. I have been to a lot of other stadiums and I’ve always sort of thought GABP was ho-hum in comparison but we have really been impressed. I can’t tell you what’s different – but it’s a much nicer place than I remember.

    The city is definitely ready for the All-Star game. You are reminded everywhere you turn that something big is getting ready to happen. It’s neat to see and I think Cincinnati will be a great venue for the big game.

    But the baseball is horrid. Two big crowds have been treated to what has become Cincinnati Reds baseball. Underachieving. Bad roster. No pitching. Bryan Price pushing buttons that make no sense whatever. Tonight was just a brutal game. 12 free base runners. Lackluster effort all the way around, save for Todd Frazier.

    What should the Reds do? They have some big decisions in front of them – and the first one is the scariest. Walt Jocketty, the man who “built” this roster in charge of disassembling and it scares me as a fan. They have to move Cueto, I guess, so that’s more or less a foregone conclusion. I almost wish they’d stop there for this season. Just play out the schedule, win your 70-75 games and then relieve Jocketty. Hire a GM. Then let them go to work tearing it down and building for the next 2-3 years. You’d have to reason that Chapman has no role on this team going forward. They blew it from the beginning with him. The fact that he isn’t a 200 inning per year pitcher is one of the mysteries of this organization. If you are going to move Leake and any of the position players, you have to make sure you get something in return. I don’t trust Walt in making those decisions anymore.

    The next 6-9 months will set the stage for the next 3-4 years. If they take the decent talent that have and market it, you have to build depth in the system and prepare to win in a couple of years. If they blow this, then we may be in for a long-run of baseball that resembles what we are seeing this year.

    • Tom Gray

      Well stated.

      Cueto and Leake will bring MiLB prospects at most. They will be FA in a few months and won’t be bound to sign with their new teams.

      Byrd and Parra will bring prospects only. Similar reasons to above.

      I doubt the Reds trade Frazier or Bruce this summer.

      • Tom Gray

        Forgot Chapman. He may bring more than Cueto or Leake but closers are of limited trade value. Also closers usually have about 5 or 6 years of top level performance.

    • Creigh Deeds

      Agree for the most part. Also from Virginia. My children grew up going to the zoo and Riverfront/GABP every summer. Kids are grown. I still go, but not this year. Will catch them one this week in DC. Very disappointing, but predictable year in many ways. Injuries happen, but failure to invest in bench/bullpen, lack of a lead off hitter, were needs that have been identifiable for a long time. Jocketty must go.

      • Silence Dogood

        I hope the Reds get it going tonight in DC. You are right…the Reds under Jocketty have been very predictable. Seems like it’s a broken record. I look at the Pirates. They haven’t made any sweeping changes, but they have gotten incrementally better each year. Let Martin go and they pick up Cervalli. They got Byrd at the deadline a couple years back. Walt has done nothing really outside of dumping guys early due to impending salary (Arroyo, Latos come to mind). This group had a nice window of opportunity and it’s clear that the Reds are starting over. At least it’s clear to most of us.

    • Redsfan48

      Hire Jerry Dipoto. He was a good GM for the Angels until Scioscia took over all the power.

  6. Indy Red Man

    We couldn’t watch it in Indy….thank God

    • PXShaman

      I live in Toledo, and my mom was angry that they showed the KCity and Min game. One of the few times I have ever heard her this mad at baseball.

  7. BoldOD

    I caught the Brewers feed on MLB.tv. They interviewed Jocketty. Lots of different questions (All Star game, etc), but they included trade deadline and possible re-building. Specific comments that caught my attention included “it is tough to let go of players you developed in your system, but you have to look at the long term” and later that Baily was rehabbing well and would be ready to “head the rotation” next year. I think the activity gets going after the All Star game.

      • lwblogger2

        That’s a reasonable assumption based on the time tables that other pitchers have been on.

    • Redsfan48

      Will be interesting to see who gets bumped out of the rotation when Homer does come back. I’d much rather see them go with the young core of Lorenzen, DeSclafani, Iglesias, Moscot and Stephenson than Bailey but obviously they’d have to find a trade partner to get rid of him. Lorenzen and DeScalfani are locks to make the rotation next year, but maybe they let the other 3 fight it out for 2 remaining spots and put Cingrani in the last spot until Homer is back and then shift him back to the bullpen.

  8. Mark Miller

    Listening to Walt on the TV broadcast I hope he was keeping things quiet about trade talks. My fear is he will wait to move the MUST trade players until the best trade partners have made their moves with other teams and we get the bottom of the barrel in return.

    • tgarretson82

      My sentiments exactly. Rebuilding should include GMs and managers, not only players.

      • tgarretson82

        Look what the Cubs did. Rebuild an entire front office and managerial staff and now they have the brightest future in the Central.

      • Tom Gray

        You overlook a couple of things. The Cubs have $$$ to spend, far more than the Reds do. And the Cubs haven’t won anything yet. They made good changes.

  9. sezwhom

    Breaking: The 2015 Reds Aren’t Very Good!

    That is not breaking news or a developing situation Most of us knew that in May. Last place looms plus realization we’re completely starting over. Of course, Walt will probably get an extension. Good luck to us.

    • redmountain

      Question. How good would this team be if Mesoraco, Bailey, Cingrani, and others had not ended up on the DL? Right now the Reds are playing the hottest team in the majors so the pitching has not looked good.
      Jocketty was signed, reluctantly, to a two year extension this past winter. I believe he is trying to steer the ship through some tough times. However, he came to the Reds as an executive VP and I think that is what he would like to do again. There is some movement in the minors that seems to say that Cueto, Leake, and MAYBE Chapman will be going. Lets see what happens.

    • Hotto4Votto

      There were a few of us that were saying the Reds would be fighting it out for 4th place in the Central this past off season. That’s certainly a reality we are experiencing now. It’s been known for a while that the Reds weren’t going to be very competitive this year.

  10. Carl Sayre

    I have seen some really good things out of this team this year. The problem is when a player looks real sharp and another is playing solid everyone else on the team looks like a beer league softball team then they rotate. My major concern with Lorenzen is he nibbles at the zone till he gets himself in trouble and in doing so runs his pitch count up in a hurry. I haven’t checked to see how many innings he has pitched this year but he onlt went 120 and two thirds all last season maybe the all star break will help.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Last season was also his first full season as a starter. So it’s understandable that his innings aren’t built up yet. Going from an OF’er/closer to a starter that threw 120 innings last year was quite a feat. He’s learning how to pitch, and effectiveness and efficiency with pitches will come with that. Otherwise he’s blown the learning curve out of the water with where he’s at.

  11. Tom Gray

    The Reds are 61-86 since the ASB last summer. That’s a 67-95 pace for 162 games.