I’ve returned from vacation to warmer climates.  It’s time to catch up with what has been going on down on the Red’s farm teams over the last few weeks while I was away.

AAA Louisville Bats

Matt Magill, who came to the Reds from the Dodgers in the Chris Heisey trade, had season ending Tommy John surgery.  That along with the recent call ups of Lorenzen and Iglesias leaves the Bat’s with a starting rotation of Jon Moscot, David Holmberg, Dylan Axelrod, Josh Smith, and Donovan Hand.  Reliever Ben Klimesh who posted a 1.69 ERA over 10.2 IP at AA has been promoted to bolster the bullpen.  He’s off to a slow start however with a 5.79 ERA in 4 G.

Josh Satin was placed back on the DL with concussion syndrome.  Bryson Smith was placed on the DL with a right forearm strain.  Irving Falu has been placed on the Temporary Inactive list.  Ray Chang gets the call up from AA to bolster the bench.  The Reds also signed 31 year old LH hitting OF Jose Constanza who has a .273/.316/.323/.639 line in the majors with the Braves in 240 PA over the last four years, and a lifetime AAA line of .301/.357/.350/.708 in 2102 PA.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

Reliever Zack Weiss, 0.00 ERA in 11.2 IP at A+, was promoted and he has a 3.86 ERA in 4.2 IP thus far with 2 saves.  Reliever Blaine Howell, 1.65 ERA in 16.1 IP at A+, was promoted to AA as well.  Chad Rogers was placed on the DL with a left knee meniscus injury.  Keyvius Sampson has joined the starting rotation and thus far has 2.05 ERA over his first 4 GS.

Sean Buckley, .268/.344/.411/.754, has landed on the DL with a left oblique strain.  Catcher Kyle Skipworth was reassigned back to the Blue Wahoos from AAA.  It appears that Jesse Winker has not played since 05/17, no word on an injury of any kind that I can find though.

High A Daytona Tortugas

LH Reliever Nick Routt has joined the team from extended spring training.  Reliever Alejandro Chacin was promoted from Dayton where he had a 5.52 ERA over 14.2 IP.  Top prospect Nick Howard, 4.35 ERA in 20.2 IP, has been moved from the starting rotation to the bullpen.  Barrett Astin, 3.09 ERA in 32 IP, has taken his spot in the rotation.

IF Sammy Diaz, .311/.347/.489/.836 at Daytona, was assigned to the DL.  Wendell Soto, .295/.458/.455/.912 at Dayton, was promoted to Daytona.  OF Junior Arias was assigned to Daytona from extended spring training.

Low A Dayton Dragons

Reliever Joe Mantoni has been promoted to Dayton from extended spring training.  Tyler Mahle’s 3.28 ERA is the worst among the Dragons 5 starting pitchers, which is a good sign for them.

2B Ty Washington, .292/.353/.415/.769, has been placed on the disabled list.  1B Paul Kronenfeld has been promoted to Dayton from extended spring training.  OF Brian O’Grady, .254/.389/.377/.766 in 163 PA, 30 BB vs 28 SO as well as 14 SB vs 2 CS.


23 Responses

  1. Vanessa Galagnara

    In a nutshell our entire farm system is either on the DL or under performing? Who broke a mirror and doomed the Reds to 7 years of bad luck? I blame all of this on Bronson Arroyo leaving town.

    • jessecuster44

      If you think this is bad luck, you haven’t been paying attention.

    • tct

      Romano has been really good. So have Garett and Travieso. Blandino, Ervin, Suarez, and Wapdrop have been hitting. Moscot has been good in Louisville. Tucker Barnhart has been pretty good in the majors. It’s not completely barren on the farm. It’s a middle of the pack system.

  2. gaffer

    Need a few “Adison Russel” types from the multiple trades we need to be making right after the AS break.

    • gaffer

      Cueto = 1 top 20 prospect, 2-3 others
      Leake = 1 top 40 prospect, maybe another
      Byrd = something, anything

      • Michael E

        If Cueto doesn’t bring in two top 8 prospects and another in the top 15 the GM needs fired. Every year an ace rental brings back either the TOP prospect from the other team or a couple top 8 prospects.

        Why so many Reds fans think “rental” means we won’t get anything boggles my mind. You have paid attention the past 5, 10, 15 years, right? Far worse “aces” have brought in stud prospects.

        I hope to god Jocketty doesn’t have this resigned approach.

      • lwblogger2

        I think they get a top 20 guy and 2-3 other “B” level guys. He’s a half year rental. The time left on his contract does make a difference. When I say Top 20, I mean in all of baseball, not just a team’s prospect list. If you’re talking about a typical team’s prospect list, then what you’re saying isn’t at all out of line and in fact may actually be an underpay.

      • Michael E

        Leake one top 10 prospect.

        You way undervalue pitching, giving all the constant MLB-wide injuries and shoddy rotations. Leake and Cueto should combine for no less than 3 top 10 prospects.

        Byrd and Phillips should net a fringe top 15 prospects as well.

        Even the horrid Bruce would net one top 10 prospect. Power is in critical short supply and he can field well. I hold no illusions that he’ll bring back what he would have two years ago (2 or 3 top 10 prospects), but he’ll still get one.

        On top of all that, the money freed up should also help in hastening a rebuild.

      • Michael E

        Lets put it this way. If the Reds were missing a key SP for a run, do you honestly think one top 10 prospect would get Cueto in a trade?

        Do you think one top 15 prospect would get Leake in a trade?

        LOL, no freaking way. Not a chance.

      • WVRedlegs

        Michael, your talking top-10 prospect within an organization. I believe they were talking top-20 or top-40 in all of MLB. Big big difference. I don’t think the Reds can get a top-20 MLB prospect for Cueto or a top 40 for Leake. But you never know how high a price will go in a bidding war when 2 or 3 people want the same thing and are committed to getting it.

  3. Michael Smith

    Doug Gray doesnt thinks you will get a top 100 guy for Leake but I doubt it will be top 40.

    • gaffer

      I think Leake will look like a bargain when it comes time to trade him (especially given that he does not require a star in trade). Maybe he wont fetch a top 40 but I am OK with a solid major leaguer and a prospect. The Red Sox would give Bradley Jr. in a heartbeat (not that I want him).

      • Vanessa Galagnara

        Look what we got with Simon and Latos. Surely we will get more with Leake. Otherwise don’t trade them at all. Wait for the compensation pick on Leake at least that is a first round pick right?

  4. wdwrolen2713

    Wait, we have a guy that hit .270 in the majors playing in the minors? I know it’s small sample size, but that’s better than the .230 lifetime hitters we currently have on the bench.

    • jdx19

      A .639 OPS player is not something to be excited about.

  5. Tyler Burdett

    I like the Jose Constanza signing for minor league depth. My friend is a braves fan and a few years ago when Constanza got some extended playing time due to injuries he was enjoyable to watch.

    • Vanessa Galagnara

      He’s 31. His day in the sun is already over.

      • Big56dog

        If he was up he can sit in the shade with Schumaker and Boesch

      • Vanessa Galagnara

        LoL well that is true. I just think it is a waste of time having 30’s something guys eating up roster space on your farm system especially when you know your major league team stinks and you need as many people trying out for the team as roster.

        The Reds need to be scouting professional leagues and finding that kid with a touch of talent, eye of the tiger, and isn’t already wearing depends.

  6. Michael E

    IT’s time to fire Jocketty and rebuild the entire scouting department from the ground up. Hire a bunch of college graduates in the field of science or something. Get nerdy. Find REAL hitters. We haven’t found real hitters in 30 years (Votto aside). This old school isn’t working and the modern elements they’ve likely tried to ad are not right for baseball…maybe jarts or horseshoes, but not baseball.

  7. Michael E

    I am sick n tired of having a top 5 NL team in HRs and still suck at hitting. I’d take being last in HRs along with a World Series title in a heartbeat.

    Only two commandments in scouting for hitting:

    – find players that make the pitcher work (strike 1 for the Reds the past 25 years)
    – find hitters that put the ball in play (and strike 2…we’re out!)

    • lwblogger2

      I don’t mind the strikeouts quite as much when a high walk rate comes with it. It means that the guy is working deep counts and is making the pitcher work. Of course a high walk rate without a high strikeout rate is better.

  8. Janet

    Welcome back, Tom. I hope you had an enjoyable vacation. Your column is still my favorite one on this site.