The Cincinnati Reds (15-17) look to get their offense back on track in game two of the three-game series against the Atlanta Braves (15-17). Game 2 features a rematch of the May 1st starters between these two clubs in what was another one run loss to the Braves.


Mike Foltynewicz 5.23 4.40 0.9 12.5% 18.8%
Anthony DeSclafani 2.50 4.06 0.8 10.1% 18.2%

Twenty-three year old righty Mike Foltynewicz is making just his 3rd big league start tonight. He mostly throws two different types of fastballs in the 94-96 MPH range but will also mix in an upper-70’s curveball. He gave up six hits, issued three walks and struck out two Reds when he faced Cincinnati two weeks ago.

Anthony DeSclafani is hoping to get back on track tonight. DeSclafani has issued nine free passes in the past two starts (10 innings) after walking just six batters during his first four starts (26 innings.) Walking batters is not common for DeSclafani, as his professional BB% rate in 414 innings entering this season was just 5.2%.

DeSclafani and two of his Reds teammates make this list for fewest pitches per inning:

The lineup for the Braves is identical to last night except that Eric Young Jr. is getting a start in center field. That makes Andrelton Simmons the only right handed batting position in the lineup.

  1. Nick Markakis (L) RF
  2. Andrelton Simmons (R) SS
  3. Freddie Freeman (L) 1B
  4. Kelly Johnson (L) LF
  5. Alberto Callaspo (S) 3B
  6. A.J. Pierzynski (L) C
  7. Jace Peterson (L) 2B
  8. Eric Young Jr. (S) CF
  9. Mike Foltynewicz (R) P

Today’s Reds lineup has Pena back behind the plate and Kristopher Negron getting another start in place of the injured Zack Cozart (wrist):

  1. Billy Hamilton (S) CF
  2. Marlon Byrd (R) LF
  3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
  4. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
  5. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
  6. Jay Bruce (L) RF
  7. Kristopher Negron (R) SS
  8. Brayan Pena (S) C
  9. Anthony DeSclafani (R) P

Tucker Barnhart tried to take full responsibility for last night’s loss after the Braves second and game deciding run scored on a wild pitch. However, Brayan Pena had his back:

In light of the recent penalties levied by the NFL onto the New England Patriots, MLB has revised their rules for official game ball handling.

Starting this year, an MLB representative watches the baseballs while a clubhouse assistant carries them from the umpires’ room to the field. And if the supply runs low during the game, an MLB security person is now sent to retrieve more from the umps’ room. In the past, a ball boy or ball girl did those jobs alone.

It was a scary night for the Carolina Mudcats, high-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Early this morning at around 3:45am, the team bus lost control and flipped while traveling from Salem, Virginia to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Thankfully, everyone is safe with just seven minor injuries reported. Those players were taken to a local hospital and are expected to be released today.

If you need any further reminder today that we just watch adults play a kid’s game, look no further than the Reds most recent honorary bat girl, Melissa Rupert. From’s Mark Sheldon:

Rupert, of Liberty Township, Ohio, is the winner of the Reds’ honorary bat girl contest, which recognizes baseball fans who have been affected by breast cancer and who demonstrate a commitment to eradicating the disease. She was recognized on the field during pregame ceremonies before the Reds’ 2-1 loss to the Braves on Monday night.

More importantly, Rupert is well on her way to beating cancer. She had surgery to remove her tumor last Tuesday.

“I am cancer free as of today,” Rupert said with a smile. “The last step on the road is just radiation and we’ll be able to get rid of this thing for good.”

“My cousin nominated me and I didn’t know even know she was doing it,” Rupert said. “I had written that article for myself and she ended up taking it and running with it, which was a real surprise. Then when I won, I didn’t really know what to do.”

Part of Rupert’s article said this:

“I remind myself every day that I am not a statistic. I am me. My outcome will be my outcome. My story is mine and I am not a number. So here I am. A new mom, a business owner and an avid volunteer. I don’t have time to think about the ‘what if’s.’ There is no alternative. I’m in it to win it.”

The Reds are looking for a couple of bounce back performances from their team offense and their starting pitcher. Luckily, they are facing an equally challenged team tonight, so I like the Reds chances!


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  1. Tucker Barnhart does not apologise for his mistakes.The world apologizes to Tucker Barnhart for thinking that he made a mistake.

    • I hear the boogeyman gets out of his bed at night and checks his closet for Tucker Barnhart.

      • Chuck Norris jokes are the finest form of comedy that mankind has attained. I personally like the one that says: Chuck Norris is 1/8 Cherokee. This has nothing to do with ancestry. The man actually ate an Indian.

        But Tucker Barnahrt jokes are not jokes at all. They are deadly truths.

  2. Any word on how badly Cozart is injured? Can we expect a trip to the DL or are we going to play the entire home stand with 23 players?

  3. It was cute for awhile, but Byrd in the #2 hole is getting old.

    • Why the fixation with going lefty, righty, lefty, etc, etc? Votto needs to hit 2nd. Byrd and Frazier need to hit 3 and 4.

      • Price is making his transformation into a Were-Dusty. Side effects are obsessing over lefty/righty matchups and poor bullpen management. Hope Price gets well soon.

  4. Same stupid lineup by Price – I have absolutely no confidence in him at all – REDS NEED A CHANGE IN MORE WAYS THAN JUST THE LINEUP !!! HOW BOUT START WITH HIM

    • Bill stilly still leading off, Byrd still in the 2 hole , Todd still in the 4 hole ….. And Price still attempting to manage

    • I get that the line up construction is not ideal, but the Reds had 4 hits last night and scored 1 run. 4 hits is not due to line up construction.

  5. I hate when other teams stack their lineups with lefties against our RH starters because the Reds just never get that that works. For years and years Reds fans have been saying that we need a right handed power bat. Why? Most pitchers are RH. I would take a lineup of all lefties.

    And yes, batting Byrd second against a RH pitcher is crazy. He’s hitting 179/.226/.359 even after a relative hot streak.

  6. Billy Hamilton thrown out stealing, Votto walks, Frazier homerun.

    Someone remind me why speed is so important at the top of the order? Oh, also remind me why Votto and Frazier couldn’t hit 1 & 2?

  7. At aboy Todd. Should have been a 3 run bomb at worst though….
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have Frazier, Votto, & Cueto starting the All Star Game at home in GABP?

    • Sadly it would probably be one of their last starts together. But yes, it would be very cool.

  8. How does Brantley keep this job? Moving to MLBTV to get rid of him. He’s terrible. As he’s talking bad about Frazier, he suddenly says something about fastball hitters. What an idiot.

    • I’ve really enjoyed listening to Brantley, I feel like he’s gotten better each year he’s been announcing, and his insights into pitching are pretty great. He’s not perfect, but he’s no Thom.

  9. Trent says Cozart can only pinch run, and Mes can only pinch hit. Nice bench tonight.

  10. Anyone else notice how bad Fraizer has been this year? He’s only hitting .240.

  11. Bruce sure hit that ball hard and yet it was an out all the same. Is Bruce ever going to hit again or is this an eternal slump?

    • 98 isn’t that hard unfortunately.

      • I was being sarcastic from the other post. I don’t care how hard a ball is hit if it doesn’t equal a run being scored or putting a runner on base. That is one of the silliest arguments of all time. To think Jay is unlucky for over a year now is not likely. We can’t blame it on the knee anymore now can we?

        • You consistently hit the ball 105+, you will will be successful; I’m not sure Jay is there. We will find out together.

        • Results-oriented thinking at its finest.

  12. Left the bat at 98 mph, which isn’t a very hard hit ball the trajectory makes it an easy out. Not bad luck on that one.

    • Ya Bruce should have changed the trajectory. He should know better than to try to hit it to center. Definitely no bad luck.

      • Exactly, getting under the ball will result in less desirable results. Nice observation Citizen.

  13. Pena’s was 88 and should be categorized as soft.

    • AD’s ball was also 88 but it traveled no more than 90 feet. Same speed as Pena’s but should be categorized differently, IMO. Much better chance of ending up a hit.

  14. Nice play Brandon. Great pick JV

    • It certainly was but at the same time, ground balls at 81 mph will normally be outs.

  15. The Cowboy is ok on tv, but I can’t stand him on the radio. The main thing is how excited he sounds when THE OTHER TEAM does something like hit a home run, etc. I hate that. I’d rather he call an opposing team’s good deeds like a funeral.

  16. Two hits at 84 & 88, hard to count on that or make a living doing it.

  17. Remarkable. Tonight THOM! didn’t say anything about how great Byrd’s defense has been.

  18. 2 seeing eye singles and a mis-play by Byrd.
    And we’re tied.

  19. Why does it seem like opposing teams are always positioned against the Reds darn near perfectly?

  20. 87 mph. Thom says, “that ball was hit hard”. Not so much.

  21. Votto’s 7th infield pop up since 2009.

    • Votto’s starting to make me nervous. Not sure if I’ve ever seen a slump like this where he hasn’t put decent wood on the ball except for 2-3 times in a 12 game period. Weak grounders and strike outs with a few medium-hit line drive singles mixed in.

      • Votto isn’t right. We’ve seen this before…..

        I’m not going to utter the phrase, but it sounds vaguely like “Peas gingered”.

        …Or he could just be human and in a slump. Depends on how deeply you buy into the Votto mythos.

        • I think he looks fine healthwise, maybe his swing is out-of-whack or something. Hard to say.

  22. Reds could screw up a night with Kate Upton

  23. 104 mph. That boys and girls will generate hits by the bunches..

    • You know I’m totally on the batted ball data bandwagon, but hitting the ball at or above 105 is going to be fairly rare.

      Last time I checked, the hardest hit ball all year by any Red was 109mph. Anything around 105 with the right trajectory will get you a 400ft+ home run. So, even balls in the mid-to-upper 90s should get your a lot of hits!

      • Agreed but looking through various games feeds, 100+ gets you a lot of hits and isn’t that rare. For the Reds? Unfortunately yes. I think it’s a problem. Many more balls hit 103, 105, 106 107 than I would ever had expected and most fall in. 105 with the right trajectory, is a bomb but with the wrong trajectory is almost always a hit.

        • Agreed. Hitting the ball hard is good, bit it’s not like anything under 105 is minced-meat! 😉

        • Highest average velocity belongs to Dodgers rookie Joc Pederson at 97.89 MPH. Hardest hit ball of the year still belong to Giancarlo Stanton at 120mph.

          Votto single in Milwaukee still the hardest Reds hit at 109mph. Bruce 2nd at 108mph (IIRC, that was his grand slam in Milwaukee).

        • Great data! Pederson looks to be a beast.

      • Pedro Alverez just singled at 110. That ball was scooting. Cards are gently killing the Indians tonight. Hits can happen at nearly any speed but in ‘general” the harder the more the luck to be mined.☺

        • That’s a rip. Hardest hit ball I’ve personally seen at 115mph off the bat of Jorge Soler in PIT a few weeks back.

        • I’ve seen more than a couple that exceeded that.

        • According to baseball savant, there have been 8 balls hit 116 or above this year.

          For Soler I meant 116, not 115.

        • I think it depends on what system is scoring. I saw a 117 mph grounder become an out. I don’t trust anyone to begin with.☺ It’s a problem, I’m working on.

          Seen way too many costly foul-ups in my profession. Mainly on account of young, wise guy engineers. You know the type, I’m sure.☺

        • Oh you are absolutely right. I won’t start reeeeally believing in this data until 2017 or so.

  24. Unbelievable how other teams come up with timely base hits compared to how the Reds strike out on check swings or pop ups to the pitcher…lmao

    • At the moment, Braves actually lead MLB in bating with RISP at .310. Not that I believe that is a measure of skill or anything, but I just thought it was interesting to note.

  25. Bad luck??

    • No…

    • Any single result is not bad luck.

      If Bruce hit 100 fly balls at 370ft or whatever that one was and none of them went for hits, that would be bad luck.

      • This leads to an interesting question, then.

        If no single result is bad luck, how about 2 single results? 3? 4? 10?

        When does the “bad luck” actually start occuring? When does a collection of grains of sand become a pile of sand?

        • A little too philosophical for me during a game thread, and I’m a preacher! My response, I suppose, is…..I heart Pena.

        • KISS – keep it simple stupid. Preach, you are a wise man and I’m pretty much a nut. Love new toys.

        • Great question. If picking a team, I want to know two things: how often is the ball put in play and the hardness of the ball hit, in groupings: 70, 80, 90, 95. 100. 105 & up. All I need to know to pick a lineup.

        • There is a method called “split-half reliability.” Randomize two equally-sized data sets from a single set of data and correlate every single possibility of each set to each other. When you reach around 70% correlation between the two, you’ve reached split-half reliability (.707*.707=.50. Basically, half signal and half noise. This is the principle in calculating when certain stats begin to stabilize.

          For BABIP, the number is 810 balls in play. Which is basically two full seasons.

        • ACtually, I think I didn’t answer your question.

          There is no magic point where variance goes away or something like that.

          Honestly, I think all the ‘luck’ naysayers just don’t know what ‘luck’ means in baseball terms. It means variance. And you need a lot of samples before the variance is reduced to a reasonable level.

          For balls in play, that number is 810. Until then you can say someone is having “bad luck” or “good luck,” which just means they are on one end or the other of the variance specturm.

        • I thought 810 was the number of grains of sand it takes to become a pile. Wow.

  26. I heart Pena.

  27. How was that not a strike?!?

  28. Thom, “Billy Hamilton, once again, hits the ball with pretty good authority”. Please, 74 mph????

    • Respect Billy’s authority!

      I’m just sad I missed his first bunt hit of the year driving home from work!

      • Honestly, the 3rd baseman misplayed it. Bunted the ball about 10-15 feet before the fielder got to it. Perfect bunt and he still should have been thrown out but the ball was bobbled.

    • Yeah, I thought about that too. The left fielder had to hustle in to get it. Seemed more of a George Grande ‘looper’ than something hit hard.

      • I think they are desperate to say good things about the kid but in the wrap up tonight. wouldn’t be surprised to see more than 1 person say that Billy really ripped the ball.☺

  29. “The training staff doesn’t think that Zach Cozart’s injury is going to disable him, and he is considered day to day.”

    Ohhh, I feel sick.

    • The training staff has about as much credibility these days as Roger Goodell.

  30. Well, after that report by Jim Day we can be pretty sure Cozart will be heading for wrist surgery. Or amputation at the shoulder. I hope he’s looking for a second opinion somewhere.

  31. Joey actually pulled off a pitch. Rarer than him popping up.

  32. Pena did good to hold onto that ball. That would have been bad if he didn’t

  33. Huh, JB hits the ball106 and gets a hit. I like. More please!

    • Like you said above about not believing it… there’s no way in heck that Bruce single was 106. Off the bat it looked “medium” to me, whatever that is. Maybe 90.

      • I dunno. I thought it was hit pretty hard.

        • I’m with you preach. JDX, loves his luck.☺ He ripped that heck out of that ball.

      • What I was getting at, isn’t there two different system’s of measurement? It was referenced in the original link you posted.

        • Ohhh, yeah. StatCast and HITfx. But HITfx is only available to paying major league teams. So everything we see is StatCast.

        • I watch too much baseball then. Because I think I’ve seen all 8.

  34. Nice stroke by Jay

  35. That’s the worst jump I’ve ever seen.

  36. Can’t fault Jay, not used to being on base.

  37. Where can you find the speed the ball is being hit? I see this stat being tossed around, but I don’t see it on Gameday. By the way, stupid play by Bruce.

    • Gotta be a MLB.TV premium member, I think. Then you get a “Feed” tab on your Gameday screen. Either phone app or on the web.

    • I see it now on the “feed” tab, thanks. I don’t pay for anything and I’m getting it so I guess it’s free. Bruce sure was a lot slower running to second than the ball left his bat!

      • They must have given it away! Darnit! It’s listed in the benefits section! Haha!

        It’s pretty spotty, at times. Only about 75% of balls in play are logged from my guess.

  38. Really, Jay?

  39. just ugly offense the past week or so. major funk

  40. When he’s going right, Hoover is easy gas. His 94 looks like 84. When he’s not going right, he’s a gas can.

    • If he stays away from the long ball, he gets the job done, normally. Gulp!

  41. THOM! is spending too much time gushing over Hoover. Shut up. THOM!

  42. They start bragging on a Reds player and then that said player begins trying as hard as he can to prove the announcers wrong. Classic Reds.

  43. AJ scalded that ball,101. JJ can count his blessings that ball was hit within a couple of feet of BP. I love abbreviations!

  44. Preach, I like Pena. Not a bad ballplayer.

  45. The ignorance of the PH bunt never ceases to amaze me.

  46. I STG if the Reds mess this gift up I’m done. I swear I’m done.

  47. Pena is raking in the hearts tonight! Let’s bring on the bunting barrage!

  48. So, we’re going to drop another bunt…

  49. 1st and 2nd, no outs. Let’s give them an out. I hate it. Even it it works, I just hate it.

  50. Boys don’t score here, I may turn in. 4:30 am wake up call. Go Reds!!!

    • Oh, wow. That’s early! Well, have a good one if you gotta take off!

      • SCE&G has a filtering issue on a boiler feed line. Not good. 2-1/2 hour drive to Augusta, GA. Love it though. Reds scored, I’m hanging.

        • Oh, wow. I’ve got 45 to work to work every day and I can barely stand that!

  51. Billy, congratulations, you finally got a bunt down! Round of applause everyone!

  52. Let’s keep bunting!!!

  53. And it’s up to Byrd….(rolls eyes with sarcastic look on face)

  54. i dont like that bunt from billy… or zach.

    want to get that on record no matter the outcome… dont like it

    • Yep. Same with me.

      Glad the run scored, but playing for 1 run will make you get 1 run. I don’t like tie games with this team.

      • exactly… bunting there in both situations is playing for the tie…. I just don’t get that would the major struggles of the offense and the very recent history of the reds bullpen why you would play for a tie. who knows what would have happened had you just hit ..maybe you score 3 or, 1 is much more likely

  55. It may have been a sacrifice, but it wasn’t a bunt…..

  56. OMG! The Reds successfully move a runner over and then actually got him in with a sac fly. I can die now.

  57. The Reds’ ultimate weapon: microscopic small ball. Baseball players and Reds fans are trembling in fear.

  58. Tucker would make the ball sacrifice itself.

  59. I’m going to Cincinnati for the first time this year tomorrow. Staying til Sunday. I want a win tonight very bad. That way it’ll be a 6 game winning streak when I come home.

    (The Reds don’t lose when I’m in the Park)

  60. All the Reds need now is one of those new-fangled glow in the dark cat hats. Now Votto can rest assure that his cats won’t get lost anymore. Really odd and random question: Who on the Reds roster could you see as a creepy cat lady – or guy I guess.

  61. Votto hasn’t hit a fair fly ball in 7 games, if memory serves.

  62. Maybe that bat had bad mojo — Votto gets a hit next at bat with a new bat.

  63. Strasburg is starting tonight. Good for the kid and the game too.

    • He saw a chiropractor. Simple fix it it worked!

      • Great news. I’m keeping an eye on your guy, maybe I’ve underestimated him. Been known to be wrong a time or two.

        • It’s certainly possible I’m putting too much stock in his numbers, because fWAR, FIP, xFIP all like him and they heavily weight strikeouts, and Strasburg has led the league in K/9 since 2012 or whenever that search I did was.

        • I know I’m the only one in the world, but I like when Day does play-by-play. A touch of George Grande, now and then, doesn’t bother me either. But I also liked “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”. Go figure.

        • Opps, that last comment was for Preach and the lady with the cats bit.

  64. So they changed the ruling of a Cozart sacrifice and error to a fielder’s choice and error… other words, the bunt didn’t even work.

  65. Is it just me or did Kevin Gregg kind of look like Dwight Schrute from “The Office.” I guess he can dress like him when he goes to a Halloween party with his 20 cats.

  66. Gosselin?? Who is this guy? He owns us.

  67. I know I’m bias, but it just seems like the Reds get NO WHERE NEAR the calls at home like other teams do…that was strike 3 for any other home team in MLB in my opinion.

  68. Have to get this guy. Do. Not. Want. Freeman.

  69. Jumbo is getting squeezed (insert joke here.)

  70. The bullpen is ahh, actually looking okay.

  71. uh oh. What’s wrong with Brandon?

  72. Jumbo looks like he may finally be coming around (I don’t know why but I feel like that may be a joke). If we could depend on Jumbo, him along with Cingrani could set up Chappy nicely.

  73. I could tell Brandon wasn’t feeling well right after he made that pick to end Disco’s last inning. He just didn’t look right in that close-up coming off the field

  74. It’s nice to know that Brandon Phillips shall never be pinch-hit for unless he’s hurt as decreed by THOM! What happened is Price looked over longingly at Skip and said, “I think this calls for some clutchy grittiness.” Still a better love story than Twilight.

  75. Freeman is a very tough out.

    • Was just thinking that. How often do you see a guy make contact with every single ball he swings at off Chapman? I’m gonna say not often.

  76. toe issue for Brandon. He left to get xrays.

  77. Pena continues to get the job done. Here comes Jim “Cat Man” Day! 🐱🐱🐱

  78. Pena continues to get the job done. Here comes Jim “Cat Man” Day! 🐱🐱🐱 Meow.

  79. I realize Jonny Gomes is not great but I’d find a place on my team for him.

    • Gomes for Skip + a Snickers Bar. That’s a trade I can get behind.

      • You’re not you when you’re hungry. That snickers bar is sure to revive Skip’s career. Only question, does snickers have any grittiness to them?

  80. Lets see a walkoff to get some momentum going the Reds way!

  81. Once again, I heart Pena..

    • The guy is really starting to grow on me, though I’ve always liked him I love it when … GO LORENZEN GO!

      • … the Reds win on a walkoff! I just needed to finish that thought.

  82. Luck or whatever, Pena is getting the job done. How about a 2-run bomb from Mes??


  84. Two catchers and a call up pitcher win the game!!!!!

  85. what an idea, using Mes to pinch hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. YES!!!!!!!!!

    Reds win, Reds win!

    That was a fun game. Big Mes comes through.

    • Strasburg looked bad in his first inning. Two outs followed by walk, single, double. His command was terrible. All over the place. 2 ER.

      • Didn’t knock him out. You know what they say about getting to great pitchers early.

  87. Well how about that? That is one win you can hang on the manager.

  88. That’s gotta be exciting… sit and watch all game, get pinch running, and then streak around the bases for a win. hah!

    • I cn only imagine. I bet Lorenzen wishes he could go out there and pitch right now!

  89. Wheels Lorenzen!

  90. The way Mes is talking I almost wonder if he still believes he can catch again this year. I do not see it happening, but you never know. REDS WIN!

  91. 106 mph. That will do, that will do. What a rope!

  92. Seeing Mes do that has me hoping that the Reds send him to winter ball to learn to play an outfield corner position. Bruce is coming up on a contract situation and Byrd is 38 so regardless of whether I love em or hate em it would make sense to take a catcher who has a health issue with squatting, isn’t a very good defensive catch to begin with, and can hit the snot out of a baseball….. convert him to an outfielder while you still can.

  93. Who got sent down for Iglesias. I hope it was Villareal, he is weakest link in bullpen and thats saying something.

  94. While looking at the transactions page on I noticed it said that Votto’s roster status was changed on the 8th and was activated on the 9th. Anybody have any clue what this means?

  95. tomorrow we play with 22 man roster.

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