Final R H E
 Cincinnati Reds (5-6-2) 0 3 1
 Colorado Rockies (6-4-3) 1 7 0
 W: Logan  L: Holmberg  SV: Kahnle
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Pitching: Anthony DeSclafani took the mound today and was strong. He threw four shutout innings, allowing only two hits, one of which Josh Satin was lucky wasn’t scored an error. For DeSclafani, it was a great rebound from his previous outing, keeping him alive in the large competition to fill out the starting rotation.

JJ Hoover showed why despite a tough 2014, it is so hard to discount his ability to help the 2015 bullpen. It took him only six pitches to get the first two batters to strike out, neither of them managing to make contact even once, before getting his third out on the first pitch of the third batter. More of that Hoover would go a long way towards the Reds having a dominant bullpen once more.

David Holmberg came in for the sixth and seventh innings, and almost immediately getting into trouble until Jay Bruce’s cannon arm and Brandon Barnes over-sliding got an out on third base, creating a situation where there was a runner on first and one out rather than first and third with no outs. Holmberg got himself out of the inning by catching Daniel Descalso looking for strike three. He’d eventually give up the only run in the game in the seventh on a fielder’s choice.

Reds 2013 first round pick Michael Lorenzen finished the final two innings of the game in his third scoreless relief appearance, totaling six innings. He is certainly making a case for himself to be included on the Opening Day bullpen. He spent last season entirely as a starter in AA, pitching 120.2 innings with a 3.13 ERA.

Hitting: Not much to say here in a game where the Reds only had three hits and three walks. Josh Satin had a good day at the plate, going 1-1 with a single and a walk. The duo of shortstop Zack Cozart and Eugenio Suarez who was the designated hitter combined for the other two hits on the day. Joey Votto did what Joey Votto does, and drew two walks, but failed to advance safely to second either time, once on a Brandon Phillips strikeout, and once on a TOOTBLAN where he thought a ball was caught, so returned to first.

The Rest

-Jason Bourgeois went down in the game after putting the ball into play in his at bat, and was able to walk off under his own power, but immediately was removed from the game and went back to the Reds area outside of the field. John Fay reports that it is his shoulder and he will be getting an MRI. Hopefully he is fine, as he has been hitting well this spring with a .385 AVG and .526 SLG in nineteen at bats.

-The Reds turned another double play on defense, extending their streak of at least one per game to nine games. With so much uncertainty on who’ll be #3-5 in the starting rotation, it’s good to know they’ll be getting some help from some serious gloves.

-Jay Bruce has now managed to hit a double, hit a homer, and get an outfield assist this Spring. We can stop worrying about if his knee is back to full strength. Another season of 2013 Bruce with at least 40 doubles, 30 homers, and plus defense would be very welcome. He alone could be a six win (4.9 bWAR 2013 vs -1.1 bWAR 2014) difference from last season.

Next Up

The Reds ace Johnny Cueto goes up against former Red Travis Wood as the Reds take on the Cubs at 4:05pm EST. The game will be showed on delay on MLB Network, and live on WLW 700.

8 Responses

  1. Carl Sayre

    I haven’t watched any of the games so far (I live in Kentucky and it is still basketball season lol) but I stay caught up by coming on this sight. The one thing that is glaring to me is the amount of errors, I know it is ST but this should be a great fielding team.

    • Jeremy Forbes

      Thanks for continuing to visit the site.

      The majority of the errors are from guys who likely won’t make the roster, or will be backups. So far there has only been two errors made by guys who will be starters on Opening Day. The only people with multiple errors are Chris Dominguez (3), Tucker Barnhart (2), Carlton Daal (2), and Eugenio Suarez (2), with only Suarez looking like he’ll be a major league contributor on the bench. So it still should be a great fielding team once the final roster is decided.

      • Carl Sayre

        I understand the errors are being committed by players who won’t be part of the 25 man roster. The comment I made probably should have been about the mindset of ST, if you practice sloppy that is how you play. Errors are 95 percent mental and they can and should be eliminated some of the players that you mentioned may end up with the big club before the year is out or maybe in a year or two. I just hate errors and if the attitude in camp is so what it will spread.

      • Jeremy Forbes

        The Reds were tied for 17th in errors last Spring (1st being the fewest) with 28 errors in 31 games. The regular season came around and they had the least in the league, so I am not terribly worried about errors spreading or anything.

      • jdx19

        There is no evidence that errors my minor leaguers and backups means the attitude in camp or the team’s mindset is poor.

        Small sample size with non-major leaguers. Not worth wasting your brain power even thinking about it.

  2. Shchi Cossack

    Lorenzen is quickly becoming the leading candidate to fill one of the at least two vacancies in the starting rotation for 2016. There may be more than two openings in the starting rotation for 2016 since the two openings for 2015 have yet to be claimed. I do not think the Reds can afford to pitch Lorenzen out of the bullpen in 2015. Lorenzen only pitched 120 innings in 2014 and needs to be extended to at least 150-160 innings in 2015.

    • Jeremy Forbes

      I think they’re currently stuck in the same situation they had with Chapman. Lorenzen could potentially help the bullpen right now, but he really should be in AAA as a starter.

      I am fairly certain he’s not being considered for the 2015 starting rotation, though. If you look at the guys who are being considered, they pitched 2 innings their first outing, 3 their second, and 4 their third. Both Marquis and DeSclafani have had this and Cingrani has had the first two steps. Holmberg had the first two steps, but went back down to 2 in his third appearance.

      Meanwhile Lorenzen has pitched 2, 2, and 2 innings in his three appearances. I do think he’s a big candidate for the 2016 rotation, but I suppose it depends a bit on if he pitches 140-160 in the minors this year, or 60-70 in the majors out of the bullpen.

  3. Thegaffer

    Beurois is out for 6 weeks. If he goes to the 60 day DL that will be an open spot on the 40 man. I bet that goes to Boeshe.

    Yes, i cannot spell, sorry.