I’m going to take a look at the Reds top level minor league depth at seasons end.  Last week I covered the starting pitchers. This week we’ll look at the relievers and then the position players in subsequent weeks.  This will be more of a who is closest to helping in the majors type of ranking rather than who has the most top side prospect ranking.  I’ll only be covering players who played at least as high as AA this season.

Relief Pitchers

Curtis Partch – Partch is a 27 year old RH who has seen a little time with the Reds over the last two seasons.  Last year he tossed 23 IP for the Reds allowing only 17 H while recording 16 SO, but he also had 17 BB and 8 HR to lead to his 6.17 ERA.  This year he threw only 7 IP in the bigs surrendering only two hits and no runs, but he again allowed 7 BB.  At AAA this season he threw 47 IP allowing 46 H and 25 BB while recording 54 SO and amassing a 4.75 ERA.  He needs to find the strike zone more often to be useful to the Reds.

Ryan Dennick – Dennis is 28 years old and the only LH on the list.  He was obtained in the minor league phase of the Rule V draft in 2012 from the Royals.  He got a September call up to the Reds and put up a 11.57 ERA over 8 G where he threw 4.2 IP allowing 7 H and 4 BB with 3 K.  He spent nearly the entire year at AAA this season where he was in 57 G throwing 49.2 IP giving up 42 H and 18 BB with 39 K.  Used mostly as LOOGY, he will pitch in the Arizona Fall League and he could compete for a spot in the pen next spring especially if Sean Marshall is still not healthy.

Pedro Villarreal – This is the third season the 26 year old RH has seen some action with the Reds.  This year he had a 4.30 ERA and tossed 14.2 IP giving up 11 H and 7 BB with 12 K.  At AAA this year he a 3.20 ERA over 56.1 IP allowing 57 H and 13 BB with 50 SO.  He could be in the mix for spot on the back end of the bullpen with a good showing in spring training.

Carlos Contreras – Contreras is a 23 year old RH who appeared in 17 games for the Reds this year posting a 6.52 ERA over 19.1 IP where he gave up 19 H and 17 BB while recording 19 SO.  In the minors this year at AA threw only 20 IP allowing 15 H and 11 BB with 27 SO.  He’s got a big arm but has to find the stike before he can be of help.

Carlos Gonzalez – Gonzalez is a 24 year old RH who began the season closing in the A+ high offense California League.  There he posted a 0.57 ERA over 31.1 IP allowing just 17 H and 7 BB while recording 34 SO.  Promoted to AA at midseason he then put up a 3.63 ERA over 22.1 IP giving up 28 H and 14 BB with 19 SO.  He will be pitching in the Arizona Fall League and if he continues pitching well at AA/AAA next season he could see Cincinnati late next year.

Shane Dyer – Dyer is 26 year old RH who saved 22 games at AA this season posting a 3.26 ERA over 49.2 IP where he allowed 50 H and 19 BB while striking out 35.  This was his first full season in the bullpen.  Will probably be at AAA next year and could see time with the Reds late in the year if he does well.

Ben Klimesh – The 24 year old RH began the year in A+ where he tossed 45.2 IP allowing 40 H and 14 BB with 53 SO.  After being promoted to AA he threw 16 IP giving up 17 H and 7 BB with 24 SO.  Slated for the Arizona Fall League, he could find his way to the big leagues late next year with continued success at AA/AAA.

Tim Adleman – Adleman is a 26 year old RH who was in the Orioles system in 2010 – 2011 and pitched in Independent Leagues the last two seasons.  He was roughed up, 12.38 ERA in 8 IP at A+ Bakersfield this year, but posted a 2.85 ERA over 30 G, 6 GS, at AA Pensacola.  At AA he tossed 79 IP allowing 70 H and 20 BB with 69 SO.  Should see some time in AAA next season and maybe in the bigs late next year if all goes well.

Kevin Shackelford – Acquired by the Reds this year in the Jonathan Broxton deal.  He is a 25 year old RH who was drafted in the 21st round of the 2010 draft by Milwaukee.  This season he pitched at both the A+ (0.87 ERA in 20 IP) and AA (4.86 ERA in 50 IP) levels for the Brewers.  In the AA southern league he threw 50 IP giving up 60 H and 17 BB with 25 SO.  He’ll be back at AA to start next season and will have to improve there to move on to the next levels.


11 Responses

  1. wvredlegs

    I’m bullish on Ben Klimesh. Watch for his ascent next year. Love his K rate. He can put out the fires. He needs just a bit more seasoning time. A little more consistency. He’ll be a very good 8th inning type guy.

  2. redmountain

    Looks to me that the AA starters have a better chance in the near future. The Reds are going to need to go on the open market for some help.

  3. RedinInd

    Sort of off-topic here, but with the Arizona Fall League starting up, MLB will be there testing ways to speed up the game. The “Batter’s Box Rule” is sure to throw Bruce even more out of whack at the plate. I think placing clocks (read “timers”) around the field is a bunch of malarkey and takes away so much purity of the game. MLB needs to figure out its blocking the plate rule before adding any more ambiguous stuff. I know . . . it’s only an experiment.


    • WVRedlegs

      Carlos Gonzalez, Shane Dyer and Ben Klimesh are very good pitchers. They are just a bit unknown now and flying a little under the radar. As they move up to AAA we will hear more about these 3.

    • tct

      It’s not. I think most MLB relievers are starters for most of their minor league careers. The reds have a bunch of guys who could be middle or back of the rotation starters, but some of them are probably more likely to end up in the pen. Guillion, Contreras, Corcino, Langfield, Romano, Kivel, Lively, Howard, etc.. You’ve also got Iglesias and Cingrani who could end up in the reds pen in the next few years. I think all those guys are behind Stephenson, Garett, Travieso, and Lorenzen on the starting pitcher depth chart right now. They really should be able to build a cheap, effective bullpen in the near future.

  4. lwblogger2

    A lot of big arms in the bunch but most have command issues and most also can’t really be considered young anymore. Klimesh is my favorite out of this bunch with Gonzalez being a close 2nd. I think Adleman projects as a guy who may be a decent long man. He has nice mound presence and reminds me a little of Sam LaCure.

    • wvredlegs

      Your O’s really busted out the whooping sticks last night. It was a nice change of pace to watch a potent offense at work.

      • lwblogger2

        It was a fun game for O’s fans, that’s for sure. I started liking them when I was playing ball out there and the O’s also gave me my best chance to play pro ball. I’ve been rooting for them since 1991 or so.

  5. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I love this information, Tom. I may include, also, with these guys chances “if” the Reds do look at replacing any current “big club” starters and relievers with any of these pitchers.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Oops, so, thank you, Tom, for covering the minors for us.