The Reds will end 2014 the same way they did in 2013: against the Pittsburgh Pirates. This time around there will be no big do-or-die game. There will be no hope of the Reds still playing baseball next week. It has been a long, painful, frustrating, and mostly full of disappointment 2014 season for the Cincinnati Reds, but it is finally just about to conclude. For some it will be a relief that the season is mercifully over, and others will be sad there will be no more Reds baseball this year.

Pirates Chasing Division Title

The Pirates are just one game out of first place in the NL Central. The Cardinals are playing three games this weekend at the Arizona Diamondbacks. This is a huge series for the Pirates, as they obviously want to avoid playing in the wild card game.

What might be even more intriguing for baseball fans would be if the Pirates and Cardinals end the season tied. If that was to happen, the two teams would play a game for the NL Central title on Monday night in St. Louis (the Cardinals would host the game because they went 11-8 vs the Pirates during the regular season). The winner of the game would advance to the NLDS. The loser would then play in the wild card game against the Giants. If this were to happen, it would be the first of this type of 1-game playoff that wasn’t an elimination game in baseball history. Even more crazy, the two teams would play with the expanded rosters in that game, because it counts as a regular season game. That is certainly something interesting to watch this weekend.

Reds Individual Accomplishments

1. Johnny Cueto

  • He will go for win number 20 on Sunday.

  • His current 2.29 ERA is the best by a Reds pitcher that qualified for the ERA title since Gary Nolan (1.99 ERA) in 1972.

  • His 0.97 WHIP is the second best since 1901 by a Reds pitcher (only Tom Seaver’s 0.96 WHIP in 1977 is better).

2. Devin Mesoraco

  • His 25 home runs are currently the 9th most ever by a Reds catcher (min 50% of games played as a catcher).

  • His 149 wRC+ and .910 OPS are the best among all MLB catchers with 400+ PA in 2014. Russell Martin is next with a 143 wRC+ and .843 OPS.

  • He looks to become just the 6th Reds catcher with 400+ PA in a season to have a .900+ OPS (last done in 1972 by Johnny Bench).

3. Todd Frazier

  • Todd Frazier currently has 27 home runs. Only two players have hit more home runs while playing 50% or more of their games at third base in Reds history: Tony Perez did it twice, 1968 (38) and 1970 (40), and Deron Johnson hit 32 HR in 1965.

4. Billy Hamilton

  • He is currently 11th all-time in Reds history with 56 SB. If Hamilton steals 5 bases this weekend, he would be tied for 8th all-time.

  • He is currently tied for 9th all-time in MLB history among rookies with 56 SB. If Hamilton steals 2 bases this weekend, he would be tied for 7th all-time.

5. Aroldis Chapman

  • He has faced 195 batters this season, striking out 101. That strikeout-rate of 51.8 percent is the all-time best for any major league pitcher with more than 50 IP in a season (previous record 50.2 percent, Craig Kimbrel, 2012).

6. Joey Votto

  • Will Votto play in the final three games? It sure seems like he won’t, but Price has still left the door open for Votto to play again in 2014.

7. Final games in a Reds uniform?

  • We will assume this weekend will likely be the final time we will see Ryan Ludwick, Jack Hannahan, and Ramon Santiago in a Reds uniform. There are certainly others who we could be seeing for the final time in a Reds uniform. Will the Reds trade a starting pitcher (Cueto, Latos, Leake)? Trade their closer Aroldis Chapman? Make a big shakeup and trade a position player? John Fay said yesterday that “while Jocketty and Price are safe, the source acknowledged that changes are coming in the offseason as far as the roster. “We’ve got a lot of work to do this offseason,” said another Reds insider said.”

Pitching Matchups

Reds bucs

15 Responses


    Should we root for wins or losses, are we guarenteed a top 10 protected pick?

  2. Dennis

    I would never root for the Reds to lose, but I’d love to see the Cards knocked out of the division lead. It’s a real Catch-22 for me.

    • Vicferrari

      Kind of feel the same way, but the past 2 months have been such a disappointment I could tolerate 3 more games of ineptness if the Cards get put at a disadvantage.

  3. Redgoggles

    I think back to spring training, if you would’ve told me Simon would have 15 or 16 wins….

    • GOREDS

      Clearly he has been our second best pitcher as he has the second most wins, right?

  4. Jake

    I’m all for getting rid of the dead weight like Ondrusek, Hoover, Schumaker, etc. Trading Chapman, Latos and Leake. We should be fine if we trade Latos or Leake because we should have Cingrani next year (possibly) if not we have some depth in pitching with Holmberg and Corcino. We should not trade our ace, Cueto

    • brmreturns

      Here’s where I disagree – somewhat. I’m not saying they should trade Cueto for just anybody, but consider 2 things:

      1) He will command a 5-7 year deal after next year somewhere between $125-$225M.

      2) He would be the best SP on the market this winter (BY FAR).

      I think the Reds need to be open to trading ANYONE this off-season, save a handful of players (Votto -injury, BP – bad contract, Bruce – injury/bad year, Latos – injury, Bailey – injury/contract).

      Leake, Chapman, and Cueto would bring the biggest returns on the market.

  5. zaglamir

    I know I sound like a crazy person when I say this, but I will be more devastated if the Reds trade Leake than anyone else. I hope to high heavens he is in a Reds uniform for a long time. It’s just a joy to watch him pitch. He’s like a young, slightly less-talented Tom Glavine. He lives and dies by being craftier than the hitters. I just love it.

    But, as has been pointed out. I’m okay with the Pirates winning 3 if it means the Cards are in a Wild Card Position.

    • Tom Reed

      I also hope that Leake stays with the Reds. He’s a gamer; a younger version of Bronson Arroyo. And he’s a ground ball pitcher in a relatively small ballpark.

    • mrredlegz

      AMEN! Keep Leake at all cost. He should have gotten locked up before Bailey ever did.

  6. chezpayton

    I’m betting there will be no “big changes”. Every year Walt talks a big game but I think he’ll fold again this offseason and bring in more guys like Santiago and Skippy. While they have been decent at best, it’s nothing worth getting excited about.

  7. cycward

    Personally I say ditch Votto, Bruce, and Bailey. But let’s face it no other club in their right mind would willingly take those contracts on. Especially after the year they have had. I feel they put the handcuffs on the Reds organization on what they can do from a financial aspect. As for relief pitching………that was a complete disaster and needs a total remake. The trio of Hoover, Marshall, and Ondrusek need to be let go or traded but again after the year they have had………good luck in finding another club willingly to take them. I feel they should of let Cingrani be a multiple inning relief pitcher for a couple years in order to groom him into a starting pitcher. As for our hitting coach……..he needs to be replaced. The Reds were purely inept at getting the bunt, the fly ball, or crucial hit when needed. Too many excellent outings by our starting pitchers went to waste because we couldn’t get the hit or hits when needed. Ask Cueto lol

    • Thegaffer

      I think this team is close to real contention, but it will be interesting to see what deals can be made. I would trade any of the pitchers given that we could overcome the loss of any 1 or 2. The only measure should be who we get, as improving the offense and bullpen is the whole point. If Leake cant get us a young star, then Chapman or Cueto needs to go to get it done.